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033 - Emerging Market Women in Leadership

Author, business school lecturer and consultant Shireen Chengadu has researched women in leadership in emerging markets. I chat to her about her observations of what makes great leaders, why diversity of leadership is so important and the commonalities and differences between developed and emerging markets. Her book Women in Leadership in Emerging Markets profiles 46 amazing women.


032- Employee Retirement Funds

For many of us, most of our retirement money comes from an Employee retirement fund... either ours or our partner's. One of the biggest assumptions that people make is that the employer will take the right amount of money from your paycheck so that when you retire you'll have enough. But this isn't the case. Take the time to understand your retirement funds - It's your money, manage it


031 - Getting the support you need for your worklife

Dr. Maelisa Hall and Amber Hawley look at the networks you need to support you as a woman entrepreneur. They discuss the options: Biz Besties (a dedicated sounding board); masterminds; tribes; 1-on-1 and group coaching. We also discuss options of how to structure these network options, why women aren't as good at leveraging their networks, and making sure you overcome the isolation of entrepreneurship. Both are licensed therapists, yet both have different non - therapy related second...


030 - Divorce and Money

Money permeates all aspects of a divorce - because it becomes an expression of the challenges in a relationship, as well as the individual issues each carries. Learn the 5 ground rules you need to bear in mind when thinking about money in your divorce, as well as the 15 best practices for it during your divorce. Lastly, 5 tips to bear in mind after the ink has dried.


029 - Family finances with award-winning financial journalist Maya Fisher-French

Award winning personal finance journalist, Maya Fischer-French talks to Lisa Linfield about her own personal finance journey, family finances and the challenges to raise financially wise children. Learning from her own experiences and that with teenage children, we discuss the transition from school through university and to first jobbers and how to guide people through the financial journey.


028 - Asking for what you're worth

Asking for what you're worth is almost as difficult as facing your fears. It's much easier to give something away for free than it is to ask for what you're worth. In this episode, we understand why we struggle with this, and go through 4 ways to overcome it. We also look at how women and men negotiate differently.


027 - Mindset Mentor, and Stop the Bully Within podcast host, Jacqui Letran

Jacqui Letran is a Mindset Mentor, award winning author, and host of the Stop the Bully Within podcast. She shares her journey from a 16 year old teenage mum to the owner of her own business helping adults and teenagers. We discuss her self-publishing journey, and the work she does to help people change their mindsets.


026 - The Assumptions We Make About Money

It's too late when you're 60 to find out the assumptions you made at 40 about your money were incorrect - and worse yet, to need to start work again after you've been retired for a few years. As humans, we unconsciously live much our lives based on many assumptions. As a wealth adviser, I deal daily with people who are making huge financial decisions they're not even conscious they're making. These are some of the most common assumptions I see.


025 - Behind the scenes with Wine Master and Marketing Director, Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright

Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright was South Africa's youngest Wine Master when she qualified. Following her qualification in Cordon Bleu, she pursued a successful career in food and wine product development before she turned her attention full time to all things wine. In this light hearted episode, she takes us behind the scenes in the wine industry and shares with us how they're taking Warwick Wine internationally. She's an Author of Spit or Swallow, a fun take on wine, as well as an international...


024 - Three ways to nail the idea for your new business

Not everybody that has their own business believes they are a born entrepreneur. In fact many people struggle to come up with what they would do to earn their second income. I definitely was one of those who thought I was a corporate woman through and through... I never wanted to start my own business. And then things changed - I changed. I take you through my journey, my dead ends, and how I discovered my passion and problem that I wanted to solve.


023 - Financial wisdom from Wealth Manager and Business Owner, Sunel Veldtman

Sunel Veldtman chats to us about starting up her wealth management business and how women are different to men in terms of money management. She also shares her wisdom on wealth creation and management. From the huge dream she had, to the fears she overcame, she shares the challenges of leaving a corporate and starting over again. She also reflects on the one very big thing she'd do differently if she started again. She tackles how women handle money differently to men, and why 70% of...


022 Why you need a second income

It takes time to build a second income - and starting now ensures that we're not part of the 94% of people who can't retire or who are having to drastically reduce their living expenses or get their children to pay for them in their retirement years. Lisa Linfield shares her long term goals for her second income stream and how she plans to 'glide' into retirement... and why 'forced retirement' from corporates is such a challenge to so many 60 year olds.


021 Career insights from a global marketing leader - with Andrea Quaye

Courage and humility are the traits of a great leader, and Andrea Quaye personifies this as she gives us an unbelievable insight into her journey to the top, and what makes a global leader. As the first female marketing director of listed beer giant, SAB, she talks through this transition and her latest journey to the global stage leading AB Inbev's African Marketing team.


020 Financial Freedom & Passive Income with Lisa Linfield

Lisa Linfield addresses the real story behind passive income and the secret you need to know in order to reach the elusive financial freedom sooner. Choose the flexibility of your hours, physical work place etc. She takes an in depth look at the four major types of passive income... and takes you through the secret of passive income success and how you achieve financial freedom earlier


019 An honest look at parenting with Julia Pappas

This episode I chat to Julia Pappas - a psychologist, parenting coach, and the host of the podcast Minimum Viable Parenting. As working parents, there's always guilt that we're getting it wrong. How much time is OK on screens, and why there's a direct correlation between social media usage and depression. We discuss boundaries, attachment and examining the expectations we have of ourselves as parents. And also Parent Burnout... what it is and how we get through it


018 Brave to be Free - by Lisa Linfield

Fear is experienced by each of us - but if we desire freedom, we need to have the courage to be brave. We're always telling our children to face their fears - yet as adults we have such deep seated fears. And so many times they stand between us and the freedom we so deeply desire. To get through those fears, we need courage. Here, we discuss a definition of courage that will help you move to BRAVE.


017 - Passive income through property with Tamar Mar

In a few years Tamar Mar built a property portfolio with a passive income that has enabled her to leave her job as a COO in a multi-million dollar business and become the 'CEO of her dreams' and of her own business, the Morata Group. She's now sharing this knowledge through her podcast, Investing for Life. Lisa Linfield caught up with Tamar to understand how she did this, and find out her lessons for those who'd like to create a passive income stream through property.


016 Choosing a Unit Trust / Mutual fund with Lisa Linfield

There are thousands and thousand of unit trusts out there. Which one do you choose? I'll take you through the 7 Steps to choosing a fund that we use in our Wealth Management business, and where you can find the information you need to do this yourself.


015 Princess AND Warrior - rethinking the stories we're told with Wendy Pienaar

This week's episode features Wendy Pienaar, Banking Executive at one of the largest African Banks in South Africa. Starting in a global consulting firm, and then moving into the banking world, she's spent her career building and growing women. We discuss life as a female leader in the corporate world, and how each one of us can build empathy and the women around us. In addition to leadership and career, she discusses raising her 4 girls, and the challenges of building women as Warriors and...


014 Reaching your financial goals

Whether you're saving for children's education or retirement, it's absolutely essential you have clarity around those goals... and what you need to do in order to get there. Drawing from the latest research, Lisa Linfield shares the 7 steps to reaching your financial goals. Make sure you have S.M.A.R.T goals If you're in Johannesburg on 10 March, we're doing a Financial Goal Setting course. Sign up at