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096 IST - Emirates rejig, airport Lambo, Skytrax porn, Sunrise 4th zone, BA bubbly, Embraer nickname

Flight 096. Emirates fleet rejigging, 787 trashing, and basic business. The airport Lambo is nicer than the new Air Force One. What's in a name, MAX or no MAX, and other Boeing decisions. IAG steals the Paris Air Show PR. The A321XLR is amongst us. After beers and whisky, BA goes sparkling. What does Embraer actually stands for (it's a fun one). Space Jet gets a mystery sale. Do you need a door in your seats? Qantas retires its 747, pushes the 380 to its end. The Sunrise 4th zone, after the...


095 YYZ - Jewel WOW, EVA pizza, chipped E140, Airbus 50, Kulula, Finnair whisky, De Havilland, A220+

Flight 095. EVA bakes pizza. Finnair does whisky. Airbus goes 50. Uber goes NY copter. Alex flies to South Africa, misplaces stuff (angry breakfast and angry lounge shower follow). Paul flies the Q Suite to Singapore, marvels at the Jewel waterfall (rain vortex!). United goes green. AF/KLM goes V plane. Alex survives a chipped E190 with rocky suspensions to Toronto. Paul falls in love with Singapore Airlines (again!) but damages a bin. The future of Changi T5. The A220 becomes enhanced. De...


094 TLV - RIP Niki, First beer, Boeing distrust, 747 record, SWISS 77W, JetBlue treason, fly Nando's

Flight 094. Niki Lauda the legend who pushed death aside. Beers and more beers: Betsy makes a come back, BA adds a secret First Class bottled beer, and more on the Speedbird 100 (toilet clog, anyone?). From Nando's to Taco Bell, zeitgeist food in travel (and debating whether there is one or two Michelin star airport restaurants worldwide). BA goes whisky, JetBlue opts for treason (I mean, Pepsi, really?). United goes Spiderman, Avianca and women liveries. Alex flies the SWISS 77W, in 7A...


093 INN - Speedbird beer, Superjet bounce, lavatory ratio, tricky airports, SQ farm, IFE privacy

Flight 093. Paul sounds like a robot (sorry, guys), Alex sounds authoritative (he's always right, no?). The BA Speedbird 100 beer (when need Glen to assess it!). Some on-board pop that foams too much (Alex is the worst passenger). On-board food: increasing portions, farm-to-plane, rooftop potatoes. After the on-board food: the toilet to passenger ratio revealed (but also how to cram gold in a lavatory). Don't get too much on-board food: getting weighted to board (do the 7 layers of clothing...


092 KUH - United love, JAL Zipair, BA coronation chicken, shoddy Dreamliner, Star Wars 738, IFE 56F

Flight 092. Alex loves Innsbruck 3000. Paul loves running in CDG 3000. We adore the new TWA infinity edge pool 3000. We love the new United livery 3000. We love tiny airports that behave like big ones, 3000. We love the BA coronation chicken 3000, the best shot haul airplane food in Europe. We love Emirates and Qantas IFE data 3000, and luxury brands love Emirates 3000. We're fascinated by the post Jet Airways Indian market, 3000. We do not love United crew who resell ticket, Emirates First...


091 DEL - Virgin half door, JetBlue Europe, BA First buttons, IST Big Bang, DME cheese, Grand STN

Flight 091. Warning, doesn't contain images of any aircraft in distress. BA pizza app delivery to Lagos (so many questions!). Risk of cheese smell upon landing at Moscow DME (does that make immigration go faster?). Virgin Atlantic unveils a half door (but it has nice colors). Paul flies BA First with round buttons (but fix that 789 IFE remote for Pete's sakes!!). Alex bids his Etihad way up (just to be jarred by the backward seating). JetBlue announces the worsts-kept secret in the industry:...


090 RIX - BA Club Suite, cockpit goals, bye WOW, Qantas cafe, bold StarLux, Sukhoi 380, 737 MAX bind

Flight 090. BA flies to the wrong destination (Ryanair mocks, but did worse) and introduces its shortest hop ever. WOW is gone, Jet Airways is close to be gone, but StarLux goes bold. AMS has a direct view on the luggage delivery system (WHAT?!). Astana is no more (just the name of the city, we recorded 079 just at the right time!). Cathay buys Hong Kong Express (did we call it?). ANA gets its first A380, and a very cute one. The Russia 860-seater double-decker escalator-filled plane that...


