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International Dyslexic SuperHero After Dicovering I was dyslexic at 44 , I quit my job, Started a business and went to Univeristy. I am on a mission to change the perception of Dyslexia and interview a range of guest's. I want to encourage people especialy dyslexics to becme Entrepreneurs

International Dyslexic SuperHero After Dicovering I was dyslexic at 44 , I quit my job, Started a business and went to Univeristy. I am on a mission to change the perception of Dyslexia and interview a range of guest's. I want to encourage people especialy dyslexics to becme Entrepreneurs
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International Dyslexic SuperHero After Dicovering I was dyslexic at 44 , I quit my job, Started a business and went to Univeristy. I am on a mission to change the perception of Dyslexia and interview a range of guest's. I want to encourage people especialy dyslexics to becme Entrepreneurs








Ep 72 The One With Luke Evo

So you're a professional Boxer and suffer a very violent knife attack. People said he may not box ever again, not luke Evo from Eccles (My Home Town), it's been around a year since the attack and we spoke about him getting back in the ring on Saturday 16th June 2018. An amazing attitude, drive and determination, I loved the open attitude to expressing his fears and feeling after the attack below is an article worth a read on the...


Ep 70 The One With Katie Neeve

So what do you do if you have a successful business and are known as male, then realize your transgender? Most people hide away and re-emerge as the new person after a period of time. However, Katie decided due to a very popular business as a photographer that was not an option. so instead of shying away she hit it head on starting with a coming out video you can view here You can also go to Katie website for more info which is HERE Many transgender individuals feel there is no...


Ep 71 The One With Colin Leitch

Was joined by Colin talking about his Global Business listen to the station www.duggystoneradio.com


Ep 69 The One With Alex (fibromyalgia Special)

Click on the logo or HERE to go to the website discussed in the show The big issue in life if we cant see a condition or someone in pain, whether physical or mental, the suffers tend to get ignored or become Invisible. In this show, I met and interviewed an amazing individual "Alex" suffering from fibromyalgia, not that you would know I knew little of the condition and wanted to share this with people so at least they know more. The drive of this young lady is amazing with "rock"...


Ep 68 The One With Colin Leitch

Network Marketing is it a Viable Business? What does it actually mean and is it an option in today's market to join a company? More top to the point how do you know which one to choose or trust. Well in this episode I spoke to Colin Leitch over in New Zealand about his global business with Jeunesse Global you can get Colin below Contact details bamboofxglobal@gmail.com +642108374736 globalpowerpro.jeunesseglobal.com FB, Colin Leitch or Soup Donkey Global. This podcast goes...


Ep 67 The One With Central Lotus

So Eddie King was on an Outside Broadcast Invited by Central Lotus He managed to get some time with the Director Andy Bradbury A really informative chat about Lotus and the Concept behind the Dealership and the fact they have F1 engineers working on customers cars is outstanding(click the log for their website) If you want to know more about the station then check out www.duggystoneradio.com Why not become a Freakin Sponsor of a show thanks for listening and down...


Ep 66 The One With Alan Atherton

In this episode, i was joined by Alan Atherton from ASA Fire safety his website is here We had an interesting conversation about staying safe in your home and business. From fire extinguishers to escape routes He is a great guy and knows his stuff and conducts some free assessments. check out www.duggystoneradio.com for more great shows or how to get on the station


Ep 65 The One With Jill Roberts

http://www.newliferules.com/ Jill Roberts pretty brillaint at workign what people are saying , where they are stuggling or have issues She does not tell you what you should do , she lets you create your own sustainable solutions so if its a fear you have, a habit or behaviour you want to break , wll check jill out ASAP Here This Show was sponsored by www.Newliferules.com if you want to have your own feature show and advert on www.duggystoneradio.com drop us a line...


Ep 64 The One With The Surgeon

In this episode i get to speak to a great artist ive discovered and want to share with the world He is based in the North West of the UK and produces amazing Urban Music What i also discovered was his family background and some amazing work he is doing in the community to help people take the right path. Check him out on youtube here , drop him a note if you like the music and let him know duggystone sent ya also check out www.undergroundsound.eu for amazing artist interviews on...


Ep 63 The One With The Groomed Man

https://www.thegroomedman.co.uk for a 10% discount use the Code Radio10 In this episode, we spoke to Owner of The Groomed Man A business that sends products around the globe to satisfied customers Focussing on quality and wit some of the products being handmade in the UK The company brings the latest in new grooming products which prove especially popular with Australian and USA customers An interesting insight into the business and why so many men want to be groomed, if you...


