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Welcome back to episode 2 of The Making of Sleek Smile Studio! In this episode Dr. Paola discusses just how important design is! We get into the pricing and how she decided who to go with when it came to her contractor and design crew! We also talk about how Dr. Paola has been taking it super easy and vacationing everywhere! Just kidding, she did take a vacation to remind herself that family time is crucial time, which is a good thing! In the start-up process it can be so hectic that we...


107: Mazama Media | Bud Torcom

Heyo TDM Family! In this episode I talk with the great and really chill: Bud Torcom from Mazama Media. Bud is a genius when it comes to digital marketing. His expertise is mainly in social media marketing and design/ implementing strategies. This is exactly what we talk about in this episode... what strategies and tactics work best in his opinion and what outlets/ platforms we may be missing out on! We also discuss one major thing that most of us forget which is our WHY. We either forget...


106: Powers of Marketing | Megan Powers

Hey TDM Family! So in this episode I want to introduce you to Megan Powers. She is a pretty big deal in the marketing community, BUT not so well-known in the dental community. That is because, this is another new segment I want to introduce to you where I interview experts in marketing and only marketing. However, I ask them questions about dentistry. You see... what better way to attract the new patients you need and want... then to understand how and what the general population thinks...


105: Blue Sky Dental Group | Dr. Jonas Ash

Get ready to hear numbers! : Dr. Jonas Ash! In episode 105 Dr. Jonas tells us all about numbers! He tells us the price for his buildout, what his current production & collections are, how much he is paying for marketing (and who he is using for marketing, and how bad he was affected by the slow months. We also discuss how he became a dentist, why he became a dentist, and how interestingly enough, he was his first Invisalign case! JONAS ASH LINKS: Jonas Ash Facebook Blue Sky Dental Group...



Welcome to the very first episode of The Making of SLEEK SMILE STUDIO! Dr. Paola Bukovcan is SUPER excited to peel back the layers of this onion we call the "start-up process" and be open with all you! So as always, get ready to hear Dr. Bukovcan's process in real time and PLEASE... feel free to be as nosey and "into her business" as you want! Ask questions, give feedback, and always give any advice as well. 3 Main Ideas How Dr. Paola Bukovcan started Let's get to know Dr. Bukovcan on a...



Welcome to The Making of SLEEK SMILE STUDIO!!!! Sit back and get ready to hear to Michael (me) document Dr. Paola Bukovcan's dental start-up practice. Also listen to why her story is unique from most start-up dental practices! SLEEK SMILE STUDIO'S LINKS: Sleek Smile Studio's Facebook Sleek Smile Studio's Instagram THE DENTAL MARKETER LINKS: FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM (you can talk to me more 1 on 1 here) Are you getting my E-Newsletter?... No?... why?!? I only give you amazing tactics on...


Monday Morning Marketing – Role Playing Scripts on getting into Medical/ Retail Medical Locations – 3/19/2018

Hey TDM Family, In this Monday Morning Marketing I talk a liiiitle bit about my experience in the Delivering WOW Summit! I am still in so much shock and such gratitude that I was able to attend that I still haven't found the words haha but it was AMAZING! Other than the Delivering WOW Summit talk, I specifically role play how you can get into locations like veterinarian offices, medical offices, cosmetology offices, chiropractor's offices, and retail health & wellness locations like...


104: Meridian Campus Family Dental | Dr. Joshua Carpenter

Talk about a rough start for my guest's dental practice: Dr. Joshua Carpenter! In this episode we discuss his whole process on how he started his dental practice.... and then.... how the military came down on him and told him to stop! Can you imagine that, the military telling you to stop practicing dentistry in your own practice... this happened to Joshua only a month after opening! Find out how he overcame this struggle! We also discuss his whole business side (total production,...


103: How the founder of OperaDDS grew his 800sqft practice.. into a 3 Story, 11 Operatories, dental practice.

It's episode 103! If you are tech at ALL.... then this episode is for you! I get to interview the amazing: Bryan Laskin, founder of many companies, but you probably know him or WILL know him from OPERADDS. Tune in to hear how he had a problem (that many dentist have) and how he created a solution for it! If you have ever been curious about OperDDS then listen to this episode. On another note, we know that Bryan Laskin is also a dental practice owner. Listen to how he grew his 800sqft...


Monday Morning Marketing – LIVE Ground Marketing Call FAIL – 4/5/2018

Hey TDM Listeners, In this Monday Morning Marketing (I'm probably going to start using MMM for short, because typing out "Monday Morning Marketing" every time is going to be a lot.... ) I give y'all an update about life and what has been going on since last week. I discuss what I found interesting in Netflix, the podcast world, and what audiobooks I am listening to right now. But to dive into the meat and potatoes (basically what the title is about) I do a LIVE Ground Marketing call (two...


