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082 TXL - United fans, BrewDog 767, best First food, new IST, A3 fun, A220 dividers, HK Express EDTO

Flight 082. The fans of United reach out to us (and we get why). Tinder for …airlines (you'll get why). Cathay gets hacked, but continues to shine with a brilliant passenger experience. BA is still embroiled in its hack (voucher anyone?), offers a garish boarding experience (Alex used the term morgue!), but its new food provider is a total win (the best ever?). Aegean flight attendants surround Paul on stage (what a fun experience, you're awesome, A3!). The CS100 / A220 divider mystery is...


081 BUR - One World infighting, Emirates stalling, United manure, JFK refurb, TWA Connie bar, 777UA

Flight 081. Which was first, the CX 777 or the vanity 777UA? Will Hunter knows. Is Emirates stalling the 380s order a ploy to on-board Etihad? Only a rumor, we know, but let us play conspiracy please. How did Jet Airways get a lifeline this time? As long as they pressurize their planes. Do immigration e-gates give you anxiety? The tale of Jason Bourne (both Paul and Alex have their passports locked in a safe in Zurich!). Is it possible to do a layover at LCY? Alex proves it. What lounges...


080 ZRH - Accidental liveries, getting Rouged, Primera Air hubris, onboard Oktoberfest, PrivatAir XL

Flight 080. Are you getting Rouged, Levelled or Jooned? Toothpaste Pantone is the best livery color ever (hahaha). Alex falls in love with the CS100 and SWISS and ZRH (Paul can gloat now). Lufthansa brings draft beers in flight for Oktoberfest, and foam to its business seats (no, not beer foam). Were the livery painters of Cathay and Thomas Cook beer-drunk (no, but maybe were they millennials?). Paul experiences NBA players seats with PrivatAir. Alex talks about adorable airports, and...


079 YVR - BA hack, jet lag gurus, Emiratihad, American coach, GVA runway, Qantas Sunrise, Canada!

Flight 079. BA adds another IT meltdown to its collection, Alex experienced it. Emirates and Etihad seem closer than ever (or are they?). Air Canada is very …Canadian. The Air France CEO is also Canadian (and unions aren't so happy). Qantas hires wellness experts for its future ultra long haul flights, but it needs to lose fat itself. The 350ULR won't have many clients (a grand total of 2?). The CS300 is very nice (Paul knew that), the sandwiches to GVA too (Paul didn't). Garuda leaves...


078 MEL - Etihad First, 787 Studio, JetSuiteX experience, Swissair 111, Melbourne love, MEXit vote

Flight 078. The Etihad experience: 787 Studio, 380 First Apartment, AUH lounges. The JetSuiteX experience: flying private at Southwest prices. Immigration and e-gates in LHR, AUH, MEL. Japan airports can't get a break. The uncertain future of Etihad, from a new strategy to a possible Star Alliance joining (Lufthansa already likes them). The AUH tower. MEXit or not, the referendum. JetBlue confirms Europe, but no timeline. Clear or no Clear. Melbourne love. Remembering Swissair 111, 20...


077 HNL — ITA Matrix letdown, ANA inclusion, TSA powers, CDG Logan's Run, AF L seat, stolen Q400

Flight 077. Google is making ITA Matrix suck, and they don't tell us why. Smart luggages are dying, yay. United elegantly ends its 747 program. US airlines shift their Asian hub strategy. Alitalia goes nowhere. A tank shell, a sex toy, a mistake, crazy security stories in German-speaking Europe. The TSA gets unlimited powers and secretly spies on fliers. The sad story of the stolen Q400 from SEA. CDG is the sequel to Logan's Run. From great food to a very French safety video, Air France...


076 SEA — Alaska verdict, Southwest is nuts, JetBlue Mint dog, Trent woes, Delta colors, CA fires

Flight 076. Alex flies Alaska (you've been waiting for that one!) and JetBlue, which one did he prefer? Norwegian flies the A380 thanks to Hi-Fly (but it's always late). Rolls-Royce registers huge losses, while airlines look to scrapyards to replace their 787s. Paul flies Delta, the violet uniforms don't match the blue seats. Alex sends Paul a gift from the Boeing factory (it's more than a sticker). California experiences massive fires, and DC-10s and the 747 supertanker are on-site....


075 CDG - Boeing marries Embraer, The Turkish Job, A220 platform, Russia airspace, KLM beef disaster

Flight 075. Is the A220 the future of the A320? Boeing marries Embraer (for a fortune). The diplomacy of Russian airspace. KLM offers the worst beef ever (but good pasta). LHR has half of the top 10 highest revenue routes in the world. CDG layover trick (trust us!). 100 days until the new IST opens, it's going to be really tight. Turkish VIP coffee. The best eye-mask of them all. Paul serendipitously meets the BA olive oil provider. Alex praises BA for his flight to SJC. Airlines that you...


074 MTY — Avroliner love, Lufthansa 748 First, SkyTrax debate, FRA disaster, LiveATC, BOG World Cup

Flight 074. Alex witnesses the worst passenger ever. Paul witnesses the best passenger ever. The new Lufthansa livery explained. Flying First in the nose of the Lufthansa 747-8i. Singapore confirms its longest flight. The A380 is scrapped for parts. Can we believe SkyTrax? Etihad encourages its pilots to fly for Emirates. LiveATC joy. The inconsistency of airport security. LHR gets approval for its 3rd runway. FRANKFURT AIRPORT IS A TOTAL DISASTER.


