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Podcasting about marketing, social media, lifestyles, fashion and more...

Podcasting about marketing, social media, lifestyles, fashion and more...
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Podcasting about marketing, social media, lifestyles, fashion and more...






How I keep myself positive as an entrepreneur

Young Boss you are busy, you fail, you get tired, people tell you; you can’t do it… As a Young Boss we can be very ambitious and we will experience a lot of stress, failure, anxiety and more. I do not shy away from my personal experiences I let you guys know a lot that goes on in my life and film myself because it is all part of the grand journey. Staying positive while building your empire is one of the most important priorities. Being able to do all your work but allowing yourself to...


How to secure the brand deals

I used to take brand deals of free products in exchange for free marketing… Young Boss, maybe you don’t have 1 Million Instagram followers or 100k, but maybe you are one of the most influential people in your town! I used to post photos on Instagram just for fun… I have transition from that to getting free products to having a month booked worth of brand deals in posts and stories. So how I turned into making money on social media was a funny story… Because I was not looking at it as a...


Create less content for better impact

If you know me, you are probably tired of hearing this… but I always tell people “maximize your content” use all of it! Falling between busy lifestyles, trends, social media algorithms flipping around, and overload of crazy information trust me. MOST of your audience is missing what you’re posting! If you already listened to my podcast “4 simple ways to overpower the Instagram algorithm” you know that only about 10% of your followers are truly seeing your content and receiving all the...


4 simple ways to overpower the Instagram algorithm

Wait...did someone say “algorithm?” An algorithm is a set of rules or a process that controls how something works. Many users do not realize what’s been happening beneath the surface...but some refer to it as “THE INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM.” A lot of people hate it and some love it, but those who love it are most likely already famous and trending. How do you know if it affects you? Well, maybe you’ve noticed that you’ve been missing a large percentage of engagement or even missing certain photos...