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TA 30: Catch Yourself

How are you doing on your goals for the year? Your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you even remember what they were? So many times we’re hard on ourselves for the early misses. We say we’re going to eat low or no carbs, three weeks in we’ve eaten some delicious pastry, fries, or even cake and abandon ship. We say we’re going to work out every morning, wake up earlier, go to sleep earlier, read more, watch less TV, connect more … whatever. Whatever it is, it’s important enough to declare and...


TA 29: Kindness is a Rare Leadership Skill

A client is calling and they want a discount because something went wrong. An employee is missing on targets and results are slipping, they need to be realigned. The bank just called and a supplier took payment of a delivery early via automated transfer and there’s a cash crunch. As a leader things come at us from all directions all the time – but how do we cope? Well, usually we need a little help to resolve all of these … sometimes from the other party. We can’t get their help with a...


TA 28: Bring the Right Protection

Life and leadership is a contact sport. You need to make contact with people every day as a leader and in life. There’s no avoiding it. So how do you build protection for the energy vampires that surround us? They are every where now. More and more. In the sea of all of that – remember that you need to bring protection with you. But where do you get it? How does that start? It’s starts when you wake up in the morning. Remember your bedroom is a no-cellphone zone. No electronics and...


TA 27: Build a Well

This has nothing to do with an ACTUAL well. It has to do with the structure and support systems we need as leaders, as entrepreneurs. It’s such a roller-coaster of ups and downs out there that we need support to help keep us a little more level and a little more in the zone to be in flow … to capture the momentum around us. The challenge is that we tend not to do that when things are good – we’re so focused on the ride up that we forget about creating layers of support and structure for...


TA 26: Have More Pillow Talk

It’s so important to build transparency in the life of the entrepreneur, leader, and difference maker. Too often we don’t hold space for our most important relationships, the ones with our spouses, life partner, and families. We need to save space for them, and us, to share our dreams, our challenges, our hopes. Structure time in the evening to debrief on the day, and more importantly to brief on the day before you start. This is not an opportunity to vent, this is an opportunity to...


TA 25: Create (Several) No Cell Phone Zones

As leaders we discuss holding space for our team. We all recognize that we need to give them time and space to succeed, for their mindset. How clear are you, as a leader, however, that you too need time and space? Former Paper Napkin Wisdom guest and Big Data Expert John Johnson says that we are bombarded by more than 30 tractor-trailer loads of information each day. With all that noise (and most of it bad news) we need to hold space for ourselves and for our loved ones. The people we...


TA 24: The Structure of Transparency

Are you looking for uncommon results in your company? Or maybe just for yourself? There’s a structure to build the uncommon results you crave for yourself and your team and it starts with transparency. I’m not just talking about 2% or 5% growth from year to year. I’m talking about double digit year-over-year growth. Even triple digit growth! This comes from taking your SMART goals to another level by combining Process and Volunteered Accountability. What does that mean? It means having...


TA 23: The X Org Chart

Ever wonder how there are some small teams that just get it done time and time again? They are tight and nothing comes through the cracks in their communication, organization, service, or delivery? How do they do it? I call this the X Org Chart – or the Exponential Org Chart. It’s the way that teams (small and large) can create more dynamic and important communication, collaboration and accountability. It starts with the leader creating a strong sense of focus, aligning the team with it...


TA 22: Trust 2.0 – Do you have it?

It’s vitally important for leaders to feel like that they can trust their teams. Trust them to complete their tasks, to be strong for the team, complete tasks well, execute on the priorities we have set individually and collectively. If we do this well, we are delegating tasks to them and they are getting them done. If that is going REALLY well – the team has a sense of ownership and they feel empowered. There’s another level to this though that is even more important, and that is Trust...


TA 21: Get Smarter About Goal Making (not just setting)

This is the time of year when so many of us start to take stock of the year that passed and the one that’s coming. It’s that time that we start to think about what could be for the year ahead. There have been studies done that show that most people only accomplish a small fraction of their goals from year to year. Yet there are others that do much much more. There’s a simple way that you can make more of your goals happen, and more of your team’s goals happen, that requires little effort...


