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Episode 250 – Podcast Finale

It was bound to happen and so ends the journey of Reality Check with Craig Price. After 7 years, over 175 different guests, live shows, celebrity panels, Craig's speaking program excerpts and speaker roundtables, it's time to prove that all good things must come to an end. Craig explains his decision and thanks some folks as well as promotes his other podcast that isn't going anywhere, Matinee Heroes. Thanks for listening and supporting the show!


Episode 249 – Jennifer Kahnweiler PhD – The Introverted Leader 2nd Edition

Jennifer Kahnweiler (@JennKahnweiler on Twitter) returns to talk to host Craig Price about the 2nd edition of her book "The Introverted Leader". Longtime listeners will remember Jennifer from Episode 180 back in 2015 when she came on the podcast to discuss introverts. This time she's back and she's updated her book "The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength" to include new information, clarify past entries and expand on how introverts can communicate in extroverted...


Episode 248 – Alan Cerny – 2018 Oscar Predictions

Alan Cerny (@NordlingCS on twitter) joins host Craig Price to pick their Oscar winners of the 2018 Academy Awards! The twosome of Alan and Craig take time off their successful spinoff podcast, Matinee Heroes, to do their annual discussion and selection of who they think should and will win Oscars. This year's nominees are (links go to Alan's reviews on : Supporting Actor: Willem Dafoe, “The Florida Project” Woody Harrelson, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” Richard...


Episode 247 – Beth Ziesenis – The Big Book of Apps

Beth Ziesenis (@NerdyBFF on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss her latest project "The Big Book of Apps". It's an app filled world and we're just living in it. But how do you know if an app is worth the space on your phone? How do you find apps, which apps are important and which apps are the most popular? Craig doesn't know. The only app he's concerned with it the Reality Check Podcast app! Thankfully, our nerdy best friend Beth Ziesenis is here with her book to zero in on apps that...


Episode 246 – Chip Lutz – Get Past the Crap

Chip Lutz (@chiplutz on twitter) returns to talk with host Craig Price about his new leadership book "Get Past the Crap". We all have crap we deal with be it work, home, health, extended family, whatever. Often, that crap stops us from moving ahead. Chip is here to talk about how you can move forward with purpose. He also discuss how to help yourself so you can help lead your team. Chip can be found at and his book is available now at


Episode 245 – Ben Neiburger – Family Legal Messes

Ben Neiburger returns to share some horror stories with host Craig Price about family legal messes. The holidays are fast approaching and nothing says "holidays" like family. So why not celebrate how great your family is by hearing some less than flattering stories of family legal issues dealing with wills and estates. Be it giving everything secretly to charity instead of the kids or squabbling over petty things like photographs that you could easily copy, Ben has seen a lot. And of course...


Episode 244 – Terry Brock – Cryptocurrency

Terry Brock (@TerryBrock on twitter) is back to talk to host Craig Price about cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency? Think digital cash only with a bigger payout. Craig and Terry talk about what bitcoin is, the pros and cons of this cyber currency, how secure is, how does inflation play into it and the future of blockchains. Didn't understand any or all of that? Neither did Craig until he sat down with Terry to get all the information. A very insightful podcast, if you want to get a...


Episode 243 – Gina Abudi – Positive Organizational Change

Gina Abudi (@GinaAbudi on twitter) returns to talk with host Craig Price about positive organizational change. Change is hard, it can be scary for some and automatically rejected by others. Thankfully, Gina has written a new book Implementing Positive Organizational Change: A Strategic Project Management Approach to guide companies through change and create a culture where change is not only expected but embraced. The two discuss engaging employees, creating stakeholder support committees...


Episode 242 – Alan Cerny – 2017 Holiday Movie Preview

Alan Cerny (@nordlingCS on twitter) joins host Craig Price for their 2017 Holiday movie preview. Craig is finally moved in from his cross country move to Northern California and is ready to resume podcasting! The annual holiday visit by Alan to Reality Check brings lots of Oscar contenders and some highly anticipated blockbusters! Be sure to catch Alan and Craig's weekly podcast discussing heroic cinema titled Matinee Heroes! Movies in this episode include (with scheduled release dates):...


Episode 241 – Live from Salt Lake Comic Con: John and Joan Cusack

Live from Salt Lake Comic Con, host Craig Price moderates a panel for John and Joan Cusack (@johncusack and @realjoancusack on twitter)! On Saturday, September 22nd, Craig had the pleasure of sitting down with actor siblings Joan and John Cusack! Yes...those Cusacks!! Craig really let his fanboy out to moderate a panel covering the Cubs winning the World Series, growing up with the Cusacks, dumb internet trolls and more. Craig also explains the podcast's absence and why it will be taking a...


