Building an empire





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Empire J #4 – Who are we

Who are we? Who are you? Finding our identity. (June 7th 2017) 50minutes Identity Importance of finding yourself, knowing who you are? -It’s the starting key to your happiness. -Define yourself with your values. -Invest in Truth to yourself, not lies you make up about yourself. -Focused energy, no wasting on fakery. -Know when to say Yes to what actually pleases you -You will get good at what you love. -Doing what you enjoy is not work -Do you identify yourself with external entities? Hockey...


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Empire J #3 – Why Empire J

Explanation of the reasons behind Empire J show. (March 16th 2017) 36m31s In this show, you will begin to understand the greater vision for this show. Here, I explain my reasons for doing the show. In Show #2 I explained the structure, what the show will look like, the ritual, the body of it all. Now we inject the soul into it all, mastering spirit over matter. Now we explain the why, the genesis of the show. For my teachers -A teacher, mentor of mine, Pierre told me to manifest…


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Empire J #2 – What is Empire J

Explanation of what is Empire J, what to expect. (25 february 2017) 42minutes. Show notes: What is Empire J Empire J is an empire among many, such as Empire 1, Empire 2, Empire A, Empire B… well this one is Empire J. I am J, so it’s MY empire, but also yours. Empire because I will be talking about my empire how it is now, the people I know, that are part of my life. Empire because I will be progressing to building prosperity for myself, my family, friends and…


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Empire J #1 – Welcome

Welcome to Empire J — (February 5th 2017) 4m45s Welcome. My name is jay I am a creator. I like to build ideas, concept, projects. I have built a few projects so far in my life. Now I am building a new project. This time, it’s the project of my life, of our lives. I am building something. It’s big. I’m building something really big. I’m building …. an empire. That’s right… an empire. It’s an empire for me, for you, for everyone. It’s an empire of everyone It’s an…