089 TSE - 737 MAX tragedy, A380 buyback, AirDrop WTF, skiplag fight, Air Astana joy, Southwest dress

Flight 089. The Ethiopian disaster, the 737 MAX grounding and aftermath. A dress, a baby and a stupid passenger enter aircrafts, who gets tasered? (Not the red badge!) Lufthansa fights skiplagging, on-boards doctors (amazing program!!), ditches four engines aircrafts (and Airbus is buying the 380 back!) The best wine and champagne in the sky (but where is Emirates?) Random AirDrop, the new in-flight game. United prepares a new globe (be careful, it's delicate!) and BA unveils its last...


088 MEX - So long A380, identity error anxiety, AFKLM fights, ETAs everywhere, red wings, Aeromexico

Flight 088. The end of the A380. Color printing is key to enter MEX. The new world of electronic authorizations of travel. The delicate art and science of aircraft forecasting (and everybody gets it wrong). The real prices of aircrafts. Rolls-Royce is losing a ton of money. Toulouse, both a name and a city. Wings can't be red anymore. Alex flies to SFO, or at least tries to, gets humiliated on the way before experiencing a comedy of errors. Paul flies to SFO via the long route, navigating...


087 GMP - Ethiopian love, premium business, JAL shoe shine, FRA T3, Aeroflot hijack, stupid alcohol

Flight 087. The beeping T-shirt, A Star Wars Story. Paul falls in love with Ethiopian, reviews Asiana and JAL. IAG gives up on Norwegian. WOW has no more wow. FlyBe might be saved. NRT celebrates 40, expands new signage, offers no-nonsense security, but no more whisky. JAL's First shoe shine service. A snow globe crashes. The never-ending 787 Trent story: ANA incident, Norwegian replacements. BA announces 747 retirement plans (it's SOON!). FRA is building a new terminal (more stupid...


086 YTZ - Remembering Herb, cooking United, fancy dress lounge, shutdown pizza, A220-500, last B727

Flight 086. Remembering Herb Kelleher, how he changed the aviation world, his legacy, his lessons, his arm wrestling. The Miracle of the Hudson, as witnessed by Alex. FRA comes to its senses and asks passengers to not come to the airport. Tipping flight attends, for or against? United loves Pacific Blue, Premium Purple, Atlantic Amethyst, and Apple. Cook your own United food. Is there always a doctor in the plane? Gulf Air goes "boutique", British Airways goes vintage, Aer Lingus goes...


085 USU - Drone frenzy, dumped MNL 737, CebGo ATR, Brexit IAG, turbulence gimbal, China Coast Pub

Flight 085. HKG gates numbers, HKG electronic security, HKG landside shopping — a ton of HKG minutiae. A220 dividers debate, A220 sales success, A220 charcuterie board — a ton of A220 ingredients. MNL safety lapses, MNL domestic adventure, MNL abandoned Xiamen 737 — a ton of MNL mischief. Boeing longest range, Boeing sci-fi wing, Boeing Norwegian Iran jam — a ton of Boeing scores. Brexit IAG headache, Brexit German Rolls-Royce, Brexit remote stand — a ton of Brexit nonsense. BA turbulence...


084 AUH - Racing Etihad, Priority idiocy, Joon FML, Fog shutdown, Lufthansa Goose, Air France bread

Flight 084. The Epic Etihad Flight Comparison. The Never-ending Frankfurt Airport Disaster. The Unexpected CDG Layover Trust. The Renewed A220 Divider Saga. The Astonishing Tyson v Fury Priority Gate Fight. The Great Pizza Lounge Search. The Surprising Fog Safety Shutdown. The Memorable Rothschild Peeing Dog. The Forever Gone Joon BS Experiment. The Clever Peak Design Travel Bag. The Succulent Lufthansa Goose Tradition. The Unforeseen BA Lounge Food Amelioration. The Endlessly Funny Visa...


