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134: Vik Kapoor | Needham Family Dental & Practys

In this episode I talk with the brilliant Vik Kapoor! He and his wife have acquired two dental offices and now he is on his way to launching one of the most revolutionary softwares out there that will take a huge STRESS off your shoulders!! What is this soft ware? Tune in to find out! We also discuss how both of Vik's practices are currently doing, what's the production and collection, his marketing budget and how he makes sure he never goes over his marketing budget. We also discuss one...


M.M.M. |s2| What is Killing You and Your Team’s Productivity?

p.s. listen to the VERY end of the episode for a little laugh! Whatsup everyone! So this is a little bit of a different Monday Morning Marketing episode but that's because there is a good message and reason for it! So I read a blog post that came to me through a newsletter that I signed up for through a service I no linger use (phew that was a mouthful) but the article really helped me to understand a lot of things that we are experiencing.and seeing today! Some of us are stricken with the...


133: Dr. Shaina Holman | Holman Family Dental Care

"You've only been open 11 months and your bringing in 100-130 new patients monthly!? How?" I'm so happy to interview Dr. Shaina Holman from Chapel Hill! I personally met her and her husband on the Delivering WOW Summit and I remember her being so nervous about what the future had in store for her new practice! (insert Drake- Start from the Bottom song) She has been open for about 11 months now and she is consistently bringing in 100-130 new patients, her monthly collections are...


M.M.M. |s2| How To Get New Patients from Wells Fargo Bank.

Hey Everybody! Let's figure out how to get new patients from Wells Fargo, attract THEIR customers into your practice, and how to create a great relationship with this bank! But before that I give you some updates in the Ground Marketing World and some insight on this new book that I am reading called PRINCIPLES by Ray Dalio Don't forget to check the links below to join my newsletter and be a part of the FREE Ground Marketing Facebook Group! ENROLL NOW!!!!!: Guys!! This Black Friday...


The Making of SMILE & CO. | FORTY ONE

Thank you all for always tuning in! We are super grateful for you all! SPONSORS FOR THIS EPISODE: Guys!! This Black Friday (November 23rd) The First EVER Ground Marketing Course will be available for purchase!! It will be available until December 1st!! So PLEASE make sure to get it ASAP! Start bringing in new patients into your practice immediately!!! Click this link to find out more about The Ground Marketing Course and how it has helped many dentists succeed:...


132: Dr. Grace Yum | Yummy Dental & Mommy Dentists in Business.

It was so awesome and incredible being able to talk and pick Dr. Grace Yum's brain! She's extremely knowledgeable in many aspects on the business side of dentistry. Not just that, but she is also extremely knowledgeable in becoming and being a successful entrepreneur! In this episode we discuss some interesting points such as: If you find out something is stolen in your practice, maybe an employees property… how do you approach this? How do you fix this? Another point we discuss is: How do...


131: Dr. Matt Vogt | The Dentists at Gateway Crossing

I had the great privilege to interview Dr. Matt Vogt for episode 131! Dr. Vogt just started his practice not too long ago and we're curious... how has it been going since opening day? What struggles has he faced? What struggles did he face before he opened up/ leading up to opening day? What major lessons has he learned and more? Tune in to hear what Dr. Vogt is doing to increase his practice's profits and what he is doing to increase his new patients numbers too! SPOILER ALERT: for...


M.M.M. | s2 | How To Call Leads Effectively!

Hey FAMILY! Let's hear a lesson inside The First EVER Ground Marketing Course So I know it's been a while since I put out the latest Monday morning Marketing SEASON 2 episode but don't think I've forgotten about it! It's slowly making a come back! In this episode I let you inside The First EVER Ground Marketing Course and we listen in to a part of a lesson in the course! I want you to hear what's inside! So listen up! I also kind of rant on about the fires that are happening, the...


The Making of SMILE & CO | FORTY

The LOST episode... just kidding we were suppose to upload this episode last week but barely got around to it! I apologize! Listen in to see why we think posting your struggles are more relatable and will get you more engagement on social media than posting nothing but highlights of your life and practice. We also discuss how Ashley's previous month went! It was one of her best months to date! Why? Tune in to see what she started doing right and differently. Don't forget... leave us a 5...


130: Brian McCarthy |

In episode 130 we interview the wonderful Brian McCarthy! Brian is a long-time digital marketer, and he has become a professional at it! He started digital marketing back then when the internet was something new and shiny to talk about but he quickly transitioned to help out a company called Futuredontics! Listen up as we discuss what Brian believes are some of the greatest things that are holding your new potential patients back from dentistry! We also discuss how to raise the profile in...


