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Exactly a year and 40 episodes later we say the biggest thanks to the listeners, followers, sharers, millennials in age and heart as well as our support group for helping to make this into one hell of a project! This episode is all about the past & future, a huge reflection session supported by some Old Fashioned to celebrate Millennials at Work.


To be your own boss: entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurship episode! What’s new? Not much: Rasmus has become an entrepreneur and finally breaks the ice about the new business, we rant about over-sharers and over-sellers as well as discuss millennial-friendly motivations to become your own boss at this day and age. You got it, it's a HANDFUL.


Competition is a bliss

Competition brings out the best and worst in us. Even more - it pushes innovation while creating tension. It makes us bite our fists and when balanced with collaboration - it can do wonders. Listen to our conversation about the difficulties with wanting to be the best at something and the struggles of learning how to collaborate instead. Also, magazine tips and winning stories, literally!


Perks, perks, perks

Perks perks perks. No matter if it’s a chocolate fountain or paid days for personal projects - perks is a way to direct and set a company culture. So how do you offer the perfect selection of perks to millennials to not waste cash and build the culture you want? And how to be a millennial in the shiny perk-obsessed world? Extra material at the top of the episode might include lots of swearing and a rant about motivational speakers.


A guide to quitting (a job)

This week we start with a controversial intro, the news of Rasmus moving to Copenhagen and a topic that is very much in tune with turbulent spring feels and major decisions: when and how to quit a job. By two recent quitters themselves! We revisit our highs and lows while talking about the when&how&why.


The art of feedback

Most of us have been at the receiving end of a poorly delivered feedback. And let’s be honest, we’ve all been guilty of not entirely thinking through the feedback we’d give a colleague, manager, a friend.🙈 Some (us) would even say, it’s kind of an art form so this might be our most artsy episode so far. 👩‍🎨 As always: reflections, stories, ​and megatips!


#34 Build strong relationships

Relationships might be the no.1 most important thing that keeps organizations running…boom! By definition, we know that building strong relationships at work is important, but in reality - it’s surely easier said than done. It takes real curiosity and a lot of listening to make friends, it might take quite a long time and even some extra push from the management side. And by the way, strong relationships means better health - science!


#33 The money talk

Money money money. So many songs written, lives crushed and things bought with it. But what kind of role does money play for us? We reveal our salaries to each other and talk about the importance of those bucks in our bank accounts. Salaries might still be a bit of a taboo topic, but hey - we’re doing our best to crush it.


#32 So...can you be my mentor?

Do you have a mentor, spiritual cousin or a life coach? Maybe you’re like us, with no one really filling that void in our lives. Magazines and Medium posts say we all should get a mentor to excel in our careers, but how easy is it ACTUALLY to get someone spend hours of their life building a mentor-mentee relationship with you? We talk about life-changing job interviews, mentors we need and when to pay for the coffee.


#31 Me, myself and my personal brand

Personal branding is confusing - what’s too much and what’s too little? When are you just filling time with content no one needs and how long does it take to grow an army of ambassadors for your personal brand? Rasmus has a LinkedIn confession to make and Edite tells a story of truly impulsive planning. It’s safe to say - we have our own experiences and we’re sometimes confused about what to think of them. Join us in another reflection and #megatips session this week!


#30 This is at work

Burnout, stress symptoms and Monday blues - all that and much more can make us hit a wall at work. In this episode we talk about mental health at work - how to know what you need to feel good, some well-proven truths and some less proven theories of yours truly, Edite and Rasmus. Overdelivering, checking your gut feeling, a brain that eats calories and more!


#29 "Young Generations At Work" with author, Alexandra Krautwald

Millennials at Work, but with a grown-up! In other words, we are joined with an author, journalist, and keynote speaker, Alexandra Krautwald. Her latest book “Unge Generationer på Arbejde” (in Danish - "Young Generations At Work”) is so right up our alley we couldn’t resist inviting Alexandra to talk about her findings and mega-tips for millennials at work. The book is for millennials who are entering work life, so we talk about misunderstood generations, jealousy, shit our managers say...


#28 Traveling for business (in economy)

Traveling for work? You might impress a millennial…however, while some of us still romanticize taking a flight to attend very serious meetings, most of us will never get a chance to fly business class. Flying gets rougher by year - longer queues for boarding, worse food and increasing impact on climate change. How cool is traveling by air for business after all?


#27 These books are so last year / NY special! /

Happy New Year! Might be a bit belated, but we have a good explanation - summarizing what turned out to be 15+ books that we've read last year is not any small task. We talk about our favorite books read in 2018 as well as some great classics, or the ones we just....could not finish. Business, a bit of fiction, even a bit of self-help. And of course: resolutions for 2019!


#26 (Open) office space

Open plan office - the lightswitch for collaboration or a conspiracy that noise cancelling headphone manufacturers created? We talk about the good & the bad about open plan office that happens to be the environment we both spend most of our time at. We also talk about music at work, meeting our dear listeners and get really confused about a name we really SHOULD know...Last episode before the Christmas holidays!


#25 Millennials at Work INTERNATIONAL: USA

Rasmus is New York and catches up with a family friend, Mia Adorante, for our extra-mini-series about millennials at work all around the world and how their experiences compare to ours. Mia is an American journalist, working as a freelance writer and creative in New York. She and Rasmus discuss American work culture, the necessity of having freedom, passive-aggressive colleagues, and lots more.


#24 Onboarding equals culture

This week we talk about the onboarding that has nothing to do with getting on a plane or launching an app on the phone. It’s all about getting on with one’s job in a new company. This episode’s filled with mega-tips and honest reflections by yours truly - two millennials (those being us) who have recently experienced the good and bad of onboarding. What does your onboarding tell about your company culture? Let us speculate. Follow us on Instagram: @mill_atwork


#23 School? Just google it.

Instead of talking about acquiring some diplomas, we’re discussing the world of NOT going to school. And there are three moments in this episode that’ll go into the history of Millennials At Work: we finally disagree, we finally drink beer and Rasmus finally tries to grow a beard. It’s about time for all of this and it’s about time for us to talk about hacking education like a true millennial!


#22 Millennials At Work INTERNATIONAL: Japan

While Rasmus is in New York and Edite’s busy moving to Malmö, it’s time for another episode of our INTERNATIONAL series, this time about Japan. We talk with a fellow ex-Hyper Island student, amazing Misaki, about Japanese millennials, work culture and megatips for dealing with burnouts (because you might need them in the land of the rising Sun!)


#21 Workshops that work

Being the process-nerds we are, an episode about workshops was inevitable. We try to define them, share our failures as well as megatips, and reasons for NOT doing workshops. It might be a buzzword, but it's one we have lots of feelings about. Follow us on Instagram: @mill_atwork Hosted by Edīte Garjāne and Rasmus Noah Hansen, Millennials at Work is about… exactly that - millennials at work. What we want from a workplace, how to be our boss and everything around being a young professional.