083 CTS - C-3PO Star Wars plane, Q Suite, AI boarding, Samurai security, Lion Air, Aeroflot blogging

Flight 083. Alex flies the C-3PO Star Wars plane, and around Japan with boarding bliss. Paul flies the Q Suite, and around Asia with food bliss. Facial recognition boarding is there, artificial intelligence is next, what about Samurai boarding? Million milers luggage tags, crew postcards and how staff keeps making a difference. Aeroflot doesn't seem to like travel bloggers. The Lion Air tragedy makes 737 pilots quite vocal. DOH long layover exit trick. IcelandAir gets WOW, but FlyBe gets...


082 TXL - United fans, BrewDog 767, best First food, new IST, A3 fun, A220 dividers, HK Express EDTO

Flight 082. The fans of United reach out to us (and we get why). Tinder for …airlines (you'll get why). Cathay gets hacked, but continues to shine with a brilliant passenger experience. BA is still embroiled in its hack (voucher anyone?), offers a garish boarding experience (Alex used the term morgue!), but its new food provider is a total win (the best ever?). Aegean flight attendants surround Paul on stage (what a fun experience, you're awesome, A3!). The CS100 / A220 divider mystery is...


081 BUR - One World infighting, Emirates stalling, United manure, JFK refurb, TWA Connie bar, 777UA

Flight 081. Which was first, the CX 777 or the vanity 777UA? Will Hunter knows. Is Emirates stalling the 380s order a ploy to on-board Etihad? Only a rumor, we know, but let us play conspiracy please. How did Jet Airways get a lifeline this time? As long as they pressurize their planes. Do immigration e-gates give you anxiety? The tale of Jason Bourne (both Paul and Alex have their passports locked in a safe in Zurich!). Is it possible to do a layover at LCY? Alex proves it. What lounges...


080 ZRH - Accidental liveries, getting Rouged, Primera Air hubris, onboard Oktoberfest, PrivatAir XL

Flight 080. Are you getting Rouged, Levelled or Jooned? Toothpaste Pantone is the best livery color ever (hahaha). Alex falls in love with the CS100 and SWISS and ZRH (Paul can gloat now). Lufthansa brings draft beers in flight for Oktoberfest, and foam to its business seats (no, not beer foam). Were the livery painters of Cathay and Thomas Cook beer-drunk (no, but maybe were they millennials?). Paul experiences NBA players seats with PrivatAir. Alex talks about adorable airports, and whilst...


079 YVR - BA hack, jet lag gurus, Emiratihad, American coach, GVA runway, Qantas Sunrise, Canada!

Flight 079. BA adds another IT meltdown to its collection, Alex experienced it. Emirates and Etihad seem closer than ever (or are they?). Air Canada is very …Canadian. The Air France CEO is also Canadian (and unions aren't so happy). Qantas hires wellness experts for its future ultra long haul flights, but it needs to lose fat itself. The 350ULR won't have many clients (a grand total of 2?). The CS300 is very nice (Paul knew that), the sandwiches to GVA too (Paul didn't). Garuda leaves...


078 MEL - Etihad First, 787 Studio, JetSuiteX experience, Swissair 111, Melbourne love, MEXit vote

Flight 078. The Etihad experience: 787 Studio, 380 First Apartment, AUH lounges. The JetSuiteX experience: flying private at Southwest prices. Immigration and e-gates in LHR, AUH, MEL. Japan airports can't get a break. The uncertain future of Etihad, from a new strategy to a possible Star Alliance joining (Lufthansa already likes them). The AUH tower. MEXit or not, the referendum. JetBlue confirms Europe, but no timeline. Clear or no Clear. Melbourne love. Remembering Swissair 111, 20 years...


077 HNL — ITA Matrix letdown, ANA inclusion, TSA powers, CDG Logan's Run, AF L seat, stolen Q400

Flight 077. Google is making ITA Matrix suck, and they don't tell us why. Smart luggages are dying, yay. United elegantly ends its 747 program. US airlines shift their Asian hub strategy. Alitalia goes nowhere. A tank shell, a sex toy, a mistake, crazy security stories in German-speaking Europe. The TSA gets unlimited powers and secretly spies on fliers. The sad story of the stolen Q400 from SEA. CDG is the sequel to Logan's Run. From great food to a very French safety video, Air France...