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The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments

The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments
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The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments








Crypto Spotlight 051: CargoCoin, Art Pro & Cybermiles

Greetings Comrades. Mr. Travis Wright and I are coming to you from the other side of the world. I am in Moscow and he is in Kiev. We’ve had the opportunity to speak at different events, but while on the road we still make time for you, our most treasured citizens of Republic. Today, we have interviews with interesting blockchain projects. They won’t give you sexy Russian accent, but they will make you enlightened to the possibilities presented by the digital economy. Welcome to this...


Do DAOs Mark the End of For-Profit Corporations?

As blockchain marches on, new models for governance are emerging. The question can be asked … do decentralized autonomous organizations, otherwise known as DAOs, present a threat the prevalent model of for-profit corporations? We’re going to go down that rabbit hole and examine what that would mean as we welcome Christian Kamier, managing partner at blockchain venture fund Sustany Capital, to the show. As we chase that elusive white rabbit, we’ll also consider that Bitcoin is akin to a...


Why Stablecoins Matter

If there’s one word that has characterized cryptocurrency, it’s volatility. And it’s a good reason to make the case of stablecoins. What exactly is a stablecoin, why do we have them and how do they work within the blockchain ecosystem? How will these coins make cryptocurrency more palatable for investors? Today we’ll explore this topic as we welcome Nevin Freeman, the CEO of to the show. We may be off kilter. It’s essence of being bad. But stablecoins bring hope and some...


Crypto Rollercoaster - Bad News for 10/11/18

Just when it looked like things might be going bullish, the fed raised interest rates again. The stock market took a big plunge and the crypto markets went right along with it. Roger Ver is considering opening a crypto exchange. Binance will be donating their listing fees to charity. And IBM is ready to put food on the blockchain. Crypto is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes you are at the top. Sometimes you are at the bottom. It’s all the in-betweens that make it a wild ride. Pull your...


Crypto Spotlight 50: Pledgecamp, Lampix & Rubiix

Contrary to the obituaries that some people are writing regarding the ICO space, blockchain projects are moving forward at a fast and furious pace. In fact there is more development taking place now than there was a year ago. Huh… how ‘bout dat? On today’s show we welcome founders from three companies that are doing that blockchain thang, intending to disrupt their industry by taking a lead role in a better way of doing stuff. We hope you are inspired and enlightened as you listen in,...


Blockchain Law with Wags

Blockchain technology has developed so quickly that many don’t understand the law when it comes to the new cryptocurrencies. If you fight the law, the law wins, so it’s probably a good idea to have an understanding. You don’t want to be wearing an orange jumpsuit. Today we welcome John Wagster to the show to discuss some of the legal issues surrounding blockchain. And Bad Crypto correspondent Rachel Wolfson speaks with Rand Hindi, the CEO of Snips, the first decentralized, private by design...


HODL Rally with Virtue Nightingale

The crowd is excited as the race for blockchain is on. Will Bitcoin make a 4th quarter run for an all-time high. Will Ethereum see its glory days once again? And will Litecoin cash ever be taken seriously? So many questions and only time will tell. That’s why I like to HODL. And for true crypto fans that want to make a difference, you’ll be excited to hear about the hodl rally. Today we welcome Virtue Nightingale to the show to discuss an ambitious effort that includes 100 cars, 1800 miles,...


FEDCOIN is Coming - Bad News for October 4, 2018

Amazing. Smart. Astounding. Incredible. Beautiful. Wonderful. Stupendous. Brilliant. Courageous. Magical. Awesome. Brave. Kind. Powerful. Loving. Handsome. Who are we talking about? Here’s a hint. It’s not Jamie Dimon. Nope, those adjectives describe you. Why? Because who doesn’t need to be told how amazing they are? Hope that made you smile. And we hope you enjoy our weekly news roundup from the crypto world. It’s going to be amazing as well. Now that you feel really good about...


Crypto Spotlight 049: Workchain, ClimateCoin & Origin Protocol

Who doesn’t like to eliminate intermediaries? Who isn’t in favor of a clean environment? And who doesn’t like to get paid for their work? We’re going to assume you like all three of these things. So do the founders of the companies that are joining us for this show. Today, you’ll discover how blockchain can be used to empower creators to develop tools, support an environment for peer-to-peer carbon credits AND make sure you get paid immediately for the work you do. It’s going to be fun,...


Meet us in Las Vegas!

Crypto conferences, meetups, hackathons and special events are taking place all over the world. In fact, odds are that even as you are listening to this show an event is happening somewhere. But there is one event in particular that is coming up which we are incredibly excited about. You’ve heard us reference it on this show a number of times, because Travis and I will be hosts at this event. It’s none other than WorldCryptoCon. Today we are pleased to welcome WorldCryptoCon founder, Adam...


