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FIR 57: Mr STOCKhousen's HOUSE Rules!!!

1. What is your did you get involved in investing and trading? 2. How long did you manage the hedge fund? 3. What do you most like about trading? 4. What do you least like about trading? 5. What do you trade? 6. How would you characterize your approach to trading? 7. Do you consider yourself a short term or a long term trader? 8. What are some key lessons learned over the years that you can share? 9. How can people best get started with trading? 10. What's your...


FIR 56: A SWEET Solution!!

Steven Sweet, Zaner VP, is back introducing the Pathfinder solution. Review some of the challenges that you had identified in the previous podcast - inconsistency - not using indicators - over-trading - not sticking with plans - emotional decision making Question: given those problems, what did you do to overcome those problems? Question: who is this for? Question: how is this different from other offers out there? Question: how long does it take to go through...


FIR 55: HEY-ta...How 'bout some THETA!!!

One time while driving my family in the car we were going a long distance. It was about a 12 hour drive. We were about 11 1/2 hours into the drive and from the back of the car our youngest child spoke up and said, "Dad, do you know where you are going?" To her it seemed like we were driving aimlessly around for hours and she was letting me know she couldn't take it any more. I tried to convince her that I knew the direction and where we were going. When I started trading options I was...


FIR 54: They Call Him Mr SWEET!!!

Vice President Zaner Futures Group, Been a Professional Trader, Member of the Exchange, Trading Systems Author; Steven Sweet identifies patterns or trader and investor problems across decades of working in the markets. - When did you get started with the markets? - Why did you get started? - What markets have you traded? - Did you trade in the pits? - What have you noticed different between floor trading and electronic trading? - What problems have you seen traders deal with,...


FIR 53: Trade RISK, NOT PROFIT Potential!!

One time in England, many years ago, I was boarding a train and was loading my luggage and my bike into the luggage car. I had placed my bike there and turned around to get my luggage and the train took off. I chased the train with my luggage in my hand and jumped onto it. However, I could not keep my balance and fell off the train, taking a serious roll on the platform. That is called trading with profit potential, not trading with risk potential in mind. I was clearly thinking, oh yeah,...



Being able to execute on a plan is one of the main aspects of making investing and trading work effectively. It turns out this is easier said than done. One time we were backpacking in the Rocky Mountains, we had been in the mountains for about one week, and we decided to take a day hike up to one of the nearby peaks. We mapped out the trail and the route to get there; which meant that a fast-moving, deep stream, filled with runoff from the melting snowpack, had to be crossed. About two...


FIR 51: One Tip That Helps Me To Find Stock Opportunities!!

Use the Dow Jones Indexes rate of change to identify those indexes which have high probability stock opportunities. This one tip will save you tons of time and will help you reduce the set of stocks to review. Once you have found an index that is showing strong bullish or bearish moves, depending on your interest, then look at the stocks that comprise that index. Be sure to look at the market structure, moving averages, and momentum on both the index as well as the individual stocks in...


FIR 50: Can YOU Fly??

How much time do you have to review your financial activity each day? Or rather, how much time do you want to spend doing that? The answer is likely to be minimal. What if you could have some simple steps to evaluate your financial basis; and it didn't require a PhD in investing? I took some initial flying lessons once. The pilot was a former Navy F-14 pilot and we were in a Cessna 172. He made it seem so simple. He did a pre-flight check; and I watched. At first he managed all of...


FIR 49: Interview - SOCIAL MEDIA - The NEW Trading Platform!

Introduction I have with me today a young lady who is not only my daughter but also is a professional podcaster and lives in the world of social media. Social Media Growth - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Spotify - YouTube - Tumblr - Twitch - Pintrest Today's youth trade on these platforms. But not typically with money but with time. They are trading their time. What is the ROI on trading your time with Social Media? Can anyone make money by publishing on Social...


FIR 48: Do this ONE THING Before Investing or Trading...

It is always amazing to me how powerful fear and greed are. One time I was up in the mountains with my brothers and my Dad. We were watching for Elk and Deer and so we had separated ourselves to see if we could widen our search area. It was still early morning and it was very quiet; and I was alone. I heard a noise above me. I looked up the mountain and could see bushes moving and I could hear running. Perhaps it was a bear? Or maybe an elk? Sometimes a moment in time can feel like...



