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The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments

The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments
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The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments








Crypto Spotlight 055 - Javvy, Worbli & Omni Bazaar

As we get closer to wrapping up 2018, it’s amazing to see how many blockchain projects continue to move forward in spite of a down market. In fact, some of these projects are even more innovative and revolutionary than the ones that preceded them. Today we’ve got great content coming your way as we engage with founders of three such projects. They’ve got big dreams and visions, and we thought they merited your attention. Baby, it’s cold outside. But it’s warm and snuggly here with...


Crypto Data Your Way with Clay Collins of Nomics

There are so many ways to examine crypto market data. You can examine the numbers, make pretty charts and invite people over for a crypto data party. But for those serious about data analysis, the more tools we have the better. Today we welcome Clay Collins of to the show to discuss how their platform is making crypto data available to exchanges in ways that empower crypto traders. It’s going to be a tasty show with plenty of om-nom-nomics. Take a seat at the table and ready...


The SEC Fines Two Celebrities - Bad News for 12/6/18

There’s one name in crypto who’s voice stands above the rest as a beacon of truth and light. Founded on integrity and rife with credibility, this person has proven his ability to prophecy on the future of bitcoin. That man is Trevon James. Today we’ll share Trevon’s predictions for Bitcoin, you’ll discover what two big celebrities are in trouble with the SEC, and you’ll learn of one ICO that triumphed over the same government agency. ICOs are illegal in China, crypto might get you...


Crypto Spotlight 054 - Huddl & Elementus

Tech, team, timeline, tokenomics, traction, tribe, trust and Travis. These are the 8 T’s we explore as we examine crypto projects. It’s not that we are opposed to other letters. We just like alliteration. So don’t call us letterist. We’ve got cool projects for you to check out with us today. Stick around and I’ll bet you’ll learn something. Welcome to our sponsored crypto spotlight edition of The Bad Crypto Podcast. Full Show Notes at: SUBSCRIBE, RATE, &...


The Truth about the Crypto Markets with Oz Sultan

What’s really happening in the crypto markets? What does the current reset tell us about the market in general. What impact did the Bitcoin Cash fork have? And how big a part is regulation, or lack of, it playing in the space? Everyone has an opinion. And that’s true of today’s guest, the one and only Oz Sultan. His well-reasoned thinking will give you perspective on the state of the markets. We seek to equip you with the most current blockchain info to please your earholes. Thanks for...


The SEC Chairman and Taylor Monahan

Some say one of the reasons the crypto markets have tanked is lack of regulation. Many have many waiting on the sidelines for the day that the SEC issues policy. Naomi Brockwell had the opportunity to catch up with SEC Chairman Jay Clayton recently and we’ve got an exclusive interview for you. Another item that can advance crypto adoption is easy-to-use wallets. We spoke with Taylor Monahan, CEO and founder of Think MyEtherWallet, but mo betta. Spanning the globe and yet...


Bitcoin Best-Performing Asset Class of Decade - Bad News for 11/29/18

It may be down 80% from it’s all-time high, but some say Bitcoin is the world’s best performing asset class of the past 10 years. Google searches for Bitcoin are on the climb. And Bitcoin is still more valuable than Venezuelan currency. One of the 50 states is now accepting crypto for tax payments, the University of Tokyo is launching a blockchain course, and Overstock makes a bold move to focus on blockchain. I’m Joel Comm, and along with Travis Wright, we’re going to cover the latest...


Justin Sun with TRON

From massive airdrop to being a major player in the crypto space, Tron promises to help people building decentralized apps on their blockchain 4.0 platform. Today you’ll meet the creator of Tron, Justin Sun, in an exclusive interview with Bad Crypto’s own Cryptochick, Rachel Wolfson. We’ve also got some exciting news to share about a new podcast, which may or may not concern previously referenced crypto chick. Ok, it does. There. Now you know the secret. Bitcoin and crypto are definitely...


Cover Your Assets with Vinny Lingham & Steve Sprague

You may have a secure wallet on your phone. But how secure is your phone? Making digital assets secure is one of the milestones that must be conquered if crypto is going to go mainstream. Today we welcome two guys who are concerned with this very task. Vinny Lingham, founder of Civic and Steve Sprague, CEO of Rivetz, are teaming up to bring solutions to some very real blockchain problems. We’re waist deep in the holiday season and Cryptomas is drawing near. Are you going to ask John...


Intro to Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: Share This with Friends!

Holidays. It’s a great time to get together with family, friends and associates to eat, drink and talk about cryptocurrency. I mean, isn’t that what everyone does? Everyone knows people who really don’t know what you are talking about when you say words like Bitcoin and blockchain. They look at you funny and wonder if you’ve ingested just a bit too much tryptophan. That’s okay, because crypto is for all people. And today’s show is designed for you to share with loved ones, liked ones or...


