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Realty Speak has a lot to say about NYC Multi Family, Mixed Use and Office building Investment Real Estate.

Realty Speak has a lot to say about NYC Multi Family, Mixed Use and Office building Investment Real Estate.


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Realty Speak has a lot to say about NYC Multi Family, Mixed Use and Office building Investment Real Estate.




Episode 046 – Lead Laws to Heed – LEW ES Brings Us Up To Speed

Federal, State and Local Lead Laws that dictate how to deal with lead based paint and lead dust in residential rental property are often jurisdictionally inconsistent and confusing. In New York City, the ongoing changes to existing protocols create additional confusion. Enter LEW Environmental Services where Lee Wasserman and Karrie Munoz share important details and clarify requirements. Knowledge is power and by the end of this episode of Realty Speak you will know what to do and when to do...


Episode 045 – Protect Your Hard Earned Capital Gains – Count the Ways

If you don’t plan for the sale of real estate then you risk a big capital gain tax bill. Today Michael Burwick, Partner, Greenspoon Marder LLP and Kent Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Asset Strategy Advisors not only review for us the many capital gain deferral strategies you have heard about before on Realty Speak but also share another strategy you’ll want to understand completely. What you will discover in this episode is how to plan in advance of a sale and keep more of what you have...


Episode 044 – NYC Local Law 97 – Time to Take it off the Back Burner

As part of a series with NYARM on the NYC emissions laws; Margie Russell, Executive Director of the New York Association of Realty Managers and I moderated a webinar addressing NYC Local Law 97 which will be enforced starting in 2024. On Tuesday 04/12/2022 we went live and asked very pointed questions to the Local Law 97 expert and Licensed Professional Engineer, Marc Karell. Then on 05/23/2022 I gave him a call to include some updates that surfaced after the original recording. Do you want...


Episode 043 – What is Good Cause Eviction? Nothing Good!

Margie Russell, NYARM and Anne Korchak, SPONY team up with me to chat about Good Cause Eviction; NY Senate Bill 3082/Assembly Bill A05573. Real Estate Attorney Alexander Lycoyannis explains in detail what Good Cause Eviction is and what it is not. After listening you will clearly understand why passage of this Bill will be GOOD for nothing! You will also know how to easily voice your opposition and help ensure that the current NY Legislative session ends in June without this Bill being made...


Episode 042 – Shining a Light on NYC Local Law 87 – Energy Audits and Retro Commissioning

Earlier this month Margie Russell, Executive Director of the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM) invited me to join her in moderating a webinar addressing NY City’s Local Law 87. On Friday, 03/18/2022, we went live and along with the audience, asked very pointed questions to the Local Law 87 expert and Licensed Professional Engineer, Marc Karell. He didn’t flinch. He knows his stuff. Do you want to understand Local Law 87 and how it correlates with Benchmarking and the very fast...


Episode 041 – NYREJ Presents – NY Making a Big Comeback

When NYREJ radio emcee Rick Kaplan suggested Realty Speak moderate a live panel of 4 very astute investment real estate industry professionals, the answer was an emphatic, YES! In the is episode Attorney - Michael Sahn, JLL Chairman of NY Investment Sales - Bob Knakal, Lendlease Executive General Manager - Melissa Román Burch and Attorney - Gary Meltzer shine a bright light of optimism on what otherwise could be perceived as dark days ahead. They share actual examples of how New York is not...


Episode 040 – Short and Sweet – Bill’s 2021 Year End Message to You

In this short 4 minute episode, Bill Weidner shares some info about the last year of Realty Speak® and his 2021 year end message to you, the Realty Speak® guests and listeners.


Episode 039 – Undermined Rental Property Rights Erodes Rental Housing – No One Wins

In June of 2019 the NY State Legislature passed the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (HSTPA). Now 2.5 years later, while the constitutional challenge to HSTPA makes it way through the courts, there exists another attempt by the Legislature to enact a “Good Cause Eviction” Bill that will further encroach on the rights or property owners. My Co-Host Nativ Winiarsky and guests Craig Gambardella and Jim Burling, all attorneys, and I get into the weeds about the future of these...


Episode 038 – Real Estate Liquidity in the City

Just when you thought you knew everything about using your real estate to create liquidity, Stuart came along with more insights for you. Stuart Gelb, President at The Liquidity Source shares his depth of knowledge around the many options available to property owners to create liquidity from real estate assets. A timely and important episode that you won’t want to miss.


