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Bi-monthly or Bi-weekly or Something

This week, we learn that bi-weekly and bi-monthly may or may not mean different things, Andy warns about the dangers of accepting "a portion of the proceeds" from strangers, we find out what financial information belongs on a nonprofit's website, how to handle unusual volunteer requests, and how to survive a founder transition. Topics: Commercial co-ventures - 4:41 Website required financial information - 8:43 After hours volunteer - 15:34 Surviving a founder transition - 19:21 Mentioned...


A mattress full of cash

This week, Stacey recommends arm wrestling to help determine a cash reserve strategy, we explain the difference between a fiscal sponsor and a fiscal agent, and get a bunch of great information on social media engagement with expert Heather Curry Frommer. Topics: Fiscal sponsors vs. fiscal agents - 1:22 Social media engagement - 9:46 Interview with Heather Curry Frommer, Social Media Expert - 11:35 Cash reserves - 21:11 Mentioned this week: The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits Food Bank of...


Sorry, but coffee is more important than your cause

This week, Andy finally shows his true colors about his commitment to the nonprofit sector, we discover that it's probably already too late to start thinking about Giving Tuesday, and talk about what to do with an unexpected surplus. Plus we get a complicated question about fundraising experience for career advancement, and Stacey shares some great tips about landing a good board position. Topics: Reconnecting with a lapsed donor - 1:54 Do you need fundraising experience to advance in your...


Did we mention the $20,000 board commitment?

This week, Andy reminisces about 80s glam rock, we find out the wrong time to talk about board giving, and Stacey shares her best teambuilding secret. We also discuss different kinds of audits and how to deal with a board member intent on ruining your retreat. Topics: Fundraiser or scam? When to get which audit Bringing up board giving Best teambuilding exercises Unhelpful board members Mentioned this week: The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits Focus Property Group Pay to play Ask us a question


Supercharge Your Fundraising with Paint

Happy July! This week we learn how many board meetings is too many, the fundraising value of carpet, and how to not be the person responsible for providing coffee for the entire board every month. Stacey rants about committee members, Andy rants about broken spreadsheets, and one of our listeners rants about their board chair. Topics: Does a nice building inhibit fundraising? Board committees Balancing programs and funding Grant rejections Getting quorum Mentioned this week: The Alliance...


You Hired Who?

This week we find out what the heck GDPR is and why we should care, and we get some advice from Mary Beth Hartleb from Prism Global Management Group on how to hire good employees. Stacey shares why never to work for a nonprofit that doesn't have insurance, and we talk about whether or not to share the budget details with staff. Topics: GDPR and privacy Hiring well and checking references Board insurance Sharing the budget with staff Mentioned this week: The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits...


How to Auction a Horse

This week, we're tackling the most frequently asked nonprofit questions, like the old familiar one, "how do you auction a horse?" We find out whether or not you need to file a form 990 if you have no assets or revenue, whether it's kosher for nonprofits to pay bonuses, and how to deal with the worst possible silent auction donation items. Stacey and Andy dispense even more career advice (this is starting to become a theme), and answer the age old question, "if a tree falls in the forest,...


Marketing vs. Development – FIGHT!

You've discovered the premiere episode of Nonprofit Everything, a podcast about everything nonprofit, presented by the Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits. Join us as we begin our journey answering a handful of questions every couple of weeks, roping in experts whenever we don’t know the answer. For this very special first episode, your co-hosts Stacey Wedding and Andy Schuricht tackle four questions about advisory boards, the never-ending war between marketing and fundraising, the connotations...