Crypto Privacy Down Under with Naomi Brockwell

Let’s face it. Crypto scares some people. Usually, those people are the ones who stand to lose something as people are empowered by blockchain. Think… Goverments and institutions. Would you be willing to hand your phone code and password over to a government agent if asked? How would you feel about having to pay a fine for not doing so? Believe it or not, this is happening in New Zealand. And today we welcome back Bad Crypto correspondent Naomi Brockwell to discuss what’s happening down...


Edumacation with Teachur featuring Ben Blair & Josh Stanley

Is you ready to get learnt somethin? Then you needs an edumacation. All them fancy thangs you need to know in order to make somethin of yerself in this here wurld. Reckon we gonna hand that to you today as we welcome Ben Blair and Josh Stanley from to the show. Them fellas have built a full-fledged state-registered university with enrolled, paying students from all over the world. Students from Canada, Mexico, China, Zambia and more. Ands by building in blockchain, you can gets...


Crypto Spotlight 053 - Substratum, Digitex, Codex & Vegan Nation

Don’t let the downturn in the crypto markets fool you. Blockchain technology is no respecter of prices. Brilliant and entrepreneurial people and businesses around the world are moving the crypto world forward. And we are fortunate to speak with these movers and shakers on a regular basis. Today is no exception… and yet the guests are exceptional. Get ready to learn as you listen to today’s sponsored crypto spotlight edition of The Bad Crypto Podcast. Full Show Notes at:...


Bitcoin Drops Below $6000 - Bad News for 11/15/18

Was it Craig Wright? Was it the Bitcoin Cash fork? Was it rumours of Bitmain letting go of Jihan Wu? Or did someone forget to brush their teeth today? We’re not really sure what caused the markets to plummet this week, but Bitcoin has gone as low as $5500. If ever there was an episode that lived up to the title “Bad News”, this one might be it. And yet, there are shades of optimism as Bitcoin and crypto has been here before. Buckle up, cowboys and cowgirls. This is the Bad News episode...


Blockchain and Politics with Alex Merced

Politics. The mere mention of the word can disrupt friendships and turn Thanksgiving conversation into a food fight. But let’s face it… it’s going to take legislation to bring trust to the blockchain space. Today we welcome Alex Merced, Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, to the show. We don’t get too much into the weeds, but we discuss important issues related to moving towards legislation that will build a healthier crypto future. Let’s all lay down our arms for a few...


Crowdfunding Law with Mark Roderick

The past couple years have seen a boom in the ICO space, followed by a whole lot of uncertainty. That’s due not only to the prices of crypto tanking this year, but also because of the issues surrounding the legality of issuing tokens and coins. While we aren’t financial advisors or legal experts, we are fortunate to encounter people who are. And today we’ll have a very informative discussion with Mark Roderick, one of the leading crowdfunding and fintech lawyers in the US. You’ll discover...


Stellar $125 Million Airdrop - Bad News for 11/8/18

Bitcoin keeps teasing us with a potential bull run. Charlie Shrem says he didn’t do it. John McAfee gets a tattoo and a coin goes up 17%. And a top 10 crypto is getting ready to airdrop $125 million in tokens to wallet-holders. It’s just another week in the Republic of Bad Cryptopia and there is much news afoot. And at hand. That’s right, we cover all the appendages here. And we know you pay special attention to what celebrities have to say about politics and blockchain, so you’ll be glad...


Financial Foundations Crumbling with Christopher Greene of AMTV

Did you learn what fiat currency was growing up? Most people today still don’t know what fiat is. And they have no idea that the old school financial world is already dead… we’re just waiting for it to give off its death rattle. Today, we welcome Christopher Greene of the popular YouTube channel, AMTV, to the show, to discuss the major changes that are taking place in the world financial systems, and how blockchain and crypto play a key role in bringing stability. We’re not conspiracy...


Surviving a Crypto Bear Market with Fred Schebesta

It’s been a rough year for crypto investors. And it’s important to know how to survive a bear market. Cause when you poke the bear, the bear pokes back. Today we’ll speak with Fred Schebesta, Co-Founder of the global personal finance comparison website Fred has a lot of insights into the financial markets and will provide some valuable info to help you navigate the bear. I’m here. Travis is here. Fred’s here. And you’re here. That’s all that’s needed to say “welcome to episode...


Bad News LIVE from World Crypto Con

Elvis may have left the building, but Travis and I are with billions of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts at World Crypto Con 2018 in Las Vegas! Morgan Stanley says crypto is a new institutional asset class, Coinbase says they aren’t doing an IPO any time soon, and Charlie Shrem is getting sued. For today’s show we are pleased to welcome four of the events keynote speakers to the stage to discuss the latest news. And it might get a little cray cray. They say what happens in Vegas,...