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Episode 029 - Imagine It Forward

On Episode 29, we’ve got Beth Comstock in for a two-part discussion about her new book, Imagine it Forward. In part one, we talk about what it was like when she took on the CMO role at GE, how confidence plays a role, and how she dealt with feedback. Plus, we learn how she got GE to adopt a marketing mind. It was a fascinating discussion. Hope you enjoy it.


Season Two Preview

We're getting ready for the second season of Confessions of a Marketer. We're lining up some great guests, including Beth Comstock, former vice chair of GE; Scott Monty, the first head of social for Ford; Jacques Van Niekerk, CEO of Wunderman Data--and lots more. Listen to this brief preview and tune in for the start of season two on September 19.


Episode 020 - Deep Dive into Data

On Episode 20, we take a deep dive into data with Rob Weedn, founder of DealSignal. We all live with data around us all day, every day. And we know it’s critical to our marketing efforts. But what does it all mean? Rob's firm is all about data--the freshest, most accurate, most relevant data. With that background, Rob has a unique perspective on data in marketing. Hope you enjoy the chat.


Episode 019 - Marketing Mind Meld

On Episode 19, we're talking with Chris Dayley, VP of testing and site optimization at Disruptive Advertising. Our discussion centers on psychology and marketing--what’s going on between our ears. Chris is steeped in this stuff and told me that one of the things he loves about his job is being proven wrong almost every day. Hope you enjoy the chat.


Episode 018 - What the Heck Is MarTech?

On Episode 18, we chat with David Meiselman about MarTech. David is CMO of ezCater, which is the only nationwide marketplace for business catering. A while back I thought of doing an episode on MarTech and asked around about who would be an ideal guest. A couple of people--including David Cooperstein, an early guest on the pod--said I had to talk with David M. And I'm glad I did. He really distills MarTech to its essence. It was a great chat. Hope you enjoy it too.


Episode 017 - Why CMOs Should Listen to Creatives

On Episode 17, we find out why CMOs should listen to their creative teams. Alex Withers, CMO of InMotionNow, is our guest. And he believes that creatives have a lot to offer CMOs. We recorded this episode on March 7th, 2018, and packaged it up within a couple of hours because it was inspirational. You have to listen to it. Why should CMOs listen to creatives? Let's ask Alex Withers.


Episode 016 - Marketers and Designers Face Reality

On Episode 16, we continue our discussion of augmented reality, virtual reality and associated technologies. But today we get to the "So what?" What does this mean for designers, for marketers, for UX and UI? No one has all the answers, but professor Brian Lucid gets us close.


Episode 015 - Reality--What a Concept

On Episode 15, the first of a two-parter we talk virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. What does it all mean? And what are the implications for you as designers and marketers? Interaction design professor Brian Lucid, of Massey University in New Zealand is my guest. Brian is unique because he's a great designer and knows this technology inside and out.


Episode 014 - Being a Pinch-Hit CMO

On Episode 14, we're talking with Julie Zadow about being an interim CMO. What are the unique characteristics of that type of engagement? What kind of person is ideally suited to it? Julie knows first-hand the pressures and opportunities involved in the role. When I thought of this as a topic, I knew Julie was the one to talk with.


Episode 013 - Lessons from Radio

On Episode 13, we're talking with Anthony Rudel, who runs WCRB in Boston. He's a legendary figure in radio and has also spent a lot of time as an author, a communications and branding consultant, and a college professor. I wanted to understand the lessons that radio can teach us marketers, and maybe what marketers could teach radio. So Tony, with his distinguished career, seemed like the right one to talk with.


Episode 012 - Inside an Upstart Food Business

On Episode 12, we're talking with Vanessa White, who founded Jaju Pierogi with her sister not long ago. It's become something of a phenomenon here in the Boston area. We talk about life inside this kind of frenetic startup, how they've built the business and what's in store. It's a unique look at life inside an upstart food business.


Episode 011 - 5 B2B Marketing Fails

On Episode 11, we have Tony Temple back to go through his list of the Top 5 B2B Marketing Fails. From too many propositions to too many words, learn what not to do in marketing. It's an interesting guide on what not to do if you have marketing as your bailiwick.


Episode 010 - Inside Innovation Districts

On Episode 10, we’re talking innovation districts with Chuck Tanowitz, director of the N-Squared Innovation district. Anyone who knows anything about technology knows Route 128. Companies on or around it were at the heart of the Massachusetts miracle back in the 1980s, and it has been at the center of technological breakthroughs for decades. Newton and Needham Massachusetts straddle 128 in a unique arrangement of geography, demographics and commerce. Chuck Tanowitz is charged with taking...


Episode 009 - The Sales-Marketing Relationship

On Episode 9, we’re chatting about the often-fraught sales-marketing relationship. Morris Porter is my guest. He and I worked together in the early 2000s at a dot-com company that was undergoing a massive business model shift. He was running sales and I was in marketing. Through all the hard work, hair-pulling and sleepless nights, Morris was cool as a cucumber. So when I wanted to talk about the sales-marketing relationship, he’s the one person who came to mind. He’s also worked at Cisco...


Episode 008 - Slide Shows and Analyst Relations (or Death-by-PowerPoint)

On Episode 8, we’re back with Duncan Chapple again--and a short part two that continues our discussion from last time. I stopped recording and Duncan and I started talking about death-by-PowerPoint, a common affliction for analysts. So I quickly restarted the recording and that's today's episode: slide shows and analyst relations. Or, death-by-PowerPoint.


Episode 007 - Analyst Relations

On Episode 7, we’re talking with Duncan Chapple of Kea Company about analyst relations. Duncan is a Managing Partner at Kea, a global advisory firm that delivers influencer relations and strategic guidance for vendors of high tech products and services. Duncan has been a consultant and analyst with Ovum, Europe's largest technology analyst house and successfully founded and directed an international analyst relations business. He also played a central role in founding the Institute for...


Episode 006 - Cause Marketing

On Episode 6, we talk with Sheryl Victor Levy, VP of Marketing and Communications at the Museum of the City of New York, about cause marketing and corporate social responsibility. How does it work? What are the ins and outs? Sheryl's been in marketing for a couple of decades and moved into the cause arena a while back. So she brings a unique perspective. It's a great discussion. Hope you enjoy.


Episode 005 - Managing Suppliers and Other Marketing Curiosities

On Episode 5, we’re talking with John Haworth--a veteran of senior management at Cigna, Pillsbury, the Washington Post, PeopleSoft and Fidelity--about vendor management and other marketing curiosities. John has had a remarkable career, in which he's had responsibility for business development, globalization and marketing. He’s one of the most thoughtful people I know, and in our chat we start off talking about supplier management--but that soon expanded into some other marketing curiosities.


Episode 004 - All Things CMO

On Episode 4, we’re talking with David Cooperstein. He's an independent marketing and strategy leader whose past clients include PebblePost, Adobe and Ascendant Network. David works with start up companies, including TVision Insights, SummitSync and Cuebiq, on marketing, positioning and strategic advice. I wanted to talk with David because he’s been a CMO and spent many years advising them when he was at Forrester. He knows what he’s talking about.


Episode 003 - Demystifying Tone of Voice

On Episode 3, we’re talking with Ben Afia – a real guru when it comes to tone of voice. You’ve probably heard that term bandied about. What is it, exactly? Well, Ben can tell you because he focuses on tone of voice, and what he says is “helping companies sound more human.” He is the head honcho at Afia, a UK-based firm he started in 2004. Before that, he was at Boots UK as tone of voice manager.