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Licensed insurance professional & Investment Advisor Representative, Stephanie Fullerton is focused on using strategic retirement income planning to assist retirees and pre-retirees across Arizona in preserving their retirement savings. Her goal is to build trust by following two guiding principles: integrity and honesty.

Licensed insurance professional & Investment Advisor Representative, Stephanie Fullerton is focused on using strategic retirement income planning to assist retirees and pre-retirees across Arizona in preserving their retirement savings. Her goal is to build trust by following two guiding principles: integrity and honesty.


Glendale, AZ


Licensed insurance professional & Investment Advisor Representative, Stephanie Fullerton is focused on using strategic retirement income planning to assist retirees and pre-retirees across Arizona in preserving their retirement savings. Her goal is to build trust by following two guiding principles: integrity and honesty.






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Retiring Today

Blogger Financial Samurai raised some eyebrows when he laid out some stark numbers about retirement. He wrote that in order to retire, you need to multiply your desired annual expenses by 200. So … if you do the math … planning for $40,000 per year would mean you need to accumulate $8 million for retirement. That sounds pretty crazy. Do we really need to aim that high?


Lessons of Retirements Past and Present

Retirement is something we rarely plan completely through… Because how can we? All we’ve known for the last 30-40 years is work. How can we know what to expect? Not to mention that many of the quote-unquote “rules” of retirement have changed.


Topics To Put on Your Retirement Planning List

How much is left on your to-do list this week? What about that honey-do list of chores around the house? It’s a mile long, right? The problem with long lists is they can overwhelm you and cause you to shut down. So let’s keep it simple.


Build Your Financial House

When you build your financial house, where do you start? It starts with a blueprint, a plan. But what makes up the essential parts of a house? The foundation, walls and the roof. As with any house, you want a strong foundation for which to build the house on and then fortify your house with the walls and the roof. But how does all that work together?


Four Retirement Pillars

When we think about retirement and what you need to focus on with your money, four things often come to mind, and we think that everyone in retirement needs at least these four things in their plan in varying levels – Protection, Growth Potential, Income and Liquidity.


What is the New Normal?

First, it was the SECURE Act that passed at the end of 2019. Then the Coronavirus happened sending the markets and the economy into a tailspin. We may be only talking about a couple of months here but planning for retirement has changed because of recent events. So, what will be the new normal? We’re less concerned about a new status quo and more concerned that your retirement plan is designed to withstand any challenge in retirement.


When Times Get Tough, Find a Silver Lining

When times get tough, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by feelings of doubt. But is that really the best way to succeed? Today we’ll talk about how you can make a shift to focus on the silver lining in the darkest of days, and how to identify opportunities for success in challenging times.


The Bear Market Has Come Out of Hibernation

While we may remember 2008 and the damage the market caused to our economy, it’s also hard to remember that bear markets happen more often than we remember, especially after the market went on a remarkable bull run. We’re now in a bear market and who knows what awaits beyond. Don’t let the whims of the market dictate your life or your retirement. In this show, bear markets are discussed, as well as strategies to use during a bear market to potentially help you not only weather a bear market,...


Get Your Check-Up: Evaluating Your Financial Health

You visit your doctor every year for your annual check-up to stay healthy and to be aware of any potential issues when it comes to your health. Why should your financial health be any different? That only multiplies in importance once you get in retirement, because you’re no longer earning a paycheck. This show examines what you need to be aware of to be cognizant of your financial health in pre-retirement and retirement.


The SECURE Act: What You Need to Know

The SECURE Act was signed into law by President Trump in December 2019. The legislation, backed with bipartisan support, changes retirement rules for many Americans, some good and some not so good. But knowledge is the key to understanding it. So, we’ll discuss what changes retirees or pre-retirees need to know to help them make the best decisions for themselves going forward. We’ll discuss the age change to RMDs, how the law affects small businesses, how it impacts the Stretch IRA strategy...


