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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.

Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.


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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.






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(October 17, 2021) Congress Proposes Restrictions on Roth IRA Retirement Strategies

Targeting high-income taxpayers, Congressional Democrats are proposing new limits on the ability to build wealth within self-directed IRAs…but will this hurt the little guys instead? Mike Harrison shares this story and more, responding to listeners' emails with strategic insights on how to position your money to get the best returns regardless of Congressional restrictions. Click to Listen Now


(October 17, 2021) Signs of Inflation – How to Hedge for a Prosperous Financial Future

Have you noticed your dollar isn’t stretching as far as it used to? Andy Webb reviews the most recent inflation data indicating these increased price points are here to stay. Protect your family’s financial future with passive income, become a sophisticated real estate investor today! Click to Listen Now


(October 16, 2021) Engineer Invests in Multifamily Real Estate and Retires From Corporate America in 5 Years!

Gourav G. immigrated to the United States 20 years ago, pursuing higher education and a competitive corporate career as an engineer. Amid the constant pressure to perform at work, he started passively investing in Multifamily communities through Lifestyles Unlimited and is now just a few days away from saying goodbye to corporate America forever! Joining David Ruzicka on the air, Gourav shares news about the latest property he purchased during the pandemic, projecting a 127% return in 3...


(October 15, 2021) Throwing More Money Into Savings Will Not Fix Your Income Problem – But Real Estate Will

Inflation is here, and prices are on the rise…. are your current rates of return able to keep up? If your retirement plan has not provided you with enough passive income to retire in 5 years, you’re following a flawed map. Al Gordon shares foundational information to start paving your path towards true financial freedom. Click to Listen Now


(October 15, 2021) Mother of All Procrastination

According to NerdWallet.com, “young people will work on average 13 more years than today’s typical retirees", and yet society still pushes IRA's, 401(k)s, and Social Security as the best retirement strategies. Del Walmsley calls out these deceptive procrastinatory devices for what they truly are. Don't feed the beast, feed your future. Click to Listen Now


(October 14, 2021) Real Estate Skeptics Doubled Their Money and Tripled Their Net Worth With Passive Multifamily Investments!

Peggi and Leo both retired from their corporate sales jobs thinking that the stock market would provide them with retirement income. Unfortunately, the markets turned on them in a recession and they were on the verge of having to re-enter corporate America to survive when they decided to give Lifestyles Unlimited a chance. Listen as they tell Al Gordon how they’ve consistently been able to double their money as passive investors and tripled their net worth in the last 6 years! Click to...


(October 14, 2021) Think Bigger and Get Rich With Real Estate

Most Americans aren’t rich because they don’t understand money. To help you understand how much money is out there and how easy it is to get it, Del Walmsley sets out to expand your perception of money itself, expand your expectations of what you can have in your life, and shares a conversation he had with a Billionaire that helped him scale to the next tier of wealth creation. Click to Listen Now


(October 13, 2021) Reach Retirement With Passive Income, Not a Government Payout

The Social Security Administration just announced a 5.9% COLA increase in 2022 to keep up with inflationary pressures on the economy. Al Gordon shares the latest data indicating how drastically unprepared most Americans are for retirement, and what you can do today to position yourself for financial freedom in the next 5 years. Click to Listen Now


(October 13, 2021) The Truth About Financial Services and Who Pays the Price

Financial advisors claim to create a financial plan to help people retire someday, but the truth is they’ll get paid no matter what happens to their clients. Del Walmsley leads a discussion on the plans that you’re being sold and their success rates. Click to Listen Now


(October 12, 2021) The Best Exit Strategy to Replace Your Boss and Monthly Bills

Are you tired of your boss taking priority over everything else in your life because you’re dependent on a paycheck to cover your cost of living? Al Gordon shares how Lifestyles Unlimited can help you formulate an effective exit strategy to offset your expenses and escape from your boss with passive income. Click to Listen Now


