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007 Radical Alignment is Success 2.0, with Peta Kelly

Peta is a paradigm-shifting leader that truly believes we can eradicate poverty and redesign for sustainability as all the solutions are there. The money is there. The wisdom and intelligence is there. Peta brings the energized optimism we all need to dare blaze the new needed trails towards a thriving paradigm. Peta teaches the new way to live, lead, earn and give and what excites her the most is bringing her brilliant, badass generation together as one team and one family so that we can...


006 A New Breed of Entrepreneurs, with Marcello Palazzi

It's time for a new breed of entrepreneurs. In this episode we talk about the rise of conscious entrepreneurs, the B-corp movement, the systemic challenges we’re facing, how to re-evaluate profits, the role of the ego, the #MEtoo movement and the rise of feminine leadership – with one of the most seasoned and experienced social entrepreneurs in the world: Marcello Palazzi. Marcello is a progressive economist, entrepreneur and leader. Marcello began his career as a young entrepreneur in...


005 The Business Plan for Peace, with Scilla Elworthy

Is peace really possible? Is there a business plan for peace? How can we all help reduce conflict in our workplace, community, home and even inside ourselves? What is the role of our ego in conflict-situations and arguments? How can I find my true path in life and reconnect with my own inner guidance system? These are some of the questions we will answer in Episode 5 with three-times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy. Scilla has spent her entire life building peace and working...


004: Disruptive Design and Systems Thinking, with Leyla Acaroglu

Design is amazing! It truly has the ability to radically improve life on this planet but, also the opposite, destroy this planet. Dr. Leyla Acaroglu is a millennial on a mission to challenge the status-quo of the design world. She’s dead-set on helping people realize they don’t need to accept the way things work – we all have the agency to rescript the future by taking the right actions today. She is a highly intelligent, modern day super hero, an anti-establishment, creative boundary...


003: Dare to Bring your Magic, with Peggy Liu

Peggy is the daughter of Chinese immigrants and was born and raised in the US. She graduated from MIT, started one of the earliest ecommerce companies in Silicon Valley and a venture capital firm in Shanghai. A decade ago a new calling led her to start a Chinese NGO named JUCCCE. JUCCE works with business leaders and government officials at the heart of the greening of China. Peggy is a kick-ass female leader who dares show up in the world to speak her truth. Buckle up for a fascinating...


002: Bringing Heart, Soul and Nature into the Business World, with Giles Hutchins

Giles is the businessman of the future we've all been waiting for. His approach to life and work is truly a crack of light in today’s world and therefore he had to be the first guest on the Cracks of Light Podcast. Reading his books resonated with me on such a deep level I was often in tears. His thoughts represent the courageous new ideas we need on our quest to change the current paradigm from hurting both the people and our planet to instead optimize and regenerate. Giles was very...


001: The Dawn of a New Paradigm, with Laura Storm

Are you ready to co-create a new exciting Paradigm for a world where people, planet and profit collectively thrive? A regenerative world where Nature, Eco-systems, People, Creativity and Business flourish? Then welcome to the kick-start of the Cracks of Light Podcast series with your host Laura Storm. Laura breaks down her views on the root cause of our current broken systems and structures, why we need a radical paradigm shift and what some of the key ingredients are in a new thriving...