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Paid Media And Facebook Not Working? What You Can Do... [Podcast 237]

Are your ad costs going up and you’re frustrated because you don’t seem to be able to get a positive R.O.I.? Or maybe you’ve even had success with your ads in the past, but now it's not working anymore. In today's episode, I will share with you proven strategies that we’re using with our own clients… Many of the same strategies that our clients are using right now (and they’re investing tens of thousands per week). This can help transform your marketing game, and help you stand out in the...


Unique Growth Methods: Newsletters And Referral Marketing with Shaun Buck [Podcast 236]

Many think that direct mailing people as a growth marketing strategy is long gone. However, my guest expert begs to differ because in this episode, he is going to share with you this unique growth method along with referral marketing and others. He is Shaun Buck, a successful entrepreneur for almost two decades who has built up The Newsletter Pro to become one of Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies by mailing out millions and millions of newsletters each and every year. The Newsletter Pro...


The NEW Art Of SEO For Small Business Growth with Stephan Spencer [Podcast 235]

Have you heard the idea that Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is dead? What's the point? Why even try? However, my guest, Stephan Spencer begs to differ. Stephan is an internationally recognized SEO expert, consultant, and bestselling author. He believes that if done right, SEO could still transform your business, and he is going to share with you how to do it. Stephan wrote Google Power Search and co-authored Social eCommerce and The Art Of SEO, which is now in its third edition....


Two Reasons Your Clients Don't Buy (More) From YOU (And What To Do About It) [Podcast 234]

How would it impact you if you knew the real reasons your clients buy or don’t buy from you? If your sales have plateaued or it's costing you more money now than it did just six months ago, then this installment is for you. You will understand how the two driving forces impacts your clients decisions - and how to leverage it in your business and client attraction model. In this session, you’ll: Get clarity on the real reasons why your client don’t buy from you- it’s not what you...


Six Steps To Unlimited Clients And Financial Freedom with David A. Fields [Podcast 233]

How would it impact your business if you had a way to tap into a stream of unlimited clients? My guest for this episode is David A. Fields. David is a definitive expert with decades of experience in consulting, a sought-after speaker, and a best-selling author who helps build consulting practices that are focused on “right side up thinking”, making them both lucrative and lifestyle-friendly. As a co-founder within his firm, Ascendant Consulting, David has worked with one-person startups to...


Outsourcing Made Easy with Derek Gallimore [Podcast 232]

Do you dream of having more freedom in your business instead of being tied to the day-to-day details? Today you’re going to discover how to transform from busy to productive with outsourcing. In this installment, my guest is Derek Gallimore. Derek is a serial entrepreneur that founded Outsource Accelerator, dubbed as the Alibaba of outsourcing. He has also built multi-million dollar property portfolios and bootstrapped a $20 million dollar business. In 2011, Derek found his passion for...


How We Landed 5,200 Media Stories with Cameron Herold [Podcast 231]

Would you like to know how to get more free publicity to grow your company, impact, and reach? That's what my guest, Cameron Herold, has done, and he's here to discuss how to do exactly that. If you don't know Cameron, he's a best selling author of multiple books, a regular media contributor, founder of COO Alliance, and he helps lead leaders. He’s built two $100-million businesses, and now travels the world to help other companies simplify their processes so they can scale with less...


The 5 P's To Get A Steady Flow Of Clients, Greater Freedom, And Profits [Podcast 230]

A Rubik's cube holds millions of possible combinations, yet you can solve it in as little as eighteen to twenty moves. Bringing that insight to business, we can see that not all businesses grow at the same speed, and some even fail. In this episode, I am going to share with you the insights I have gathered from reviewing over 4,000 companies with over $1 million in revenue. What I have found are some similarities called the Five Ps. Read on to find out the stages of growth and how you can...


Building Power Tribes with Mitch Russo [Podcast 229]

Some people only buy your stuff, but others take it to a different level and actually recommend you to others. This is the power of a tribe when you create a bigger impact. Learn how to create a power tribe as I interview Mitch Russo in this episode. As one of the most unique experts about the topic, Mitch has been helping SAS founders, CEOs, and coaches build eight-figure companies. He founded Timeslips Corp, sold it for eight figures, then ran Sage, PLC as COO. Later, Mitch became the...


3 Steps To Greater Growth And Freedom [Podcast 228]

Do you struggle to find a balance between your professional and personal life? Would you love to have a process to transform your business and life? In this episode, I will share with you three critical steps and nine questions to get the growth and freedom you desire in order to transform your business and life! I am Dan Kuschell, the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough3X. It is my mission to help clients spend more time on their business instead of in their business. I do this by helping...


