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Welcome to Nonprofit Everything, a bi-weekly Q&A podcast about everything nonprofit.


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Welcome to Nonprofit Everything, a bi-weekly Q&A podcast about everything nonprofit.








Keeping the Newsletter out of the Spam Folder

Andy would never turn down a well-made Spam Musubi, but he and Stacey have some tough love for newsletters that are hitting the junk folder. Also this week, we field a question from a programs person who wants to go for the CEO job -- is it possible or advisable? And finally, what happens when you're a board member who's friends with the Executive Director, and that Executive Director turns out to be not very good at her job? Stacey and Andy definitely have some thoughts! Thanks for listening, and be sure to send your questions to!


Engaging Your Board In Fundraising

The staff *hates* the ED but the Board *loves* the ED. Is this problem solvable? Stacey and Andy have some thoughts. Also this week, what's the best way to get your board engaged in important tasks like fundraising and strategic planning? Join us for another episode of Nonprofit Everything, and be sure to send us your questions!


Who Really Takes the Minutes?

We know that technically the Board Secretary is responsible for the minutes, but I *really* don't want to. Can't we just delegate that to staff? Stacey and Andy have some thoughts! Also this week, a question we have never heard before - Should tour guides at nonprofit cultural institutions get to keep their tips? Finally, we get into a deep and fascinating discussion about the possibilities of the Co-Executive Director model (not to be confused with co-eds who might be doing a little modeling on the side.)


Should We Accept Dirty Money?

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Nonprofit Everything! We've got just two questions, but one of them is *significant*. This week, Stacey and Andy try to discuss the impact of accepting donations from ethically challenging sources. It's a rough topic, and we would love to get your opinions on it, too! Also, Andy tackles another perpetual complaint: "Omigosh-this-audit-is-so-expensive-and-time-consuming-why-do-we-have-to-do-it-again-and-again-every-year?!?" Five points to Ravenclaw for guessing Andy's answer.


What Should Nonprofits Know About AI?

Do not miss this episode! This week, Stacey talks to guest expert and nonprofit guru Beth Kanter about what AI means for our organizations. Even though there's just one question this week, Beth and Stacey covered a lot: Is this really going to affect us? Is it just a cheap replacement for staff? What benefits, if any, will nonprofits see? Can we just avoid it if we want to? What are the risks and potential pitfalls of relying on LLMs?


Freshening Up a Mature Organization’s Story

Back again? Hello, it's the Nonprofit Everything Podcast! This week Stacey has some thoughts about how to keep a fifty-year-old nonprofit's story fresh. Also, we chat about consent agendas and what they're used for, and Andy gets philosophical about synchronizing gifts in the donor management system and the accounting system. Thanks for joining us this week, and be sure to send your questions to


Applying for two grants for the same program?

It's the Nonprofit Everything Podcast again! This week, we hear from a five-year-old nonprofit that is just realizing they may have bitten off more than they could chew! Sound familiar? Also, what happens when we completely distrust the previous finance person's numbers? Andy and Stacey have some thoughts. And finally, are we allowed to apply for multiple grants to cover the exact same program? (Quick, can you answer this one faster than we can?)


Should the Board Chair Apply for the ED Position?

Summertime doesn't appear to be the time for Stacey and Andy to relax. Instead, we've got big questions to answer! Do nonprofits make common management mistakes? Maybe – Stacey and Andy certainly have opinions. Also, would it ever be a good idea for a board strategic planning retreat to specifically exclude the executive director. More opinions there for sure. And finally, should the board strategic planning retreat specifically exclude the executive director? (Guess what our answer is... we'll wait.)


Responding To A Racist Comment with Guest Expert Mary Beth Hartleb

Stacey and Andy circled the wagons and brought in guest expert Mary Beth Hartleb. Mary Beth is the CEO and Founder of Prism HR Consulting, and provided some much-needed advice for a tough question this week: Should I respond to or report a racist comment from a coworker? Topics: Should I respond to or report a racist comment from a coworker? - 0:05 Mentioned this week: Hang out with us on Discord! Ask us a question Sponsor the podcast


Fundraising from Friends and Family

Hi! It's the Nonprofit Everything Podcast calling! This week, Stacey has some thoughts about why your friends might be ghosting you when you're asking them for a contribution. Is your finance committee asking inappropriate questions? Andy can help. And finally, how quickly should you fire someone who engages in unethical behavior at your nonprofit? We've definitely got ideas on that. Join us this week, and don't forget to send us your nonprofit questions for next week!


