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Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast. Flipping Houses, Wholesaling, and Cash-flow Real Estate

Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast. Flipping Houses, Wholesaling, and Cash-flow Real Estate
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Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast. Flipping Houses, Wholesaling, and Cash-flow Real Estate




How I Created Over $100,000 Out Of Thin Air | Podcast 153

In todays Podcast, I’m going to share with you how I created over $100,000 in equity out of thin air, by simply solving a real estate problem. If you are a seasoned investor, you know that some real estate problems can seem complicated, when others seem so simple. As real estate investors, our job is […]


Creating Wealth With Real Estate Investing | Episode 152

One of the best kept secrets with Real Estate Investing is how we can build great wealth and it is right at our finger tips. Today our Featured Guest is Jason Hartman. Jason is a self made Multi-Millionaire who started with just one tiny house at the age of 20 years old and has used […]


How Tim Just Flipped His First House | Podcast 151

Are you a beginner real estate investor that wants to know how to flip houses? Our Featured Guest today is Tim Smith. On the todays Podcast, Tim is going to share how he recently got started as an investor and how he just closed on his first flip. No only that, but he is going […]


Real Estate Profits from Motivated Sellers | Podcast 150

I Can’t Believe The Seller Took My Offer! As real estate investors, we are in the business to solve problems and make money, right? When making offers, we also want to make our offers with our profit built in, so when the sellers say YES, we are in profit mode on day one. Years ago, […]


How To Get Started Investing in Real Estate | Podcast 149

Have you ever wanted to get started in real estate investing, but you find yourself stuck in a full time job? What are the steps you take and what do you have to do to become a real estate investor? Our Featured Guest today is real estate investor Lou Castillo. Lou was over worked and […]


How to Create More Money in Your Real Estate Investing Business | Podcast 148

How much money are you leaving behind in your real estate business every month? How many deals are you losing that you don’t even know about? Real estate investing is a great business … IF you treat it like a real business. In today’s Podcast, Brock is going to share a real life deal that […]


The Science of House Flipping | Podcast 147

Do you want to know how to find and flip deals in both hot and soft real estate markets? Our featured guest today is my buddy Justin Colby who is doing monster deals in the very competitive Phoenix AZ. Justin is going to share his journey of how he got started in the real estate […]


Flipping Houses Live | Podcast 146

Are you sitting on the sidelines “just thinking” about flipping houses and investing in real estate? The process for most investors is to read some information … think about … what an infomercial … think about it, etc. I’ve met so many people over the years that have an interest in real estate investing, however […]


Building A Real Estate Investing Business | Podcast 145

Want to build a real estate investing business that makes money for you? Our Featured Guest today is Mark Evans, DM. DN. Mark is very successful real estate investor who began flipping houses in an effort to find Freedom. He never wanted to work for anyone else and he started his Entrepreneurial journey, right out […]


Live Coaching Call For Real Estate Investors | Podcast 144

If you ever want to get better at anything, reach out to those people who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish. Real estate investors can learn a lot online today, but in most cases, they can’t feel, touch and talk with anyone who is successful in the Real Estate Investing Business … unless […]


Creative Real Estate Financing for Investors | Podcast 143

Real Estate Investors are always looking for a way to find financing options for their buyers so that they can put together more creative real estate deals! Today, our Featured Guest in Ryan Johnson and he is going to share a creative strategy that he uses to get more deal done! Ryan was a Chemistry […]


Retire Rich with Rental Real Estate | Podcast 142

How would you feel if you could Retire Rich with Real Estate? What would your life be like if you could retire from your job and still have cash flow coming in for the rest of your life? Our Featured Guest today is Kathy Fettke and she is going to share the true way to […]


How To Re-Ignite Your Real Estate Investing Business | Podcast 141

Are you a real estate investor who is just getting started or in a spot where your traction has stalled? In today’s Freedom Podcast, I am going to share some helpful insight specifically for you. Before we go into detail about that, I am going to go over a question that I get asked a […]