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LYL 7: Scott Stallings

In this episode, I have a very special guest, PGA Tour winner, Scott Stallings. We talk about the life of a professional golfer, how to become a pro, Scott's amazing story and what he had to overcome. As well as how to be more effective as a leader, as an entrepreneur, as an athlete and just overall human being.


LYL 6: Chris Martinez

In this episode, I interview entrepreneur Chris Martinez, who is the founder and CEO of Dude Agency. In this episode, we talk about outsourcing, what it takes to build a successful landing page, offers, marketing and overall how to present your product or service in the marketplace. Visit


LYL 5: Gasper Tratnik

In this episode you will be learning from serial entrepreneur and model Gasper Tratnik. We will be discussing how to get started in the modeling career. The key characteristics that you need to have to be a top model and to rise above the noise. As well as talking about what strategies you should be executing while going down your journey to model fame. @gasper_tratnik


LYL 4: Markado Escano

In this episode, you will learn about Markado's story and how everything in your life, happens for a reason. Life will constantly test you to see if you are determined to achieve your mission, dreams, and goals. Understand that you will get through anything and that your setbacks are just setup's for your comebacks. IG: @markadoescano


LYL 3: Tony Pec

In this episode, you will be learning from the godfather of Instagram. Every entrepreneur needs to learn the foundation of success and how to always be growing on a personal level. We touch base on the importance of personal development, ways to stay motivated and how to conquer your fears. Tune into Tony on IG @tonypec_


LYL 2: Jason Wojo

In this episode, I interview Jason Wojo and we talk about the digital world. You will learn tips on how to start an agency, how to grow your Instagram account and ultimately how to start a business in this new economy. He's 21 and has an agency that supports his livelihood. Jason is just getting started.


LYL 1: The LYL Movement

It is my goal to help as many people as I can achieve their dream lifestyle. In this episode, I talk about what the #LYLMovement is all about and all of the resources I am giving to you. In this day and age, we have access to a lot of information, but not many strategies. I want to give you all the information, tools, strategies and help you while you are on your journey. Let's make this year the best one yet! "Plan your day, every day, according to what is important to you."


LYL 31: Health

Have you conquered your health? Are you full of energy and always ready to maxout your day? In this episode, we will talk about your health and why it NEEDS to be one of your top priorities as you go through your day. Wealth is amazing but it is nothing unless you have your health. "Make time for health now or be forced to make time for illness later."


LYL 30: Chris Zaino

Chris is a remarkable guy and has such an impactful story. He talks about his struggles such as disease and life going against him. Then learning from others, manifesting his own vision and pushing himself to the limits. We were born for a reason and Chris talks about secret identity and finding your true hero.


LYL 29: 90 Day Challenge

I challenge you to change what you do not like in your life. Do not tolerate something that you are not fully satisfied with. What have you been avoiding that you know you need to take action on? Tired of bad health, broke bank accounts, toxic people, lack of skills, or anything else? Let's change it. I will help you gain clarity on where you want to go, be committed to the right action it will take you, executing it, reflecting along the way and giving yourself the gratification once you do...


LYL 28: Carlos Reyes

Carlos Reyes is an immigrant who has been a hustler since the beginning. In this episode, you will learn from his story, as well as his tactful strategies to producing leads for wholesaling. He shares the three powerful lead generation sources and how to start wholesaling today. Follow him at @officialcarlosreyes


LYL 27: Networking

I know you have heard it before, always be networking. In this episode, I go into detail about networking. Start off by random places you can network online or in person, as well as little tips to help you network right. Overall just be human and don't forget to smile!


LYL 26: Pedestals

In this episode, I talk about how everyone is human and we are all people. I get a lot of people telling me they want to do XY & Z but they don't go after it because this person has achieved massive success already. Do not put people on pedestals and do not compare yourself to others. Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.


LYL 25: Rejection

I can't tell you how many people message me, asking me about rejection. Or talking to me about quitting because they keep getting rejected. I understand it's tough and it's something that takes you down. Rejection is part of the process and after you listen to this episode, I hope I helped shift the way you think about rejection.


LYL 24: Jon Schlegel

I left the whole interview for you guys! Jon thinks very differently than the rest of his generation. He truly cares for this planet, for others, and created a business that is changing the way that industry operates. Probably one of my favorite episodes. I didn't cut anything so you get all of the mess ups, laughs, and raw truth. Three Tips: 1) Spend time with parents more. 2) Enjoy yourself and the journey. 3) Give even more.


LYL 23: Our World Today

Hey Hustlers! Episode 23 is me talking about some major topics that are happening in our world today. I talk about Robots, Middle-Class disappearing, World War III, Space and Climate Change. These are issues and topics I believe everyone should have their own opinion about. That's why I just talk a little bit about each one and I want you to go search more. Craft your opinion on these topics. Excited to hear your feedback!


LYL 22: Chad Velez

How is your Instagram doing? Do you know all the ins and outs to build and grow your audience? Instagram is one of the best ways to build a personal brand, grow your business and unlock one of the internet revenue streams. Let Chaz tell you how to build your Instagram from the start to the top. Chad's 3 Tips: 1. Try different things. 2. Be careful who you surround yourself with. 3. Learn more.


LYL 21: Delayed Gratification

If you can master this episode, then you can achieve whatever you desire. Delayed gratification is what changes the game for entrepreneurs and for people to turn their dreams into a reality. What are you willing to sacrifice? What are you willing to give up now, so you can live the life you can't go a day without thinking about. What you do daily depicts your future.


LYL 20: Three Tip Recap

In this special episode, you get to listen to the THREE tip's that every entrepreneur I have interviewed would give to their 21-year-old self. It's remarkable how they don't know each other and some of their tips, go with each other. Then hear some that are different than the rest, like Mike Arce's. Let me know what tip spoke out the most to you and how are you going to implement it into your life.


LYL 19: Confidence

If you don't have confidence in yourself, then you are not going to take action on your ideal lifestyle. In this episode, I break down what is confidence, rate your confidence, how to increase your confidence and how to not hurt your confidence. First, we have to believe in yourself and your vision. Excited for you to increase your confidence and start taking action towards your dream!