Capital Campaigns

This week, co-hosts Andy Schuricht and Stacey Wedding have some juicy topics for you: How to say yes to an honorarium without saying no to your nonprofit’s values, how to ace your first capital campaign without breaking a sweat, and how Andy and Stacey got into the nonprofit world and what they wish they knew then. We’ll also spill some tea and drop some gems from our own nonprofit adventures. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro in the sector, we guarantee you’ll learn something new and have some fun with us. So don’t touch that dial, stay tuned for Nonprofit Everything! (Today’s blurb was written by an AI, who’s definitely not coming for your nonprofit job.)


Board and Staff Don’t Trust Each Other

Is it possible to get volunteers to pay you for the privilege of volunteering? Stacey has some opinions! Also this week, we tackle a really ugly scenario where the board and staff don't trust each other, and Andy gets to completely geek out on negotiating indirect cost rates on federal grant agreements. If that's not your cup of tea, it was a really windy day when we were recording this, so if the questions aren't interesting at least you can enjoy the manic windchimes in the background.


Social Media Influencer Campaigns – with Guest Expert Nick Lynch

There's just one question this week, and it's a fascinating one! What do nonprofits need to know about social media influencer campaigns? We asked Guest Expert Nick Lynch, CEO of and got an incredibly complete answer.


Should I Get an Advanced Degree in Nonprofit Management?

It's a four-question episode! This week, Andy shares the secret to developing an good nonprofit investment policy, and Stacey has some thoughts on how to keep a partnership from going wrong. Also, we talk about how to get verbal messages to stick with donors, and tackle one potentially expensive question: Is it worth it to get a graduate degree in nonprofit management? (And before you listen to the episode, try to guess what Andy and Stacey will say...) Thanks for joining us!


Inclusive Hiring – With Guest Expert Margo Walsh

This week's question gets an unexpected and inspiring answer from Guest Expert Margo Walsh, Founder and CEO of MaineWorks. MaineWorks is an innovative employment company with a social mission: to dignify the experience for people who face real barriers to workforce reentry, including people recovering from substance use disorder and people with felony convictions. Join us for a fascinating discussion that covers inclusive hiring, retention, and promoting from within.


Struggling with Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

Now that hybrid work environments are everywhere, is it possible to regain some of our pre-Covid culture? We have a few ideas. Also this week, Stacey talks about checking references for joining your development committee, and remarkably, Andy and Stacey agree on how to respond to an unusual donor communication!


Selecting Fundraising Software with Guest Expert Peter Schiano of Tech Impact

Raiser's Edge or Salesforce? Or something else? This week, Stacey is joined by Guest Expert Peter Schiano, Senior Consultant at Tech Impact. Not only does Peter address how to select a CRM solution, he provides some great insights on software acquisition, customization, pitfalls, and a drops a mean mythology metaphor. Other topics include: How do I right size my solution for my growing nonprofit? Is there any unbiased analysis available? And where can I get some free stuff?


Money Instead of Things

What is it about donors that make them want to give you the stuff in their garage instead of the sweet, sweet cash that we desperately need? We've got some ideas! (Spoiler: Andy mentions agency theory again.) Also this week, we delve into the Byzantine hellscape that is municipal code to determine exactly what to put on a single line of a required form. And Stacey provides some clarity on a technical board question about majorities.


Avoiding Founder’s Syndrome

Every once in a while we get a question that just warms our little hearts. And this week, a new nonprofit is already thinking about avoiding founder's syndrome! Also, we talk about whether or not passthrough grants are allowed to be anonymous, and Stacey has some thoughts about how to avoid going after grants you really shouldn't be going after.


Specific Appeals that are Still Undesignated? – With Guest Expert Barbara O’Reilly

A couple of weeks ago we talked about accidentally restricting donations with an appeal, and this week week we continue the theme! Stacey talks to Guest Expert Barbara O'Reilly, CFRE, Founder and Principal of Windmill Hill Consulting, LLC about how to write specific fundraising appeals while still keeping contributions undesignated. Also this week, Stacey stumps Andy with a question about non-financial conflict of interest policies.