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The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720

The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720
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Chicago, IL


The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720




The Wintrust Business Lunch 8/17/18: Tech Giants in Chicago, The Yoga Lifestyle Industry, & Chicago’s Pension Problem

Chicago is the place to be from a business perspective because there is plenty of opportunity and growth. Ben Meyerson told Steve Bertrand about the new Google store coming to the West Loop after they already established a satellite office in the neighborhood not too long ago. MacKenzie Rogge then explained the massive jump in the yoga lifestyle industry with Joriki tapping into the market, Ed Bacharach explained the history behind Chicago’s pension problem (along with a potential solution),...


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/16/18: Alex Jones off Twitter, Voice Activated Apartments, & Low Relocation Rates

Twitter made a highly anticipated move about blocking the account of the controversial voice of Alex Jones, but Ian Sherr explained to Steve Bertrand that it was exactly what people thought. Bill Geiger jumped on the program to remind listeners about the importance of a “game plan” when it comes to retirement, Dennis Rodkin is excited to chat about the newest voice activated apartments in Chicago, and Andrew Challenger noted the details behind the dropping number of relocations in their […]


Bill Geiger Notes the Difference Between An Investment Plan and A Retirement Plan

There is a big difference between an investment plan and a retirement plan. Steve Bertrand (Host of The Wintrust Business Lunch) and Bill Geiger (Geiger Wealth Management) discussed the difference between the two and the value that comes with both of these but a retirement plan needs a little bit more finessing.


The Wintrust Business Lunch 8/14/18: The Royal® Flushometer, “The Great Believers”, & Tattoos in The Workplace

The market was pretty happy by the time Steve Bertrand started the show, but there’s always something for Jon Najarian‘s to be talking about. Our very own Lou Manfredini and Jim Allen then joined the show to talk about the overlooked importance of The Royal® Flushometer from Sloan which Lou will talk more about during the upcoming event at the Cubby Bear on August 25th. Rebecca Makkai then switched gears by previewing her new book diving deep into the AIDS crisis […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/13/18: The Reinvented Phone Charger, Finding a Mortgage in The Shifting Real Estate Times, & A Lethal Cookbook?

The week is off an running as Steve Bertrand caught up with Jim Dallke to find out what’s going on with the Chicago tech world including the reinvented phone charger and a job fair for the transgender community in the city. Barry Sturner checked in with the latest from the mortgage industry to explain why he sees the real estate market shifting and Randi Shaffer is warning social media users about a potentially lethal cookbook.


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/11/18: Josh Noel, Brigid Sweeney, Ally Marotti, Michelle Cortez

Amy Guth discusses business news of the week, including how Anheuser-Busch became a big player in the world of craft beer, how Chicago restaurants are trying to become eco-friendly, the slowly growing medical marijuana industry in Illinois, and a security flaw that has allowed some people with diabetes to bypass the insulin delivery business.


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/10/18: Drone Deliveries On The Way, Emotional Intelligence, & Slumping Beer Sales

Why is Steve Bertrand interested in a birthday party in Virginia? Andrea Hanis explained that one particular party was significant because it was the first drone delivery of it’s kind and it could be just the beginning of many. Tom Gimbel shared with listeners about how to express emotional intelligence during and interview, Adam Ducker has the research results of just how many people are flocking to more urban areas, and Kate Taylor is sending out the SOS for the […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/9/18: Kroger Pushing Back Against Credit Card Fees, Alex Jones on Twitter, & Buying Rental Properties

Major retail chains accepting credit cards are something consumers just expect but Maria LaMagna shared the news with Steve Bertrand about the efforts from the parent company of Kroger is rejecting Visa credit cards due to large fees. Bill Geiger reminded listeners that these impressive bull markets always have an end point, Ian Sherr shared his two cents about whether Alex Jones should be allowed to stay on Twitter, and Ilyce Glink thinks that buying a rental property is a […]


A Reminder That Good Times In The Markets ALWAYS End

The market moves in cycles, and Bill Geiger joined Steve Bertrand to remind him of this and we are currently in one of the long bull market cycles in market history. Steve and Bill touched on how investing to prepare for the down times is best for peace of mind and a sound retirement.