Ep 62 The One With Amanda Knight

In this episode sponsored by A Knight in Shining Armour We speak to Amanda Night about her business focussed on ensuring you keep the fininacial wheel turning and business afloat with a back ground working in Government Financial department she knows her onions and worth a chat if you are continually trying to balance what comes in and what goes out website is being built but it www.aknightinshinningarmour.com if you want to appear or sponsor a show then contact me...


Ep 61 The One With Ian Hinksman

In this episode, I went to Malta to speak to Ian Hinksman. Ian an expat living now in Malta since 2008 (he must like it) Ian is part of a very similar project to Duggystone Radio. We discussed what Underground Sound, a digital magazine was all about and how Ian and the team are working on promoting unsigned artist on a Global scale (Sound Familiar) check them out here Website we discussed collaboration projects with me hooking Ian up with a previously interviewed artist of mine in...


Ep 60 The One WIth Danny McMahon

In this Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing an up and coming UK artist Danny McMahon Based in Bristol UK he is currently touring with his Ep that was released in late 2017 we discussed the EP "Making Memories" Danny's plans to attend a music event and perform in the USA at time of recording he was looking for kick starter funding to help him on his journey Find Danny on the Links...


Ep 59 The One With Martin Dickinson

In this Episode, I spoke to Martin Dickinson Founder of Ride To The Wall (RTTW) Please check out our station and listen direct on www.duggystoneradio.com or listen on the android app here its free Check out the Wedsite www.rttw.org Some 10,000 motorcycles converge to the NMA (National Memorial Arboretum) on the 1st Saturday of October every year. Here is link to NMA About Ride To The Wall - RTTW RTTW is a unique motorcycling event which gives motorcyclists an opportunity to...


Ep 58 The One With G.Clyde

In this Episode, I speak to an interesting and very talented artist. Based in Detroit I've hooked up with him due to links with a Hip Hop facebook show presented by Larry O From the D (Larry Nelson on facebook). The station www.duggystoneradio.com is all about new talent, music and artist and connecting the planet. We have a real hunger for breaking down barriers and connecting this amazing planet with find ourselves on. G. Clyde is a very active artist with music on most platforms...


Ep 57 The One With Keith Fraser

In this Episode Ep 57 I speak with Chair of Trustees of Employability UK www.duggystoneradio.com have selected Employability UK to be our charity partner and we explore what that means in the interview The mission of EmployabilityUK Is to facilitate employer engagement to enhance the aspirations, opportunities and career prospects of enthusiastic and committed young people. As an educational charity, we believe the best way to bring sustainable employer engagement and first class...


Ep 56 The One With Nick James

This Episode I speak to business Entrepreneur Nick James about his event Business Empires held at the Hilton Hotel The event brought a wealth of speakers from across the globe with the Keynote being Lord Sugar The Event Business Empires Is a well-attended event and aims to help business owners develop to the next level in their business, keynotes explain how they have achieved success. The event is part of Seriously Fun Business check out our...


Ep 55 The One With Fussels Fine Foods

So in this episode we take to a UK farmer and producer of Rapeseed oil. Its the Uk equivalent of Olive oil Tim Fussel the owner of the business explains about his products and how he has managed to get his, product into one of the Uk larger Supermarkets Sainsbury's Its great to see UK producers being sucessful and innovating to gain market share and their products to a larger market here is where you can check out what Tim produces and...


Ep 54 The One In Kenilworth Book Store

In this episode, I was live in Kenilworth Book Shop http://kenilworthbooks.co.uk/ Books designed for dyslexics with the new Lexie Font http://www.lexiemousepublishing.com/dyslexie-font/ the books are easy to read colourful and a brilliant concept http://www.murielsmurals.co.uk/muriel-s-murals-books/ also listen to more great shows on the station that's been voted the #1 best new station (according to Eddie king) http://tun.in/sfy5z website...


Ep 53 The One With Croz Crossley

Croz is one of the most astute people Ive ever met , he quickly gets to the reason and information that has you in turmoil. Meeting Uncle Croz and his Amazing wife Auntie Val has changed the whole way I look at the world My path is now clear as a result of his teaching and a day spent with him. If you are lucky enough to be in the UK then search him out and get on his course, if your not then buy his book and watch his youtube videos. I went from a state of confusion to doing...