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127: Dr. Tom Tu | Black Finch

Are you ready to be motivated? In episode 127 I had the wonderful privilege to interview Dr. Tom Tu. This is a unique episode because Dr. Tu is working on a start-up buuuuut... not the kind of start-up you are thinking about. Dr. Tom has created a side hustle. You see he is a dentist and is working in a community clinic here in Los Angeles, but he realized pretty early on in while he was working in corporate dentistry, that he does NOT want to own his own practice. However, Tom, just like...



NO TIME TO WRITE PROPER SHOW NOTES! We wanted this episode to go out ASAP... again! (mainly Ashley did) Don't forget to check out Studio8e8, and you can find the video of Ashley's Black & White Party here! Let's get to 20k views!! Don't forget... leave us a 5 star review on iTunes! SUPPORTERS FOR THIS EPISODE: Why build a regular, template, website... when you can build a brand!? Great marketing is built on trust, and trust builds life-long patients! Studio8e8 will get you exactly where you...


126: Dr. Hardeek Patel | NJ Smiles Dental

In episode 126 we really discuss the ups and downs of Dr. Hardeek Patel and how not everything seems to be what it really is! What do I mean? Well tune in to find out! Dr. Hardeek Patel is a true trooper! It wasn't easy for him to transition from being a dentist in India to America, and it took him quite a while to adjust to the transition. Then he really grew sick and tired of corporate and decided to acquire a practice and from that point on he skyrocketed.... NOPE! He did not skyrocket...


125: Joshua Scott | Personal Branding For Your Practice.

So... it's no secret I am a HUGE Studio8e8 fan! However, this interview is something I believe we ALL need to listen to because this... this right here... is what will make truly YOU stand out! Personal branding... Sometimes we think "man... we are in a super saturated location! There so many dentist everywhere! How am I REALLY different"? We may start saying to ourselves "it's because we pride in our practice, our team, our work" or you may say "we have the best technology around or we...


The Making of SLEEK | THIRTEEN

Look at how Studio8e8 can really separate and create 2 different brands and images .... even though the people are the same! The picture on the left is SLEEK and the right is HARMONY! That's so awesome! Anyways, welcome to episode 13 of The Making of SLEEK! Paola has been traveling, on a cruise, has ANOTHER kid living with her, and has had a very successful September! How did she do it all? Listen in to find out! SPONSOR FOR THIS EPISODE: Why build a regular, template, website... when you...


124: Abhishek Bhaumik | Stonebrook Pediatric Dentistry

Honestly, I've never met such a passionate pediatric dentist. It's my privilege to have Dr. Bhaumik on episode 124. He JUST started out his pediatric dental practice and is doing fantastic... but it wasn't an overnight success... it took many years in the making. How? Tune in to see how his past has made him who he is today. Listen also to see how he became debt free in dental school! We also dive into his business.. what is he using for marketing? Who is his consultant? What was the best...


123: Dr. Nathan Ho | Affinity Smiles & Envision Stars

The wonderful Dr. Nathan Ho claims the spot for episode 123! In this episode we dive in deep into Dr. Nathan Ho's past and how he got to where he is today! Which in case if you don't know he is successfully owning/ running 2 dental offices, a review software company, an amazing Facebook group, and a family! But it wasn't always like this, Dr. Ho found out early on some weak points in his practice... what were they? Well, tune in to find out! We also dive in deep into his business today! What...


122: Dr. Publio Silfa | Meadowbrook Dentistry

I had the wonderful privilege to interview Dr. Publio Silfa from Meadowbrook Dentistry! Dr. Silfa has just opened up his brand new practice, technically it is 3-4 months old from the time of this recording and... you're probably wondering... how is it doing so far? What is he doing for marketing/ advertising? Is it profitable yet? What is he struggling with? How many new patients is he bringing in? and more! Well listen in! but before doing that... really quick.... A couple things I want you...


121: Bess Cincotta | Golden Proportions Marketing

What's one of the best ways to advertise how great you and your team are, how great your work is, and how trusted you can become as the community's dentist? Through reviews! People are constantly looking at reviews! Reviews for the best restaurant in town, reviews for a good hair stylist... so why wouldn't they look at your reviews when searching for a dentist? On episode 121, Bess Cincotta joins me and lays down some wonderful pointers and scripts on how to get more reviews, what to say to...


120: Dr. Alexandra Bassett | Paloma Dental

Episode 120 belongs to my wonderful guest Dr. Alexandra Bassett! This was truly such a great interview, Dr. Bassett is a young dentist who just started her practice but.... she is filled with knowledge to share! She opened the doors of Paloma Dental (her dental practice) only 6-7 months ago and her practice is thriving! What has she been doing? How much is her production? What is her best ROI when it comes to marketing? What has been some of her biggest mistakes? We also get super detailed...


