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A closer look at the freight-demand and planning app for owner-ops with Load One

In the sort of emergency-freight service that is the expedited trucking business, having information about where best to be for the next load is, to say the least, a difficult proposition. Load One's "Ultimate Advantage" smartphone app, though, delivers relevant demand information to leased owner-ops, as Load One head John Elliott explains in this week's Overdrive Radio podcast,


Further dissection of post-ELD mandate crash rates, and the blues of Watermelon Slim

In this Overdrive Radio podcast, Overdrive Senior Editor James Jaillet's conversation with Northeastern University academic Alex Scott, who with colleagues completed a recent study around potential safety-sensitive impacts of the electronic-logging-device mandate. Also, more from blues virtuoso Watermelon Slim's performance Feb. 2 in Indiana.


Local/regional fuel hauling and the winter volume boost, cost tradeoffs and more

This week's Overdrive Radio podcast features small fleet owner Dave Marti of Forrest, Ill., with six power units leased to Transport Services of Sullivan, Ill., hauling fuel in the region around his home base, and a newly built six-bay shop. Balancing the volume/cost tradeoffs is one of the many calculations the owner’s learned to make over his years in business.


Preparing for the impossible, shutdown pessimism and the divisions in trucking history

Steve Bixler on those situations when contingency plans come up short, his long advocacy for an experienced-driver regs-review panel, the history of the "shutdown" and what's changed since he started in the 1970s, and more in this Overdrive Radio podcast. Also: Slow roll convoy in the offing in Illinois this weekend ...


Growing pains of small trucking: Midnight Xpress on blown motors, hiring mistakes and more

In the half-year since we first talked with Midnight Xpress co-owner Andre Jackson for the Overdrive Radio podcast, small fleet expansion plans continue to be implemented, though they've shifted with a breakdown of the first truck Jackson and partners added, among other issues -- including hiring mistakes made.


‘Dynamex’ ABC test ‘an unfair hammer to legitimate contractors’ — view from a small fleet, and a contractor

The latest podcast is talk with the owner of, and a contractor with, Southern California-based Angus Transportation, the now three-truck business of Jimmy Nevarez, the source of the quotation in the headline, hitting on the problematic nature of the independent contractor classification test for truckers who value entrepreneurial leased relationships and much more.


2018 ‘coulda planned better’: Counting down the top 10 Overdrive Radio podcasts of the year

Take a review run back through some of those most memorable moments from the top 10 most-listened-to episodes of the year, from details of owner-op Mark Kirbyson’s skepticism of any wisdom present in the oft-repeated "shoulda planned better" to more than two podcasts dedicated to recognizing the many best-avoided games brokers play in contracts ... and much more besides.


Weighing ECM retune options, or full-on emissions defeats, with enforcement risk

In this edition of Overdrive Radio, I went in-depth my colleague James Jaillet about his reporting on the EPA’s increasing willingness to wield the enforcement sword around heavy-duty emissions modifications, and what owner-operators should weigh when thinking about ECM retunes. Also: owner-op Dean DeSantis on improving OEM emisisons tech.


On the ‘flower gravy train’: Direct-ship greenhouse freight, 10-4 D.C. convoy and more with Scott Hampton

Hampton pulled hoppers before transitioning to the operation he's in today, which he describes as his "flower gravy train" doing multi-drop distribution runs for shipper Dallas Johnson Greenhouse in Council Bluffs. Also in this latest Overdrive Radio edition, the tale of how he got back to the front of the 10-4 D.C. convoy that Oct. Saturday in Northern Virginia


Beware what you sign with brokers: Freight-payment offsetting of cargo claims a ‘sucker’s game’

Ever had a broker give you load after load following a cargo claim, then never pay you for any of them? Such can be the case when "right to offset" clauses are included in a brokerage contract. Issues discussed in this Overdrive Radio edition with transportation attorney Hank Seaton, with an outline also of ways to revamp the safety-rating system for small-fleet/owner-op benefit.


Truckers helping foster 12-year-old Robbie Welsh’ creative journey

In this edition Overdrive Radio, St. Louis mother Sarah Welsh details how the trucking community, particularly a variety of owner-operators among it, has helped foster her 12-year-old son Robbie's passion for so many things trucking -- and particularly: "meeting drivers to talk about their trucks," Sarah says. A kindred spirit, as it were. More...


How a ’99 Classic came to be ‘The Goose,’ and: Hope for small-biz primacy with FMCSA?

So just how did Daniel and Phyllis Snow's 1996 Freightliner Classic XL come to be called 'The Goose'? In this Overdrive Radio podcast, the independent owner-operators tell that story. Also: A bit of stumping for the importance of small business in trucking from none other than the top motor carrier safety regulator in the nation,


Hurricane relief hauling with Fla. owner-op Tim Philmon; and a look at ATA’s fed/state agenda

In the latest Overdrive Radio podcast, take a run through Hurricane Michael relief efforts with the front-line FEMA shuttle relief operation Florida-based independent Tim Philmon contracted to in its wake. Also: James Jaillet offers insight into what to expect from ATA's regs/legislative agenda going forward. It's not all bad news, ultimately.


The living legacy of the ‘BlackOut’ veterans-tribute Freightliner, and: Small fleet growth elsewhere

A couple weeks out from Veterans Day, this week's podcast walks through recent additions to the BlackOut 1999 Freightliner veterans-tribute and memorial truck and more Chuck Timbrook following a health scare two years ago. Also: More from owner-op Rob Hallahan's small fleet growth with other owner-ops.


The truck parking problem: Tools in the toolbox, modest capacity proposals, and more

This Overdrive Radio podcast gives you a wider window into the discussion at the GATS parking panel, valuable for anyone who has to think hard about parking along their lanes. Bonus: What would you think about parking for a 10-hour break at a truck-dedicated, secure facility on the site of a NASCAR track?


Voices from D.C. and elsewhere on hours, the ELD mandate, tariffs and more

In this edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast, a little audio from conversations out on the National Mall in D.C. with Todd Campbell of Campbell Farms in Bainbridge, Ohio, and owner-op Doug Hasner, among voices from the mailbag commenting on potential changes to the hours of service.


A two-truck independent’s long climb up from a widow maker to business success

In this week's Overdrive Radio podcast, Andre Jackson narrates his story of triumph over adversity after a debilitating heart attack five years ago shortly following an appearance on the cover of Overdrive. He was nearly was lost, but five years later and nearly 200 pounds lighter, he's flourishing with a new two-truck business with an owner-op business partner.


Owner-operator income benchmarking, freight relationships and best practices

This edition of Overdrive Radio rounds up three distinct parts of the Partners in Business seminars held last month at the Great American Trucking Show, with presentations by ATBS President Todd Amen, radio host and former small fleet owner-operator Kevin Rutherford, and Richard DeForest, also with ATBS.


Podcast: Cooking in-cab with Tom Kyrk, St. Christopher Fund update, more on the ‘big 10-4’ to D.C.

Two talks from GATS with driver and in-cab chef Tom Kyrk and Shannon Currier of the St. Christopher fund, in part detailing a chance to win $2,000, and some more detail from owner-op Allen Kelly on the "That's a Big 10-4 on D.C." event upcoming -- when else? -- 10/4.


‘Burnin’ the Old School Down’ with trucker-songwriter Bill Weaver

Take a run in this week's Overdrive Radio podcast through Bill Weaver’s new all-truckin' "Burnin’ the Old School Down" record. Themes therein split the difference between love of the work of trucking and angst over the layers of difficulty thrown into the mix via regulatory schemes ...