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145: Protecting capital through proper risk management with Aaron Brown

I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ve had some interesting times in the markets so far this year. There has been an increase in uncertainty, higher volatility and even outside of the markets there have been a number of events that seem to be impacting the markets. Some traders may be seeing the current market environment as riskier than it has been in the recent past, while other traders may be enjoying the increased opportunity, but whichever way you look at it, there is something that...


144: Building dynamic trading strategies with Trader Janie

One of the biggest issues we have as systematic and algorithmic traders is that the markets are dynamic and constantly changing, however its quite common to build trading strategies that are static and are designed to take advantage of an optimal set of conditions which don’t actually last very long, if at all. This can cause periods of good and poor performance as trading strategies fall in and out of sync with the markets, so it makes logical sense to try including some adaptive...


143: The 'DNA approach' to trading with Bruce Vanstone

The discovery of DNA as well as the understanding of its function and structure may be one of the most important discoveries of the last century. As researchers continue to unlock its secrets, the applications to the scientific, medical, agricultural and forensics fields has been enormous. From enabling the breeding of animals and crops that are better resistant to disease, to being able to accurately identify criminals and victims, and even to detect diseases early on and create...


142: Mastering the Fundamentals with Martin Lembak

The idea for this podcast episode has its roots in a trip I made to the States last year. I was at a conference and one of the speakers was 1993 Karate World Champion Ricardo Teixeira. Ricardo was explaining how he came about becoming World Karate Champion and he shared his #1 secret to achieving this success, any ideas what it was? It was something that sounds incredibly boring, but it produces big results, and that is: Mastering the fundamentals. Ricardo explained that leading up to...


141: Models are like unicorns - with Kevin Saunders

We have a really interesting one here for you today, one that may challenge your existing thoughts on trading models. I know this episode has certainly made me think about it from a different angle, so I hope you enjoy this. Our guest for this episode is Kevin Saunders from Tribelet Capital. Kevin is a specialist in electronic trading across many international exchanges, co-founding Non Correlated Capital in 2009, which later became a licensed CTA with more than USD 40 million under...


140: Forecasting a Volatility Tsunami with Andrew Thrasher

In this podcast episode we’re going to be talking about something that can have a huge impact on the markets and on trading strategies. It’s something that can happen very quickly and cause a lot of damage, and that is spikes in volatility. And our special guest to discuss volatility spikes today is Andrew Thrasher, who published a research paper called ‘Forecasting a Volatility Tsunami’, which won the Charles Dow award in 2017. Whenever the VIX is at low levels we here all about in the...


139: Generating alpha from institutional activity with Jason Bodner

Welcome to the first podcast episode for 2018, happy new year! I hope that you had a great Christmas or holiday season and all the best for 2018. In this podcast episode we’re talking about the impacts that large institutions can have on the markets, especially on stocks, and how certain institutional behaviours can indicate potentially big moves in prices. Our special guest is Jason Bodner from Macro Analytics for Professionals (MAP). His previous experience working some big...


138 - 2017 roundup: the year in review

Well here we are, another year gone (and so fast too!). I’m glad you could join me for this final episode for 2017, where we’ll be reviewing all of the special guests we had on the show this year, the topics and insights they've shared plus their top trading lessons. I think this is a great way to look back, to be reminded of some of the key points, and all of the amazing knowledge our guests have shared with us this year. Also, thanks for all of the emails of support and appreciation...


137: Profiting from persistent market anomalies with Dimitri Speck

Our guest for this podcast episode, Dimitri Speck, first became interested in the markets as a child when he found gold while diving at the beach. And even though trading isn't usually as easy as just picking up gold off the ground, Dimitri has spent years diving deep into the markets and uncovering hidden and consistent anomalies that traders and investors of all styles can profit from. In this episode he's going to share some of these powerful insights with us, including:


136: Anticipating market action and "pain points" with John Carter

A few weeks ago we organised a family holiday for December. We booked a luxury villa in Port Douglas and we’re all really excited to get there and start enjoying the holiday. Last year the Huffington Post published an article about vacations, and shared a study in a journal claiming that just planning or anticipating your trip can make you happier than actually taking it. I’m not sure if anticipating a holiday is more fun than actually taking it (I guess that depends on whether you have...


