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#28 Traveling for business (in economy)

Traveling for work? You might impress a millennial…however, while some of us still romanticize taking a flight to attend very serious meetings, most of us will never get a chance to fly business class. Flying gets rougher by year - longer queues for boarding, worse food and increasing impact on climate change. How cool is traveling by air for business after all?


#27 These books are so last year / NY special! /

Happy New Year! Might be a bit belated, but we have a good explanation - summarizing what turned out to be 15+ books that we've read last year is not any small task. We talk about our favorite books read in 2018 as well as some great classics, or the ones we just....could not finish. Business, a bit of fiction, even a bit of self-help. And of course: resolutions for 2019!


#26 (Open) office space

Open plan office - the lightswitch for collaboration or a conspiracy that noise cancelling headphone manufacturers created? We talk about the good & the bad about open plan office that happens to be the environment we both spend most of our time at. We also talk about music at work, meeting our dear listeners and get really confused about a name we really SHOULD know...Last episode before the Christmas holidays!


#25 Millennials at Work INTERNATIONAL: USA

Rasmus is New York and catches up with a family friend, Mia Adorante, for our extra-mini-series about millennials at work all around the world and how their experiences compare to ours. Mia is an American journalist, working as a freelance writer and creative in New York. She and Rasmus discuss American work culture, the necessity of having freedom, passive-aggressive colleagues, and lots more.


#24 Onboarding equals culture

This week we talk about the onboarding that has nothing to do with getting on a plane or launching an app on the phone. It’s all about getting on with one’s job in a new company. This episode’s filled with mega-tips and honest reflections by yours truly - two millennials (those being us) who have recently experienced the good and bad of onboarding. What does your onboarding tell about your company culture? Let us speculate. Follow us on Instagram: @mill_atwork


#23 School? Just google it.

Instead of talking about acquiring some diplomas, we’re discussing the world of NOT going to school. And there are three moments in this episode that’ll go into the history of Millennials At Work: we finally disagree, we finally drink beer and Rasmus finally tries to grow a beard. It’s about time for all of this and it’s about time for us to talk about hacking education like a true millennial!


#22 Millennials At Work INTERNATIONAL: Japan

While Rasmus is in New York and Edite’s busy moving to Malmö, it’s time for another episode of our INTERNATIONAL series, this time about Japan. We talk with a fellow ex-Hyper Island student, amazing Misaki, about Japanese millennials, work culture and megatips for dealing with burnouts (because you might need them in the land of the rising Sun!)


#21 Workshops that work

Being the process-nerds we are, an episode about workshops was inevitable. We try to define them, share our failures as well as megatips, and reasons for NOT doing workshops. It might be a buzzword, but it's one we have lots of feelings about. Follow us on Instagram: @mill_atwork Hosted by Edīte Garjāne and Rasmus Noah Hansen, Millennials at Work is about… exactly that - millennials at work. What we want from a workplace, how to be our boss and everything around being a young professional.


#20 Work less, live more

We're back! It might be the darkness and cold that's covered Stockholm that makes us reflect on...not working. What vacation policies do we expect to have, what does our job status have to do with flexible hours and how we shouldn't spend a sabbatical. For sending those DMs we mention so much, follow us on Instagram: @mill_atwork Hosted by Edīte Garjāne and Rasmus Noah Hansen, Millennials at Work is about… exactly that - millennials at work. What we want from a workplace, how to be our boss...


#19 Millennials At Work INTERNATIONAL: Latvia

We are millennials and we work. But even so, we cannot talk for all millennials. While we leave the reflection format untouched, we also introduce a parallel extra-format, if you like. Millennials At Work INTERNATIONAL will be irregular interview episodes with millennials from different cultures talking about our generation and work life in their home country. This time - Edite interviews Ričards Križanovskis from employer branding consultancy ERDA and startup UpMatched in Riga, Latvia. We...


#18 Dig the gig (economy)

Either it's dog-walking, task-running, mystery shopping or making stacks of logos, gig economy is A THING for millennials. Extra income and experience sounds fine, but is it all nice and shiny? We look at our generation's answer to the unwelcoming job market and non-flexible hours and share our experiences. Like, the time Edīte tried to be posh in a West London clothing store while mystery-shopping and Rasmus used a British guy's voiceover to get into Hyper Island. Follow us on Instagram:...


#17 Trust the process

Two process-nerds walked into a bar...this episode might as well start like that. Process design, facilitation and trusting the process are definitely some of our favorite conversation topics. We talk definitions, reflect on our successes and failures as well as how to get dozens of German middle-aged engineers to play silly games in the name of creativity. Follow us on Instagram: @mill_atwork Hosted by Edīte Garjāne and Rasmus Noah Hansen, Millennials at Work is about… exactly that -...


#16 "Just get a habit!"

We all have habits we want to pick up and the ones we wish to kick. Although being an Instagram-friendly-habit superhuman can be destructive, more people and increasingly millennials, are giving in to the idea of hacking our lives. We talk our own good & bad habits, things to start doing at work and mention way too many apps. Follow us on Instagram: @mill_atwork Hosted by Edīte Garjāne and Rasmus Noah Hansen, Millennials at Work is about… exactly that - millennials at work. What we want from...


#15 The wild west of job titles

Don’t you just hate when people don’t understand what your “Chief sourcing ninja” or “Creative technologist” job title mean? WE KNOW. Jokes aside, we have a thing or two to say about the jungle of titles and sure thing we didn’t spare them! We rant about vegan conferences (obviously. not connected to the topic…), agree that “digital” needs to be the unwritten norm, Rasmus educates us all about holocracy and we rate the cringe-level of Edite’s LinkedIn tagline. For those, looking for the show...


#14 The networking dance

In this episode, we paint a picture of sweaty palms, stressed looks, awkward silences and possibly, even name tags. You know it. It’s the art (or dance, according to Rasmus) of networking. Why is networking causing such a headache to so many and how to be more at ease with talking to prospective friends? We also have the longest check-in ever with stories all about crying!


#13 Vibing with your next job

Job seeking can be painless, ego-boosting or most probably - can easily leave one rehabilitating from heavy imposters syndrome. We try something new and reflect on questions around when is one a talent, how to satisfy the need for impactful work and most importantly - how to decide on a role to take on?


#12 Popping filter bubbles

We all have our very own filter bubbles, but how original are they and do we share one with the people we work with? And what happens when you can't find the way out of it anymore? In this episode of Millennials at Work, Rasmus doesn't get out from the Youtube gamers' world and Edite - from Instagram influencer moms. We share our own filter bubble-popping and creating practices and tips on how to not end up saying "what everyone thinks is..."


#11 PP stands for "Personal Projects"

In this episode, we talk about the art and need for side projects, side hustles or as we like to call them - personal projects. They're close to our hearts and we're keen to share our own favorites and finally bring back some heavy duty tips for when it comes to putting time into a hustle that benefits yourself and your career.


#10 Challenging authority

It's the tenth episode! And we talk about a topic that millennials might be the most known for - authority (and challenging it). Our takes on the matter, good and dysfunctioning authority examples and how to question managers without becoming one of the "annoying millennials". How rebellious are millennials really?


#9 Office apparel - a boring name for a great fashion problem

Office apparel, workwear, work attire...whatever you call it, what we wear to work can become a hot mess or at least a hot topic for discussion. Especially if you're a millennial who's "breaking the rules". This week we talk power outfits, traditions, and scientific (!) studies all about the work outfits.