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The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.

The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.


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The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.






Episode 470: Dystopian vs. Utopian

Host Jason Henrichs kicks today's episode off with song — it's not to be missed and neither are the conversations with Michael Kitces, Nerd's Eye View and then Theodora Lau, Unconventional Ventures. The markets are a bit frightful and there is strain on individuals and financial service providers. Our guests address the role of technology and empathy. Michael covers the role tech plays in financial planning. Much has been said of robo-advisors but there are parts of the process and the...


Episode 469: Seven Generations of Economic Opportunity

In honor of Native American Heritage Month and Day (11/25) we have an incredible episode hosted by Amber Buker and Jason Henrichs. First, Amber speaks with Dawson Her Many Horses, SVP & Head of Native American Banking about Wells Fargo's new report on Indian Country’s Once-In-a-Seven Generation Opportunity. Wells Fargo is a leading provider of capital for the native american and Alaska native markets banking 4 out of 10 federally recognized tribes in the US, equating to roughly $3B in credit...


Episode 468: Rapping Up M20/20 ’22

The party goes on....or does it? Are we back to normal before things went crazy? Jason kicks this episode off with a conversation with Jason Mikula, Fintech Business Weekly. They dive into one of JH's favorite topics....interchange! Listen as The Jasons discuss payments, rewards, mobile wallets and the rise of commerce players (Walmart and Amazon) becoming more fintech focused with what they do. Then JP connects with Nick Chandi, CEO and Co-Founder, Forward AI created to solve SMB cash flow...


Episode 467: Improving Access to the Global Economy

This week JP Nicols continues exploring the risks and opportunities in the global economy and how to balance fraud and friction with these live recordings from Money 20/20 in Las Vegas. We start in Latin America, with Sergio Almageur. Founder and CEO of Yaydoo, which simplifies finance with its B2B payment automation tools and helps small businesses manage invoices, payables, receivables, and cross-border payments. Then we connect with Misha Esipov from Nova Credit and discuss how they’re...


Episode 466: New Paradigms for Fintech Investing & The Good Future

If you want to play the game, learn the players. Listen as Amber Buker records live from the MoneyPot podcast booth at M20/20 with Kelsey Weaver, a Founder, Investor, Bank Board Member and Philanthropist, and Siya Vansia, SVP, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer, ConnectOne Bank. The OG Fintech Girl Gang members share insights on what fintechs need to do as investment dollars tighten and how bank investors are creating new paradigms that recognize value is not the same as valuation. Then,...


Episode 465: Balancing Friction and Fraud in the Global Economy

Everyone talks about reducing friction, but could there be too much of a good thing? New research shows that in processes like account opening making it too easy actually reduce’s the customer’s confidence. Today’s theme is about balancing fraud and friction in the global economy… in identity verification, onboarding, payments, payroll, and more. First JP Nicols talks with Michael Ramsbacker, Chief Product Officer from Trulioo, then Eynat Guez, Cofounder and CEO of Papaya Global joins the...


Episode 464: Second Wave BaaS & “Deep Tech”

A boutique bank with a big vision! Seattle Bank's Josh Williams, EVP Chief Banking Officer and Head of Partnerships speaks with Jason Henrichs about Seattle Bank's forward-leaning approach and how they are leveraging tech to guide BaaS partnerships. Call it BaaS' second era, they talk about the next iteration of BaaS, embedded finance, and what banks have to get right if they want to compete in the space. Seattle Bank is keeping its eye on the puck and where it's going as they continue to...


Episode 463: Future of Work & Future Work

Work practices have changed. Attracting and retaining talent is more critical than ever. There are three pillars in helping generate meaningful work behavior -- character, leadership and culture -- all three so important. Listen as Brett King speaks with Making Meaningful Work authors Daniel Szuc and Jo Wong about how these pillars and soft skills are needed to make work more human. With digital nomads adopting different working styles, how do you create culture? The three M's will help with...


Episode 462: Innovation IRL

Back to life, back to reality . Or at least back to "in real life." Conferences are back. Finovate had its largest show ever in New York City and the Provoke team is crisscrossing the globe to speak, record and fight. That's right, fintech fight club made another appearance at Finovate with Lindsay Davis of Atomic squaring off against Mary Wisniewski from Bankrate. The best fight yet and it's available at This week far fewer punches but Jim Marous, Chloe James and Jason Henrichs...

Episode 461: You Can’t Cut Your Way to Greatness: Where to Invest?

