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Susie Carder – Creating Predictable Success In Business

In this episode, Jack talks with Profit Coach, Susie Carder about something she is very passionate about; helping entrepreneurs create a business that allows them to live their dreams and achieve financial abundance. Susie shares how she helps entrepreneurs looking to grow their sales and profitability by uncovering the money they are leaving on the table and showing them how to maximize sales and create extraordinary wealth. Susie has a proven, twenty-year track record that includes...


Therese Johnson – Saving Seniors’ Savings: Best Kept Secrets on How to Pay for Senior Services

In this episode, Jack talks with Therese Johnson, founder of Senior Care Of Sacramento, a Placement and Resource Referral agency for Seniors and author of the best selling book, Saving Seniors Savings: Best Kept Secrets on How to Pay for Senior Services. Its said that one of the toughest jobs in the world is being a mom, but Therese is shining a light on one job that just might be as tough if not tougher, and that’s to be a daughter or daughter in law to a Senior parent who is unable to...


Matt Skinner - Becoming A Real Estate DealMaker

In this episode, Jack talks with the leader of the controversial, secret real estate club, “DealMaker Society” and author of the new book “The DealMaker Manifesto – The Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Guide To Make Deals and Get Paid”, Matt Skinner. Matt discusses the Five Pillars of Deal Making that allowed him to weather the worst crash in financial history and come out the other side with a thriving investment firm. For Matt, success in real estate has little to do with learning about...


Artur Kiulian – Robot Is The Boss: How To Do Business with Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, Jack talks with Artur Kiulian, author of “Robot Is The Boss: How To Do Business with Artificial Intelligence” about the fears, myths, and misconceptions we have around artificial intelligence. You’ll discover how AI and machine learning makes many of the appliances and applications we use everyday possible. As a partner at Colab, a Los Angeles-based venture studio, Artur helps early stage startups build technology products using the benefits of machine learning. Listen as...



In this episode, Jack talks with Ramona Lever, author of “BRANDING YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS – how to attract clients that say YES!” about the importance of a Personal Brand and why being your authentic self is far easier and more powerful when it comes to attracting the best clients. Ramona is an Internationally Accredited Behavioural Profiler and Personal Branding Expert and is on a mission to give female entrepreneurs Permission to Shine and create an abundant life for themselves. Her...


Kent Littlejohn – How a $4.7MM Financial Catastrophe Created a Linkedin Lead Generation Powerhouse

Kent Littlejohn is recognized as a leading authority on generating qualified business leads on Linkedin for some of the top producers in the insurance, real estate, financial and coaching fields. In this interview, Kent shares the details of how just ten days after getting the news that his third child was on the way, he learned that the business and life he had worked so hard to build for his family was wiped out. $4.7MM had been embezzled from his client accounts, and he was on the hook...


Carey Parker - Computer Security & Online Privacy for Non-Techies

Cyber Security Expert Carey Parker discusses his mission to help everyday, non-technical people understand how to be proactive in securing their computers and protecting their online privacy. Even though we use computers every single day and have probably experienced the aggravation of viruses and unwanted ads, most of us either don’t understand or just don’t care what’s really going on under the hood. In this interview, Carey explains how our ignorance and apathy are being exploited...


Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas - Reprogramming Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

In this episode Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, author of the #1 Best Selling Book “Think Yourself Thin: The DNA System to Reprogram Your Own Brain to Lose Weight and Keep it Off”, reveals the powerful connection between our brain and our ability to lose weight. While most weight loss advice seems to focus on choosing the right exercise and nutrition plan, Nathalie explains the reason so many people struggle with weight and lifestyle-related health issues has far more to do with their mindset....


Molly Ola Pinney – Leading the Charge For Autism Awareness, Acceptance & Understanding Around The World

In this episode, Molly Ola Pinney, Founder, and CEO of the Global Autism Project shares how, in many parts of the world, families of children with autism have no resources, nowhere to turn and live in communities that have little to no understanding or acceptance of people with autism. Global Autism Project is working hard to change this by partnering with communities around the world and providing training on how to work with kids with autism in a SUSTAINABLE way. Molly also shares how...


Bill A. Johnston - Strategies For Cats: Change the Way You Think. Receive the Abundance You Deserve!

Author Bill A. Johnston shares how a homeless, feral cat named Kitty became the inspiration and star of his book “Strategies For Cats: Change the Way You Think. Receive the Abundance You Deserve!“. The passion and storytelling skills of Johnston combined with the principles of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, Rhonda Byrne’s Movie “The Secret”, and Joseph Murphy’s book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” is the perfect recipe for an easy to read book that will teach you how to...


