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Ep. 51: How to use video content to foster employee engagement.

Many recent reports, such as Gallup, Deloitte, Steelcase, show that employee engagement is at an all-time low. Many companies try to address that, investing in softwares or apps with the intent to boost employee engagement, but with no clear plan or methodology in place, because decisions are often driven by HR and IT and we all know they’re not usually people-centric. What happens is that employees don’t use those tools, because the user experience sucks. When it comes to internal...


Ep. 50: Here are the 4 key elements to build an Employer Brand that attracts & retains Talent.

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek. Your employer brand is becoming more critical than ever, as it is now your main differentiator. Companies can no longer afford solely focusing on their consumer brand and wondering “how good is our product or service?”. They also, and foremost, have to ask themselves “how good a company are we to work for? How do we make a difference in our employees’ AND our customers’ lives?” When I talk at...


Ep. 49: HR can’t be responsible for employee happiness in any organization.

HR historically has been focused on hiring, firing, policing the organization, making sure everybody is compliant with the company’s rules. Now, HR professionals have to explore the notions of experience, employee engagement, people data and analytics; they have to work with disruptive generations like Gen Y and Gen Z; they’re expected to embrace concepts new to them such as design thinking and organizational change. Employee engagement is at a historic low level. Customers are employees,...


Ep. 48: How do you win the war on talent? Tips from Bryan Chaney at Indeed.com.

In the war of attracting and retaining top talents, companies must now focus on their employee experience as a differentiator to remain competitive. Talent is not only critical, but scarce. Talent attraction and retaining talent is a top priority; however companies still struggle to fill skilled positions. The job advertising & application process is a sensitive process involving 95% complete rejection and usually only 1% hired. How you treat the 95% when you splurge ads on LinkedIn that...


Ep. 47: Every great culture begins with the story.

Great companies have well-defined mission and core values, a welcoming and functional workspace in which employees are comfortable working in. But it’s much harder to design a space where employees can truly understand and experience the brand they are dedicated to building through their work. Brand stories can address a company’s history, values, vision, client projects, or products. How the stories are designed and executed so that employees can breathe and live them every day is much...


Ep. 46: Building a Culture of Good.

How can you take what might be a decent-enough company culture, which you might call of a Culture of OK, and transform it into a Culture of Good that makes a long-lasting impact on the business, the employees, the customers and the surrounding communities? That’s the unlikely story of TCC, a thriving telecommunications retailer with more than 800 stores and 3000 employees in 40 states. In an industry when the employee turnover is 100%, TCC’s turnover is below 50%, while its workforce...


Ep. 45: Here is how people analytics drive smarter HR decisions and a better employee experience.

Most companies utilize data analytics to better understand their customers with the goal to drive a higher customer engagement, but the best companies are applying this same type of analysis to the employee side. This enables them to obtain and retain competitive top talent, deliver a positive employee experience and increase the contributions made by their valued employees. When HR uses people analytics to be more people centric and be focused on outcomes, companies can better...


Ep. 44: What is creating engagement? The EXPERIENCE. For customers as for employees.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but the HR function the way you know it is dying. The point is that HR is going through a radical shift the same way the marketing function was disrupted 15 ago by data and digital transformation. Marketing today has nothing to do with what marketing was back then. In the next few years, HR will be very different from what it’s been for decades. Data driven insight, a focus on customer pain points, the development of strategies to engage with customers and to...


Ep. 43: How to automate HR so that it can focus on what's the most important: the employees.

Often, HR activities are focused in performing repetitive and laborious tasks than getting involved in actual strategic aspects of the business. HR automation has been developed to ease the strain on HR departments and free up some of their valuable time from mundane tasks so HR teams can focus on the employee experience and improve your company’s workplace. JYSK, a Scandinavian home furniture retailer, had a singular vision - to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks in favor of...


Ep. 42: How to build a winning culture built on strong values.

The traditional relationship between employer and employee is being challenged, and some companies have already adopted this new mindset – to become an alliance focused on shared goals and mutual respect. This is not an easy task, it requires an overhaul of systems, process, and structures in order to put people first. This week I have the pleasure to interview Randy Stocklin, CEO and co-founder of the e-tailer One Click Ventures. Randy and his wife Angie have successfully built a...


Ep. 41: Learning and development are key drivers to employee engagement.

