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Lab Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers: Choosing the Best One for Your Laboratory

Selecting the perfect laboratory stirrer for your chemistry, biology, or microbiology laboratory applications from thousands of models available can be overwhelming. In this episode, our editor-in-chief John Buie talks about key items to keep in mind before acquiring hotplate stirrers and magnetic stirrers. Getting the show on the road, John started by enumerating important application requirements that users must consider, the first step to narrowing down stirrer options. He gave a good...


PCR Thermal Cycler: How to Purchase the Best Unit for Your Lab

Finding the best-fit PCR Thermal Cycler for your experiments and research can be challenging. So in this episode, our editor-in-chief, John Buie, shares some helpful tips on how to zero in the best model options for your applications without sacrificing your budget. John started the show by bringing to the table a simple list of questions to help users determine demands of their applications, an initial step in identifying the perfect unit to get. He suggested types of PCR thermal cyclers...


Liquid Scintillation Counter (LSC): Get the Perfect Unit for Your Laboratory Applications

In this episode, our editor-in-chief John Buie disclosed smart shopper tips and a checklist of items on what to consider when getting best-fit liquid scintillation counter for scientific and clinical laboratories. John discussed the importance of reviewing application requirements and demands before jumping in and purchasing an LSC counter, providing easy questions to answer that can help users get ahead on what equipment functionalities, upgrades, and enhancements they need in an LSC...