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Business can be faddish. Paul Jarley, dean of the UCF College of Business, is on a mission to separate fads from fundamental change that will impact students. Join us as we chat with experts, enthusiasts and interesting people to talk business and pose the question… Is This Really a Thing?

Business can be faddish. Paul Jarley, dean of the UCF College of Business, is on a mission to separate fads from fundamental change that will impact students. Join us as we chat with experts, enthusiasts and interesting people to talk business and pose the question… Is This Really a Thing?


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Business can be faddish. Paul Jarley, dean of the UCF College of Business, is on a mission to separate fads from fundamental change that will impact students. Join us as we chat with experts, enthusiasts and interesting people to talk business and pose the question… Is This Really a Thing?






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Was Innovation in the Pandemic Really a Thing?

Did the pandemic spark a flurry of innovation or was everyone too busy bingeing Tiger King and Outerbanks and Zooming to endless happy hours to launch new businesses and products? Dean Paul Jarley turns to UCF's entrepreneurial in-house experts along with an alum whose company helps startups grow and scale to find out the answer. Featured Guests Caroline Castille - CEO, Clickable Impact Cameron Ford, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Management; Founding Director, Center for Entrepreneurial...


Is Inflation Really Our Friend?

Inflation hasn’t been much of an issue since Jimmy Carter was in office. But—like Mom Jeans and mullets—it’s totally back. This time, though, it feels different. We’re paying more than ever at the pump and in the grocery stores, so what’s to blame? Is it government spending? Supply chain shortages? The war in Ukraine? We’ve got questions, so we turned to UCF economist Sean Snaith for answers. Additional Resources Want to learn more? Check out Snaith’s latest U.S. Economic Report from UCF’s...


Is Name, Image, Likeness in the NCAA Really a Thing?

This past summer marked a significant change for college athletes as the NCAA voted to allow them the opportunity to benefit from their name, image and likeness. While it's certainly a significant change in the NCAA's approach and rulemaking, what will it mean for most student athletes, especially those outside the big conferences and revenue-generating sports like football and basketball? Featured Guests Terry Mohajir - Vice President & Director of Athletics at UCF Brittney Anderson-Duzan -...


Is Shrinkflation Really a Thing?

Find yourself asking "Where's the beef?" when you order a burger these days? You could be a victim of "Shrinkflation." Rising demand post-pandemic and disrupted supply chains are impacting many of the goods and foods we consume. Will we be getting less of a product for the same price as companies try to protect their bottom lines? Hear what a UCF economist and Marketing professors have to say about what to expect and whether you need to watch out for Shrinkflators around every corner....


Are NFTs Really a Thing?

If you're wondering what an NFT, aka Non-Fungible Token, is, well, you're not alone. CryptoPunks and CyberCats are selling for six and seven figures and even Christie's is getting in on the digital art action. So we've got questions...what are these digital items, why are people investing a fortune in them (and should you?), and what does that mean for the financial sector and the art world? Featured Guests Buvaneshwaran "Eshwar" Venugopal, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Finance at UCF Carla...


Are Meme Stocks Really a Thing?

GameStop and AMC made national headlines for unexpected reasons as retail investors from social media website Reddit began feverishly scooping up shares in each company. While the resulting drama caused wild swings in stock prices and scrutiny against some online trading platforms, the long term impacts remain to be seen. Did "Redditors" usher in a new era of retail stock trading? Or are these so-called meme stocks just another example of financial history repeating itself? Featured Guests...


Will the Economy Fully Recover in 2021?

After one of the deepest recessions in history, the U.S. economy still has roughly 10 million fewer jobs than before the COVID-19 pandemic began. While some say the economy is improving faster than expected and has seen significant growth in recent months, it could be some time before the U.S. returns to pre-pandemic highs. What will drive the economy back into recovery? And can it happen before 2022? Sean Snaith, Director of UCF's Institute for Economic Forecasting, explains his timeline...


Is Virtual Selling Really a Thing?

It's hard to imagine a virtual Tupperware party. Sales presentations are trickier with the move to increased online communication. Gone (for now) are the days of making small talk with prospective clients in the hallway and capturing their undivided attention face-to-face. Now that life has gone virtual, is it really possible for sales professionals to channel their charisma and build rapport through video calls? Do customers respond the same way to virtual selling tactics? Or should...


Is Working From Home Really a Thing?

As employees continue to work from home, leases are running out and corporate office space is in jeopardy. Managers around the world have to decide if it's more efficient to keep their offices open, downsize, or go entirely remote. Seven months into this pandemic, the question remains... is working from home really going to stick? How is the commercial real estate industry handling the move to remote work spaces? Can professionals truly replicate the "sense of space" that comes with...


Sports Without Fans: Can They Really Stay a Thing?

