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PHEC 044: Learning More About the American Public Health Association (APHA)

The annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA) is coming up later this year, so this is a good time to seriously consider attending. In this episode, I discuss what the APHA is, what happens at the annual meeting, and how it can help you grow your public health career.


PHEC 043: A "Typical" Work Day of an Epidemiologist

This episode summarizes a discussion from our community, where a member wanted to learn more about the role of an epidemiologist. She has just completed her undergraduate degree in life sciences and is interested in pursuing her master of public health, specifically in epidemiology. She asked for feedback, comments, and feedback from other epidemiologists in the group. This was a popular discussion, and one that I felt everyone could benefit from in the form of this podcast episode. It is...


PHEC 042: Online Degree Programs: Tackling Challenges of Work, Home, and School

In this episode, I answer a question submitted by one of the members of our community. The question comes from someone who is about to start a DrPH program. The program is a hybrid program, with the majority of the coursework being delivered online. Her questions are regarding the anticipated struggle to manage time between work, home, and school.


PHEC 041: Interview with Eric Pevzner: CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Program

In this episode, I’m happy to share with all of you an interview with Eric Pevzner as we discuss some important and very interesting details about the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service, (EIS) program. There is a great deal of information covered in this episode, which is why the show notes page for this episode is so comprehensive and includes links to find out more about what is discussed in the interview. CAPT Pevzner is Chief of the Epidemiology Workforce Branch in the Division of...


PHEC 040: Our Community Group Discussion of Public Health

This episode is a little different, as I share discussion responses to public health topics in one of our community groups. Not only do I share the questions, responses, and comments from members of the group, I also provide my feedback as well. At the end, I summarize and present takeaway messages and tips for taking action.


PHEC 039: Developing Your Public Health Career Strategy

This episode will help you understand how the program, Developing Your Public Health Career Strategy was formed, the purpose of the program, and who the program is designed to serve. This is an important episode for everyone to hear, both students and graduates. If you’ve already completed your degree in public health, but have been facing challenges getting into the field, then you definitely want to listen to the full episode. You’ll be able to hear in my voice just how important this is...


PHEC 038: Understanding and Benefiting from the Practicum Experience

Practicum is a supervised field experience, part of a master’s degree program. Maximize this experience and lessons learned, whether you’ve already completed it or it’s in your future. This is your journey, and you should own this experience as a part of it. In this episode, I share a bit about my practicum experience with the Office of Minority Health conducting a diabetes prevention program. I also share just a few examples of how I benefited from my own practicum experience, but there...


PHEC 037: Addressing Common Public Health Career Challenges

In this episode, I share my thoughts about some common public health career challenges that so many people are facing. Not only do I discuss the challenges, but I also identify some strategies to address these challenges.


PHEC 036: What's Next? 5 Tips to Help You Really Move Forward

Motivating you to rise up, take action, and advance toward your public health career goals means that we can collectively impact public health around the world. That is why I’m sharing insights, as well as providing tools and resources to help as many of you as I can. The five tips that I discuss in this episode will really help you move forward. Below are some highlights, but please be sure to listen to the full episode.


PHEC 035: Never Underestimate Your Ability to Inspire Positive Health Behavior Changes in Others

This episode is a little different from the usual flow, and includes a story about a conversation I recently had with my mother and what I learned from it. I took away a lesson from it that I share on this episode, because I think you may benefit from it as well. At the very least, it might make you smile.


PHEC 034: Why You Should Consider Leading a Health Promotion Campaign

During the first 98 days of this year, I lead a team of amazing people in the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) health promotion campaign, the 1 Billion Steps Challenge. My team, DrCHHuntley and Friends, finished in 6th place out of 392 teams! We are super proud of that accomplishment. What I learned through this experience was far beyond anything that I had imagined when I started. In this episode, I share my journey and the lessons learned along the way. As I share these...


