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Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.

Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.
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Let the globalEDGE blog keep you up-to-date on international business trends, news, and resources.




What to Look for Ahead of U.S. and EU Trade Talks

Later this year, the United States and the European Union will begin trade negotiations, which the EU has already been preparing for. The relationship, which fosters $1 trillion in commercial trade could see a complete overhaul in 2019. The EU’s executive body will begin to meet this month and will structure the bloc’s parameters for which it will use in negotiations.


Global Economic Growth Expected to Slow in 2019

Global growth shows the rate at which the global economy is either growing or falling. Global growth is important when understanding where the economy of the future is headed. The World Bank just decreased their 2019 expected growth forecast for the second time in the last 6 months. At the beginning of 2018, it was expected that the 2019 global growth was to be 3.1%, then in June, it was reduced to 3.0%. Most recently the projection has been reduced to 2.9%. While 0.2% can seem small, when...


Top Real Estate Market's Around The World

Looking ahead into 2019, with uncertainty in the world’s equity markets, many investors are viewing real estate as one of the safer markets to invest in. With that being said, here are three countries with some of the most promising outlooks for 2019:


Why You Should Subscribe To The globalEDGE Monthly Newsletter

The globalEDGE monthly newsletter is a great way to keep up with our most recent international business updates. This month's newsletter, coming later this week, discusses recent updates to the country trade statistics and features a blog post by Andrew Menke about the Global Coffee Industry. Be sure to subscribe via the link below to receive the newsletter directly to your inbox every month.


The Global Watch Market Stays Relevant While New Technology Adds to its Value

Watches have long been a staple accessory for both men and women across the globe, worn as both a fashionable piece to add to an outfit and a useful tool for keeping track of the time of day. The additional value watches create as a generational keepsake, and their tendency to be an item that can hold its value over many years makes watches favorable investments or gifts. With a variety of options from low to high price ranges, sport to luxury watches that feature varying materials, and...


What is "Bumping" and How Does It Affect Air Travelers?

Taking into consideration cancellation and no-shows, airlines have always been overbooking flights in order to maintain a full flight and keep the prices low. Most of the time, predictions are accurate and all passengers are able to board the flight. However, on some occasions, passengers will be "bumped". Bumping also referred to as "declined-boarding", is when passengers are forced to give up their seats involuntarily. Before bumping passengers, airlines must first ask for volunteers in...


Shakeup in the Global Coffee Industry

Last spring the globalEDGE blog profiled the global coffee industry and the positive outlook for the $100 billion global industry. Now, less than a year later, a variety of factors are shaking up the industry in a major way that is dampening the outlook for some of the industry’s largest and most well-established players.


After China’s Recent Moon Landing, What Is The Future of Space Travel?

China has successfully landed on the far side of the moon, something that no country has done before. This is a major step in challenging the United States' supremacy regarding space research and travel. President Xi Jinping has announced ambitious space travel goals, including a lunar base by 2025, the ability to man the facility by 2030, and a long-term goal of mining the moon for energy resources. With these announced plans, there is pressure mounting on the United States to continue to...


Happy Holidays From The globalEDGE Team

With the holiday season approaching and the academic semester coming to a close the globalEDGE team would like to wish our readers happy holidays. We have enjoyed posting blogs and interacting with all of you on social media throughout the year.


The Global Backpack Market Represents Important Functionality for Consumers

A necessary and functional accessory for students of all ages, day-to-day employees, and travelers across the globe, backpacks are widely consumed as a staple of transit and activity. With their versatility that a variety of uses—from storing school supplies, to holding electronics, to carrying clothes and food—backpacks provide users with many ways to tote their belongings and are one of the most invested in goods with total sales value projected to climb over 25 billion dollars in 2018,...


Traits of Successful International Businesses

It is not easy for a company to expand internationally and achieve success at the same time. So, what is it about Apple, Google, Amazon, and global companies that make them the successful international businesses that they are today? How have these companies mastered their global marketing strategies and expanded beyond their initial customer bases? There are several traits that distinguish companies with accelerated global growth from smaller local companies.


New Approaches to Recycling Plastics

Plastics are an inseparable aspect of modern society. From packaging of household items to industry appliances, plastics are always depended on. Because of its versatility and cheap production cost, we have over-relied on it. Plastic production has grown over 20-fold in the past 50 years. It is expected to grow even more in the years to come. The problem isn't the production, but how plastics are handled after usage. Landfills are rapidly being filled up and oceans are becoming polluted as...


Qatar Withdraws from OPEC, Citing Falling Oil Prices and Lack of Membership Benefit

Qatar, a small, wealthy country in the Middle East, announced its resignation from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on December 3rd. OPEC is the most powerful oil cartel in the world, holding a near monopoly over the oil industry that allows the group--which now consists of 14 countries, most notably of which are Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq, and Iran—to exercise nearly complete control of oil prices and production. Russia also holds an alliance with OPEC, more...


How Will Apple v. Pepper Affect Monopolistic Competitive Companies

Apple and smartphones will always seem to be connected, almost as Apple is a monopoly for the market. While Apple only holds 17.9% of the smartphone market industry, it is no question that they are the top tier in smartphone manufacturing and production. However, Apple is currently being trialed in a case that claims Apple violated anti-trust laws in affiliation with their app store. Apple controls their app store, the only way to get apps on an iPhone is through Apple’s Appstore. The...


Holiday Spending Forecasts Around The World

In a report released by The National Retail Federation, U.S. holiday retail sales in November and December are expected to grow between 4.3 and 4.8 percent over 2017 sales. This will create an approximate spending of around $720 billion. In the United States, record-low unemployment numbers combined with strong consumer confidence has led to these bullish estimates regarding holiday shopping. Deloitte is predicting that U.S. e-commerce sales could reach $134 billion this holiday season.


Could New DeepFake Technology Cause an Information Apocalypse?

Imagine a video where a Fortune 500 company's CEO confesses to fraud, and his company’s stock falls by 50%. Only to find out that the video was fake. With the advance of deepfake technology, things like this could occur. Scenarios like this could have huge ramifications and they are not far from our reality, artificial intelligence and deep learning technology is making it easier to make fake videos that look realistic.


Why Study International Business?

Globalization has created a platform for the world’s corporations to become better connected and integrated. This has made it easier than ever for companies to grow and expand worldwide. This leads to an increase in demand for employees that are knowledgeable and understanding of global markets and different regions around the world. Studying international business will develop a students’ global mindset and international perspective. International business also teaches students how to...


Comic Books' Impact on the Global Economy and the Movie Industry

Stan Lee, an exceptional individual who helped to create remarkable characters like Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and the X-Men, passed away last week at the age of 95. He was a comic book writer and more importantly, revolutionized the comic book industry. In his stories, the superheroes are more relatable. They go through hardships that normal people experiences, that the readers experiences. For example, he created a new superteam, The Fantastic Four, that broke the tradition of flawless,...


Updated Public Corporation Data on globalEDGE

The globalEDGE team recently updated the Forbes Global 2000 Largest Public Companies data to reflect the most current year. This dataset includes the value of sales, profits, assets, and market value for each of the listed corporations. Collectively, these 2000 publicly traded companies account for $39.1 trillion in sales, $3.2 trillion in profit, $189 trillion in assets, and $56.1 trillion in market value. The strong global economic expansion of the past year has seen all of these metrics...


US Debt: A Slow Moving Bullet

As of November 19, 2018, the United States Government has $21.73 Trillion dollars in national debt. In the past, that hasn’t been so concerning because strong demand for US debt kept the interest rates low. Collectively, Americans have been increasingly concerned and aware of the rising debt and the implications that come with it.