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Mastering The Art Of Entrepreneurship

Mastering The Art Of Entrepreneurship
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Mastering The Art Of Entrepreneurship




EP 047 Dai Manuel - Finding Balance And Building Your Future

Dai saved my life once. Well, it was Dai and a few others (Angela of Fitlosophy and Jeff of CrossFit Vibe) that together got me interested in CrossFit and which got me on the road to better health. Dai is now a world traveling entrepreneur and in this episode we talk about the entrepreneurial journey of leaving a partnership and starting out fresh.


EP 046 The Dream 100 with Dana Derricks - How to use the Dream 100 To Grow Your Business

How A Goat Farmer Is Selling Books For Thousands Of Dollars (And You Can Too) Dana Derricks is the author of 6 books and is known for charging WAY more than 'normal' book prices. Find out why and claim your super secret free copy of High-Ticket Book Secrets here.


EP 045 Morten Hansen - Great At Work

Morten Hansen talks about his new book, Great At Work. Learn more: Get your free dreamline calculator here:


EP 044 Jen Esquer - @DOCJENFIT and The Mobility Method

Jen Esquer is more than just a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She's one of the coolest people on this rock and now she's rocking out as an entrepreneur with the launch of her new program "The Mobility Method" In this interview we cover how she found her passion, the benefits of having mentors and how Jen continues to challenge herself.


EP 043 Laura Allen - Your Pitch is the Message of Your Business

Your pitch is how your message is brought to new customers. The Pitch Girl is passionate about helping entrepreneurs bring in more income. The pitch is a strategy and process. It doesn’t have to be the sleazy car salesman pitch. It’s an inspiring story on why they should decide to go with you. My guest today is Laura Allen. Her business, The Pitch Girl, provides the strategy to entrepreneurs to increase their revenue. Visit to learn more about pitching prowess. Visit...


EP 042 Andrea Owen - Staying Positive as an Entrepreneur

My guest today is Andrea Owen who is a two-time author! She is also a life coach and mentor to women. The most exciting part about her is she's a former roller derby player! Visit to pick up a copy of Andrea's book "How to Stop Feeling Like Shit" Visit where we always drop it like it's hot.


EP 041 Rhonda Shear - The Unexpected Journey of a Lingerie Mogul

My guest today is Rhonda Shear. You may remember her as the host of Up All Night. She has come a long way from her start as a beauty queen to a lingerie mogul. She’s here today to share her journey to success and the challenges that came with. Visit to learn more about Rhonda and her lingerie line. Visit where we always drop it like it's hot.


Ramon Ray - Being Passionate In The Business You Chose

My guest today is Ramon Ray. Ramon describes himself in two lights. On one side he says most people see him as a consultant and the rest have no idea. We asked Ramon how would he describe himself? “First and foremost I am an entrepreneur. Next, I would be a speaker. I am very passionate about encouraging that entrepreneurial spirit. The other thing I do I work with large companies and train them how to better reach small businesses.” Visit if you want to learn more Ramon...


EP 037 Bedros Keuilian - How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Want to know how to build an empire? My guest today is Bedros Keuilian. He is the founder of Fit Body Bootcamp. Bedros talks to us today about how to build an empire. He shares with us how he grew a franchise to selling one every 36 seconds. He also tells us how he became an entrepreneur and started his empire. Visit if you want to learn more about Closer Secrets and his journey. Visit for lots of amazing content.


EP 036 Randall Grizzle -

My guest today is Randall Grizzle. Randall is a sales superstar. Randall is here today to share his experience with us. He shares his tips and tricks to increase your revenue. He also shares his values and how to be an honest salesman. Join us as we dive into the core of his Secrets. Visit if you want to learn more about Closer Secrets and his journey. Visit for even more sweet stuff.


EP 035 Alison Prince - Creating Your Own Career Through Entrepreneurship

My guest today is Alison Prince. If you don’t recognize her name you may recognize some of her online websites. She's the creator of the 0-$100K System and a true believer in the entrepreneur lifestyle. Join us as we dive into how she did it, and how you can too. Visit if you want to learn more about Alison’s businesses or take her classes. Visit for more awesomeness


EP 034 Jeff Sherman - Tech Sweat

My guest today is Jeff Sherman. The founder of many things including Tech Sweat and Train Aggressive. We’re together today to talk about what it means to be an entrepreneur. Including the ups and downs along with the challenges that come with it. Learn more about Jeff at Visit for more awesomeness


EP 033 Dave Kombucha Lindenbaum -

Dave is the King of Kombucha and the Baron of Bath Bombs. He's created a tiny cardboard empire shipping DIY kits for stuff he already thinks is cool. After finding a passion for marketing and a short stint stretching old ladies in a retirement home Dave launched to help people everywhere make their own fungus tea. The world has not been the same since. Listen in and never be the same again. Find me at


EP 032 Angela Mader - fitlosophy Follow Up and The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Angela was first a guest of mine in 2011 when my show was The BizNinja Radio Hour on NBC News Radio. I've moved to ABC News and done 500 different businesses in the past 6 years but Angela has stayed focus on growing her company, fitlosophy. Learn more about Angela at Visit for more awesomeness


EP 031 Dr. John DeWitt - Head Games and BrainMed

Former NFL player and current Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. John DeWitt has authored the book Head Games and is launching a dietary supplement called BrainMed. In today's episode we dive into why he's taking the concussion problem into his own hands with comprehensive solutions and support.


EP 030 Jay Leishman - Getting Started With Paid Advertising

Jay Leishman and his partner Bryant Garvin have managed ads resulting in millions of dollars in sales. What is the #1 thing you should do when getting started? Listen to episode 30 with Jay Leishman to find out how momentum is the key to growth.


EP 029 Dan Nitro Clark - F Dying

You may know Dan Clark from playing Nitro on American Gladiators, or from his time in the NFL, or from running the Gladiator Rock N Run, or maybe from CrossFit competitions or movies. But, do you know Dan as the author of an emotional book about life and love and living? In his new book, F* Dying, Dan opens up about his heart attack and discusses what's changed for him since this wake up call.


EP 028 Jeremy McGilvrey - Instagram Secrets

Jeremy is the author if the #1 Best Selling Marketing Book on Amazon. Instagram Secrets pulls the cover back on the secrets of making money on Instagram and in this interview Jeremy shares several of his insider tips. Want to grow your followers? Want to make money from traffic off of Instagram? We talk about this and more in today's podcast. Get your copy of Jeremy's book for free here:


EP 027 Craig Ballantyne - Rules For The Perfect Day

Craig Ballantyne is the author of The Perfect Day Formula and editor of Early To Rise. He's the guru of the new you and the sultan of sunrise. If you're looking to get more out of your day and find your 'magic time' of productivity then Craig has all the tools you need. I am grateful to have had this interview and to spend 30 minutes talking about productivity, the myth of the 'night owl' and the rules Craig lives by to guarantee success. Listen in and then go get your free success...


EP 026 Vintage Electric Bikes - From Garage Concept To Industry Leader

Andrew Davidge started building stylish electric bicycles in his garage back in 2013. Since then has been doubling revenue year over year. Their vintage style and stunning designs create a story with every bike they produce. On this episode of BizNinja Radio we talk about what it's like to start something from scratch and watch it grow to a point where you need to hire a CEO. Special note: Check out writings of #TheBizNinjaWife at and click...


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