Opportunity abounds for those willing to go after things differently. Being a fast follower doesn't work, fintech is compromising the model and traditional infrastructure is being pushed on. It's time to solve hard problems! After crisscrossing the globe to speak at industry events, meet with leaders and record, the Breaking Banks hosts are all at their mics to talk about global trends in innovation, fintech and broader tech, and the effect on incumbent banks and challenger banks. They offer...


Episode 460: The Regulatory Complexity of Banking as a Service

Some like it hot and that would include the regulators. The acting comptroller of currency has been very public about unseen risks and unintended consequences that can disrupt the financial system. Kiah Haslett, Managing Editor at Bank Director and Alex Johnson, creator of Fintech Takes and host Jason Henrichs break it down while eating hot wings. This episode is hotter than the Trinidad Scorpion sauce that almost made Jason cry.


Episode 459: Building Trust & Expanding Reach

Building trust with those who never opted-in and those who opted-out of the system is central in today's conversation with three founders from two neobanks that are making a difference, Obsidian Bank's Damon Kirk and Steven Farrar, and Totem’s Amber Buker. Each neobank has it's unique needs and challenges, but there is commonality. Obsidian Bank serving the Black Community and Totem the Native American community. The segment is enlightening, each is an active participant in the community...


Episode 458: Vulnerability & Thriving on Overload

Interested in both a positive, beneficial relationship with information and excelling at work and other ventures? Listen as Ross Dawson and Brett King discuss Ross's latest book, Thriving on Overload, and cover topics like flourishing in an accelerating world. Achieve superior outcomes in all aspects of your life by developing 5 powers that together enable extraordinary performance: purpose, framing, filtering, attention, and synthesis. Become an information master! But first, fresh from...


Episode 457: Payments: Australia Making its Mark & The Book of Crypto

In Episode 444, we feature a segment on what makes Australia a great environment for fintech innovators. Our series continues with this episode’s focus on payments. First, Brett connects with Paul Byrne, CEO of Zai, a paytech company boldly transforming the future of financial services, powering mid-market and enterprise level business customers, and automating payment workflow so executives can focus on running their businesses. Then Brett speaks with Damian Kassabgi, Head of International...


Episode 456: Think Like A Brand & The Metaverse is a Branding Statement

Learn about 5 practical strategies to unlock innovation, connect with customers and grow. In this week's episode Jason Henrichs and Jim Marous, The Financial Brand, interview Allison Netzer and Liz High about their book Think Like A Brand Not A Bank. Maybe you don't necessarily put the customer first. Great brands get great returns every time. Then Brett King takes over the mic with his The Futurist co-host Robert Tercek as they speak with Glenn White about the Metaverse as a Branding...


Episode 455: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

In This Episode In this episode, host JP Nicols connects with Greg Palmer of Finovate about new entrants in the fintech space, companies spotlighting new launches who are eager to share their tech and what they can do for our industry at Finovate Fall. Finovate is all about showcasing cutting-edge banking and financial technology, supporting new companies and new ideas, particularly those not exactly in the mainstream now but looking to tackle upcoming challenges. We finish with Fintech...


Episode 454: Transhumanism: Enhancing The Human Condition

In This Episode In this week’s episode Brett King and Robert Tercek, Brett’s The Futurists cohost, interview two-time presidential candidate, entrepreneur, journalist and futurist, Zoltan Istvan. We dive into how the species might evolve to adapt to living with AI, a changing climate and even to life off-planet. It's controversial, dynamic and the philosophy and ethics of humanity are front and center in the debate. We’ll see you in the future!


Episode 453: Made in Canada: Principles Based Consumer Innovation & Keeping Customers Happy



Episode 452: Crypto In the Bank Boardroom & Delight First, Deliver Second

Today, Brett King and David Birch connect with two executives from FIS about bank board-level conversations they are having. Listen as Himal Makwana, SVP Head of Product Strategy & New Initiatives and Fiaz Sindhu, VP Mid-tier and Community Banks cover discussions andstrategies for banks to be competitive in the crypto space, how bank clients are engaging with crypto today, and how banks can be moreinvolved in the sweeping changes that crypto and blockchain are having on tradfi. Then Amber...


Episode 451: AWS Bets Big on Black and Women Founders & Harmonizing Taxes

This week on Breaking Banks hosts Jason Henrichs and Brett King catch up with DIVINE, Victor D. Lombard CEO & Founder, about his new startup Solvent, an AIO financial empowerment and wealth building platform for the system impacted, and Denise Quashie head of AWS Impact Accelerator for Black Founders, with Solvent one of 25 in this cohort, where black founders get the resources, training, tech and support needed to scale their startup faster, the accelerator works with startups in and out of...