(October 12, 2021) Tell Del Tuesday – Invest in Your Family’s Financial Future With Stable Rental Assets

Lisa and Chad were looking for a stable way to invest more money for their kids. When Lisa’s brother walked away from corporate America to be a full-time Multifamily investor, she realized she could do it too and tells Del Walmsley all about the first 3 deals she's taken down as a Lead Investor™ and what's next for their family! Click to Listen Now


(October 11, 2021) Compound Interest – The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Albert Einstein is quoted saying “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it…he who doesn’t…pays it." Al Gordon talks through how to effectively position investment assets to provide stable streams of passive income while they continue to increase in value. Click to Listen Now


(October 11, 2021) It’s Not About the System, It’s About the People Who Use It

Lifestyles Unlimited teaches a time-tested business model to build lasting wealth through real estate investments for people of all walks of life. Del Walmsley is dedicated to ensuring the company is held accountable for truly helping people, determining whether anyone who walks through the doors can truly build a better life in 5 years old less. Click to Listen Now


(October 10, 2021) October Questions and Answers for Sophisticated Real Estate Investors

Will health insurance premiums stop you from becoming financially free? Andy Webb tackles this topic and answers a variety of questions about civic engagement, property taxes, and how to take action towards becoming real estate retired. Click to Listen Now


(October 10, 2021) Stop Relying on Paychecks and Start Building Passive Income Through Effective Investments

After climbing the corporate ladder for 38 years, Chuck’s position was eliminated and his loyalty was rewarded with a forced relocation followed by another position elimination. Determined to stop relying on other people for money, Chuck and Teri join host Mike Harrison on the show to share how they became Passive Investors in Multifamily communities and BOTH Retired with Real Estate! Click to Listen Now


(October 10, 2021) Walk Away From Wall Street and Make a 370% Return in 3.5 Years as an Independent Rental Owner!

Working on the Board of the New York Stock Exchange, Gerard B. was wearing down from the fast-paced high-stress environment and saw the warning signs of increased automation cutting out the middlemen. Learning how to build wealth through Multifamily economies of scale, he tells Andy Webb how he generated a 370% return on his FIRST 16-unit property as an Independent Rental Owner, and replaced his W2 paycheck with passive income! Click to Listen Now


(October 9, 2021) Husband and Wife Team Turn $33k Into a $1.2 Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio!

Immigrating to the United States as a child, Elizabeth has achieved the American dream by becoming a Multifamily real estate investor with a portfolio worth over a million dollars! Joining David Ruzicka on the air, Jeff and Elizabeth share their journey, from childhoods friends to husband and wife entrepreneurs, from flipping properties to learning how to effectively build stable returns from Lifestyles Unlimited, this is an episode you don’t want to miss! Click to Listen Now


(October 8, 2021) Fast Track Your Retirement Strategy by Beating Stock Market Returns

As of September 2021, the S&P 500 has returned 47.82% on average over 3 years. In the same amount of time, a Single Family rental home has returned 211.81% for a Lifestyles Unlimited Member. Al Gordon shares the details behind this deal and other Single Family and Multifamily investment properties, proving that these assets are the best place to put your money. Click to Listen Now


(October 8, 2021) The Power of Dissatisfaction to Change Your Life for the Better

Approaching Thanksgiving, Del is thankful for the ability to be dissatisfied. Why? Because healthy dissatisfaction causes you to get off the couch and investigate the options that are available to improve your circumstance. Listen to learn how to apply this power to change your life this holiday season! Click to Listen Now


(October 7, 2021) Educator & Electrician Achieve Financial Freedom Through Multifamily Value Plays

Lisa is an Educator and Chad is an Electrician who realized that their traditional retirement strategies simply weren’t going to cut it. Joining Lifestyles Unlimited with limited capital, they tell Al Gordon how they creatively gathered their resources to invest in Multifamily communities and re-invest the profits, building a thriving business and becoming financially free! Click to Listen Now