The Making of SLEEK | TWELVE

We're back! We haven't heard from Paola and her progress with SLEEK pretty much since she opened (a month and a half ago). So how is everything coming along? What has been her biggest road bumps thus far and how is she coping with the stress of a brand new start-up! Also, listen to how she surrounds herself with positivity. This is super important! If you want to win why would you allow yourself to drown in sorrow and negativity!? Listen to she also how her other existing practice is doing,...


119: Dr. Alan Mead | Two podcasters talking about…

In episode 119 I have the wonderful privilege to chat with someone who I have looked up to... for a long time... Dr. Alan Mead. He is the host of The Dental Hacks Podcast and is doing amazing things in the podcasting world (and in dentistry)! This episode is more of a laid back episode where you can be the fly on the wall and hear what two podcasters talk about when they get together to record! Dr. Alan Mead also gives the new dentists and new practice owners tremendous advice! Make sure to...


M.M.M. | s2 | Why Your Social Media Isn’t Bringing You Any New Patients!

Hey TDM TRIBE! So I actually wrote a blog post about this, and it was one of my first ever blog posts on this website! And as I was re-purposing the content I came across some extremely helpful gems that I wanted to go into detail with in this episode! In this episode I mention 5 things you are doing wrong! Don't worry, I was guilty of doing these things too when I first started off! Check to see if you sound like the example I gave and if you are doing any of these 5 things that I mention!...


M.M.M. | s2 | Bringing in people to your Open House/ Grand Opening!

Hey FAM! I'm back at it with another episode of Monday Morning Marketing and as you know... these episodes don't come out Monday Morning... (long time fans know this hehe). Anyways listen up to hear a couple updates! In this episode I give you guys pointers and scripts on how to have your local businesses attend your Open House/ Grand Opening! Join The Newsletter here and be a part of The Dental Marketer Family Click Here for the Open House Blog Post Click here to see what The First EVER...


The Making of SMILE & CO | THIRTY SIX

NO TIME TO WRITE PROPER SHOW NOTES! We wanted this episode to go out ASAP (mainly Ashley did) Don't forget... leave us a 5 star review on iTunes! The First EVER Ground Marketing Course Thank you to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who supported my (Michael) first ever launch! Everyone who shared my posts, viewed the videos, talked about the course, and who purchased... I truly mean it when I say thank you for your support and I PROMISE the course will NOT disappoint! So get ready... to start seeing...


The Making of SMILE & CO | THIRTY FIVE

Are you going to be at the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY WHITE PARTY this year?! We hope so! It'll be at Ashley's practice (Google SMILE & CO FOLSOM to find the address). So, Ashley is back from maternity leave and... turns out... things weren't;t running as smoothly as she hoped they would be running, tune in to see what is going on with her practice and how she is going to fix it! We also discuss the importance of excellent customer service, how can you create patients who absolutely RAVE and love...


The First EVER Ground Marketing Course

Thank you for listening to this quick message! I am SO excited to shared with you The First EVER Ground Marketing Course! I have put in soooo much work into this so that you can easily Ground Market in your community and see the results immediately! Click the picture or any of the links in the show notes to check out more information on this course and to see what others are saying about it! Go check out : The First EVER Ground Marketing Course


118: Dr. Matt Asaro | “Just trying to show people more to this ordinary thing called dentistry.”

Welcome to episode 118! In this episode I have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Matt Asaro, someone who not only takes dentistry seriously, but marketing and social media seriously. He has an Instagram account with almost about 30, 000 followers! Listen to how he is growing his following on Instagram and how these followers are not just numbers but actual people who are engaging! I know a lot of us are on Instagram but for some reason feel like we can't crack the Instagram code.. or we feel...


The Making of SMILE & CO | THIRTY FOUR

It's about to be one whole year since SMILE & CO has been opened!! WOOT WOOT! So what are some of Ashley's biggest mistakes, biggest wins, and actionable advice she wants all start-ups to know immediately?! Listen in to hear! In this episode we recap the year, we also talk about what has been going on since we last spoke (which was about three weeks ago), and more! We also talk about how it is super important to document your process. We can NOT express this enough guys... we REALLY want you...


117: Omar & Kirsten | Pure Life Dental

We're back! After a week long break we are back with the podcast! I know what you're thinking "it's only a week Mike.." yeah but... I missed you! But you will be happy to hear that in the past week I created 2 things: The Ground Marketing Facebook Group and... The First EVER Ground Marketing Course, which will be released next week! So I am SUPER excited to put this out and the world so it can help you grow your dental practice! Now, let's get into this podcast! I had the wonderful privilege...