How To Find And Attract Young Super Achievers with Max Goldberg [Podcast 227]

Would you love to know how Millennials think? Do you want the secret to hiring these young, top performers? If you are seeking super achievers, then my guest, Max Goldberg, is one person who can offer you key insights into tapping into the Millennial workforce. A 22-year-old high performer himself, Max is the Founder of Next Frontier and co-Founder of Wisconsin Space Race. He has also worked with one of the leading thought leaders in the world, Peter Diamandis, and is connected to Elon...


4 Critical Tracking Tools To Grow Your Business [Podcast 226]

Are you letting technology get in the way of actually making money and growing your business? In reality, you don't need sophisticated dashboards to build and grow your business to make it a success. In this session, you’ll discover: These core fundamental numbers are significant, giving you the clarity to identify what you are expanding. If you want to grow your business, impact and reach, and your ability to make a bigger difference, then look at working backward with the end in mind...


Creating Content for Conversion with Lacy Boggs [Podcast 225]

Solving content marketing problems can be costly and tedious. And, what if you could get an unfair advantage by learning how to use content that leads to conversions? In this episode, my guest, Lacy Boggs, talks about how to create content that converts and delivers. As a content strategist, she gives advice on thinking of the bigger picture before getting started. Lacy is the director of The Content Direction Agency and has helped create personality-driven and tailor-made strategies for...


Neimology: What's In A Name with Sharón Lynn Wyeth [Podcast 224]

What if you could know, just by understanding someone’s name, how to effectively communicate with them? My guest, Sharón Lynn Wyeth, can identify a person’s strengths, challenges, and life purpose by deciphering a name through a process called Neimology®. It’s fascinating… Sharón is the creator of Neimology® science, the study of the placement of letters in a name; and her theories are now being applied in over 70 countries. She associates her process and instincts to offer precise...


3 Ways To Grow Your Profits [Podcast 223]

What’s old can become new again. Why is this important for us or why is this important for you? What would it be worth to get a strategy to be able to grow your business? Sometimes going back to basics is important and we can find so many ways to help our clients make more money with simple little things. It’s those little hinges that swing the big doors. Join us as we share the three ways to make more money and grow your profits. — In this episode, you’ll discover: And more… Have...


Profits To Passive Wealth with Crystal Johnson [Podcast 222]

Wealth creation does not have to be difficult- all you need is to take the first step towards transforming your mindset! In this episode, you’ll discover an unusual way to turn your profits into passive wealth with Crystal Johnson. Crystal is a self-made millionaire, wealth mindset coach, and author of Millionaires Don't Drive Ferraris, a book that takes down the misconceptions around wealth. Believing in the power of the mind to shift your life, Crystal also founded The Millionaire...


Raise Your Game: Modeling Top Performers Like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, And Lebron James with Alan Stein, Jr. [Podcast 221]

What would it be worth if you had the ability to understand what high performers and high achievers do differently than what you’ve been trained to do? In this episode, our guest expert is Alan Stein, Jr. He is a coach, speaker, and author with expertise in improving organizational performance, cohesion, and accountability. He’s spent over fifteen years working with and around some of the top basketball players, athletes, and business people in the world. Some of these have included NBA...


Creating A Movement with Steven Sashen [Podcast 220]

Speaking about building and growing a business feet first in addictively comfortable footwear is my guest for this episode, Steven Sashen. For someone who has never had a job, Steven has become a serial entrepreneur. He is a former professional stand-up comic, award-winning screenwriter, and a competitive sprinter. He and his wife, Lena Phoenix, co-founded the footwear company Xero Shoes, creating "a MOVEMENT movement" which has helped hundreds of thousands of people Live Life Feet First...


Choose with Ryan Levesque [Podcast 219]

For some of us, we go into our business unsure of what to do, even to a point where we feel stuck. Joining me today is Ryan Levesque who will help us choose our focus and avoid making the biggest mistake when starting a business. Ryan is the Inc. 500 CEO of The ASK Method ® Company, and the #1 national best-selling author of Ask, which was named by Inc. as the #1 Marketing Book of the Year. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Over...


2 Strategies To Attract Clients In 48 Hours [Podcast 218]

What is your playbook for building your business, for generating new clients, or for getting more sales? If you've hit a plateau and don't know where to turn, this segment is for you. Get two simple actionable strategies to get, attract, and convert right fit clients - starting today. What are you waiting for? Check it out!