The Making of SLEEK | FOURTEEN

Episode 14 of The Making of SLEEK is here! Dr. Paola talks to us about how things are going with both of her practices (SLEEK and Harmony). We also dive in deep on the scripts that Dr. Paola uses to close high value cases such as implants cases or Invisalign cases? Notice the trend that Dr. Ashley and Dr. Paola have when they are talking to the patient about their treatment and how much it is going be. We also discuss one of the things Dr. Paola despises the most that lots of patients...


129: Charles Biami | Google Ad Words & New Implant Patients

If you have ever thought about using Google for your attracting new patients to your practice then you MUST listen to this episode! Charles Biami is the founder of Driven Dental Implant Marketing. Many of you have heard of his company and the amazing results it is bringing dentists all across the country (United States). Just look at what dentists are saying about Driven Dental Implant Marketing's results: SO how EXACTLY does Charles attract over 100 leads each month? And... these are not...


The Making of SMILE & CO | THIRTY – NINE

In this weeks episode it's all about YOU! The listener! The wonderful audience! Do you wonder how Ashley closes her Invisalign cases? Want to know the exact script she uses? We dive into our Instagram/ Facebook Group and answer questions that you have asked in the past and that are currently asking as well. We also discuss the fact that Ashley is VEGAN now! Why? Tune in to find out! Then the BIGGEST part of this episode is when Ashley opens up and tells us why she REALLY recorded her first...


128: Elijah Desmond | Driven Dental Implant Marketing

Let's get into the life of Elijah Desmond! In episode 128 we dive into his past and future, why is he always so full of energy and is it always like that? We also discuss all of his business ventures! Elijah has ran and sold 11 businesses.... but have they all been successful? Tune in to find out! We also discuss Driven Dental Implant Marketing, he is one of the co-owners and... it is doing AMAZING THINGS for dental practice owners all over the nation! Just take a look at what this one...



In this week Ashley let's us know what she needs to catch up on! After a wonderful conference in New Orleans, she is back and fired up! So, what is she fired up about and what are the goals for SMILE & CO now? Tune in to find out! We also discuss how Ashley wants to start using email marketing! Are you using email marketing? If so, what system are you using and how are you using it? We also dive into BONUSES for the team! What type of bonuses are you giving your team? Ashley and I want to...


127: Dr. Tom Tu | Black Finch

Are you ready to be motivated? In episode 127 I had the wonderful privilege to interview Dr. Tom Tu. This is a unique episode because Dr. Tu is working on a start-up buuuuut... not the kind of start-up you are thinking about. Dr. Tom has created a side hustle. You see he is a dentist and is working in a community clinic here in Los Angeles, but he realized pretty early on in while he was working in corporate dentistry, that he does NOT want to own his own practice. However, Tom, just like...



NO TIME TO WRITE PROPER SHOW NOTES! We wanted this episode to go out ASAP... again! (mainly Ashley did) Don't forget to check out Studio8e8, and you can find the video of Ashley's Black & White Party here! Let's get to 20k views!! Don't forget... leave us a 5 star review on iTunes! SUPPORTERS FOR THIS EPISODE: Why build a regular, template, website... when you can build a brand!? Great marketing is built on trust, and trust builds life-long patients! Studio8e8 will get you exactly where you...


126: Dr. Hardeek Patel | NJ Smiles Dental

In episode 126 we really discuss the ups and downs of Dr. Hardeek Patel and how not everything seems to be what it really is! What do I mean? Well tune in to find out! Dr. Hardeek Patel is a true trooper! It wasn't easy for him to transition from being a dentist in India to America, and it took him quite a while to adjust to the transition. Then he really grew sick and tired of corporate and decided to acquire a practice and from that point on he skyrocketed.... NOPE! He did not skyrocket...


125: Joshua Scott | Personal Branding For Your Practice.

So... it's no secret I am a HUGE Studio8e8 fan! However, this interview is something I believe we ALL need to listen to because this... this right here... is what will make truly YOU stand out! Personal branding... Sometimes we think "man... we are in a super saturated location! There so many dentist everywhere! How am I REALLY different"? We may start saying to ourselves "it's because we pride in our practice, our team, our work" or you may say "we have the best technology around or we...


The Making of SLEEK | THIRTEEN

Look at how Studio8e8 can really separate and create 2 different brands and images .... even though the people are the same! The picture on the left is SLEEK and the right is HARMONY! That's so awesome! Anyways, welcome to episode 13 of The Making of SLEEK! Paola has been traveling, on a cruise, has ANOTHER kid living with her, and has had a very successful September! How did she do it all? Listen in to find out! SPONSOR FOR THIS EPISODE: Why build a regular, template, website... when you...