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67: Technology & Start-Up Lawyer w/ Tom Knox, Partner at Morrison Foerster

Tom Knox is a Partner and Strategic Advisor at the law firm, Morrison Foerster, where he counsels clients on corporate, financing, technology transactions and sourcing matters, serving as a strategic advisor to companies in the technology, media, life sciences, transportation, manufacturing and government services sectors, and to investors in such companies. Today his career is the perfect bridge between his personal interests and his professional skills. As a technology lawyer in northern...


66: What It’s Like to Be a Judge w/ Magistrate Judge Julie Breslow

Fueled by a mug of ginger tea, this ‘caffeinated career conversation’ is presided over by Judge Julie Breslow, who serves as Magistrate Judge in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Judge Breslow was appointed to the court in 2002 and in her impressive 16 years on the bench has taken on exclusively family court cases. These include cases dealing with juvenile delinquency, adoptions, domestic relations, and more. On top of this, Judge Breslow presides over all matters of neglect in...


65: National Security Lawyer & Start-Up Entrepreneur France Hoang

Francis Hoang — aka France — is a veteran entrepreneur who has used his impressive skills and experience to build companies across the industries of law, aerospace, and technology. Born into war, France fled Vietnam as a refugee to the United States in the 1970’s and eventually attended West Point, where he graduated in the top 1% of his class. As a Partner with FH+H, France represents, advises, and counsels middle market companies on a wide variety of matters, including sensitive government...


64: Devex Digital Media Platform for Social Good w/ Raj Kumar, Editor-in-Chief

Raj Kumar is the founding President & Editor-in-Chief of Devex, the media platform for the global development community. A social entrepreneur and digital media executive, he's been a part of nine presidential campaigns and was a co-founder of a successful financial information company. Raj saw the world-shaping potential of Devex while a graduate student at the Harvard Kennedy School and promptly dropped out to build it. He has been profiled in Forbes, the Financial Times, Foreign Policy,...


63: Lean Impact Solutions to Social Problems w/ Ann Mei Chang

Ann Mei Chang is the Executive Director of Lean Impact at Lean Startup Co., a company that encourages all organizations, especially ones seeking solutions to social problems, to think like startups. She is also the author of the new book LEAN IMPACT: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good, which takes a closer look at the idea of applying entrepreneurial thinking to social problem solving and explores examples of how these theories have played out in advocacy organizations around...


62: Feedback Labs & Philanthropy w/ Dennis Whittle, CEO of Feedback Labs

Dennis Whittle has worked for the past 30 years in philanthropy and aid. He is currently the co-founder and CEO at Feedback Labs a consortium which aims to change the norms in development, aid, and philanthropic policy to be more responsive to the people that those policies aim to help. Dennis also co-founded and was the CEO of GlobalGiving, a global crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects. Forbes magazine called GlobalGiving “one of the 10 startups changing the world.”...


61: Hula Hooping to Empowering Social Entrepreneurs w/ Christina Lukeman, Agora

Christina Lukeman is Head of Investor Relations at Agora, an organization founded in 2005 as a modern-day “public square” that brings together key stakeholders to accelerate social entrepreneurship -- in order to create a positive social impact. Christina’s job is to play a kind of a “cupid” role by building relationships with social entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to put their money towards a worthwhile cause. Agora is among the first impact focused investment funds in Latin...


60: LEAPFROG: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs w/ Nathalie Molina Niño

Nathalie Molina Niño is the CEO of BRAVA Investments where she is committed to delivering returns to investors while making a catalytic impact on women in the world. She is also the author of the new book: LEAPFROG, The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs. In LEAPFROG, Nathalie provides her readers and aspiring entrepreneurs with 50 read more>>> The post 60: LEAPFROG: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs w/ Nathalie Molina Niño appeared first on Time4Coffee.


59: How a Nature Fix Can Boost Your Mood w/ Florence Williams

Florence William’s career as a journalist, author, podcaster, and reporter has frequently focused on the environment, health and science. On this episode of Time4Coffee, Florence discusses the health benefits of spending more time in the great outdoors, and how just one hour a week in nature can heighten your mood, improve your health, and ultimately make your life much better. She has gleaned these insights from her time investigating outdoor health therapies around the world including in...


58: Stress Less, Accomplish More With Meditation w/ Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is founder of Ziva and the creator of the Ziva Meditation Technique, which combines mindfulness, meditation and manifesting to promote high performance. A former musical theatre performer on Broadway, Emily came to the practice of meditation when she realized that she’d achieved her dream of acting on Broadway, and yet she was miserable. She was experiencing extremely high levels of stress, and they showed on her body: she kept getting sick and injured, making it hard to...


