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Bridging Cultures -- Translating Music Lyrics

Robert has been on a 14-year quest: to translate music legally between languages and cultures. Lyrics are the #1 search term on the internet and Robert shares the story of LyricFind's path to creating a legal marketplace in the US for song lyrics, up to nearly a billion lyrics a month in volume. LyricFind is on a mission with far-reaching social implications: giving music subtitles, with many more translated songs than the top 50,000 and many more than 15 languages. Guest: Robert...


Tech as Trust and Relationships

We caught up with Deborah Fairchild at MusicBiz in Nashille in May 2018. We talked about music tech as both a relationship and trust business, with VEVA Sound's role as an archive and validation company standing right in the middle of the boost in streaming and all that implies as to remixes, stems, and volumes of digital content, both old and new. We talked on how metadata needs a sexier name, which also was a theme of a MusicBiz panel conversation. She shared about the proximity effect...


Expanding Futures: Local and Global

Gigi Johnson, our Executive Director, shares the new and expanded directions of this Innovating Music podcast. We are shifting its focus from looking at Innovation now in music to looking at how tech may be changing music in the future, both globally and locally. The podcast will be looking at system changes to deal with rapid change toward streaming and real-time connections. It also will be following those changes globally as streaming and live music change by country and genre in...


Changing Mindsets in Music Innovation

To marketer Michele Tharp, innovation is creating a better way to do something, and working with an inner desire to make a change. She focuses - as we do - on changing mindsets -- new ways to work with technology, development, and platforms. She shares with us two current projects connecting both public radio stations and VR to artists and their audiences. Guest: Michele Tharp Michele Tharp is a marketing consultant at her own firm, which provides strategic and management leadership for...


Solving a Problem

Dennis Murcia shares his insights and experiences with innovation and Latin music. He shares how innovation is "solving a problem" and how it creates growing pains in traditional industry sectors. Guest: Dennis Murcia, Global Business Dev. and Digital Strategy, CODISCOS Dennis Murcia is an entertainment industry executive and producer with a background in A&R, marketing, and media sales. He has held positions at KRBE radio and Telemundo TV in Houston, and was international production...


Making It Simple

Jay Gilbert runs three organizations, each working to help artists expand their work and presence. To Jay, innovation is standing on the shoulders of giants, improving tools you have to grow your audience. He works to take complex tech and make it simple for the artists and organizations he helps. Guest: Jay Gilbert, Label Logic As a teenager in the Pacific Northwest, Jay smuggled his Canon F-1 into rock concerts to get the perfect shot of the likes of Queen, Van Halen and Cheap...


Creating Value

Gary Young sees innovation as creating value for others, and does so with creating an auction system for intellectual property that creatives want to monetize. He shares with us how Royalty Exchange connects 20,000 buyers with creative rights across music, books, and other media, and how this process is right at the beginning of a long period of bringing future growth to the present for music. Guest: Gary Young, Chief of Staff, Royalty Exchange Gary executes strategic initiatives,...


Finding Fresh Approaches

Bas wears both the innovator and analyst hat in music innovation, and in countries from The Netherlands to Bulgaria, to Turkey to Russia and now to Berlin. He shares his insights on how technological realities drive fresh combinations and possibilities, and how we can learn and grow new capabilities from "MySpace moments." He also muses on conversational interfaces like Alexa and how technology choices are changing songs with Playlist Cuts. He closes with suggestions to look at video and...


Blockchain and Ticketing

Jason Robert takes us down the blockchain rabbithole, introducing us to the many details that make up a new cryptocurrency business, which he calls a "social movement disguided as technology." His new platform to sell tickets with Ethereum is mere weeks old when we record this, and he takes us though some of his challenges innovating in both blockchain and ticketing at the same time. Guest: Jason Robert, Co-Founder & CEO, HelloSugoi Jason is Co-Founder & CEO of HelloSugoi, an event...


China and The Long View

Ed Peto started placing a bet on music in China in 2006, and has been waiting for the market to catch up. We caught up with Ed in Berlin, but it could have just as easily been in London or China. Please enjoy Ed's discussions of stepping early into China and helping work toward a system that is believing itself into a streaming market, as well as his journey to both understand and create change in this growing market space. Guest: Ed Peto, Owner, Outdustry A native of London, Ed Peto...