135: How "balance" can make us better traders

I can’t believe it’s only 4 weeks until Christmas! We’ve got the Christmas ads running on the TV here already... The local grocery store has the Christmas decorations up... And they’re even playing Christmas carols - can you believe that? At home my 5-year-old daughter is already priming me for what she wants from Santa this year, which by the way is pretty much everything on TV right now! 2017 has gone by really fast and we’re coming into a time of reflection and rest, time to take a...


134: Constructing a strong portfolio for higher returns and lower drawdowns

The Petronas towers in Malaysia are the tallest twin towers in the world at 452m (1483 ft) tall. Because of the ground underneath the building site, they had to put in some deep foundations, up to 114m (374 ft) deep. Without these deep foundations, the building would run into problems. In fact, during construction, at around the 72 floor, they discovered that tower 2 was leaning 25 mm (0.98in) from vertical, so to correct that lean the next 16 floors were slanted back the other...


133: Building Mean Reversion trading strategies with Cesar Alvarez - Part

And we're back for the final episode in this 3-part series on building Mean Reversion strategies with Cesar Alvarez from Alvarez Quant Trading. In the 1st episode we discussed the goal of Mean Reversion trading, how to select a trading universe, a number of effective techniques to measuring Mean Reversion and how to combine indicators to identify better quality trades. In the 2nd episode we discussed market classification, trade ranking, exits, order types, position sizing, risk control...


132: How to track poor strategy performance

A few weeks ago I got the fright of my life. I found myself in a situation where I could potentially be crushed by a car, or perhaps even a bus or truck. Find out what happens and how it applies to tracking the performance degradation of trading strategies (before they kill your account).


131: What strategies work best in low volatility environments?

I’ve just arrived back home from a few weeks in the States, I had a great time there but it’s also good to be home. I’m a bit jet-lagged today so let’s hope what I share today actually makes sense! A few weeks ago I had the honour of speaking at the ATAA members meeting here in Melbourne. I presented for about an hour and the topic of my presentation was ‘7 practical tips to reducing drawdown’. In this weeks Trading Thought I want to share a quick story from that and how it applies to...


130: Building Mean Reversion trading strategies Part 2 with Cesar Alvarez

And we're back for the 2nd episode in this 3-part series on building Mean Reversion strategies with Cesar Alvarez from Alvarez Quant Trading. In the first episode we discussed the goal of Mean Reversion trading, how to select a trading universe, a number of effective techniques to measuring Mean Reversion and how to combine indicators to identify better quality trades. If you haven't listened to that episode yet, you should check it out first here. In this 2nd episode in the Mean...


129 - Does it actually make sense to ALWAYS use a stop loss?

Have you ever wondered: I'm sure there are reasons for all of these, but on the surface they don't seem to make sense. What about stop losses, do they make sense? We often hear the trading rule of 'always use a stop loss', no matter what, use it everywhere, but… Does it actually make sense to ALWAYS use a stop loss? Or are there occasions when using a stop loss DOESNT make sense? And if so, how do you handle that? How do you manage your risk? In this week’s trading thought, we’re...


128: Where to find 'phenomenal' trade setups

As you probably know, we’re currently focusing on Mean Reversion trading strategies. In episode 127, Cesar Alvarez shared a number of techniques to measuring Mean Reversion and identifying setups. There was probably close to 10, maybe 12 different ideas Cesar shared with us, so there are lots of ways to measure Mean Reversion when looking for trade setups. Are any techniques better than others? In this weeks Trading Thought I want to add a little bit more to the insights Cesar...


127: Building Mean Reversion trading strategies with Cesar Alvarez - Part 1

We’ve got something special organised for you here... This is the 1st episode in a special 2-part series on building Mean Reversion trading strategies. And to discuss Mean Reversion we have a special guest, someone who has been on the podcast a couple of times already - Cesar Alvarez from Alvarez Quant Trading. Those of you who know Cesars work would be aware that he is a Mean Reversion specialist. He has a wealth of knowledge on Mean Reversion trading that he's going to share with us...


126: Protection in a market downturn

It seems from the emails I’ve been getting lately that more and more traders are becoming concerned about the state of the markets, especially the stock markets, which is understandable. And the concern is really around what’s going to happen when the stockmarkets start falling. What could happen to their strategies and accounts and how can they prepare for it now? How can they protect their portfolios? One form of protection that often comes up is using diversification to reduce...


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