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The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments

The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments
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The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments








Breaking Down Centralized Social Media Platforms with Eric Ly and Sanket Raskar

A new blockchain startup called Basis has just raised $133 million in funding from big time investors for their new stable coin. Telegram has been temporarily banned in Russia, yet the CEO, Pavel Durov, continues to pose topless on sandy beaches. And ironically enough, both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica want in on crypto and blockchain. These stories and more are the topic of discussion today as Sarah Austin and I break down all the trending cryptocurrency and blockchain news. Are you...


Scott Adams & Dilbert Go All in for Crypto

You’ve created and illustrated one of the top comic strips of all time, selling over 20 million books and with your strip seen in in over 2,000 newspapers, in 57 countries, and in 19 languages. What do you do next? Well, if your name is Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, you go down the crypto rabbit hole and attempt sabotage your career by agreeing to do an interview with us. Today, you’ll meet the man behind Dilbert as we speak with Scott about his successes, his career ladder and the...


Forking Around with Bitcoin Girl

Naomi Brockwell, our favorite Austrianalian is back in the house, and she’s starring in a new blockchain-centric mini-series. We’ll speak with Bitcoin girl about this new project as well as her latest thoughts on crypto. There was a greater degree of rambling, hilarity and outright shenanigans as we spoke with Naomi. Maybe she just brings it out of us. Is the future of blockchain going to be a utopia or a dystopia? And does anyone really know what onomatopoeia is? Do you even crypto bro?...


Good News / Bad News for Week Ending April 20, 2018

Former Bad Crypto guest Ian Balina was hacked for $2 million in crypto while live-streaming. An ICO raises $50 million and then exits with the cash… or did they? Some believe we are in the very early stages of crypto. And did a Final Fantasy game released 28 years ago accurately predict the rise of Bitcoin? These stories and more are the topic of discussion today as Travis and I pick apart, masticate, digest and attempt to make sense of the latest crypto and blockchain news. It’s serious....


Bad Crypto Spotlight: Uulala, GoChain, EHO-TEX

Financial inclusion for the unbanked. Solving the problem with Ethereum’s scaling issues. And… a horse of a different color. Today you will meet founders of three companies seeking to bring change and progress to the world through blockchain technology. We find this stuff fascinating as blockchain is still just a toddler learning to walk. What innovations will accomplish their goals and which won’t? We don’t know but we love exploring the possibilities. So saddle up and let’s ride into the...


BitGuild Interview with CEO, Jared Psigoda

What’s up with the rise and fall of Bitcoin? Telegram might cancel it’s ICO. Ripple has made a “curious” investment of $25M into a blockchain fund. Tim Draper has a stunning Bitcoin prediction. And we’ll talk about how blockchain technology can be used to combat poor data privacy (cough, cough, facebook) and other breaking and downright-hilarious crypto news. We also have Jared Psigoda, CEO of the decentralized gaming platform, BitGuild. The Crypto Chicks are in the hizzle to deliver up...


Tales from the Crypto: Stories of Hack Victims and How to Stay Secure

Wherever you find money you will find criminals. And the crypto world is a veritable feast for those seeking to steal from unsuspecting HODLers. In this show, you’ll meet four individuals who have been hacked by unscrupulous individuals. Some attacks were successful. Others were not. But you’ll discover what thieves are doing to easily access your beloved Bitcoin and how you can guard yourself against similar attacks. It’s not Halloween, but it’s time for some horror stories. Journey with...


Good News / Bad News for Week Ending April 13, 2018

Bitcoin and the crypto markets are in the green today. Is it due to billionaire money rolling into virtual currency? Is it short sellers having to pay the piper after a bear market? Or can a religion move the price of crypto by saying it is compliant with their precepts? And are these the signs of a bull market or just another bull trap? Regardless, it’s nice to see all our favorite coins on the move once again and we are going to discuss the reasons it could be happening. We’ll announce...


ICO Spotlight: Intiva Health, Shivom, DeedCoin, CriptoHub

Just because the ICO space is awaiting regulation in the United States and other countries, it doesn’t mean they have come to a halt. On the contrary, innovation continues as companies seek to find new ways to leverage blockchain technology to improve how we do what we do. So how you gonna hear about all these new projects? That’s where we come in. We’re crypto curious, and today we’ll explore how some of these new companies intend to get it done. Down the rabbit hole we go in this...


Introducing the Bad Crypto Chicks

Over the past 109 episodes, we’ve brought you some incredibly bright and forward-thinking women who are deeply engaged in using blockchain to make the world a better place. We lovingly and respectfully call them Crypto Chicks. We’ve been fortunate enough to welcome Laura Shin, Amanda Johnson, Jinglan Wang and a number of other bright minds to the show. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to two women who bring both brains and beauty to the table. In fact, they are so smart that we...


Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves Platform

As card-carrying Bad Cryptopians, we like to make waves in the blockchain world. So does Sasha Ivanov, the CEO of Waves Platform, an open-source blockchain platform that allows anyone to make their own cryptocurrency token. For example, there may or may not be a JoelCoin. We also hear from Satoshi Nakamoto as well as questions from listeners. Surfing the tastiest waves in all of the Republic, Travis and I are here to share a slice of virtual pizza and the latest crypto yumminess in episode...


Bad News for Week Ending April 6, 2018

Bitcoin has it’s worst quarter ever, but the bulls says 2018 will be marked by a big run. 80,000 European stores will soon have the ability to take crypto from the big four. Twitter cracks down on cryptocurrency advertisements. And blockchain voting is coming to one state. These stories and more are the topics from this week’s headlines. If you like news, you’re going to love this special Bad News episode #108 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. Full Show Notes at: Ways to...


ICO Spotlight: CPROP, Bobs Repair, Social Wallet, Thinkcoin

Real estate. Social Media. Transparency in reviews. Multi-asset exchanges. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of variety. Today, you’re going to hear from companies that hope to shake the foundations of their verticals by offering new blockchain-based solutions to make stuff work better. Whether you like ICOs or not, it’s fascinating to explore the plans others are developing as it helps provide a broad view of what is possible with blockchain. So come along with us for a blockchain buffet on...


Education on the Blockchain with Jinglan Wang

Twenty years ago, most people wouldn’t have imagined how integrated the internet would be with our daily lives. By the same token, most people don’t see the blockchain revolution as it’s happening. Jinglan Wang is the executive director of the Blockchain Education Network. One of their objectives is to help students start or grow their blockchain clubs around the world. We’ll speak with Jing discover more about how the students of today will be developing and running the blockchains of...


Ronnie Trump Ain't No April Fool!

It’s April Fools Day in places where the ridiculous holiday is recognized and celebrated. And it’s a good thing, because it is April and we are fools. Rather than be like everyone else and try to pull a fast one on you, we’re going to pull a slow one on you instead. Joining us today for his first appearance on the show is the President of The United States… played by Mr. Ronnie Moas. Ronnie ain’t no fool, fool! We’ll discuss the latest in cryptocurrency, how to diversify your portfolio...


Desiree Dickerson is Empowering Women

Some people see crypto as an investment opportunity. Others see the potential for crypto to change the world. In today’s episode we welcome Desiree Dickerson, a super-cool crypto chick who is working to help empower women in post-conflict societies using blockchain technology. We’ve got some news you can use as well as the latest winner for two tickets to World Cryptocon in Las Vegas. The top crypto show in the Universe according to Joels’ and Travis’ moms, it’s episode #105 of The Bad...


ICO Spotlight: Multiversum, Momentum, HelloGold

Gold. Artificial Intelligence. Loyalty programs. And a 4th Generation blockchain. Four projects from across the crypto spectrum, all attempting to ambitiously tackle a real-world problem with a blockchain solution. In this episode you’ll meet founders of HelloGold, Multiversum and Momentum as we explore together how tokenized economy models could be the new norm for the future. Come along for this journey down the rabbit hole and see what we find there in this sponsored ICO Spotlight...


Breaking it Down with Forbes’ Rachel Wolfson

Joel and Travis, in the crypto flow Listen in now cause it’s time for the show Gonna break it all down cause ya need to know And right now Travis it’s your turn bro We got Rachel Wolfson, she writin’ all the stuff Workin’ for Forbes, you know that ain’t rough Covering crypto, and breakin’ it down It’s episode #104 with the crypto clowns Yo.. .it’s the Bad Crypto Podcast… boooooy Full Show Notes at: Ways to connect with Bad Crypto Facebook page -...


BIG Luv: First Charity on Blockchain

John McAfee told us that those who are looking at cryptos as an investment only are missing out on the promise of blockchain. We tend to agree. And so does Marco Robinson, the founder of Big Luv, the first charity on blockchain. The United States Congress has surprising statements about cryptocurrencies. Asia is leading the way when it comes to tokens. And Google says no more crypto-related ads. I’m in a 60’s kind of mood, so welcome to the “I saw her on a monday and my heart stood still...


Crypto Regulation with David Drake

Is regulation of the crypto markets a good thing or bad thing? Well depending who you talk to you get differing opinions. Shocker. In this episode, we’re pleased to introduce you to David Drake, founder of LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over $1.5 trillion in assets. That’s right.. I said trillion. The G20 met and made an announcement about regulating crypto that might make you smile. And there are some things on the bitcoin blockchain that...


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