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The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720

The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720
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Chicago, IL


The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720




Wintrust Business Lunch 6/23/18: Natalie Kitroeff, Steve Daniels

Amy Guth talks to New York Times reporter Natalie Kitroeff about her recent investigation of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, why it is still so rampant, and what can be done to change that. Then, Steve Daniels from Crain’s Chicago Business explains the difficulty of reforming the Illinois electricity market (


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/22/18: Overqualified for Jobs, Identifying Facts vs Opinions, & The Chicago Pride Parade

Taxes are a thing Chicagoans are very familiar with, and now they can add another tax to the list. Andrea Hanis told Steve Bertrand about the latest development in states charging sales taxes for online sales which could help brick and mortar businesses. Tom Gimbel had a message to younger professionals that its OK to be over qualified during the beginnings of a career, while Michael Barthel presented the concerning results from research about people unable to recognize fact vs […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/21/18: A Gold Coast Party House, Online Shopping Sales Tax, & Pay Your Property Taxes Today

Chicago was under water in two ways today – flooding in the Chicago area along with low recover rates in the real estate market. Steve Bertrand and Dennis Rodkin kicked around the real estate subject to get a good feel of where the market really stands, and they also discussed a house in the Gold Coast that has a bad reputation. Bill Geiger jumped in studio to review what needs to happen to retire with confidence, Ian Sherr shared some […]


The Wintrust Business Lunch 6/19/18: Global Finances, Lendr, & Women Owned Intren Shaking Up The Industry

Keeping up with Jon Najarian can be challenge because money is global and so is he. Jon joined Steve Bertrand live from Monaco to share his insight into today’s market . Tim Roach then joined the program to explain how Lendr helps small businesses succeed, with Jason Tafler helping busy people utilize biofeedback meditation from Unyte, and Kelly Tomblin is shaking up the traditional with her female lead utility contractor company – INTREN.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/18/18: Bike Share Room For Growth, 2018 M & D Report, and Students Reporting Students

The first show in the new studios marks the next chapter for Steve Bertrand with the Wintrust Business Lunch, and what better way start it by kicking things off with Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis from Chicago Inno to touch on the big push from the bike share industry. Jerry Murphy explained why manufacturers are experiencing some growing pains with the Internet of Things and Randi Shaffer shared how a new app could help students report suspicious activity in schools.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/16/18: Brenda Langstraat

Jon Hansen sits down with Brenda Langstraat, Chief Executive Officer at WITS, an organization dedicated to building literacy skills in Chicago children.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/14/18: Deciphering Food Labels & Spikes in Male Plastic Surgery

Do you know what goes into the food labeling process? Jon Hansen learned about the difference between “USDA Organic”, and “Natural” from Charlotte Vallaeys from Consumer Report. Dr. Jeffery Janis then shared details behind the recent spike in Botox procedures for men.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/12/18: AT&T-Time Warner Merger, Cyber-Crime Fighting Dogs, & Interest Rates

Tensions were high after the market yesterday and now they are playing out today with the down market, so Amy Guth checked in with Jon Najarian to learn about the biggest shakers which is looking like the AT&T-TimeWarner Merger. Taylor Tepper shared the unfortunate feelings Americans have towards financial readiness when they retire, Roger Cheng explained how dogs are fighting cyber-crime, and Timothy Duy explained how the Federal Reserve’s strategy towards interest rates could change soon.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/11/18: JLL Enters The VC World, CEO’s Are Heading Out, & Protecting Kids Online

Amy Guth kicked off the week, filling in for Steve Bertrand to chat with Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis and learned about how the real estate giant (JLL) could get creating a giant impact on venture capitalism. Andrew Challenger explained how why CEO’s have been leaving their jobs more often than last year, while Randi Shaffer shared some thought about about how digital marketing firms should keep their strategies away from young users.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6.9.18 | Susan Berfield, Renae Merle, Paul Sullivan

Susan Berfield talks about her thorough account of how and why Toys R Us collapsed. Renae Merle reports on Mick Mulvaney firing all 25 members of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s board and goes into what the CFPB does, why he fired them and where the Bureau goes from here. In honor of the Belmont Stakes, Paul Sullivan talks about the sometimes risky business of horse breeding.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/8/18: Leaving Tribune Tower, “Stay Interviews” & Private Investigators

Rounding out one of Steve Bertrand‘s last show at the Tribune Tower before the move to the new location, Andrea Hanis took some time to reminisce about working in the historic Chicago location. Of course, they found some time to touch on some business stories as well. Tom Gimbel explained why every company should have regular “stay interviews”, Vugar Askerli provided some insight into the private investigation industry through Culper, while Gretchen Van Vlymen has noticed the big changes...


