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Rid your world of ineffective graphs and mediocre presentations, one exploding 3D pie chart at a time! The storytelling with data podcast from bestselling author, speaker and workshop guru, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic covers topics related to data storytelling, better presentations, and all things data viz. There is a story in your data—get the skills and power to tell it!

Rid your world of ineffective graphs and mediocre presentations, one exploding 3D pie chart at a time! The storytelling with data podcast from bestselling author, speaker and workshop guru, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic covers topics related to data storytelling, better presentations, and all things data viz. There is a story in your data—get the skills and power to tell it!


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Rid your world of ineffective graphs and mediocre presentations, one exploding 3D pie chart at a time! The storytelling with data podcast from bestselling author, speaker and workshop guru, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic covers topics related to data storytelling, better presentations, and all things data viz. There is a story in your data—get the skills and power to tell it!




storytelling with data: #42 there is still an art to feedback

Giving good feedback to others—when done well—can help you sharpen your own thinking and approaches for visualizing and communicating with data. We’ll start with this critical topic in our new 10-week course, so it seemed like the perfect timing to repost the original episode of the storytelling with data podcast. I discuss the value of giving and receiving data visualization feedback and potential problem areas to avoid. Hear The Economist’s eloquent response to critique of one of their...


storytelling with data: #41 maps with Kenneth Field

“You don’t have to be a cartographer to make a great map.” Cole talks with cartographer Kenneth Field, author of the award-winning book, Cartography. Tune in to hear the thought process for visualizing data when the “where” matters, including different types of maps, how purpose and audience should drive design decisions, and whether there’s any such thing as a truly accurate map. Plus, learn how technology has compressed the mapmaking process (for better and worse)—from graphicacy to...


storytelling with data: #40 Data Sketches with Shirley Wu & Nadieh Bremer

“For data visualization, you don’t need to be an artist to make good sketches.” Cole talks with Data Sketches authors, Shirley Wu and Nadieh Bremer, about their multi-year project that has been turned into a beautiful new book. Listen as they discuss their exploration of the creative side of data visualization through colors, shapes, math, code, and storytelling. Tune in to learn why you should give a 4-year old a watercolor set, the power of a rainbow palette, using flowers to visualize...


storytelling with data: #39 Better Data Visualizations with Jon Schwabish

Cole talks with Jon Schwabish about his latest book, Better Data Visualizations. Tune in to hear about Jon’s goal to make people aware of a wider array of graphs, which less common graphs he wishes people would use more, his favorite Sankey diagram, and how Luxembourg highlighted an important lesson about maps. Jon also addresses viewer questions on fact-checking, communicating qualitative data, and his work on racial equity in data visualization, including things we should all be thinking...


storytelling with data: #38 hi, my name is...

Being able to introduce yourself eloquently and in a way that captures and keeps your intended audience’s attention is a hugely important thing. Yet, we don’t commonly devote a lot of time or thought to planning how we do this. In this episode, Cole shares the process that she and the storytelling with data team used to create their intros, plus shares the steps you can use to form your own inspirational introduction. She also addresses listener questions on dot plots, the audience...


storytelling with data: #37 it's for THEM

How can you get people’s attention on what you want to share and drive the action you seek? Carefully consider your audience. In this episode, Cole dives deep on audience, discussing ways to identify who they are and prioritize their needs, strategies for approaching the challenging but common case of the mixed audience, and tips for getting to know an unfamiliar audience. She also addresses listener questions on grad school, gauging data storytelling success, and innovation in data...


storytelling with data: #36 presenting data

When communicating data in a meeting or presentation, YOU play a very important role. How can you talk about your data in a way that makes others want to listen? Tune in to this special episode, excerpted from a recent virtual event, about presenting data. Cole shares practical tips for rehearsing aloud, planning how you’ll start and end, harnessing the power of your voice, and the important role of feedback for refining your presentation skills. LINKS: Become an SWD community premium...


storytelling with data: #35 a conversation with Maarten Lambrechts

A xenographic is simply a chart type not seen before, and in this episode, Cole talks with data journalist and designer Maarten Lambrechts, creator of They discuss having an open mindset for weird graphs, pushing boundaries to elevate graphicacy, and the value of bringing strange data visualizations mainstream. Tune in to also hear about Maarten’s experience as a data visualization freelancer, the important role of the online portfolio, and how a relentless focus on the end...


storytelling with data: #34 a conversation with John Zeratsky

With days defined by distraction, how can we solve big problems and make time for what matters? Cole talks with technology designer and author of Sprint and Make Time, John Zeratsky, about the power of focus for getting things done. John details the design sprint process perfected at Google Ventures—detailing the value of “working alone, together” to generate better ideas, the benefits of prototyping and testing with real customers, particularly when the stakes are high, and much more. He...