Creating Fearlessly - In Virtual Reality

How do you create new and innovative systems for producing content in a new space? For Connor Illsley of Combo Bravo in Toronto, you innovate by "creating fearlessly." Connor schemes how to create the most amazing creative scenario that is true to the artist -- and THEN figures out how to make the new tech work to serve the artist. He shares the thought process behind Jazz Cartier's 2016 music video Red Alert/100 Roses pair, as well as projects since. He shares with us how VR can open up...


Data-Driven Touring Insights

How can artists and managers use all the streaming and touring information to plan their markets and concerts better? Rossanna and Efrain from Cayo5 joined us to talk about how their are working to help artists manage disparate data sets to make decisions about where to go. Guests: Rossanna Wright and Efrain Ochoa, Cayo5 Rossanna Wright out of Seattle and Efrain Ochoa in Mexico City are now building Cayo5, a new touring consulting practice to help artists' team design great touring...


An Artist from Thin Air: Artist as Code

Elodie and Paco have created Maya Kodes -- from code. She's not just a new girl group -- she is an new girl. Maya is a fully scripted and created hologram in performance, based on a set of technology uses to bring her to live audiences. Elodie and Paco share the decisions Maya had to make, the creative choices for creating a new "personality," and the quirky limits and opportunities from working with an artist without emotion or living soul. What does this provide in opportunities for...


Love, Passion, and Hard Work

This episode lends more philosophically humanist than some of our more technical sessions. David Hernandez of Colonize Media preaches "love, passion, and hard work" in an online video and data-driven marketing world. In a world of tranformative tools and distribution system, he works with smaller artists to greatly expand their communities using data and "look-alike" audiences. Join us listening to David talking about the hard work and energy that is transforming concerts and direction for...


The Challenge of Unasked Questions

Refik drives new combinations of music, architecture, technology, and design forward, always asking "unasked questions." In this podcast, he discusses many of his projects, where he is exploring "alternative reality . . how to live without bias in our reality." He believes that architecture is a canvas and light is material. He brings music into every moment in his life, noting it is a "tool of thinking" and storytelling, allowing technology to be visible. He discusses his work with the LA...


Combining Unrelated Ideas as Music Innovation

Dmitri Vietze, CEO of Rock Paper Scossors and StoryAmp, joins us to share stories of how new combinations of unrelated ideas create innovation in music. Our conversation ranges from his own background in activism, ways to unlock new businesses, the slow/fast dynamics of music change, and the richness of human relationships in music. He discusses the blurring of creator and fan, and the challenges of making innovation work in the marketplace. Our Guest: Dmitri Vietze,...


Life as a "Data Nerd" : Dancing with Music Data

[Just re-edited!] Dae brings us his adventures from the start-up world. He shares his observations from living as a self-described "data nerd" while creating new business solutions in music tech as a "non-tech person." He talkes at length about data and issues like "choreography" between databases and companies, getting sets of data to "talk to each other." He calls out new tech areas of interest, and takes a quick look at blockchain as a possible new "container" of distributing data and...


Transforming Music through Data

Alex White has put together puzzle pieces to connect music and data, building Next Big Sound over the past six years and selling it to Pandora. He shared similarities between business-to-business (B2B) sales in music and other industries. He also shared what he sees coming up the road as problems to be solved in music and technology. Guest: Alex White, Pandora, Head of Next Big Sound As the Head of Next Big Sound at Pandora, Alex White oversees a NYC-based team of two dozen data...


Beyond Vinyl: Ceremony and Next Tech

Beatie shares her pathways as a modern artist in a post-CD world. She shares her adventures in creating new forms of ceremony in music with both her NFC cards with Moo to her golden coat crafted from the elements of her music. She also shares her action research with new music -- not just recall of old music -- and dementia. All of these efforts are gathering interest and followers, and she shares a bit of her journeys of sharing these stories with major technology companies while growing...


Consumer Evolution and Music Rights: Weaving Past and Future

Sam shares his experiences in music management and rights management, both as an entrepreneur and in larger organizations. From that viewpoint, he shares thoughts on innovations past and present, ranging from trends in songwriting to opportunities in new VR experiences, distribution, evolution of the consumer, and continuing needs for rights systems in an innovating world. GUEST: Sam Kling, SESAC’s Senior Vice President, Creative Operations. As part of SESAC’s senior management team, Kling...