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118: Dr. Matt Asaro | “Just trying to show people more to this ordinary thing called dentistry.”

Welcome to episode 118! In this episode I have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Matt Asaro, someone who not only takes dentistry seriously, but marketing and social media seriously. He has an Instagram account with almost about 30, 000 followers! Listen to how he is growing his following on Instagram and how these followers are not just numbers but actual people who are engaging! I know a lot of us are on Instagram but for some reason feel like we can't crack the Instagram code.. or we feel...


The Making of SMILE & CO | THIRTY FOUR

It's about to be one whole year since SMILE & CO has been opened!! WOOT WOOT! So what are some of Ashley's biggest mistakes, biggest wins, and actionable advice she wants all start-ups to know immediately?! Listen in to hear! In this episode we recap the year, we also talk about what has been going on since we last spoke (which was about three weeks ago), and more! We also talk about how it is super important to document your process. We can NOT express this enough guys... we REALLY want...


117: Omar & Kirsten | Pure Life Dental

We're back! After a week long break we are back with the podcast! I know what you're thinking "it's only a week Mike.." yeah but... I missed you! But you will be happy to hear that in the past week I created 2 things: The Ground Marketing Facebook Group and... The First EVER Ground Marketing Course, which will be released next week! So I am SUPER excited to put this out and the world so it can help you grow your dental practice! Now, let's get into this podcast! I had the wonderful...


The Making of SMILE & CO. | THIRTY THREE

ASHLEY HAS GIVEN BIRTH! And I speak with her literally a week later! You would think not much has happened but literally in the past week Ashley has brought a new child into this earth, has brought a new person into this country, has finally received feedback on the lawsuit (and spoiler ALERT it's not looking too good right now with that situation so, if ANYONE knows a lawyer that can help, please REACH OUT!), and has news about how her practice has been running without her! On another...


116: Allan Dib | The 1-Page Marketing Plan.

I want to welcome my brilliant guest Allan Dib! In episode 116 I interview the bestselling author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan, a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and a business and marketing executive coach (he's also great fun)... Allan Dib. This episode is filled and I mean JAMMED PACKED with gems that you really need to listen! If you feel like you don't know marketing, this episode is for you... or if you feel like you know somewhat about marketing but need to learn...


M.M.M.|s2| How To Start Doing Lunch & Learns For Employees At Your Local Stores.

Hey guys! So in this episode we I let you in on a tactic ( a very easy one) on how you can not only get your foot in the door and market to the employees at your local grocery stores. BUT... you can also do a lunch and learn/ presentation and teach the employees about what you do and your practice and sign them up! I also ramble on a little (as always .. sorry!) about a couple of updates and exciting stuff that is happening here at The Dental Marketer HQ! If you want your question answered...


The Making of SLEEK | TWELVE

SLEEK SMILE STUDIO IS NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!! So ever wonder how opening day goes in a dental practice? Have you ever wondered how the night before you open goes? Well listen in and really take notes of the small things that Paola almost forgot for her practice! Believe this is a crucial episode every practice needs to listen to because Reason 1: It will tell you all the small things you MUST not forget before you open that you may not realize you need (like paper, pens, trash bags,...


115: Jordon Comstock | Who else is sick of dental insurances?!

Are you someone who owns a Fee For Service practice? Or maybe you just had your first horrible experience with dental insurance? or maybe you are just completely and utterly SICK of dental insurance and you wish you lived in a world where this didn't exist!? Well... listen up folks, because this episode contains the solution! In this episode I have the privilege of interviewing Jordon Comstock who is the owner of Boomcloud. I can go on and on about what Boomcloud is and how it will help...


The Making of SMILE & CO. | THIRTY TWO

Do you ever feel like sometimes you are the only one who can get the job done RIGHT? Or maybe you feel you have to have your hand in everything that is going on in your practice because... hey you're the owner! Is this right or wrong? Well tune into episode 32 of The Making of Smile & Co to see what we mean! In this episode Ashley expresses to us one of her biggest struggles that I honestly feel we can all relate too. We also discuss how she is ALMOST about to have her baby! Yep... she...


114: Dr. Danielle Davis | 901 Dental

Have you ever wondered how the first 12 days of a dental practice go? How production would a dental practice owner make in 12 days? What's their expenses look like? How many new patients are flowing in so far? What is the biggest roadblock you will hit in the first 12 days? Well... Dr. Danielle Davis let's you in on her first 12 days of 901 Dental. Listen in as she lets us know absolutely everything that has happened since she opened in May 21st and how everything is coming along and what...