"Learning opportunities are among the largest drivers of employee engagement and strong workplace culture – they are part of the entire employee value proposition, not merely a way to build skills". – Deloitte. Engaging employees on a continuous basis and creating a culture of empowerment, trust, and collaboration are critical drivers to retain talent and thrive as a business. Companies’ learning cultures must comply with this mindset and focus on both what training is needed from a...


Ep. 40: Why competition is now more about talent than it is about products.

My belief is that the next 10-15 years will be about the employee experience, the same way the past 10-15 years have been about the customer experience. Why? Because engaged employees provide any organization with a competitive advantage. As Richard Branson says, “Your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen— so long as their needs are being met.” When you think about it, the mapping and the implementation of the customer...


Ep. 39: Employee Engagement In Not-For-Profits: Harder Than You Think.

It's been demonstrated through multiple studies that a sense purpose is not only critical to drive a business' s success, but also for this business to attract and retain talent. You can argue that purpose is "a given" in not-for-profits because these organizations exist to serve a specific cause. Therefore, attracting, engaging and retaining employees is easier than in for-profits because the genuine sense of purpose is a "driver". In reality, employees in not-for-profits work long...


Ep. 38: Diversity & Inclusion - It all begins and ends with the people.

Companies are discovering that the failure to establish inclusive and diverse work environments today has legal, financial, and social consequences. As the pressure for meaningful change continues to build, companies will need to adapt organization-specific strategies to establish and improve workplace cultures. 2018 is the year diversity and inclusion strategies will be widely adopted across all industries and workplaces. For instance, Best Buy values everyone’s talents, life...


Ep. 37: The digital transformation is disrupting the workplace. You've got to embrace it.

Digital transformation and employee engagement are 2018 priorities for most business leaders, but they are rarely connected together. Organizations are making a massive mistake, though, if they focus on sheer technological change. Instead, the end objective should be a better employee experience, and by extension a better customer experience. The urgency and pressure to embrace this digital transformation fall on the shoulders of both leaders and employees. But how does digital...


Ep. 36: Happiness at work is not a destination. It's a journey.

“Happiness at work is closely correlated with a culture of greater performance and productivity as well as greater energy, better reviews, faster promotion, higher income, better health, and increased happiness with life. So it’s good for organizations and individuals, too.”, CEO of iOpener and author of Happiness at Work ,Jessica Pryce-Jones tells Forbes. We spend more time in the office with our co-workers than we spend time at home with our families. Most studies show that the vast...


Ep. 35: To Have Happy Customers, You Need Happy Employees. The Zappos Way.

A few years ago Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh boldly reshaped his company in a way that the musicians of a string quartet would find familiar. In place of the traditional manager-led structure, he embraced a flat and self-managed organizational model called holacracy. It was a radical step, and Hsieh has gotten a lot of criticism for it—in particular, that employees have become confused amid the rapid pace and complexity of the implementation. As a matter of fact, Zappos simplify by focusing on...


Ep. 34: Companies Must Engage In A New Way Of Hiring.

An employee leaves and you post the open position. Resumes trickle in. You interview a few candidates. No one fits the bill. The next thing you know, three months have passed and that desk is still empty... Nothing drives business success like a staff of talented, productive employees. So why accept a hiring process that fails you time and time again? Well, there’s one person who doesn’t: Scott Wintrip. And in High-Velocity Hiring, he provides the tools and systems for creating a hiring...


Ep. 33: The Secret Sauce Of Employee Engagement At Pizza Hut.

Studies show that companies spend about $270 million per year on employee engagement strategies. “But approximately 63 percent of U.S. employees aren’t fully engaged in their work,” says Forbes writer William Craig. If you want a great culture and true employee engagement, provide benefits that positively impact not just your employees but, more importantly, those whom they love. Employees go home to different roles--parent, caregiver to a loved one, a church or civic leader, spouse,...


Ep. 32: Why The Voice Of The Employee (VoE) Matters.

We live in a Yelp world where the proliferation of third party rating sites and social media has democratized the bully pulpit. The voice of the consumer has the power to make or break even the largest companies. Guess what, those consumers are also employees and they have found their voice has power too. Sites like Glassdoor, Vault, and Memo along with the social media giants Facebook and Twitter have given a voice to employees similar to that of consumers. Today’s guest is Hal...