Episode 037 – Delaware Statutory Trust to Retire Your Active Real Estate Portfolio – It’s an Option

Are you wondering about The American Families Plan, aka Biden Tax Proposals, and how it will impact real estate gains? What are some of the things you can do now? What if you want to liquidate a long term owned real estate portfolio but are worried about the tax on what will be a large capital gain. What if you would like to retire and no longer manage the properties? In this episode, accountant Bob Russo, aka CPABOB and Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) expert Rob Pecha, aka 1031ROB discuss...


Episode 036 – AKAM Today – Professional Living Services Equals Hospitality

In condominiums and cooperatives there is a mix of owners and renters. Michael Rogoff, President of AKAM, shares his take on how an air of hospitality coupled with a smile can simplify the management of this dynamic and enhance the quality of life for everyone.


Episode 035 – Demand Response – Save Energy – Dollars and Get Paid

Happy 3rd Birthday Realty Speak! Tina Larsson and Matt McCue share intel in this episode that looks into the future of energy consumption in New York City. Not only will you learn how to save dollars but also how you’ll get paid dollars while doing your part to impact climate change and contribute to the campaign to mitigate global warming driven by the human emissions of greenhouse gases. And as if that was not enough, we demystify NYC Local Laws 33, 84, 87, 92 and 94.


Episode 034 – Eviction Moratorium – What Owners, Tenants and You Need to Know Right Now

The narrative around an Eviction Moratorium communicates a false positive that amounts to no more than a strategy to boost political popularity while failing to explain or plan for what happens in the future. The accumulation of an obligation with no relief or assistance is a plan to fail all the stakeholders of rental housing. Especially when the debits far exceed the credits. Who are the stakeholders? Far more reaching than just landlords and tenants. Joanna Wong, my Co-Host on this...


Episode 033 – Short and Sweet – Bill’s Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 Message to You.

In this short 4 minute episode, Bill Weidner reflects on 2020 and shares the future theme of Realty Speak and of course a little wisdom for you, the Realty Speak guests and listeners.


Episode 032 – The Paper and Show Must Go On – NEREJ and NYREJ Find the Way Forward

The signs were there in late February and early March. Now what?! In this episode of Realty Speak, Rick Kaplan - Media Director, shares how the New England and New York Real Estate Journals made the pivot during the Covid-19 Pandemic and continued to publish without missing a beat. While continuing to get the news out as normal they also explored new ways to serve their readers, contributors and sponsors. Rick unravels Rolly’s story from 1963 and brings us forward to now


Episode 031 – Urban Town House for the Workforce of the West – Just in Time

New multifamily housing development is clearly in Scott’s DNA. His ability to see a little into the future while being mindful of the past and careful about the present is his superpower as he innovates workforce housing. Not only has he not shut down, he is accelerating the model. Great stories and insights that you will be glad we shared.


Episode 030 – Family Legacy Multifamily in the Big City – Challenges and Joys

When you think of apartment buildings in New York City you imagine them owned by large Real Estate Corporations, Private Equity Companies and publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts. However, when you pause and look closely you will find that there is a group of dedicated families who operate legacy multifamily real estate across many celebrated communities in our big pond of a town. These individuals who represent the fabric of the diverse cultural enclaves provide much of the...


Episode 029 – Syndication – Template for Success in a Real Estate Fund

For Tom Carroll investing in real estate while working in the financial markets was an exercise in diversification. It eventually became his journey from active limited partner to a managing general partner with a team that has scaled real estate assets under management 16x since 2014. Strategic financial and demographic analysis around acquisitions, back office and property level efficiency along with superior management of their investor’s expectations and user experience is the basis for...


Episode 028 – COVID-19 Virtual Summit – For the Landlord and Real Estate Professional

This episode is the lightly edited audio of a Virtual Summit I moderated on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. The free online event “Virtual Summit for the Landlord and Real Estate Professional of New York City and Beyond - Coronavirus & Your Rental Cash Flow” was produced by the law firm of Kucker Marino Winiarsky & Bittens, LLP. Live attendees were able to hear and interface with thought leaders in various roles in the real estate industry addressing the pressing topic of what landlords should be...


Episode 027 – Over Regulation of Property Rights – The Real Consequences

In June of 2019 the laws that regulate rents in NY swung 180 degrees to the left. Now after that recipe has simmered for almost a year we are experiencing the Real Consequence of its bitter brew. Not just for property owners, but all stakeholders. Join attorneys Nativ Winiarsky and Jim Marino as they share the stories of what was, what is and what to expect as we tread down this path. And this is NOT just a NY thing. It could come to a location near you soon! Listen, learn and share...