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Episode 41: Rushing The Relationship

Missing out on true intimacy Sometimes in order to deal with the uncertainty of future relationship history, we rush at the beginning. The rushing is designed to reduce anxiety about the relationship and the person we have just begun with. Rushing, however, creates a fantasy and a false intensity which can mean that we miss out on true intimacy having a chance to develop. Slowing down, setting boundaries on how much time is spent together and not racing to claim relationship status can be...


Episode 40: They Aren't Going To Change

Can we take the necessary steps of courage on our own behalf? In this Episode we look at the desire we have for our partner to change and do something different. When are they going to be more loving, considerate and acknowledge how I feel? Some people choose to hold onto a fantasy that their partner will change despite the everyday evidence that clearly shows nothing is different at all! Why hold onto a wishful desire that in time they will finally see the error of their ways and...


Episode 39: Using your Relationship as a Crash Point

Bring your best self home Modern life is so demanding and we can get pulled in so many directions. As a result, we can unintentionally put our intimate relationship on the back burner. We give all day to others and then come home and crash onto the couch, disappear into social media and forget to connect with the one we love most. If we continue to use our home and our relationship as a place to go to shut down then ultimately our relationship will be at risk. We lose the spark as we...


Episode 38: The Joy of Family Business

Key areas of challenge that family businesses face If done well a family business can be a fantastic experience! We generally tend to spend more time with those we work with than anyone else. Why not spend it with those you love! However there can be challenges and risks when we combine family dynamics with the stress and pressure of business. It is so important to take the family out of family business at certain times and stick with professional behaviour. If we can do this we...


Episode 37: Sufficiency

What if you knew you were already enough as you were right now? How would that inform your decisions about yourself and your business? When we come from the myth of scarcity it can drive us to operate in ways that are selfish, short-sighted and problematic. As someone who has been driven by the idea of not being good enough and not having enough for most of my life, it is truly exhausting. Scarcity has at times robbed me of true joy and creativity. This episode begins to explore the...


Episode 36: Part II More Resources on Modern Parenting

Keep the parent/child connection strong Keeping our attachment bond strong with our children is central to the health of the parent/child relationship. Without healthy attachment, every aspect of parenting and guiding young people to developmental maturity becomes so much harder. This Episode continues on form Episode 35 and heavily utilises the ideas put forward in the amazing book for parents "Hold on to your Kids" Why parents need to matter more than peers by Gordon Neufeld Ph.d and...


Episode 35: More Resources on Modern Parenting

Understanding attachment bonds with children Parenting is challenging, especially with all the external demands that you face that can take away from precious time with children. This episode explores and helps you develop a little more understanding around attachment bonds with children. It also addresses a style of parenting approach that will help to really support healthy attachment for children compared to what can take away from healthy attachment. Any information and increased...


Episode 34: Household CEO

Sharing joint leadership of the family home Modern relationships require new ways of thinking about old roles such as domestic responsibility, not to mention new approaches. There are patterns that make healthy intimate relationships and healthy demonstrations to children. However overtly or covertly there exist dynamics that we can fall into that can erode long-term stability and erotic desire in intimate relationships. Episode 34 entitled household CEO is about sharing joint...


Episode 31: Self-Awareness and Relationships

Improving your self-awareness improves your life The one consistent element at the centre of all my relationships both successful and unsuccessful is me! One of the most dramatic ways to improve your life is to improve your self-awareness. Episode 31 looks at a couple of key areas that can assist you in developing self-awareness so as to more effectively achieve goals, reduce recurring unpleasant dynamics with others and just enjoy life more. We are with ourselves 24/7 so it makes...


Episode 25: The Art Of Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is so vital for many areas in life It is essentail for businesses to move forward, for individuals to continue to improve, and for relationships to stay healthy. This episode looks at tips both for when you are looking to get feedback from others and also for when you are in the position of delivering feedback. Depending on how we set things up when it is time to offer feedback can have a massive impact on how well and effective the whole process...