One night we were driving our family up through the mountains. It was snowing and blowing and very hard to see. Typically some sort of road grime starts to build up and you begin using the windshield wipers on the back windshield. In this case the more I sprayed washer fluid on it the more smudged and clouded the back windshield. Eventually we needed to pull over to get some gas for the car. As I was standing near the back of the car I took a moment to clean off the back windshield. At...



Sometimes we make the dumbest decisions when our mental state is not right. I have plenty examples of doing that. One of the key lessons I have learned from investing and trading is that it really forces you to be know your personality and your current state. For example, one time I was in the frame of mind, or, a mental state, that said that our kids are going to each whatever their good mother had prepared. Now in general we still stick to this...but...we have toned this...


FIR 45: The GHOST that WON't FLY!!!!!

When I was a kid I saw an advertisement for a ghost in a magazine. They wrote the sales copy so basically said that this ghost would fly. What really hooked me was that they stated that it would 'obey my every command'! Well, I couldn't get my younger brother to obey my every command, so this seemed pretty enticing to me. I had been saving and saving my money; my parents insured that would happen. Back then we couldn't just order on the Internet. I solicited the help of...


FIR 44: Facebook UP...Zuckerberg Speaks!!

The news comes in many forms today. A couple times when I was young I delivered news papers in the morning. During one point of my life we lived in the midwest...there were many times of delivering papers in the snow and cold mornings. But there is one experience in particular that stands out. It was an early morning in the rocky mountain area on a Sunday morning. Back then the Sunday morning papers were quite large; there was the comic section, the coupon section, larger sports section,...


FIR 43: More ICE CREAM Please...!!!

Many years ago one of our daughters was very much in turns out she was in love with ice cream. Every effort was made to eat ice cream. Complex strategies were implemented by her to acquire more ice cream. This began to affect her eating at dinner time; as she would some times get access to ice cream before dinner. This all came to a head one evening as we had just finished dinner; and some people in the family decided to have some ice cream for dessert. One of those people was...


FIR 42: The Richest Man in Babylon...

Part of my growing up included milking cows, hauling hay, and working the wheat fields. As a boy I recall watching my Dad milk cows by hand. The cats would gather around as he milked the cows. Occasionally he would direct the milk spray to the cats and they would lap up the milk, in sheer delight. He also had several buckets. One bucket was intended for family and other buckets would go into the large milk vat, that eventually would be sold. I watched this distribution of the milk...


FIR 41: CRITERIA to SELECT an OPPORTUNITY for the Market!!

Jefferson Starship sang a song many years ago called "Jane". Some of the words went..."Jane you're playing for fun, but I play for keeps!" I believe the market is like that. You cannot approach the market like it is for fun; at some point the market will play for keeps and our investment or our trade gets whacked. I do a stock report for a trading community called Tackle Trading... you ought to check them out. There are a set of criteria I walk through to evaluate stock opportunities....


FIR 40: Don’t Make Me a YARD MANAGER!!!

As part of our journey with helping children to develop a healthy relationship with money my wife and I determined to give them opportunities to earn money in our home before they were ever able to work outside the home. I will share one such approach we did to help them learn how to plan, budget, hire, invoice, pay others, and pay themselves. I called it the YARD MANAGER. Each child has taken turns being the yard manager. They are given a budget for expenses like gas for the mower,...


FIR 39: Hey son, Why are you WASTING MONEY?

I'd like to introduce my wife....Eileen...we will hear more from her later on... When I was 8 years old I got a brand new watch for my birthday. I was so proud of that watch. It was shiny, had awesome hands, it was accurate, and it was a Timex!! I had my eye on this watch for some time. So when I got it for my birthday I was elated. After my birthday party we went outside to play some football. I wanted to protect my watch so I took it off and set it on the top of the car in the...


FIR 38: Honey...where is MY CLIMBING Gear?

Recently I was on a flight out of Seattle and we passed right next to Mount St Helens. It’s peak jettisoned into the sunlight as it’s base was surrounded by clouds. Such a stunning sight. As I took in the scene; in awe at the beauty of the snow capped peaks, the person next to me stated that he had just been on the top one week earlier. He began to describe the preparations he and his team had done, the gear they took, and the precautions they considered. This got me thinking about the...