102: A Tale of Two Hygienists

In episode 102 I get the wonderful privilege to interview Michelle and Andrew from... "A Tale of Two Hygienists"! They are the best, not only because they took time out of their insanely busy schedule to do a interview but also because ... yeah.... they are just two awesome people who combined forces to create an amazing podcast! Tune in to hear how it was like when they met, and what made them start their podcast. Listen to what they believe in and what goals they have for the future in...


101: “The Amazoning of Dentistry” – Dr. Paul Goodman

Introducing the very first episode AFTER our 100 episode.... And to be honest I can't be more excited to introduce you to my featured guest in episode 101! I was able to FINALLY talk and chat it up with him in Voices of Dentistry.... Dr. Paul Goodman AKA Nacho Man AKA Everything is Nachos AKA ... ummm a dentist as well. In this episode I am at Voices of Dentistry interviewing: Dr. Paul Goodman and he really shares with us some extremely valuable information that has been passed on to him...


Monday Morning Marketing – 2/26/2018 – Ground Marketing Your Open House & Going Door to Door.

Hey TDM Family! You see the title! After about 6 minutes of me kind of rambling on about my day today I answer some questions that you beautiful people ask me! They were from Instagram soooo if you have questions be sure to follow me on Instagram: The Dental Marketer. But anyways, here I literally talk about how to properly go ground market for your Open House! I also talk about how effective going Door to Door is! I have yet to hear any bad results from this BUT this questions came from...


The Making of SMILE & CO – TWENTY SEVEN – Live at Voices of Dentistry

Episode 27 is an episode you want to hear, especially if you are having hygiene trouble! Actually all of our episodes are ones you should want to hear! We had the wonderful privilege to pick Rachel Teel Wall's magnificent brain and boy did it reveal a lot! Also, support US by checking out our supporters: Local Med! SHARE This week we wanted to share with you.... Local Med's New Feature! Go check out what Local Med! They are really changing the game when it comes to making online...



WE MADE IT TO EPISODE ONE HUNDRED!!!! ALLLLLLL THANKS TO YOU... THE LISTENER. I talk SO much in this episode so just press play and you can hear everything! Quick side note, I love all of you and I was serious.... if you listened to the WHOLE episode let me know so I can give you something (; THE DENTAL MARKETER LINKS: FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM (you can talk to me more 1 on 1 here) Are you getting my E-Newsletter?... No?... why?!? I only give you amazing tactics on Ground Marketing that...



Episode 26 is here and Ashley has a MAAAAAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!! After you hear the major announcement you'll also get to hear our experience at Voices of Dentistry and our thoughts, what is happening in our lives, and maybe a tad bit about dentistry here and there! Also, support US by checking out our supporters: Local Med! SHARE This week we wanted to share with you.... Gina Dorfmam's Product: YAPI Go check out what Yapi is all about and how it is improving dental practices all over the...


99: Voices of Dentistry – Why downsizing may be the best thing you can do to grow your practice.

Episode 99 is here! In this episode I am at Voices of Dentistry interviewing: Dr. Justin Bhullar. Such an awesome and great guy, it was truly a privilege to interview him and really ask him questions that I KNOW many of you want to know! In this episode we discuss how he acquired and help start so many practices but then.... something happened! What happened? What changed?! Listen to find out! We also discuss how much his newest practice is making in production and collections, how much...


The Making of SMILE & CO. TWENTY FIVE – LIVE at Voices Of Dentistry

Episode 25 is LIVE! and .... we recorded ANOTHER (insert DJ KHALED quote "another one" here) episode LIVE from Voices of Dentistry. We interviewed the millennial dentist himself: Sully Sullivan! Listen to as we ask how much he is paying for his marketing services, whats working for him and whats not, why is everyone obsessed with him shaving his head, his struggles, and more! SO if you're planning to relax in a bubble bathtub for a while or planning to sit on the toilet for about 45...


98: Voices of Dentistry – Our Perio Team & Scaler 2 Schedule, how can they benefit your practice?

You know what they say... good things come in pairs! (at least that's what I've heard people say) and this episode proves it! In episode 98 I hit you with 2 separate interviews joined into one great, jam packed, episode! I have the privilege of interviewing a long time guest of the show, De Roberge, and I am also interviewing the Scaler 2 Schedule ladies, Julia Worrall & Cyndee Johnson! In this episode we start off listening to Deb talk about how her company is helping dentistry. If you...


97: Voice of Dentistry – Getting inside the remarkable minds of the next generation of dentists.

Episode 97 is here! This is another great and wonderful interview done from Voice of Dentistry. I have the awesome privilege of interviewing the the founders of the Student Entrepreneurs in Dentistry Podcast... Christian Hart & Michael Touloupas! *confetti falls * .. These young gentlemen are in their third going into fourth year of dental school and we get into their minds and see how they view dentistry. We talk about what they are preoccupied about when they graduate and enter the world...


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