As cardboard cutouts occupy the stands at stadiums across the country, sports leagues and teams are dealing with a massive blow to their bottom line. If fans are stuck watching the game from home, it begs the question... how long can sports really be financially viable? Can exclusive, virtual experiences fill the budgetary void left by the absence of ticket sales? Or can the leagues just shoulder the economic consequences until stadiums and arenas are back at full capacity? Featured Guests...


Can a COVID Cough Drop Really End the Pandemic?

Two researchers at UCF are developing a cough drop that can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by making saliva heavier and stickier - it makes sneeze and cough particles fall rather than float. But is there really a market for such a product? Paul Jarley talks with researchers Michael Kinzel and Kareem Ahmed to find out the science behind the lozenge, how soon it could hit store shelves and the similarities to products you already have around the house. Featured Guests Kareem Ahmed - Assistant...


Is The Invitational Your Thing?

As the name explains, The Invitational is the UCF College of Business' invite-only career fair, designed to connect top business students with employers and college partners seeking to fill internships within their organization. In this episode, Paul Jarley speaks with employers and recruiters to learn the best tactics to help you find your dream job. Featured Guests Amanda Valiente - Eli Lilly Mateo Perez - Enterprise Rent-A-Car Brittney Brown - City Furniture Dylan D'Orazio - Gartner...


Is Sean Snaith Really a Thing? – Florida’s Economy in 2020

A media darling of sorts, UCF economist Sean Snaith's presentations across Central Florida tend to be an 80/20 mix of economic forecasting and comedy sketches. But the Director of the UCF Institute for Economic Forecasting means business - his forecasts have been named one of the nation's most accurate. This episode takes a "behind-the-scenes" look at Snaith's forecasting methods while exploring his thoughts on the state of the Florida economy in 2020. Featured Guests Sean Snaith - Director,...


Is a 2020 Recession Really a Thing?

In the midst of the longest economic recovery in American history, the big question is when the next recession will hit. With unemployment reaching record lows, job growth skyrocketing and consumer confidence at an all-time high, some economists see no end in sight for the expansion that began in 2009. On the other hand, manufacturing is at a 10-year low while the U.S.-China trade war continues. Can the U.S. really avoid a recession in 2020? Or is the bubble about to pop? Featured Guests...


Is Change Management Really a Thing?

A lot of people don't really like change. But can they be coached or managed through the change process to understand and truly appreciate its benefits in the workplace? Guest host Thad Seymour, Interim President of UCF, introduces a panel of staff members from Addition Financial to discuss their recent re-brand initiative and what they learned from undergoing a massive, company-wide change. Featured Guests Thad Seymour, Ph.D. - Interim President, University of Central Florida Jordan George...


Are Good Deals Really a Thing?

With new technology comes new ways to shop online and find a good deal, but retailers also have new tools at their disposal to charge customers higher prices. "Retail guru" Anand Krishnamoorthy discusses how retailers exploit consumers' lack of knowledge to charge higher prices and how shoppers can beat retailers at their own game this holiday season (and on Black Friday). Featured Guests Anand Krishnamoorthy - Associate Professor of Marketing, UCF College of Business Episode Highlights 1:10...


Billionaires, Border Walls and Self-Driving Trucks: Are They Really a Thing?

Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle point to a host of different factors for the state of the U.S. economy. With an economic recession on the way, renowned economist Glenn Hubbard joins UCF Business faculty John Solow, Sami Alpanda and Paul Jarley to discuss the hot topic of income inequality and when we can expect the current expansion to hit a wall. Is a recession really on our doorstep? Featured Guests Glenn Hubbard '79 - Economist; Chairman of the Board, MetLife Inc. John...


Is Sleeping on it Really a Thing?

Many successful people are sleep deprived, but that doesn't mean coffee and energy drinks are the keys to business success. In fact, these individuals are likely successful despite their lack of sleep — not because of it. Is shaving off a few hours of sleep really worth the extra time? Jeff Gish, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management at UCF College of Business, explains how sleep plays a pivotal role in the development of new ideas and business ventures. Featured Guests Jeff Gish -...


Is Failure Really a Thing?

Everyone fails. It is part of life. Rather than pretend it won’t happen, you should count on it. We challenged our students to submit their best failure stories and explain the lesson they learned. Now you get to vote for your favorite. Featured Guests Petrice Cineus, Student Sam Kotenko, Student Kevin Velazquez, Student Episode Highlights 0:38 - Failure Competition Introduction 1:43 - Kevin's failure story 5:54 - Petrice's failure story 16:26 - Sam's failure story 24:48 - Follow-up...


Is Open Banking Really a Thing?

With open banking, is technology creating a decentralized future of banking? Smartphone apps like Mint and Personal Capital paved the way for customers to access the entirety of their financial data in one place, but now, major banks are beginning to enter the open banking game. What are the repercussions for traditional banking institutions? What are the benefits and risks for consumers? And is this the beginning of the end of brick and mortar bank branches? Featured Guests Charlie Lai,...