The Client Experience

A phone call or website can seem so impersonal. And worse, it could be a scam. At least, those are possible thoughts one may have before they visit someone to handle their finances in retirement. It’s a scary thought to go out there and do something new. So, to help provide more confidence to face the unknown, this show will focus on what the process is like for a potential new client first meeting with a financial professional and what this meeting and process may entail.


When It Comes to Retirement, Always Have a Plan

Follow the plan. It’s the single most important document you’ll have in retirement, because without it, you’re wandering aimlessly. But a plan is more than a 5-step, 10-step or etc. process. Your retirement plan should have subsections for each plan, to potentially prepare yourself for unseen scenarios that may pop up. And most likely, these unforeseen scenarios will pop up. But again, that’s why it helps to follow the plan, so that you can enjoy your retirement and not have to fret about...


Financial Expert, Ed Slott Joins the Show!

Stephanie welcomes financial expert, Ed Slott to the show. Ed Slott is a financial professional and author, a public speaker providing training in IRAs and retirement distribution planning. Ed was named the best source for IRA advice by the Wall Street Journal and he will be in town for a special speaking event on January 8th at the Arizona Broadway Theatre beginning at 6pm. The event is complimentary, but you need to sign up to attend and you can do that now by calling 800-947-9522 or by...


KFYI Stephanie Fullerton Show 133 FULL SHOW

Financial Professional and author, Ed Slott is coming to town for a speaking engagement at the Arizona Broadway Theatre on January 8th...and he joins Stephanie on the show to talk about the event, his book and much more. Get more details about event and how you can attend by calling 800-947-9522 or visiting the website, fullertonfp.com.


Planning for the Future as a Family

It’s hard to discuss life and death matters with your family, because any loss in family is just too hard to even think about. But not discussing these matters can also bring pain, and sometimes, hardships. Should something happen to you – and especially if you’re the breadwinner – you need to plan ahead not just for your sake, but for the sake of your family. You need to discuss a variety of topics in certain scenarios to make sure you not only hold on to your dignity, but to give the...


Surviving the Sandwich: A Guide to Balancing Multi-Generational Financial Priorities

This show is designed to help the tens of millions of Americans who are members of the “Sandwich Generation”: people who feel pressure to provide some kind of financial support to their aging parents as well as to their children while still trying to meet their own financial goals and obligations. Not only does the show explore the financially and emotionally delicate dynamics of the Sandwich situation, it also offers listeners strategies and tips to navigate those dynamics, using a...


Your Most Valuable Assets for Retirement – and How to Help Maximize Them

Assets are the one thing people need in order to realize their vision of retirement, whatever that vision happens to include. This show looks at the most important assets people can carry with them into retirement, some tangible and some intangible, and offers listeners proven strategies for maximizing each of those assets.


Building Blocks for a Rock-Solid Retirement

We’ve all heard that we need to save for retirement. But the end goal seems more elusive today than ever. Is there a way to save that will actually have a larger positive impact on the retirement bottom line? Are there certain financial building blocks that, when put in place now, will help create a retirement portfolio designed to last as long as you do? Today’s show details some of the fundamental, foundational steps people can take to put themselves on solid footing for a fulfilling...


A Wake-Up Call for Women

Women are often the most vulnerable when it comes to shortcomings in retirement. They tend to live longer than men, they’re more often the caregivers in a family and they tend to suffer from more financial hardships than men do. Women should be well prepared for these unexpected “wake-up calls” so that it doesn’t happen to them… so that after she’s cared for her children, her husband and her family, she can be confident that she is taken care of as well.


3 Written Retirement Plan Strategies

You’ll likely hear time and time again about the importance of having a “written retirement or financial plan” that you can rely on. And what does that really mean, you might ask? Well, a “written strategy” is one that helps you define when, where, and how you will get income from your portfolio. It helps you define how long that income will last. It helps you define the different types of investments and financial products you can invest your money in in order to produce income. And lastly,...