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Interviews with content strategy experts: enterprise, UX, product, content design, content marketing, etc.






Erica Jorgensen: Content Design Research Techniques for Better UX – Episode 134

Erica Jorgensen Erica Jorgensen has just written the first UX book that focuses on content research. Strategic Content Design: Tools and Research Techniques for Better UX gives content designers a comprehensive guide to content-specific UX research techniques. Erica is on a mission to bring more respect to content to content practice. This book gives you the tools you need to show to your design, product, and engineering colleagues the usability and effectiveness of your content work. We...


Scott Peltin: Sustainable Human Performance – Episode 133

Scott Peltin Nearly every episode of this podcast has included the observation that content strategy is fundamentally a people practice. We talk a lot about practices, procedures, tools, techniques, and technology. But they are always implemented in service to our customers and users and in collaboration with our colleagues and stakeholders. Scott Peltin is the co-founder and Chief Catalyst at TIGNUM, a company that helps executives and their teams optimize their performance at work. He...


Ethan Marcotte: Responsive Content Design – Episode 132

Ethan Marcotte About a dozen years ago, as designers grappled with the need to serve similar experiences to both desktop and mobile computer users, Ethan Marcotte developed the practice of responsive web design. I think we're at an analogous juncture now in content design. The need to serve similar content experiences across a variety of channels, devices, and touchpoints - and in a variety of contexts, like personalization - reveals the need for more flexible and adaptive content-design...


Hanson Hosein: Leadership Guidance for Turbulent Times with the “Wind Rose” – Episode 131

Hanson Hosein Hanson Hosein was my first guest on this podcast, and now he's also guest 131. Hanson is a natural leader with a fascinating background that includes frontline wartime reporting, innovative multimedia storytelling, and executive leadership in academia. His current work articulates his leadership approach in a declaration entitled "A Wind Rose Can Make Sense of Forces Beyond Our Control: Sixteen Tenets and 10,000 Words for Real-Time Leadership." We talked about: his transition...


Yael Ben-David: The Business of UX Writing – Episode 130

Yael Ben-David UX writers and other design professionals are famously, and correctly, user-centered. Yael Ben-David thinks that UX writers can sometimes benefit from slight course corrections to better account for the business side of our work. Her new book, "The Business of UX Writing," makes the argument for this kind of approach, and shows you how to craft more business-aware UX writing programs. We talked about: the origin story behind her new book, "The Business of UX Writing" the lack...


Corey Vilhauer and Deane Barker: The Web Project Guide – Episode 129

As the field of content strategy matures and advances, one thing remains the same: the ubiquity and importance of building websites. Few practitioners are more versed in this craft than Corey Vilhauer and Deane Barker. Corey Vilhauer Deane Barker Then they worked together at Blend Interactive, Corey and Deane wrote The Web Project Guide, a comprehensive book that can help anyone manage the process of creating and building a new or updated website. We talked about: the birth of their book,...


Aladrian Goods: Content Design Leadership at Intuit – Episode 128

Aladrian Goods Like many content designers, Aladrian Goods discovered the field of UX design after working in writing, communications, and other roles. Aladrian found content design a few years ago and quickly rose into a leadership role at Intuit. In this conversation, we talk about the story of her ascent into leadership, the design practice at Intuit, and how her focus on values, culture, and communication benefits both her and her colleagues. We talked about: our experience at the Button...


Jess Sand: Community Stewardship at Content + UX – Episode 127

Jess Sand Jess Sand organizes the Content + UX Slack, a vibrant community of 15,000 content professionals. While it may be best known for the salary-transparency requirement in its very active jobs channel, members of the community also appreciate the wide-ranging conversations there and the support of their fellow content practitioners. We talked about: her take on the current state of the content strategy profession her ongoing reflection on community and professional relationships...


Meghan Casey: Author of The Content Strategy Toolkit – Episode 126

Meghan Casey Meghan Casey literally wrote the book on content strategy practice. Her book, "The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right," has helped innumerable content strategists do better content work. Meghan is updating the book now to bring it into line with modern practices and to account for the many changes in the field since the book was first published. We talked about: her work as the principal consultant at Do Better Content...


Greg Dunlap: CMS Consulting and Web Content Authoring – Episode 125

Greg Dunlap Greg Dunlap is on a mission to help people create better content for the web. As Director of Strategy for Lullabot - a well-known consultancy that is best known for its work with the Drupal content management system - Greg helps clients develop good websites. As the author of a forthcoming book on web content authoring, Greg is taking his next step toward helping people create better content for the modern web. We talked about: his work as...