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/6/18: Money Managers, Northwestern Pharma Developments, & The 2018 Tyree Award Winner

Money management can be very confusing, and that’s why it’s a difficult job that not everyone can do. However knowing the difference between managers that are looking out for your money or looking to profit off your money is easy, and that’s why Terry Savage chats with Steve Bertrand. Frank Sennett then explained how much money Northwestern is using to help better the pharmaceuticals industry, and GMA Construction Group is the 2018 James Tyree winner and Cornelius Griggs explained how […]


The 2018 Tyree Award Winner: GMA Construction Group

Steve Bertrand (Host of The Wintrust Business Lunch) talked with the three finalists for the 2018 James Tyree Emerging Business Leadership Award, and the winner is GMA Construction Group. Steve sat down with Cornelius Griggs ones more time to learn what he plans to do with the $50,000.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/5/18: Kate Spade Dead at 55, Suzanne Muchin, & Hoekstra Across America

News broke before the show that fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead in her apartment today shaking the parent company Tapestry, so Steve Bertrand and Jon Najarian broke down the story along with other business news to kick off the show. Bridget Reidy is furthering the success of girls through introducing them to the game of golf. Suzanne Muchin shared her input on the female versions of movie remakes, and Dave Hoekstra previewed his latest travel book in an old […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/4/18: Uber Cheaper Than Cars, Open Listings, & Insta-Famous Pets

Shaking up traditional industries is what many startups are all about, and in recent years, Uber has been the standard for that. Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis told Steve Bertrand about the study that looked at the option of buying a car and spending money on ride sharing, and it’s cheaper to rely on Uber in Chicago. Judd Schoenholtz shared the story behind how he created an app to make buying a home much simpler without a realtor, and Randi […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/2/18: Samantha Bomkamp, AJ Dellinger

Amy Guth discusses the food truck case against the city of Chicago that is headed to the state Supreme Court, and why Spotify removed their “hateful conduct” policy.


Wintrust Business Lunch 6/1/18: Tech Growing in Chicago, Office Etiquette, & Jobs Report

Amazon has the spotlight when it comes to growth because of their second headquarters, but the other tech giants are moving forward as well. Andrea Hanis told Steve Bertrand about the massive offices that Google and Facebook are gobbling up to expand their presence here in the Windy City. Michelle Reisdorf explained how office etiquette is being recognized by managers and employees alike, Mark Hamrick shared the great results from the monthly jobs report, and Front Row Phyllis kept her […]


Believe It Or Not, Driving Fatalities Are Actually Dropping…

Transportation is a hot subject these days due to the technological changes but Mary Wisniewski (Transportation Reporter at Chicago Tribune) found that the tech is leading drivers down safe roads when looking at car-related fatalities. Steve Bertrand (Host of The Wintrust Business Lunch) discussed what exactly has lead to these positive findings, but also the new factors that are causing the current fatalities.


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/31/18: Historically Low Driving Fatalities, Uber Updates, & Walmart Benefits

Distracted driving is one of the bigger concerns for many countries, but Mary Wisniewski dove into the number of fatalities from driving and distracted driving isn’t one of the biggest concerns as Steve Bertrand learned. Bill Geiger settled the minds of retirees about what to do when the pension runs out, Ian Sherr explained the latest security feature from the Uber App to protect users and Ilyce Glink shared what Walmart is doing to fight one of America’s biggest financial problems.


Wintrust Business Lunch 5/29/18: Starbucks Closes For Training, Kids Becoming Doctors, & In Praise of Wasting Time

Daily routines are important for many people’s workday, and coffee has become part of that daily routine. Steve Bertrand kicked off the show by checking in with Kim Gordon and how Starbucks closing its stores for anti-bias training today will impact the business. Dale Buss then shed some light on the direction of traditional automakers that are pushing against Tesla, Dr. Dale Okorodudu is helping kids become doctors, and Alan Lightman explained how we all could use some more time […]