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Foodpod Denmark – the podcast that tells the rarely told stories about Danish food innovation and how the people behind it are making a difference in the world.

Foodpod Denmark – the podcast that tells the rarely told stories about Danish food innovation and how the people behind it are making a difference in the world.


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Foodpod Denmark – the podcast that tells the rarely told stories about Danish food innovation and how the people behind it are making a difference in the world.




The insects return

Insects are an important part of the daily diet for millions of people. Except in the West, that is, where hundreds of years ago, they disappeared from the daily menu. Why that happened, we can only guess. But many agree that it’s time to get them back on the table. Because, as a sustainable source of protein, insects are hard to beat. Some even say they are the new superfood we can’t afford to ignore. In Denmark, a small team of entrepreneurs are doing what they can to make it happen. On...


Farming and the city

Have you heard how many people are moving to the cities these days? Does that make you wonder about who’s going to grow the food? In Denmark, a community of like-minded people have come together to help secure the global food supply for generations to come. Together, they have formed Growstack – an open source, foodtech project that is all about bringing farming to the cities. The Growstack team tells their visionary and innovative story in this episode of Foodpod Denmark.


Day of the plants

Denmark has a strong international reputation for the quality of its meat and dairy products, and the technology that goes into producing it. But did you know that Denmark is also becoming a leader in plant-based foods? Many people – young millennials in particular – are now choosing to eat plant-based meals at least once a week. Concerns about the environment, health and how to feed the world’s booming population are all part of the explanation. We talk with two experts – Rune-Christoffer...


A dairy for Senegal

Dairy farmers are among the poorest members of the population in Senegal, West Africa. Most of the milk they produce is poured away – simply because they have no way to store it and no one to sell it to. That's a serious situation – and not just for the farmers. For the children of low-income Senegalese families, it means an important source of nutrition is lost. And the rate of child malnutrition is high. This is the story of the visionary young vet, Bagoré Bathily, who started a dairy to...


Bottleful of dreams

In recent years, new Nordic cuisine has taken the world by storm. Now Nordic drinks are drawing attention - produced by innovative entrepreneurs with an unswerving focus on Danish craftsmanship and the best, natural ingredients. Pure Shots, Cold Hand Winery and Nohrlund are three young drinks companies that are putting Denmark on the gourmet beverage map. We went to find out why their brand of premium indulgence is revolutionising the drinks market. See photos at foodpod denmark


Healthy chicken business

The chicken business is booming. Today, in the US, the largest chicken producer slaughters as many as 35 million birds a week to keep up with demand. You might think that the poultry business has never had it so good. But over the past few years, consumers have started to demand chicken reared without antibiotics. Worried that antibiotic-free farming will harm the birds and lower profits, US poultry farmers are turning to Danish innovation for a solution. To see pictures, visit!


The student challenge

The battle for talented young people is on in the business world. So, how can food companies come across as the most exciting career option? Through a student challenge, of course. At regular events in Denmark, teams of international students come together and compete to find the best solutions to food industry challenges. The contests open up a world of exciting career possibilities in the food sector. We hear from a former contest participant about how the challenge put her on the young...


The get well sherbet

Undernourishment is a real problem for hospital patients. A small appetite, often combined with an impaired sense of taste or swallowing difficulties, mean that many don't eat enough to maintain their weight and speed up their recovery. Aalborg University Hospital, DuPont Nutrition & Health and Aabybro Dairy have teamed up to tempt patients with a light and refreshing, nutritious snack. To see pictures of the team, go to Foodpod Denmark