Jeff Coyle: AI and the Future of Content Strategy – Episode 124

Jeff Coyle Artificial intelligence is driving a wave of change in content strategy practice. AI is here now and will soon touch virtually every aspect of content work, from ideation and creation to management and analytics. Jeff Coyle can help you understand and navigate how these new AI-driven practices will affect your content career. We talked about: his work at Marketmuse, a content intelligence platform some highlights of the recent Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, where he...


Jesse James Garrett: Author of The Elements of User Experience – Episode 123

Jesse James Garrett In the late 1990s, as digital practices like web design and development emerged, experiences were being created and users were getting attention, but the practices that guided that work had not yet been articulated. That's when Jesse James Garrett wrote his book, The Elements of User Experience. After sharing his ideas in numerous client pitches and sketching them on whiteboards for his co-workers, Jesse collected his discoveries into a manuscript that would become the...


David Dylan Thomas and Dayana Kibilds: Cognitive Load and Emotional Labor – Episode 122

As content strategists and designers we do our best to create experiences that inform and empower our users. David Dylan Thomas Dayana Kibilds Unfortunately, we sometimes fall short of perfect, human-centered, user-focused design practice. Two of our most common failings occur when we bombard our users with excessive cognitive load and impose on them unnecessary emotional labor. David Dylan Thomas and Dayana Kibilds are having an ongoing dialog about these important topics and let me...


Ashleigh Faith: Knowledge Graphs for Content – Episode 121

Ashleigh Faith Knowledge graph technology can help content programs in many ways: to aid content discoverability, to discover valuable insights in existing content, and to build transparent personalization programs that build brand loyalty and foster customer trust. Ashleigh Faith has worked with content and knowledge graphs for more than 15 years and has a knack for explaining the benefits of the technology, most notably via her very popular YouTube channel. We talked about: how structured...


May Habib: AI and Content at – Episode 120

May Habib The use of artificial intelligence in content design and content operations is emerging and evolving quickly. As is the case with many new technologies, it might at first look like robots are coming to steal jobs from humans. But, according to May Habib, AI is more likely to create more, and more interesting, work for people. May and her team at Writer are developing an AI platform that's designed to support human creativity and improve content operations. We talked about:...


Teodora Petkova: Semantic Web Explorer – Episode 119

Teodora Petkova Modern communication on the web is best when it's semantic and meaningful, networked and conversational. Creating web conversations starts with collaborative internal communication and then invites the marketplace to join in. Teodora Petkova is a semantic web explorer with a PhD in digital marketing and communication. She loves to share her fascination with the evolution of web content and her expertise in cultivating marketing conversations. We talked about: her identity as...


Natalie Dunbar: Building a Sustainable Content Strategy Practice – Episode 118

Natalie Dunbar Natalie Dunbar can help you build your content strategy practice, whether you're running a one-person content show, building a content department, or incorporating a content team into a design operation. Drawing on experiences from her long and eclectic content strategy career and adding the insights of several other industry veterans, Natalie's new book is a must-read for anyone building or managing a content strategy program. We talked about: the origins of her new book From...


Kate Thomas: Structured-Content Adventures at PayPal – Episode 117

Kate Thomas Kate Thomas is leading the transformation of marketing content at PayPal from hand-crafted web pages to structured content stored in a headless CMS. Like many organizational-transformation projects, this one has highlighted both the benefits of structuring content and the challenges of getting content authors to work in new ways. We talked about: the migration of the PayPal marketing content from hand-crafted web pages to structured content managed in a headless CMS her prior...


Seth Earley: Ontologies for the AI-Powered Enterprise – Episode 116

Seth Earley Seth Earley helps enterprises use ontologies to power the intelligent content experiences that create personalized content interactions and that run chatbots, voice assistants, and other new technologies. An ontology is a business practice that helps you understand the knowledge in your business and connect and share it in new and powerful ways. We talked about: his consultancy, Earley Information Science what an ontology is and how to use ontologies to describe a domain of...


Katrin Suetterlin: Content Design for Neurodiversity – Episode 115

Katrin Suetterlin Katrin Suetterlin is a content architect, a content designer, and an expert on designing for neurodivergent populations. You hear jokes about ADHD, dyslexia, and similar neurological conditions all the time, but as designers we need to take neurodivergence seriously. Research shows that at least 20% of the population exhibits one or more types of neurodiversity. If you're a human-centered design practitioner, you don't want to overlook this important group of humans. We...