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Episode 44: Josh the Manager, Part 2 (w / Erinn Farrell)

In this episode, we switched things up a bit and had our wonderful guest, Erinn Farrell, interview Josh about his first few months on the job as a manager. We get into coaching and management styles, and the ins and outs of performance reviews. Related Links: - Erinn on LinkedIn - Andrew Bird


Episode 43: Josh the Manager - Part 1 (The Interviews)

This is our first episode in our new seasonal format, where we take a deep dive with DangerJosh and his first six to eight months on the job as an enterprise support manager at Code 42. In this episode, we talk about how he knew he was ready to take this role on, and how he got help with the interview process. Related Links: - All things Danger More to come, including a reading list and a post about our podcasting equipment. Professional Humans theme is: “We All Know...


Episode 42: Getting Your Dream Job, Part 4: Are You Ready for Independence? (w/ Brendon Schrader)

We had a conversation with Brendon Schrader, Founder and CEO of Antenna Consulting based in Minneapolis. Brendon has a great story to tell about the path to finding a way to make your work and your life fit together, and the pitfalls along the way. Related Links: - Antenna Consulting - Brendon on LinkedIn - Brendon on Twitter


Episode 38: Job Hunting in Europe (w/ Andrew Abboud)

We wanted to get a more global perspective on the job hunting process, so we Skyped with a friend on the other side of the pond, Andrew Abboud, about what it's like to look for a job in Europe. It isn't that different! But, we had a good chat with him - enjoy! Related Links: - Andrew on Twitter - Andrew on LinkedIn Professional Humans theme is: “We All Know The Way (Instrumental)” by The Builders And The Butchers. With...