57: Zombie Brains & Psychiatry w/ Dr. Steven Schlozman

Harvard medical school’s Dr. Steven Schlozman, the co-director of MGH's Clay Center for Healthy Young Minds, has been obsessed with zombies since he was in elementary school. He loved sneaking into the movie theater and watching suspenseful, gory zombie films-- especially without his parents’ permission. It wasn’t until his 20s that Dr. Schlozman realized his second passion: psychiatry. He loved analyzing things that didn’t have a specific, textbook solution. He didn’t want to answer obvious...


56: This is Your Brain on Doritos w/ Dr. Ellen Vora

Dr. Ellen Vora is a board certified psychiatrist, acupuncturist, and yoga teacher, who takes a functional approach to mental health treatment. She believes in looking at her patients holistically, and addressing challenges at the source rather than with medication. Ellen specializes in depression, anxiety, insomnia, women’s mental health, adult ADHD, bipolar, autoimmunity, and digestive issues. After graduating from Yale University with an undergraduate degree in English, Dr. Vora continued...


55: Why College is a Brain Toxic Environment w/ Dr. Bill Stixrud & Ned Johnson

Dr. Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson are the co-authors of The Self-Driven Child: the Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives. The main thesis of this incredible book is that the best thing you can do for your child is to give them the freedom to fail. Don’t be fooled by the term “child” though, the advice in this episode is extremely relevant to 18-25 year old Java Junkies! Dr. Stixrud is a neuropsychologist who is specifically focused on the adolescent brain and the...


54: Because of Horses & the Pursuit of Professional Happiness w/ Elise Gaston Chand

Elise Gaston Chand has held a number of titles in a few different fields, since she graduated from Randolph-Macon Women’s College (now Randolph-Macon College). She started out as a reporter working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.. Elise then fell into the human resources field, where she worked for 3 decades for companies like Starbucks and Yum! Brands-- owner of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. She felt she had found the perfect career when, out of the blue, she was laid off. Elise felt...


53: Parkour and Ninja Warrior Star to Permaculture Entrepreneur w/ Levi Meeuwenberg

In his teens and early 20s, Levi Meeuwenberg was flipping off of walls, somersaulting over railings, and performing impossible stunts across the US as a professional parkour and stunt man. His extraordinary acrobatic skills helped him land gigs as a parkour dancer on one of Madonna’s World tours, as a star competitor on Japan’s Sasuke Ninja Warrior, and even as a stunt man in The Avengers (he briefly doubled Captain America) and in the movie The Bourney Legacy (he doubled Jeremy Renner)! But...


52: Soccer Thinking For Management Success w/ Peter Loge

Peter Loge is an expert in the realm of politics in public policy, serving in senior positions for three members of the House of Representatives, the late Senator Kennedy, and under the Obama Administration. In his impressive career as a strategic and communications consultant, Peter has worked as a senior advisor to the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, a position which was created for him. Drawing from his experience, he penned the book Soccer Thinking For Management...


51: Mobsters, Monks & Spartans w/ Joe De Sena, Founder & CEO of Spartan Race

Joe De Sena has always been guided by his entrepreneurial drive. Before applying to Cornell University, Joe had already built a multimillion dollar pool business in his hometown New York City. After his studies at Cornell, where he majored in Textiles, Joe’s passion took him to Wall Street and then to Vermont, where his business acumen helped him operate and manage an organic farm among other ventures. It was here where Joe first developed his idea for the Spartan Races – the international...


50: World Series Champs Houston Astros Int’l Scouting Manager, Eve Rosenbaum

Eve Rosenbaum is the Manager of International Scouting for the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros. It’s a dream come true for this baseball lover who played ball most of her life, including playing softball in college. Shortly after graduating, her childhood dream came true. Today, Eve scouts baseball stars around the world, frequently travelling to Colombia and the Dominican Republic to watch up and coming international teenagers test their baseball chops. She also manages the...


49: How to Break Into Movie Marketing w/ George Leon, Cakewalk Entertainment

George Leon is the CEO and founder of Cakewalk Entertainment, a full-service promotional marketing entertainment agencies which pushes entertainment properties and brands beyond the silver screen and into consumers’ everyday lives. With more than 25 years of experience, Leon is a one-of-a-kind specialist in global promotions and franchise development in the entertainment space. As EVP of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Leon pioneered a new franchise strategy by bringing promotions, consumer...


48: Social Media Marketing 101 w/ Hope Greenberg, co-Founder of Soapbox Strategists

Hope Greenberg is the co-Founder of Soapbox Strategists a digital media agency that helps clients capture hearts (and dollars) in the online world. But Hope’s journey to where she is today began in the analogue world. She spent nine years as the fashion director at Lucky Magazine, prior to which she was the fashion director at Self Magazine and an editor at Mirabella and Harper’s Bazaar. Most recently, Hope worked as an editorial, product, partnership, marketing and public relations...