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Country Over Party, with Ken Harbaugh

Ken Harbaugh is running for Congress in Ohio’s 7th district. Ken is a former Navy pilot, Yale Law School graduate, and President of Team Rubicon, an international non-profit that deploys American veterans to provide disaster relief services all over the globe. Ken has dedicated himself to a life of service in a wide range of capacities, and is now seeking to apply his skills and talents to the United States Congress. In this podcast, Ken walks me through his early years as an kid in a...


Forge the Future, with Ray Li

Ray Li is a musician and entertainer with Veserium, an electronic music duo that performs a live show unlike any you’ve experienced before. Veserium creates sound from thin air using only motions and gestures, allowing fans to experience the music on an entirely different level, being able to see and hear the sounds as they are being created. Ray is a former engineer and left a white collar career to move to Las Vegas and start Veserium with his best friend Michael. In this podcast, Ray...


The Punk Rocker of Tech, with Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is Founder and CEO of 3D Robotics, a drone software company digitizing the construction industry. Chris is a New York Times best selling author, former Editor in Chief of WIRED magazine, writer at the Economist, physicist, and research scientist at Los Alamos Labs. Chris walks us through his incredible life, which includes a battle-of-the-bands with REM, managing the most important and influential magazine in the tech world, and accidentally starting the largest US drone...


Incubating Courage, with Andrew Byrnes

Andrew Byrnes is a venture capital investor at Comet Labs, an AI and intelligent machines focused seed investor based in San Francisco. He is a former cleantech startup founder, high school teacher, marketing exec, wildcatter, fiction author, sushi roller, and local TV show host. Andrew’s circuitous life path is as fascinating as it is hilarious! *Follow Andrew’s firm on Twitter @CometLabs and visit cometlabs.io to sign up for their newsletter


Beware the Bots, with John Gray

John Gray is an expert in social media manipulation and “fake news” bots. John is also Co-founder and CEO of Mentionmapp Analytics, a company focused on protecting social profile reputations. In this podcast, John explains how technology is used to deceive and manipulate us, who is behind this activity, and what (if anything) can be done to stop it. *Follow John on Twitter @grayspective *And find Mentionmapp Analytics at http://mentionmapp.com/ or on Twitter @mentionmapp


The Benefits of Short-term Thinking, with Gaurav Jain

Gaurav Jain is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Afore capital, a pre-seed stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Gaurav has proven his unusual ability to succeed as both an entrepreneur and a venture capital investor. In this podcast, Gaurav shares some of the non-intuitive "benefits of short-term thinking" when building your career. *You can follow Gaurav on Twitter @gjain *And you can find Afore Capital at https://afore.vc/ or on Twitter @AforeVC


Born Hustler, with Claire Coder

Claire Coder is CEO & Founder of AuntFlow, an innovative menstrual products company. Claire recounts dropping out of college to follow her dreams while overcoming countless obstacles. Claire is what I call a “Born Hustler," a person who was destined to build companies.


Rest in Action, with Mike Vernon

Mike Vernon is Director of Key Accounts for Global One Pet, a leader in the pet nutrition & specialty product industry. He is a sales savant with uncanny emotional intelligence. In this episode, you'll learn about how Mike kickstarted his sales career, the techniques he uses to make a lasting impression, and his advice for the salesperson inside each of us.


Introduction to the Epic Human Podcast

This episode will introduce the Epic Human Podcast. It will provide some background on the host Joe Blair, explain the theme and format of the podcast, and tell you where you can find us online.