The Making of SLEEK | ELEVEN

Ever wondered how you can start targeting patients who want implants? Well, in episode 11 Paola and I speak with Elijah who is co-owner of Driven Dental Marketing and he tells us exactly how his company makes it work! This is such great episode, also sorry if I sound a little tired here, had to be up at 4am to record at 5am (: but it's all good! Listen in as we discuss how Paola's marketing campaigns are currently working right now. Also, we talk about Dr. Taurn Agarwal's course that Paola...


Monday Morning Marketing | Season 2 – ONE | The “Back 2 School” Marketing Approach That Hasn’t Failed Me!

IT'S BACK!!!!!! Season DOS (TWO, I don't know why in my head I said it in Spanish) of MONDAY MORNING MARKETING! I was soooo shocked and overwhelmed by how much you guys loved this series so... I brought it back! and... it felt AMAZING doing the first episode! I felt like I was in a room talking to all of you beautiful listeners! So anyways let's get into it! In this episode I talk about the "Back To School" strategy/ information I really want you to keep in mind. It's more information I...


The Making of SMILE & CO. | THIRTY ONE

The Making of SMILE & CO episode 31 is LIVE! First off, I want to say thank you so much for all the love we have been receiving, whether it is just a screenshot of you showing us you are listening to the podcast OR whether you take time out of your precious day to leave a review on iTunes... thank you! Anyways, in this episode we talk about... pregnancy. Yeah... I know... and Ashley gets reeeeeally detailed! But other than that we also discuss what REALLY happened behind this lawsuit over...


The Making of SLEEK | TEN

Episode 10! Thank you for tuning in and listen because .. Paola Bukovcan had one of her first employees quit on the spot! Has this ever happened to you? Where an employee doesn't even give you a two week or even a weeks notice?! They just quit! Well it happen to Paola a week ago, see how she handled it. We also discuss how much she is currently paying for rent and how much soft her whole practice is, just in case you are wondering how much rent would cost for a practice space like SLEEK....


The Making of SMILE & CO. | THIRTY

Episode 30 is here! Oh boy is soooo much happening for Ashley! This past week alone she went to the ER in Chicago, attended a seminar interviewed Dentalogie (which you can see that interview in the Facebook Group: The Making of a Dental Start-Up), then she purchased soooooooo much for her office , which we discuss the exact pricing for each thing and the reason behind the products she purchased and we talk about SO much more! Listen in as we discuss (the wins of course) but also... the...


113: Dr. Sarah Mertz | “The tears and frustration are worth it..”

In episode 113 we talk with the wonderful small town girl: Sarah! Dr. Sarah has been working in Public Health (as a dentist) for some time now and has begun the start-up process for her brand new practice! However, although Dr. Sarah is still in the early early stages of her start-up... she has already uncovered a MAJOR bump in the road and really wants to make sure the audience listen learns from her lesson. We also discuss her plans for her brand new practice, what types of insurances...


The Making of SLEEK Smile Studio | NINE

Episode 9 is here! When it comes to constructing YOUR perfect reception area... what do you have in mind? The way it looks? The way it feels? Do you provide the patient who may be waiting to see you with an exceptional service? Maybe give them a cappuccino and a place to charge their electronics? Or maybe you do more? How important is the reception area for you? Well ... we dive in deep into this topic! I am also curious to hear your answer and see your responses... what is the most...


112: Dr. Tyler Brady | Haven Dental

112 is with the .... really awesome... Dr. Tyler Brady! Now, if you are on the Facebook group: The Making of A Dental Start-Up then you are probably familiar with Tyler. He has shared his journey with us on their many times (through Facebook lives!). From the construction process all the way through LITERALLY live recording us the moment he is first new walk-in patient came in! One thing I have noticed and many of us has noticed is that he has always been cool and calm, why? Well we really...


The Making of SLEEK Smile Studio | EIGHT

Episode 8 has arrived! So with any start-up you will realize you start to learn a lot about yourself. How much patience you have, how delved into business you truly are, how you handle stress, and so much more... when doing your start-up... what did you find out about yourself? And if you haven't done a start-up... what can you learn from others who have? Listen to how we start to uncover some things that Dr. Paola is discovering about herself in the making of SLEEK. We also discuss...


The Making of SMILE & CO | TWENTY NINE

Episode 29 (almost 30) is LIVE on The Making of SMILE & CO! So since the last episode we understood that a lot has happened... Ashley is going through a law suit that may cost her the business name, she is pregnant, and she hired new employees.... Well, SO much has changed since that episode (besides her pregnancy)! Does she still have the employee she hired? Who else is joining her team as an associate? What happened to the law suit? Well get ready to hear everything that has been...