Parker Winder - Real Magic: The Art of Creating a Life and Business that Work… Effortlessly

There are those who have seen extreme success in sales and as sales leaders – and then there are those who would like to see that success but keep encountering obstacles. In this episode Parker Winder, best selling author of the book “Real Magic: The Art of Creating a Life and Business That Work… Effortlessly” shares how he helps remove those obstacles. With a successful background in sales, Parker consults with sales leaders in high profit situations who are stuck with these obstacles....


Samantha Alford - Optimized Email Marketing For Business Growth

Social media this – social media that. That’s all you hear these days as new social media “shiny objects” appear almost daily. Samantha Alford of Get U Digital is here to tell you that email marketing is where it’s at. She is the ultimate expert at using email marketing campaigns to grow and nurture a business’ customer base. She finds that small businesses – both online and brick-and-mortar – have been ignoring or misusing email marketing, to their detriment. She finds it to be the most...


Sam Ovens - Client Acquisition Strategy for Business Coaches and Consultants

In this episode Jack talks with Digital Marketing expert Sam Ovens about how Social media has created a mad dash to the finish line of the “who’s got the most” fans, Likes, etc. for entrepreneurs and business owners. But the fact is, Facebook Likes will not pay your bills. You'll understand why Sam is who successful coaches and consultants have been turning to when they are ready to stop chasing "vanity metrics" and start building a predictable and controllable system for getting more...


Chad T. Collins - Entrepreneur Academy for Youth Pioneer

Chad T. Collins found what many call success in Corporate America. He's managed sales teams and consulted with Fortune 500 companies as a training and development manager. However, his greatest success and what he is most proud of, came when he followed his lifelong personal goal to leave the boardroom and move his skill-sets to the classroom. In this episode you'll hear how Chad has merged his corporate experiences with his passion as a special education teacher to create an Entrepreneur...


E. Brian Rose – JVZoo Co-Founder Reveals How Viral Social Media Positioning Launched an Empire

Jack talks with E. Brian Rose, Co-Founder of JVZoo and best selling author of the book, “Millionaire Within: Untold Stories from the Internet Underworld”, about how he took the Internet Marketing world by storm, challenging industry Goliaths when he launched JVZoo. The E-commerce startup processed over $150 million dollars through its marketplace in just the first three years, with zero venture capitalist funding. During the interview E. Brian openly shares with Jack how he used a...


Tom McMurrain - The Rise of the Digital Currency Billionaire

Tom McMurrain, best selling author of “The 7th Disruption: The Rise of the Digital Currency Billionaire”, does a fantastic job of breaking down the issues and opportunities around Digital Currency, such as Bitcoin. An expert and pioneer in the field, Tom explains Digital Currency in a commonsense way and how it is being used in the real world – right now. Tom shares how simple it is to get started setting up an e-wallet account, buying a percentage of a bitcoin and making a purchase anywhere...


Greg Jacobson – The Art and Science of “Happily Achieving” vs the Pursuit of Achieving Happiness

Greg Jacobson has done it all. Directed and produced award-winning documentaries, sold high-end real estate in luxury markets and started multiple businesses. In this episode Greg shares his highest achievement – discovering the real secret of success – how to happily achieve. In his best-selling book, Think Yourself Happy: Five Changes in Thinking that Will Immediately Improve Your Life, Greg explains how this works. Everyone wants to experience happiness in their lives but seem to spend...


Danielle K. White - Creator of the Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extension Method

The world of hair extensions has revolutionized how hair can look – without even having to grow it. In this episode Danielle K. White, creator of Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions Method and Founder of DKWStyling Salon in Laguna Beach, California, discusses how she has perfected this system and is now helping stylists around the world take their business beyond the ordinary. Danielle shares how she stumbled through getting her business started to becoming a world-renowned celebrity brand...


Jason Lucchesi – Real Estate Investing - It’s Not Just About The Income, It’s About The Freedom

In this episode Jack talks with Jason Lucchesi about life after the mortgage industry reality check almost everyone in the Real Estate world experienced in 2008. From top of his game, riding high on the sub-prime lending niche to hitting bottom and then bouncing back up even higher – his story is fascinating. Real estate investing is a dream for many and Jason has made it his reality. He shares how he got into investing with no money and made it work in the toughest of times. Having “figured...


Brad Bonilla – Austin, TX Personal Injury Attorney on the Myths & Misconceptions of 18 Wheeler & Commercial Vehicle Accidents

In this episode Jack talks with Brad Bonilla, a 3rd generation Personal Injury Attorney with his Family owned Bonilla Law Firm in Austin, TX. Brad specializes in cases involving commercial and 18-wheeler accidents. During the interview he shares information we should be aware of if you or a family member is ever in an accident with a large commercial vehicle, especially an 18-wheeler. News Flash: insurance companies are in business to minimize their risks and payouts. As a result, Brad...