Blockchain Needs Women - Featuring Alice Hlidkova

Like many fields of technology, there is a preponderance of men involved in blockchain development. But that is changing. We all know that men and women are equal, but they are also equally different. Each gender brings unique talents and perspective to the table. Today we welcome one such leader from the female of the species to the show. Alice Hlidkova is a true blockchain advocate and expert, with a wide range of experience to back her up. We’ll discuss how women are bringing great...


Banks of the Future? Bad News 9/27/18

The Mt Gox selloff has ended and the total figures are in. Binance looks to the future with a decentralized exchange and fiat trading. Google reverses their crypto ad ban for exchanges. And Wal-mart puts lettuce on the blockchain. What does this have to do with the banks of the future? It’s an absolutely packed week chock-full of crypto news, and your favorite blockchain blockheads are here to cover it all for you. Not as good as a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies but better than a...


Crypto Spotlight 48: Formosa Financial, AltLending & Docademic

The ICO market has slowed, but crypto projects continue to move forward. That’s because nothing can stop blockchain from blockchaining. Smart people around the world are working on providing solutions to real problems, and we love welcoming them to the show to discuss what they are working on. Today you’ll meet some more of these smart people, and you’ll be smarter because you listened. If that’s not the best reason to spend time with us, I don’t know what it is. It’s a sponsored Crypto...


Don't You Wish You Were as Smart as Charlie Lee & Sold All Your Litecoin at the Top?

It’s a beautiful day in San Francisco and we’re coming to you live from the very first Litecoin Summit! On today’s show we’ll welcome back Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee. Next Generation Day-trading platform, Openblock, will share their vision. We’ll cover some of the latest news with special guest Naomi Brockwell, aka Bitcoin Girl. And we’re going to discover some cool crypto projects from some of the attendees to this great event. It’s the “Don’t you wish you were as smart as Charlie Lee...


Crypto Roulette

With over 1900 coins and tokens now listed on, there are tons of cryptos that we’ve never heard of. It’s easy to go through the top 100 and talk tokens, but today we spin the wheel of fortune and go down to the basement to see what lurks there. But in an added twist, we’ll be using a random number generator to tell us which token we’re going to look at. It’s unscripted, unpredictable and it may not even work. But what the heck. It’s at least going to be fun. And it’s what...


Crypto Market To Grow 1000x? - Bad News for 9-20-18

It’s a sideways week in the crypto world, but the blockchain news is anything but that. continues to lead the way, John McAfee makes a request that doesn’t go too well, and the Brave Browser is becoming a legitimate alternative to Chrome. What’s happening in crypto as we approach autumn? We’ve got the info you need to satiate that crypto fix. It’s the Bad News episode #183 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. Full Show Notes at: SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: Apple...


Crypto Spotlight 047: Encrypgen & FreeCash

Right now, someone is building a better blockchain. Right now, someone is coding something revolutionary that will disrupt an entire industry. Right now, crypto is moving into the mainstream. It might not feel like it, because it’s been a tough year as far as prices are concerned. But step-by-step, inch-by-inch, moment-by-moment, the blockchain world is moving forward. It’s a technology juggernaut that won’t be stopped. Today, we’re pleased to feature companies that intend to be a...


Gaming on the Blockchain with Alex Casassovici

The video game and computer game industry has absolutely exploded over the past decade, with this form of entertainment bringing in more money than the film and television industry. It only makes sense the the token economy would find its way into the gaming world, as esports and custom digital assets are becoming big business. Today we welcome Alex Casassovici to the show to discuss this trend, and how their company is taking blockchain and gaming to the next level. It’s the beep boop,...


Ronnie Moas Goes on a Tour de Crypto!

Warm sunshiny days. Opening up a cold one. Snuggles with your new puppy. Ah… these are the glorious moments that make up a life. And on today’s show, it’s all of those things wrapped into one as we welcome back a dear friend of the show… Mr. Ronnie Moas. Ok, he may not be as snuggly as a puppy, but we like him anyhow, especially because he’s always wanting to make a positive difference. Today you’ll hear Ronnie’s latest projections for the crypto space, his latest rock and roll findings and...


Crypto Assets Here to Stay - Bad News for September 13, 2018

Whenever Travis and I record an episode of Bad Crypto, I always write the teaser just before we get started. It’s a spontaneous thing. Sometimes I have bursts of creativity that make it hilarious. Other times it’s more matter of fact and to the point. Today, I’m coming up blank. But this episode is packed with the latest news from the crypto world, much of it quite optimistic. So there you have it. It’s the “this teaser sucks, but that means it can’t get any worse than this” Bad News...