storytelling with data: #33 the power of drawing with Catherine Madden

“Creativity is not stopping at the 1st or 2nd or 3rd iteration. Let’s create a ton of spaghetti and throw it at the wall—eventually something will stick.” Cole talks with illustrator, designer, and facilitator, Catherine Madden, about the power of drawing to think, define, generate ideas, collaborate, and ensure all voices are heard. Catherine shares tactics that get everyone sketching, from doodle birds to Sh*tty First Draft Parties, and discusses why pencils are on her forbidden materials...


storytelling with data: #32 a conversation with Andy Kirk

“Visualization is a game of decisions.” In this episode, Cole chats with data visualization consultant, teacher, researcher, and author, Andy Kirk. Hear about topics ranging from what can be learned from cartoons and other unexpected sources of inspiration to the importance of curiosity, practice, and editorial judgement for taking work from good to fantastic. They also discuss Andy’s blog series, little of visualization design, his new podcast/video series, Explore Explain, and answer...


storytelling with data: #31 presenting virtually with Andy Cotgreave

Tune in to this lively conversation, where Cole chats with The Big Book of Dashboard author and Tableau evangelist, Andy Cotgreave, about optimizing presentation content and style for the virtual environment. From an “on-air” lightbulb to keep the kids out to practical tips for keeping energy high and sessions engaging, this is an episode not to miss! Hear about favorite interaction strategies and equipment, plus learn how refining your approach through practice, feedback, and thoughtful...


storytelling with data: #30 influencing change for data storytelling

What should we do when we believe others should place more value on effective data storytelling than they think they should? Don’t fight every fight, augment rather than replace, and work to understand what’s driving resistance so you can be more nuanced in how you address it. Tune in to hear more on these and additional strategies for influencing change among colleagues, stakeholders, and leadership. Cole also answers listener questions on showing binary data over time, gridlines in graphs,...


storytelling with data: #29 think like a reporter

Lights, camera, action! Tune in to hear Cole, Randy and the entire SWD team chat with Kristen Johnson, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing at Wingate University and prior news reporter and executive producer. Given today’s need to communicate virtually, many of us are becoming mini-news reporters from our makeshift home studios and in this segment, you’ll get a variety of pro tips on how to do this successfully. From pragmatic considerations on clothing, light, and camera...


storytelling with data: #28 WFH with SWD

The storytelling with data team has been a work-from-home team since the beginning and in this episode, Randy and data storytellers Elizabeth, Mike, and Alex discuss how to be productive, stay engaged and maintain sanity when working remotely from others. Tune in to hear learnings ranging from the importance of a comfortable chair to pro-tips for video conferencing and staying connected with colleagues. With a thoughtful approach, working from home means you can fit work into the rhythm of...


storytelling with data: #27.5 a special announcement

Shhhh, it's a surprise! And east way to tweet click here. #happybirthdaycole @storywithdata


storytelling with data: #27 what is data visualization

Why do we visualize data and what makes data visualization good? Tune in to hear Cole share her thoughts on these and related questions. She also answers listener questions about chronological versus lead-with-ending ordering for presentations, what to do when trying to show many data series in a line graph, and resources for communicating risk in a way that is easy to understand. LINKS: Join us at the Austin Public workshop on Tuesday, March 10th - enter promo code podcast10 to receive...


storytelling with data: #26 Ben Jones and Avoiding Data Pitfalls

While in Seattle recently, Cole sat down with the author of recently published Avoiding Data Pitfalls, Ben Jones. They discuss missteps using data, why they are an expected part of our evolutionary process, and the role that human intuition plays in the analysis and synthesis of data. Listen also to Ben’s journey from engineer to Tableau to founder and CEO of Data Literacy, plus practical tips for interviewing your data, exploring its contours, and increasing data fluency for yourself and...


storytelling with data: #25 Better Presentations with Jon Schwabish

When in DC recently, Cole visited the Urban Institute to talk with Jon Schwabish, author of Better Presentations and editor of the soon-to-be-released book, Elevate the Debate. Tune in to hear them discuss the importance of meeting people where they are, the Pyramid Philosophy for ensuring communications are rooted in sophisticated analysis, plus presentation tips on where to start, incremental slide improvements, and finishing touches. Giving a presentation is like selling an idea—it’s a...


storytelling with data: #24 Andy, Jeff & Steve and The Big Book of Dashboards

Backstage at the Tableau Conference, Cole sat down with the three authors of The Big Book of Dashboards for a lively conversation. Listen to their chat about the conference, their book, and more—including Jeff’s six design tips, Steve’s goal of creating the greatest degree of understanding with the least amount of effort, and Andy’s view on the role of culture and what organizations should do before investing in a dashboarding tool to help ensure success. LINKS: Book: The Big Book of...