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/8/18: American/Chinese Tariffs, Chicago’s New Destination Neighborhood, & “You Just Aren’t a Good Fit…”

Terry Savage believes that, “…nobody got ahead in the tariff war” after news today of China announcing new tariffs on another round of American goods. Steve Bertrand learned from Terry that it could lead to a large domino effect to consumer’s daily financial lives. Frank Sennett then explained where the city of Chicago is building a new destination neighborhood, and Gretchen Van Vlymen is warning employers why the phrase, “you just aren’t a good fit” could get them in hot water. […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/7/18: Our Selfie Obsessed World, Poverty in IL, & Reviewing Peer-to-Peer Payment Apps

After recapping his curiosities about the market this week Jon Najarian caught up with Steve Bertrand to provide some insight into the ups and downs such as Tesla experiencing a daily jump while Seline Shanoy then joined Steve to provided perspective on the beauty obsessed culture many industries are cashing in on and how to feel better about one’s self-esteem. Ted Cox then rounded out the hour by sharing up to date statistics on poverty in Illinois and Tobie Stanger […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/6/18: A Tinder Like Restaurant App, Lime Scooters in Chicago, & Facebook Cracking Down

Katherine Davis is flying solo on the show today to tell Steve Bertrand about the latest tech stories including the Tinder like app to find a restaurant, Gabriel Scheer explained why there’s a buzz with the addition of electric scooters to the city’s transportation options, and Randi Shaffer is covering all of the social media sites that are being pickier about the content they are allowing on their site.


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/4/18: Michael Hawthorne, Max Chafkin, Greg Trotter

Amy Guth discusses business stories of the week, including lawsuits against Foxconn in Wisconsin and other companies in Indiana, Apple’s new $1 trillion evaluation, and two local companies, one disbanding and one expanding.


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/3/18: MoviePass Looking For Direction, Restaurants Utilizing Data, & Lollaplaooza

The movie industry is a big business but it can be tough to crack into and settle down with success. Steve Bertrand caught up with Andrea Hanis about the shuttering MoviePass that is having a tough time as they up their subscription price by 50%. Tom Gimbel then shared his perspective about how Apple can stay at the top of the business food chain, Brad Rukstales explained why sharing some data could actually benefit a consumer, and Front Row Phyllis […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/2/18: The South Side Rehab Boom

A shortened show due to the White Sox game but Dennis Rodkin still swung by to visit with Steve to chat about a company that is working to rehab south side homes, renting them out, and attempting to stabilize the housing market in Chicago’s hurting neighborhoods. Bill Geiger and Steve Bertrand then closed out the show to review the what the Federal Reserves recent meeting means for retirement portfolios.


Bill Geiger is Focusing on The Future Values of Bonds

The Federal reserve is moving along according the economy’s anticipated plan, but is that a benefiting consumer portfolios? Steve Bertrand and Bill Geiger sorted through some of the latest market news that impacts retired and soon to be retired consumers.


Wintrust Business Lunch 8/1/18: A Term Life Insurance Update, O’hare Airport Renovation Concerns, & Uncommon Ground

After overcoming a few technical difficulties, Steve Bertrand and Terry Savage setted into their weekly conversation to recap the markets and Terry’s latest column about term life insurance. Frank Sennett then jumped on to discuss the newest additions to the O’hare terminals that would benefit western suburbanites, and Helen Cameron revisited the show to discuss the 10 year anniversary of Uncommon Ground in Chicago appreciating their rooftop farm.


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/31/18: Call me MiSTER Program, Cinespace Stirring The Film Industry & The Meal Pack Challenge

A flurry of market news to sort through, so Steve Bertrand and Jon Najarian touched on it all to kick off the show. Alfred Tatum then explained how UIC’s “Call Me MiSTER” Program is helping recruit Africa-American & Latino males to change the world of education, Alex Pissios is bringing the movie industry back to Chicago through Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, and Rick Dunlop shed some light on the poverty rate for senior citizens across the Illinois area and how […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/28/18: Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz & Heather Haddon

On this Saturday edition of the Wintrust Business Lunch, Amy Guth discuses with Chicago Tribune’s Alexia Eljalde-Ruiz about employment among the disabled community and the window washer strike. Then later is joined on the show with Wall Street Journal’s Heather Haddon to talk in depth about the new and growing business in meal kits, why it is so difficult to maintain and what if the future of this business.


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/30/18: A Bus Company Buying a Tech Company, Ray Graham Association, & Twitter Shadow Banning

Every respective industry is seeing their own king of disruption, but Steve Bertrand wouldn’t have guessed that a charter bus company is working to spearhead innovation. Thanks to the reporting from Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis he was able to learn all about it. Kim Zoeller then joined Steve for the monthly Wintrust Community Leader conversation touching on the way Ray Graham Association is helping people with disabilities find jobs, and Randi Shaffer sorted out the internet discussion...