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With more than 20 years' experience, Mark Moyer is a successful Forbes magazine contributor, career coach, business growth strategist, and author of “Win Again!" In this podcast, Mark guides athletes and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by supplying insight for not only retired athletes, but anyone seeking to excel. Find out more at Thanks!

With more than 20 years' experience, Mark Moyer is a successful Forbes magazine contributor, career coach, business growth strategist, and author of “Win Again!" In this podcast, Mark guides athletes and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by supplying insight for not only retired athletes, but anyone seeking to excel. Find out more at Thanks!
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With more than 20 years' experience, Mark Moyer is a successful Forbes magazine contributor, career coach, business growth strategist, and author of “Win Again!" In this podcast, Mark guides athletes and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by supplying insight for not only retired athletes, but anyone seeking to excel. Find out more at Thanks!




EP19: Corey Mays - From NFL Athlete to Angel Investor - Always Be Prepared!

“Every day you have the mentality of one foot in, one foot out, at least that was my mentality. I always thought of keeping myself on the edge, because you have to be ready to go. The transition (as an athlete) is hard regardless, but if you are not even thinking about it, you’re really putting yourself in a bad position.” I’m easily impressed with athlete’s accomplishments on the field of play, but not so much once they leave the game, as many tend to wait too long to get their...


EP18: Eric Kussin - We’re ALL a Little Crazy, Aren’t We?

“There is no such thing as normal. We all go through sh*t, and we all face different challenges, so We’re all a little bit crazy!” There’s nothing that stops us in our tracks than a sudden illness or injury, but sometimes going through a steady decline without knowing it can be even worse. In today’s episode with Eric Kussin, we cover the very serious and increasingly relevant topic of mental health, and how the stigma attached needs to be lifted and tossed aside. Eric is doing wonders in...


EP17: Gus Frerotte - 15-year NFL QB changing the future of Brain Health

“I just want to be remembered for being a great human being, we all have different walks we go on, but if I can just be a good person and help others on their journey that’s worth it in the end” It’s one thing to make your mark on the field of play, but when you can transition into a venture that can help millions of people globally, now you’ve got my interest. Today’s guest, Gus Frerotte, happened to have a 15 year NFL career as a quarterback, and has a long list of accomplishments. But...


EP16: Grace Luczak - Rowing to a World Record and the Olympics

“When you have this big moment of failure - when you don’t accomplish what you were going after, you have to take time to re-evaluate your strategy for the next time!” I am so impressed with Olympians, and it doesn’t matter if they medal or not. The amount of time and dedication needed to compete once every four years, often for just a few seconds, is an extraordinary example of perseverance, determination and grit. My guest on the Make Your Mark podcast today, Grace Luczak, is a prime...


EP15: Rudy Reyes - From Starbucks to Successful Sports Podcaster

“For me it was about the entertainment value; but with that comes the responsibility to tell it honestly, truthfully, and with energy. And when you can do all of those things, it’s something that people want to listen to.” Having the guts to make a complete transition isn’t easy, and Rudy Reyes, host of The Rudedog Show radio show, can tell you all about it, and much more. And I really mean much more, as Rudy has recorded several hundred episodes, interviewing a wide array of sports and...


EP14: Lauren Walsh - From Collegiate Mentor to Professional Sports Brand Manager

“Athletes are figuring out how to leverage who they are, where they came from, what they’re known for, and then how to make money off of that for the rest of their lives.” Professional athletes are faced with countless decisions, both on and off the field, and many struggle with the weight of making the right choices. My guest today, Lauren Walsh, is making a name for herself in a male-dominated industry, adding her secret sauce to directly help athletes with much of what happens off the...


EP13: Chelsea Mandello - Chelsea Mandello - From Navy Veteran to Vetrepreneur

“You really have to develop stamina. There will be times where you are constantly exhausted and you have to learn to keep going and push those boundaries (just like a muscle) because it really will make you better with any business you have.” Our nation’s veterans have sacrificed so much for us, and a growing number are becoming entrepreneurs, looking to continue the spirit of giving once they leave the service. Today’s guest on the #MakeYourMark podcast, Chelsea Mandello, is a shining...


EP12: Michael O’Brien - Triumph Over Trauma

“I knew my life was in the balance… I promised myself if I lived, life would be different and I would stop chasing happiness.” We will all likely face a life-altering moment when it is least expected. Michael O’Brien was cycling when his happened, and what followed became the cornerstone of his life’s mission today. Michael was nearly killed over 17 years ago, and what he has done since then to turn things around, and become the positive influence he is now is the basis for my episode...


EP10: Cody Royle - Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom

“As a leader, your job is to make yourself redundant. So if your team is doing really well, they should be self-sufficient. And once they’ve gotten themselves to a place where they are self-sufficient, they don’t need you anymore.” What impresses me the most about Cody Royle, my guest on today’s podcast, is how clearly he sees through all the BS in the corporate world, and is able to pinpoint what truly drives great leaders, what makes them compete and win, and how they continue to produce...