Episode 240 – Michael Domitrz – Everyday Mindfulness Show

Mike Domitrz (@MindfulnessShow on Twitter) returns to talk with host Craig Price about his latest foray into podcasting: The Everyday Mindfulness Show. Mike has been on a bunch of podcasts, including several times on this very podcast! The two talk about what mindfulness is, how it can vary from person to person, starting a podcast and managing energy when recording multiple episodes in one sitting! What is the Everyday Mindfulness Show? Dive into fun, thought-provoking, and engaging...


Episode 239 – Matinee Heroes Podcast Spotlight

Craig offers up episode 33 of Matinee Heroes (@matineeheroes on twitter) featuring the movie Jaws! Matinee Heroes is a podcast where Craig Price and Alan Cerny take a movie that spotlights heroic cinema, take lessons from said hero and apply them to their own lives. They've already done a live episode at Comicpalooza in June, partnered with Alamo Drafthouse to host movie parties and special screenings and have even created merch! Yes actual merchandise with t-shirts that have their mascot...


Episode 238 – Raji Sivaraman – Making Projects Sing

Raji Sivaraman joins host Craig Price to discuss her new book "Making Projects Sing: A Musical Perspective of Project Management". Most people like music and EVERYONE loves project management. So why not bring the two together? Raji and Craig talk about just that as they discuss how musicians and project managers often do many of the same activities, have many of the same processes and can learn how to improve both by looking at how the two relate to each other. Raji shares how M.U.S.I.C....


Episode 237 – Avish Parashar – Unconventional Professions

Avish Parashar (@avishp on twitter) returns to talk to host Craig Price his new coaching program for unconventional professions. If you live an unconventional life like I do, you know that getting useful help is a struggle. So many people with conventional jobs offer conventional wisdom that would be great if only you had a "normal" job. Avish struggled with this for a few years until he finally figured a few things out and created a coaching program to help other unconventional...


Episode 236 – Phil Gerbyshak – Vengreso

Phil Gerbyshak (@philgerb on twitter) returns to discuss his new venture Vengreso and social selling. Have you ever partnered with another person to create a business? How about 6 others? Well that’s what past guest and friend of the show Phil Gerbyshak has done and he’s here talk about it. The company is called Vengreso and they specialize in social selling training, with a focus on utilizing LinkedIn. The two discuss how LinkedIn is introducing video to their platform, when to connect and...


Episode 235 – Jessica Pettitt – Good Enough Now

Jessica Pettitt (@jesspettitt on twitter) returns to talk to host Craig Price about her new book "Good Enough Now". Waiting for that perfect moment before starting something new often becomes just waiting around. Perfectionism is a fool's errand and that's why Jessica wrote "Good Enough Now: How Doing the Best We Can With What We Have is Better Than Nothing" because why wait? Craig and Jess discuss her new book, how we need to leave room for edits in our life and behavior as well as honoring...


Episode 234 – Valerie Grubb – Clash of the Generations

Valerie Grubb (@valgrubb on twitter) discuss her new book Clash of the Generations with host Craig Price. Craig is no stranger to generational issues. He speaks on the subject himself (notice the complete lack of link to his own programs!!) so he's eager to discuss how other speakers view the subject. Thankfully, Valerie wrote an entire book on it called Clash of the Generations: Managing the New Workplace Reality. The two discuss, who's really to blame for this generational gap, if it is...


Episode 233 – Tiffanie Kellog – Referral Marketing

Tiffanie Kellog (@TiffanieKellog on twitter) introduces host Craig Price to referral marketing. It is well documented on this very podcast Craig's own disdain and ineptness when it comes to marketing. With all his social hangups it's just not easy to market and network as well as he'd like. Referral marketing and networking helps out as it allows others to assist Craig in spreading his message and get business he wouldn't have gotten on his own. The two discuss how to spend your networking...


Episode 232 – Alex Chernomazov and Ella Malamud – Greenspark

Alex Chernomazov and Ella Malamud talk to host Craig Price about their new kickstarter project Greenspark, an interactive sustainability park. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword. It should be something we strive to do everyday, not just in business terms but in human terms. Alex and Ella have created a new park dedicated to getting people to experience all aspects of sustainable living — renewable energy, green building, and pollution-free transportation — in one place. You can learn more...


Episode 231 – Alan Cerny – 2017 Summer Movie Preview

Alan Cerny (@NordlingCS on twitter) returns with host Craig Price to preview the 2017 Summer Movies. Despite their constant podcasting lately for Matinee Heroes, Alan and Craig took some time to bring in the summer as they do each year with a summer movie preview. The two discuss their hope DC gets one right with Wonder Woman, Tom Cruise's inability to act scared and Craig's blind love of minions. Be sure to catch Alan and Craig's weekly podcast discussing heroic cinema titled Matinee...