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Mastering The Art Of Entrepreneurship

Mastering The Art Of Entrepreneurship
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Mastering The Art Of Entrepreneurship




79 - David Tobin - Founder of

David Tobin explains how he started AudioJack, the company that uses only sound to help awaken your imagination. Imagine an audio-based movie with no words that transcend borders, cultures, and gender.


078- Anthony DiClemente - The Business of Bio Hacking Secrets

In this episode, Anthony shares his journey from desk jockey to entrepreneur. Along the way, we will learn about how he uses tools and outside sources to get better much faster than his competition.


077 - How CrossFit Saved My Life, And Then Almost Killed Me

In this episode, I am going to share how CrossFit saved my health, both physically and mentally, and also how this led to me co-founding an equipment company and opening 4 gyms. This is the first time that I have publicly shared this story but I feel like it's so important because I learned so much from it.


076 - Mia Shark - Marketing In Restricted Waters

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Mia Shark, a serial entrepreneur and the queen of marketing in the restricted industry space. They will dive into how she got started in this, seeming, difficult niche, and how she has become one of the go-to people in just a short amount of time.


075 - Susan Inouye - How To Build Deeper Connections So That You Can Lead Your Employees Better

In this episode, I am talking with Susan Inouye about how she made the transition from working as an employee in a large corporation to working with those companies in a leadership consulting role. Susan found her niche when a friend called her regarding some challenges they were having with their Millennial generation employees. After studying the situation, Susan noticed that traditional leadership tactics did not translate well with this generation and that is when she introduced Sawubona...


074 - Ross Williams - How To Launch An Event Marketing Company

In this episode, I am talking with Ross Williams from Modern Profits and about how being laid off led him and a desire to continue enjoying the party nightlife led him to launch an event marketing company.


073 Jim Edwards - How To Use Copywriting To Beat Your Competition

In this episode, I am talking with Jim Edwards, creator of FunnelScripts and author of the book Copyrighting Secrets. We dive into how Jim went from getting an Ivy League education to living in a single-wide trailer, to building a multi-million dollar business.


072 Kyle Lasota - Capture A Story To Grow Your Business

In this episode, I am talking with Kyle Lasota about his entrepreneurial journey and how he launched his company, KyleGotCamera.


070 Dr. Shawn - From Vet to Entrepreneur

Dr. Shawn isn't your average entrepreneur. From a young age, Dr. Shawn took an interest in animals and caring for them. While in school, he dug into natural medicine for pets and how it differs from standard medicine. Pets are being over vaccinated and over treated for symptoms they don't have and owners are being recommended unnecessary and toxic solutions. From the information Dr. Shawn gained about natural medicine, he started a holistic line of pet products to help heal without harming.


069 Ben Ryan Schwartz - Managing your Business on Amazon

Ben previously worked for Amazon on the marketplace and for Amazon Fresh and is here to discuss. His business journey started in the entertainment industry for video production and grew into his love for technology transferring him to Apple and then Amazon. Tune in and listen to Ben discuss his life journey, and what he is doing now to help others grow their businesses on Amazon.


Ep 068 Trey Lewellen - Click Funnels and E-commerce

Trey Lewellen has been a part of the Click Funnel industry since the beginning but hasn't always been a part of the entrepreneurial world. Trey started his business journey as an insurance agent while attending events around Facebook ads and funnels. As he grew into the e-commerce world, his success grew with him. Tune in and listen to Trey's amazing life story and business advice.


EP 067 Bryan Bowman - Amazon-proof E-commerce

Bryan Bowman worked his way into becoming an entrepreneur starting in the professional golfing world. Through injuries and setbacks, he made the choice to pursue a degree and to start his own business. Tune in and listen to him discuss his entrepreneurial journey and how he went from flipping books from eBay to Amazon into a succesful e-commerce business.


EP 066 Stuart Draper - Digital Courseware

Stuart Draper lost his job in 2008 and began his entrepreneurial journey through Google Ads. In 2011 he began teaching at BYU and saw the opportunity to teach digital marketing and launched his business Stukent around this idea. Their mission is to help educators help students help the world through providing digital courseware to institutions all over the world. Tune in to listen to the details and Stuart talk about his business journey.


Ep 064 Myles Clifford - Click Funnels

Myles Clifford began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 23 with no experience or knowledge of the entrepreneurial world. As the company grew, costs did as well, causing the company to close and his efforts to switch to click funnels. Listen to his full story, how he found click funnels, and what he does with Click Funnels today!


EP 063 Sangeeta Badal - Born to Build

Sangeeta Badal is the principal scientist for the builder initiative, and author of Born to Build. She displays expertise in data and analytics and removing the bias from entrepreneurial companies. Born to Build seeks to inspire entrepreneurs and ambitious, self-motivated people to build something that will change the world. Listen to Sangeeta discuss how to build anything that creates economic growth and make a lasting impact on society.


Ep 062 Earnest Epps - Dropshipping & E-commerce

Earnest Epps went above and beyond and did something that nobody thought was possible. Dropshipping has become an extremely popular way for entrepreneurs to grow or add to their business, and Earnest saw an opportunity. Listen to how Earnest grew in his entrepreneurial journey and how he mastered the art of sales, communications and marketing across several different industries.


Ep 061 Nathan Hirsch - Hiring Virtual Assistants

Nathan Hirsch was an aspiring entrepreneur through college and became frustrated with the hiring process. This is what sparked his business FreeUp, a service that sets up interviews and helps match up the top 1% of applicants to your business. Listen to Nathan talk about how he got started as an entrepreneur and what his company, FreeUp, is all about.


EP 060 Howard Yu - Leap

One of the world's top 40 business professors under 40 is here to tell us his experience and knowledge in the entrepreneurial and business world and his newest book, Leap. As competition grows and copycat competition continues to put a threat on all businesses, Howard Yu explains how to shield yourself and your business ideas from being copied. A tool that every entrepreneur and business owner should know.


EP 059 Murray Nossel - Powered by Storytelling

Looking for a way to improve your business communication? Murray Nossel is here to discuss the secrets of storytelling and how your business can grow through telling your personal story. Nossel's book, Powered by Storytelling, explains how to transform your business all through communication. Everyone needs great communication skills to run a business, and everyone has a story. Tune in to listen how to tie the two together to connect with your audience and achieve results.