TA 20: Passion and Process Combined is Unstoppable

I so often hear about entrepreneurs, leaders, and difference-makers wanting to get more results – scalable results – exponential results. They talk about their hearts being into it, but they are not driving the results they want. The answer is simple, you have to couple passion and process to get crazy results – exponential results. You have to be wildly committed to the goals that you set, and make progress on them every day. You cannot do this without a process that permits you to...


TA 19: You Are Unstoppable

Too often we get stuck. Caught. Stopped dead in our tracks. Usually we end up blaming ourselves for something we did or got wrong in the past. Or because we “wish” we were doing something else right now. Remember one thing: You are frekkin’ unstoppable … Remind yourself ever day, all the time. And take epic action … Move forward, you can do it. In fact, you’re the only one who can. Take Action is a short podcast, usually between 3 to 5 minutes long, and the focus is on the small,...


TA 18: Time to #ManUp

With recent public events on my mind, I’ve been paying a little more attention (and asking questions) of my female teammates, colleagues, and other entrepreneurs, leaders and difference makers and have been stunned to hear their stories of having to “work harder” to be heard than their male colleagues. I’m not saying this is everyone’s story – in fact I’ve been mostly oblivious to the issue in the bubble that is my entrepreneurial world. I say it’s time to draw a line in the sand and for...


TA 17: Want Better Results?

Who among us doesn’t want better results? So often we look at the bottom line and continuously set better goals and watch for the outcomes that we want to see. Whether it’s improving the bottom line, better customer service, client retention or other outcome based metric – we want to improve them. Rarely, however, do we look to the process that created the outcomes and structure time and energy toward reviewing the process and making improvements. If you build a system around improving...


TA 16: The Secret Source of Resilience

Everyone is talking about the greatest PREDICTOR of success is how much “grit” or resilience someone has. How willing are they to slog through the rough stuff before reaching for the prize. Some call this delayed gratification, though I don’t think they are the same thing. The secret source of resilience is within you … it lies with passion, love, and faith. Feeling passionately for what you’re doing, caring deeply about the work and the people you serve with and for, and faith in the...


TA 32: All Worthy Pursuits Are Elusive Due to Their Enormous Simplicity

Everything worthwhile is hard to do. Being a better parent, a better leader, a better entrepreneur, or build a better business mode. Everything. The reason? They’re enormously simple. The strategy and idea behind great things is simplicity, and they're worthwhile because you understand them and their value. For example: admitting when you’re wrong – in real time. This is hard to do. It’s elusive, worthwhile and the right thing to do but it’s hard. Simplicity and how easy it is to do aren’t...


LBS 6: Great Leaders Set High Expectations - Mandy Burage

“Great leaders set high expectations for their teams, but even higher expectations for themselves,” says Mandy Burage, Director of Operations at Petra Coach. She explains that through the course of her childhood and early career, she encountered many personal and professional disappointments stemming from the fact that she set very high expectations for herself, while others did not set the same expectations for themselves, and as a result, team successes were adversely impacted. Later,...


EP 172: Live an Extraordinary Life, So That Others Will – John DiJulius (founder, entrepreneur, author)

Best-selling author, world renowned customer service expert, founder of the DiJulius Group, business success – John DiJulius III has tapped into something special. On this podcast, John discusses applying his methodology beyond business, and why his life purpose is to “live an extraordinary life, so that others will.” Stating your purpose isn’t enough. You have to deliver what you say and what you declare happen. “We all have seeds of potential,” John asserts, “and the seeds of potential...


LBS 5: There’s no job description for COO – Adam Trautenberg

Being second in command is tricky terrain to navigate; just ask Adventure Links COO Adam Trautenberg. Co-host, Miranda Barrett joins Govindh Jayaraman to get the inside scoop on how this COO takes charge of a demanding job that’s constantly in flux. “The role is defined by the relationship with the CEO,” explains Adam. That relationship isn’t something that simply grew overnight. For him, “it was an organic experience…it built over time.” Trust is the most essential result of that...


EP 171: The Future Is Female – Carey Anne Nadeau (entrepreneur, founder)

The goal of Carey Anne Nadeau, founder of Open Data Nation, is to “bring expertise in open data and data science to bear on the most pressing urban issues.” What compelled her to start the company was that she “wanted something to exist that just didn’t exist.” She was frustrated, dissatisfied, and complaining. The industry tended to be a “boys’ club,” and she experienced this firsthand when she was getting paid significantly less than a male peer. “The structures that already existed were...