EP9: Ted Studdard - From the Battlefield to the Boardroom

“Leadership 101: You trust people, you empower people. They’ll make mistakes, but as long as it’s not illegal, immoral, or unethical you stand by them. And you take the opportunity and you teach them.“ When you want to learn anything about leadership, you need to find someone who walks the walk behind all the talk, and today’s guest, Colonel Ted Studdard, United States Marine Corps (Ret) is a prime example of that walk! Ted served our nation for 25 years as a Marine, rising through the...


EP8: Amobi Okugo - From Soccer Star to Financial Guru

“Focus on what you’re making, and how you can prolong what you’re making to last a lifetime.” We all work very hard to get to where we are financially, some of us more than others, but we really strike it big if we are smart with what we do with that money. Today’s guest, Amobi Okugo, helps athletes navigate the often tumultuous world that they’ve been thrown into, calming the waters and providing a fundamental set of guidelines for financial literacy. Amobi not only has a great...


EP7: Garrick Jones - The New Visionary of Professional Football

“You’re no longer a number when you’re dealing with the SDFL... We want everyone to be able to take care of their families with the product that is on the field.” Today’s episode gives me greater hope for the future of our nation’s professional athletes. My guest, Garrick Jones, tells us how his professional football league, the SDFL, is poised to not only become a blueprint for how leagues and teams should treat their players, but potentially transform professional sports across the...


EP6: Kim Cayce - From Professional Golf to Verbatim Press

“When people jump into something they love doing, it’s infectious.. and people want to be a part of that.” Today’s guest has been successful at every step, and I have no reason to believe it won’t continue for years to come. Kim Cayce was a professional golfer, pitched her design in front of Shark Tank in Season 1, and has founded, and been an integral part of, four successful companies. She is currently launching her fifth. “You have to know if you have an idea, or a business. Start out...


EP5: Ruben Gonzalez - From Benchwarmer to Four-Time Olympic Athlete

“You’ve got to be willing to fight for your dream. And it’s not gonna be easy. It’s always going to be hard. It’s not about the dream, it’s about the person you become through the fighting. ” Today’s guest will make anyone who feels their dreams are out of reach think twice. Ruben Gonzalez is a four-time Olympian, a highly sought after professional keynote speaker and a bestselling author. Ruben sat on the bench on his college soccer team, but decided at the age of 21 to compete in the...


EP4: Marques Ogden - From NFL Player to Failed Business Owner to Nationally Recognized Speaker

“The NFL was a saving grace for me. They bailed me out when they didn’t have to.” Today’s guest, Marques Ogden, is truly larger than life! But getting lighter, and you’ll have to hear how in this conversation I had with this 5 year NFL veteran who is currently a leadership and motivational speaker throughout the US. “I ended up working for $8.25 on the graveyard shift with a janitorial staff. That is when I decided that something had to change… this was my life-changing moment.” I...


EP3: Randy Kessler - Prominent Family Law Attorney Creates App That Makes Dreams Come True For Sports Fans

“They don’t want me to be the lawyer, they want me to tell them, “You’re going to be ok.” Here’s the issue… once you start breaking it down and making it simple, people feel better. Everything can be simplified.” Today’s guest, Randy Kessler, has quite an impressive resume. He founded, and runs, a successful family law practice in Atlanta, that has been in operation for nearly 30 years. He has been interviewed on television and elsewhere in the media for his expertise on a wide array of...


EP2: Marnie Schneider - Getting Kids Off the Street and Onto the Baseball Diamond

“Ask yourself, ‘What do I need to do to get things done?’ And then, just do it.” When I first spoke with Marnie Schneider, I was impressed and amazed with her infectious energy and charisma, especially as it related to her Keep On Playing Foundation. We were both involved in the Standing O book project, and I found that I shared her strong interest in helping underprivileged kids get involved in playing baseball, and giving them a sense of pride while keeping them in a positive...


EP1: Theo Fleury - How an NHL All Star Overcame Abuse and Addiction to Become One of the World’s Leading Authorities

“It’s not always what you leave on the playing field that will be your legacy, it’s what you do to improve the quality of people’s lives.” Today's guest has had an incredible story of success followed by a precipitous fall and subsequent reinvention into one of the world's foremost experts on trauma, mental health and addiction. Theo Fleury was a seven time NHL All Star, scoring nearly 1100 points in his career, and winning an Olympic gold medal. However, throughout his career, he...


Introduction: Make Your Mark with Mark Moyer

“After I graduated college, I did what a lot of people do, I really struggled to figure out my identity, what was I going to do next?” On this episode, host Mark Moyer, shares the history of his journey into the coaching business. Over the past 20 years as a business advisor and career coach, Mark has been guiding clients to reach their fullest potential. He recently released the WIN AGAIN playbook, an excellent resource for anyone looking to excel in their field of interest. “I’ve...