PHEC 033: Taking Action Creating, Opportunities and Improving Outcomes

This week April 2 – 8, 2018, is National Public Health Week (NPHW), which is an initiative of the American Public Health Association. The theme this year is Healthiest Nation 2030, Changing Our Future Together. The first of our series of workshops will be available this week, and the timing of these workshops couldn’t be better, as the purpose aligns well with the surgeon general’s opening keynote message of NPHW. After hearing the Dr. Jerome Adams, I was so encouraged and inspired that I...


PHEC 032: Interview with Dr. Laurie Elam-Evans, Reproductive Epidemiologist at CDC

In this episode, I introduce you to Dr. Laurie Elam-Evans, who shares her journey into public health, as well as insights and helpful strategies and tips. Dr. Elam-Evans is the Lead Health Scientist and Team Leader for National Immunization Survey (NIS) Team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where she has worked for over 27 years accumulating a wealth of public health knowledge and experience. She is also the current Chair of the American Public Health Association...


PHEC 031: Interview with Dr. Cynthia Hickman: Proud Nurse & Nutritional Health Educator

In this episode, I introduce you to Dr. Cynthia Hickman. She is an active researcher, public speaker, and nutritional health educator. At an early age, she knew she wanted to be a nurse and she shares her journey through nursing and explains how she was a natural educator and developed a passion for nutritional health. After a rewarding career in nursing, including 25 years of nursing experience, Dr. Hickman pursued and accomplished her PhD in Health Services. Her plans are to explore...


PHEC 030: REAL TALK: Bold Answers Clarity & Action Steps

Born out of my experiences, I am “being the change that I want to see.” In this episode, I speak clearly and boldly so that people who choose to connect with me fully understand my purpose and motivation. I provide answers, clarity, and direction. Answers to these questions: Clarity about purpose, who this podcast and resources are for (and who it’s NOT for). Direction in terms of 4 specific action steps for action-takers. This time, you’re going to have to listen to the full episode...


PHEC 029: Interview with Christian Vigil: Global Public Health and Cultural Experiences with MEDICC

In this episode, I introduce you to Christian Vigil, as he shares a great story of the global public health initiatives with Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC). He shares his amazing journey into public health, and how he combined his personal experiences growing up, his education, and his passion to see positive changes in health throughout his community. Christian talks about the robust health system in Cuba, and how MEDICC is taking action to help foster collaborations...


PHEC 028: Quick Tips for Applying Your Knowledge as You Learn

This episode is a quick message to share some ideas about how you can begin to apply the knowledge that you’re learning as a student, right now. You don’t have to wait for the perfect volunteer opportunity or internship to come along before applying what you’re learning in your coursework. Listen to this brief episode for some quick tips and ideas to get you started. Tips covered in this episode include ideas for: Let me know if this episode sparks some ideas for you!


PHEC 027: Why I Started the Myth-busting Challenge

A large portion of my audience includes people who have completed their degree but struggle with getting into the field of public health for one reason or another. Questions about how I became an epidemiologist were (and still are) the most common questions I received on LinkedIn, because people really wanted to know how I managed to get into the position that matched my degree. That is one of the main reasons I started this podcast. I place a big emphasis on motivating students and...


PHEC 026: Interview with Samantha Santos-DaSilva: Motivating and Inspiring Public Health Professional

This interview is filled with wisdom and powerful messages that will motivate and inspire you to pursue your public health career goals with a new burst of energy and enthusiasm. That is how I felt after my interview with Samantha. She is a first generation college graduate, who has propelled through more than her fair share of challenges. She doesn’t complain, but instead has built upon every event and continues to pursue her goals. I encourage you to listen to the full episode here.


025 PHEC: Five Ways to Focus on Personal Development

We are all super busy people, juggling work, family, and other responsibilities. If you’re in graduate school, then that adds another layer of responsibility. Organizing your life in a way that accomplish all of the tasks that are in front of you seems to be a never ending challenge. Some days we handle things well, get lots of things checked off of our to-do list, while other days are the exact opposite. We live and learn and keep moving forward, right? Well, today I want to speak to you...