073 MLE — Bourdain travel, ANA World Cup, 787 dimming speed, Americano ignorance, Maldives seaplanes

Flight 073. Discomfort is why we travel, a tribute to Bourdain. Alex falls in love with AA. Paul goes to NYC for half a day. E190 configurations. Europe business class v the rest of the world. ANA 789 experience. The upcoming wave of Chinese tourism. US extreme vetting. Dreamliner RR engines fall out. 787 dimming windows speed. Privilege Style for Norwegian. BA First let down. Seaplanes in the Maldives. And more.


072 ORD — A320 CTRL-ATL-DEL, LHR Tatooine, US ME3 deal, the Airbus A200, pilot poaching, AF no more?

Flight 072. Rebooting a A320 in-flight. The 787 RR saga gets bigger, has BA un-retiring 747s. Toy Story and joyful liveries. Norwegian strategy stalls. An A330 slaps a A321 at IST. The US reaches an agreement with the ME3. Emirates and Bvlgari have more amenity kits that you can handle. Air France could get bankrupt this time. Heathrow has flights to the Death Star. Lufthansa blues. Airbus renames the Bombardier CS. Singapore gets better by the day. Alitalia might have gotten illegal...


071 TPE — Hello Kitty gates, standing-up seats, air bidets, grappa lounge, 737 beer, engine failures

Flight 071. The Southwest engine failure. The Dreamliner Rolls Royce engine saga. A 7.37 beer. Hello Kitty gate at TPE. No standing up seats please. Bidets and urinals in the air. No one wants Air India. Etihad downsizes. WOW goes business. SWISS auto-rebooking tool. Grappa lounge. The JFK TWA hotel.


070 ICN — IAG wants Norwegian, cargo beds, China routes, Peach Aviation, Kitten IFE

Flight 070. IAG buys a bit of Norwegian, wants more. EU wants to reduce passenger rights. Alex flies to ICN, KIX, HND, tries Peach. Paul flies to TPE, DXB and LUX, tries the Apple Watch. Beijing builds a massive airport, Berlin keeps failing at its one. Two A380 go charter. Avios (finally) shuts down. LHR T1 is auctioned off. The robots of ICN.


069 CLT — United dog, Narita grows, Air Italy, ashtrays, sky diamonds, airport rocking chairs

Flight 069. The week United killed a dog and went from bad to worse. The in-flight WiFi black hole over Europe. Narita gets a new runway. Banning frequent flyers from flying in Russia. Diamonds fall from the sky. Why are there ashtrays in new planes? Attache Travel goes to Kyushu and release its book. Layovers meets Mastication Nation over plane food. Air Italy gets off the ground. The rocking chairs of CLT.


068 CGK — Epic Garuda First, Lufthansa re-livery, US and Qatar Airways peace, budget Star Alliance

Flight 068. Paul flies Garuda in First, narrates the up and downs of the history of the Indonesian airline. Is Lufthansa really re-branding again? The US settles with Qatar Airways. Star Alliance onboards budget airlines. Embraer and Boeing kinda marry. Alex flies Emirates to DXB.


067 PHL — 380 lifeline, Lufthansa blues, Bombardier victory, emotional peacock, Google Flights

Flight 067. The 380 lives to see another decade. How to address passengers. Bombardier slaps Boeing. Embraer feels hurt. Emotional peacock. Spirit flushes an hamster. Forever United ticket. Google Flights gets closer to Skynet domination. Lufthansa goes eurowhite, loses the yellow. American is dull at copyright. Fear of Flying. A380 app. Going to Rome for lunch.


066 CPH — Airbus shaken not stirred, BA recline, Europe pilot chase, no more US 747, robot carry-on

Flight 066. Airbus gets all shaken up. No more recline for BA. Airport noise insanity. No more US 747s. Boeing, Bombardier, Delta, Embraer, AeroMexico, the US airline world plays chess. Fuel efficiency in the skies. A robot carry-on. And more. — (full show notes will be added soon!)


065 BOS — Will Hunter, JFK Bomb Cyclone, ground handling revealed, Alaska Timbers, ANA brothers

Flight 065. Special guest Will Hunter tells us all about the hidden side of ground handling. The East Coast 'Bomb Cyclone'. A very very safe 2017. The bizarre tale of the ANA turnaround. The public versus private airport dynamics. A new Google Flight. United can't catch a break. —


064 LED — United 767, snowpocalypse, pizza lounge, A380 Xmas tree, 747 amenity kit, smart bag ban

Flight 064. The verdict on United 767 Polaris. The 747 amenity kit. The snow wreaks havoc on BA and London Heathrow. Airbus draws a Christmas tree (freshener) over Germany. The smart carry-ons get finally dumbed down by U.S. airlines. Where's the pizza lounge in Europe?! —


063 ITM — Flying in Japan, ANA bliss, boarding uncertainty, Emirates shower, folding OpenSkies

Flight 063. Alex flies to Haneda with ANA, Paul to Narita with Cathay, they share what it's like to fly in Japan. The wonderful Haneda observation deck. Nobody has nailed the boarding process. Zodiac seat shambles. The impact of Brexit on airline ownership rules. Boeing subsidized the bankrupt Monarch. How involved is the crew for a long haul turnaround. Good bye MyFlights. —