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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.




Preserving America – Democracy: the two-edged sword

There is nothing magical about any form of government. If a leader of a monarchy or a dictatorship is benevolent, intelligent, and moral, the society created can serve its people well. And, of course, if the leader is the opposite, the result is the opposite. Similarly, a democracy can produce a good life or a difficult one for its people … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – The Unheeded Warning

In this program, Dr. Porter repeats the warning given to America which tried to alert the people of the nation to the forces which would destroy the democracy. He explains the warning, explains why it was true, and explains what the people of the nation need to do to avoid the death of the nation.… Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – What Do We Do When the Government Violates the Law?

In recent years, in so many ways, both state and federal rulings have flaunted the laws of the land in both spirit and in letter. Unconstitutionality abounds in many federal and state court decisions. Dr. Porter discusses instances of the abuses of government which have been eroding the Constitution and our democracy. He goes on to warn of the dangers … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – Walking the Walk

Having railed for many weeks against the dysfunction and corruption of our government and the pitifully low level of candidates for President, in this program Dr. Porter announces that he will do more than talk the talk. He will walk the walk and run for Congress in the re-districted Pennsylvania Congressional District #3. He goes through his rationale and promises … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – Why Is America’s Democracy Failing

Left-leaning, Right-leaning, Centrist–virtually all Americans of every political stripe are unhappy with our democracy. They do not see America any longer as a model of democratic government, and most of our citizens believe that the nation is headed in the wrong direction. Why have the people of this country allowed their treasured democracy to deteriorate as it has? It is … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – American Elections: Unfree and Unfair

If you think that America–the great bastion of freedom–has elections which are fair and free, think again. The rules which allow for gerrymandering, ballot access, and the right to speak at public forums are so crooked and so manipulated, they have made a mockery of our democracy. In this program, Dr. Porter discusses the issue with facts and data rarely … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – Once To Every Man

The failure of the so-called “super-committee” has brought our nation to the precipice of economic calamity. The lack of leadership of our President, the pitiful choices offered up by the Republican candidates opposing him, the dysfunction of our Congress, the lack of trust in our government and more have created a crossroads for our democracy. At this juncture, decisions of … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – From Occupy to Change

Thus far, with the exception of the day the public moved some money from the big banks to local ones, the occupy Wall St. movement has contented itself with protests of little significance in terms of bringing about real change. While the movement is yet young and difficult to judge, it nonetheless has not spurred the kind of action which … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – For Want of a Nail

The Republican election mantras truly reveal how phony the candidates are. On the one hand they claim to want to help small business. On the other they rail against any national health care system as being some kind of socialist government takeover. In this program, using the old saying “For Want of a Nail” Dr. Porter exposes the reality of … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – Questions I’d Like to Hear

The questions posed to our President and Presidential candidates are often shallow and rarely follow up on answers which cry out for follow-up. In this program, Dr. Porter laments this failure on the part of the news media and acts out the role of a debate moderator who actually asks important questions and actually follows up on probable answers.… Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – Interview with Congressman Charles Rangel

This is a very special program. For thirty uninterrupted minutes, the Congress’s third most senior member speaks about the polarization and paralysis of government, the economy, taxes, jobs, health care, and the spirituality of the nation. It is an important slice of history at a seminal moment in the life of our nation by one of the most experienced and … Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – Are They All Nuts?

The economic plans of all the candidates running for President are so ridiculous and so incomplete that none of them are worth presenting to the public. In this program, Dr. Porter exposes the lies of the Republicans and the ineptitude of the President in their economic pronouncements. He also suggests an alternative candidate for the Presidency in 2012.… Read more about this episode...


Preserving America – And We Become Victims

The manipulation of our democracy by the powerful and privileged has made us see ourselves as victims. And so we become victims. In this program, Dr. Steven Porter discusses the ways in which Americans have been made to feel that regaining our democracy is hopeless and how we can combat that hopelessness so that we can, in the end, restore … Read more about this episode...

Preserving America – Electing a Real Democracy

Articulating the functions of government and citizen in a real democracy and articulating the characteristics needed by the elected representatives of a real democracy are not enough to achieve a real democracy. We must also state how those representatives can be elected. It is this vital piece of the puzzle which Dr. Porter discusses in this program. Together with his … Read more about this episode...

Preserving America – The American Covenant

The conscious attempt of the American political right wing to dismantle the purposes for which the American democracy was established are discussed and opposed in this program. It is the most important discussion our nation can have at this juncture of our history.… Read more about this episode...

Preserving America – Pitifully Undistinguished

One would think that at this critical time in our history the candidates for President would be of the highest intellectual caliber. Sadly that is not true. On the Democratic side we have a President standing for re-election who has thus far not distinguished himself with either economic or political leadership. On the Republican side, we have a plethora of … Read more about this episode...

Preserving America – Here’s Why Not

The fixes for the healthcare, Social Security, and defense debts which are swamping our nation are really not difficult. Nor would it be difficult to give the people of this country the right to vote directly for President and Vice President. And it would not be hard to return to the tax rates of 1960 when corporations and millionaires did … Read more about this episode...

Preserving America – How Green Was Our Valley

The ocsar for best picture of 1941 went to a film entitled HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY. It told of the destruction of a Welsh coal-mining town due to the forces of economic greed. We see the tragedy unfold through the eyes of the youngest son of a mining family. He witnesses the loss of his brothers’ jobs to cheaper … Read more about this episode...

Preserving America – Mud Wallowing

An enormous amount of media coverage is devoted to things which have little to do with the problems our nation faces and the solutions to those problems. The hype of Donald Trump over President Obama’s birth certificate and the endless photos of the bullet holes in the compound of Osama bin Laden are two examples. In this program, Dr. Porter … Read more about this episode...

Preserving America – The Delusion of Democracy

In this program, Dr. explains how the glorious history of America has been diverted from the expansion of universal equality to the prostitution of its democratic precepts by skewing political influence to the rich and powerful. He also suggests a way in which the true principles of the nation can be restored. It is on concepts such as these that … Read more about this episode...