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LYL 19: Confidence

If you don't have confidence in yourself, then you are not going to take action on your ideal lifestyle. In this episode, I break down what is confidence, rate your confidence, how to increase your confidence and how to not hurt your confidence. First, we have to believe in yourself and your vision. Excited for you to increase your confidence and start taking action towards your dream!


LYL 18: Mike Arce

Mike is a born hustler and the attitude he has towards business is inspiring. In this interview, we talked about the difference between marketing and advertising. The mindset that people have with quotas and so much more value. Plus Mike had very different answers to the 3 tips questions. Tune in to find out what he had to say!


LYL 17: Time Management

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel confused? Do you feel like you have so much to do but so little time? If you feel like this, do not worry or beat yourself up. You are not alone. Every entrepreneur and human being has felt that way. I remember when I thought I would never master managing my time. But then I started asking the right questions to the right people. It's time for you to master your time just like the 5%.


LYL 16: Sidney Leigh

Sidney Leigh talks about beauty, how she scaled her business, how she deals with mindset, how she built her business as a single mom and so much more! If you feel stuck and do not know what you want to do, we talked about passion and how you can find yourself. Jam-packed with value! @siddybunzies Three tips: 1) Don't rush, slow down. 2) Find faith sooner. 3) Go after your future.


LYL 15: How To Start A Podcast

I have been getting A LOT of questions about starting a podcast, what to talk about, how to get started, etc. So this episode is a step by step process to get your voice out there! I touch a little bit about marketing your show but that will have to be another episode. Feel free to reach out if you need that information too. Just start recording yourself and putting yourself out there. Can't wait to hear your show!


LYL 14: Ella Mae

Do you want to start a blog? Do you love to write? If you love to share your thoughts or believe you have value you can offer the world, then start your blog! In this episode, you will learn the fundamentals of blogging and more about Ella's blog. 3 Tips: 1) Slow Down 2) Don't Put So Much Pressure On Yourself 3) Drink More Water


LYL 13: Tips For Every Person

Last week we had an awesome interview with Brodie Kern! The three tips he said he would give to himself if he was 21 years old are three tips I believe every person should just live their life by. Whether you are an entrepreneur, salesman, mom, dad, brother, friend, you should live your life by these principles.


LYL 12: Brodie Kern

Tune into this interview to learn how to crush your inner addiction. Brodie talks about his story going through his past struggles and how he used his 'all in mentality' to build a name for himself in the real estate industry. Brodie's 3 Tips: 1. Expel all negativity out of my life. 2. Read and consume content. 3. Stop stressing about where I am at and comparing myself to others.


LYL 11: Your Path

Last week I got the chance to interview Tim Meuchel who delivered massive value! As always I ask the 3 tip question and his #1 tip he would give to himself was - "Don't go down someone else's path." This week we dive in more about this topic to help you get out of the rut and start going down your own path.


LYL 10: Tim Meuchel

Great interview with Tim Meuchel! There is too much value in this episode, we talk about the circle of influence, delegation, finding yourself and more! Tim's three tips to his 21-year-old self. 1. Don't go down someone else's path. 2. Choose your circle of influence wisely. 3. Invest in yourself early on and find a mentor. Check his book out at


LYL 9: Circle Of Influence

Who are you hanging out with? Who are you letting influence you? You might not even know what is influencing you or what negativity is around you. This episode goes over your circle of influence and what you are letting influence your inner world throughout your day-to-day. Let's create a positive vibes only world for you and help you realize what influences you should be around. Let's change your circle to crush your goals this year! "Your circle of influence will make or break you" -...


Tyler Harris

Tyler Harris is a multi-millionaire that is crushing it in the insurance world, has two podcasts, a daily vlog, as well as loves giving value to the community. This is another jam-packed episode and I am extremely excited for you guys to learn from someone who was dead broke 3 1/2 years ago, and now a millionaire. He is just getting started and has so much value to give. Follow him @TylerHarrisPage



This is a very powerful lesson! I am excited for you guys to master this skill and be more aware throughout your day to day lifestyle. I talk about being more aware of your body, emotions, and surroundings. As well as we are revamping the show and have changed some things. Stay tuned!


Law Of Action

Quick episode because I know you guys are on the grind and are making moves. This episode goes over the Law Of Action and how you need to take MASSIVE amounts of action. The reason why Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and all the other high achieving people are where they are in life, is because they took consistent massive action. Your ideal lifestyle is closer to you than you think, lets make 2018 the year you go all in and do whatever it takes to hit your goals. "Insight, in...


You Are Here For A Reason

Overview of what I want you guys to take action on from the interview with Michele Lando. Remember guys, you broke all the odds in life the day you were born. That being said, you can do anything you set your mind too! Let's start being intentional with what you want in life and start being consistent with the daily goals you need to do in order to hit your big goals.


Michele Lando Interview

Michele Lando has accomplished so many things and as a woman coming up in the business world back when ladies did not have a voice like they do today. This interview is another jam-packed show with so much value. Learn why you are here, learn to look at the big picture, tips, and tricks to building teams and more! "The likelihood of you being born is 1 in four hundred TRILLION! You are here for a reason."


Overview Of Romeos Interview

Hey, this is a quick one since last week I overwhelmed you with information and a long podcast. We just go over what I wanted you to take away from last week and a few things to start implementing before we talk next week with Michele Lando. 1. Think about what you want Create a plan & EXECUTE IT 2. Shift Your Circle Of Influence 3. "Never Fall In Love with a bad idea." - Romeo Filip


Romeo Filip Interview

This is a jam-packed episode! I tried to cut it down as much as I could but there was just so much value in this interview. Romeo goes over his story, what he's learned and his three big takeaways for entrepreneurs. The biggest takeaway Romeo wants you to learn is; "Don't fall in love with a bad idea." - Romeo Filip Great episode, a lot of value and if you want to hear the full two-hour interview, check out our website to get access to all of our interviews, podcasts, etc.


Episode 1

Welcome to the Live Your Lifestyle Movement Podcast, the blueprint to create your ideal lifestyle. In this jam-packed episode, we are going to go over what to expect in our show, a little about the LYL Movement and who we are. As well as go over your state of mind, the 5 crucial points to success. Let's change your lives today, let's make the decision together. Big TakeAway From This Episode: "You can do anything you set your mind too, it's time to believe in yourself, and start taking...