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Episode #11: Book Bull

We're back after a 6 year hiatus! If you buy books (and we hope you do), you need to be aware of the bull pulled by some authors to make you think their book is better than it actually is. Ryan and I own and run, so we know what we are talking about. See the complete description at Real Marketing Bull


Episode #10: Free Trial My Astroturf

The Free Trial Offer. Isn't it wonderful that so many marketers are so kind as to give us all free products and services? Well, not really. Free trial marketing is a very powerful technique used to get business. It could be very consumer friendly -- but it usually isn't. Find out what to look out for. See the complete description at Real Marketing Bull


Episode #8: Puffery the Magic Dragon

Without question, this is the best podcast in the world. There you have it... puffery at it's best. An entirely subjective statement that no reasonable person would take as fact... or would they? Many marketers cross the line of harmless puffery into deception and outright lying. Find out what you can do to spot this "puffery" and clean up your own marketing campaigns. See the complete description at Real Marketing Bull


Episode #7: Donation Pressure at the Checkout Counter

"Would you like to donate $1 to the 'save the worms' foundation?" You probably don't, but do anyway to avoid the awkward social situation of declining an offer that would make you look like a heartless moron. But should you feel that pressure? Is it right for retail establishments to put you in that situation to begin with? Join Bo and Ryan for the answers (according to us). See the complete description at Real Marketing Bull


Episode #6: Celebrity Endorsements

What do Catherine Zeta-Jones and T-mobile have in common? Answer: a 20 million dollar contract! Why would a company like T-mobile pay that much for an endorsement? Why would YOU use the service because an actress is? Consumer behavior is strange, fueled partly by logic but mostly by marketing bull. Find out more. Listen in! See the complete description at Real Marketing Bull


Episode #5: Extended Warranties, Service Contracts, Bull Poop

Extended Warranties, or "Service Contracts", are a very lucrative business. But does this help or hurt you, the consumer? Find out what bull is used the marketing of these programs and arm yourself with some good info before your next encounter with a blue-shirted checkout kid. See the complete description at Real Marketing Bull


Episode #4: Coaching Bull

Coaching, including executive, business and so-called "life coaching", is a growing industry. As a fairly young and self-regulated industry with no central or universally recognized industry association, opportunity abounds for scammers looking to coach you to the next level of success, or even to help you become a self-proclaimed coach. Bo and Ryan discuss some of the red flags and pitfalls to avoid when seeking a credible professional coach to help you reach your business and. . . See...


Episode #3: Sales Letter Bull

How many times have you come across an obnoxiously long web page that reminds you of a never ending roll of toilet paper? Chances are, it was a sales letter. Sales letters are used to sell a certain kind of product to a certain kind of audience. Join Bo and Ryan as they dig deep into the bull of sales letters, and share what you should look for and what you should avoid. See the complete description at Real Marketing Bull


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