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The modern telly

We look to Cambodia, which in recent years has emerged as a very attractive destination for investors, particularly among the Japanese. We also check-in at Melbourne’s Hotel Windsor for the city’s favourite high tea as the luxury icon’s future is still in doubt. Plus: we ask what role architecture plays in creating a cosy home and preview a new television from Samsung that comes complete with a high-end design.

Checking out of Tokyo’s Hotel Okura

It’s a sad week in Tokyo as we bid farewell to one of the city’s most beloved architectural marvels, the Hotel Okura. We also hear from a company that specialises in bringing that cosy-home feeling to those who constantly find themselves on the move. And touching down in Singapore, we hear how the importance of community plays a central role in creating a cosy home. Plus: the final chapter of our interview with former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer.

Eco luxury makes a splash in Cambodia

Is Japan’s rail system too safe? We tune in to the difficulties facing Tokyo as it tries to market its famous transport internationally. We’re also in Melbourne where designing a high-end hair salon and a cocktail lounge is all in a day’s work for architect Travis Walton. Plus: we continue our interview with former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer and check-in to an eco-luxury resort making waves in Cambodia.

Grand plans

Superb wine, delicious food and a restaurant design sure to impress. We’re in Melbourne, where culinary magic is a serious business. We also head to Japan, where developers and government officials are trading barbs over preparations for the 2020 Olympics. Plus: we check-in at a new luxury high-rise in Hong Kong and get the best of Singapore in 24 hours.