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RevThink consultant to #agency, #studio and #productioncompany firms. Impossible Pictures founder, sharing all my secrets. 'Creative is easy. Business is hard.'

RevThink consultant to #agency, #studio and #productioncompany firms. Impossible Pictures founder, sharing all my secrets. 'Creative is easy. Business is hard.'
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RevThink consultant to #agency, #studio and #productioncompany firms. Impossible Pictures founder, sharing all my secrets. 'Creative is easy. Business is hard.'






Ep 054 GMUNK - Fit Into Happiness

“Whenever I start getting good at something I completely turn the other direction and somewhere else, and that’s because I don’t want to fit into a formula, I want to fit into happiness.” - Gmunk Designer, Director –– Galactic Crusader. In episode 54 of the RevThinking podcast, Tim Thompson sits down with Gmunk – best known for his work on Tron Legacy and Oblivion – and they discuss the topics of business, design, creativity, and happiness.


Ep 053 Tim Thompson - A Fresh (Career) Agenda

“As I got older, less and less of my friends were sticking around; it was like they couldn’t retain their career in such a way that they could make a living doing it.” - Tim Thompson In episode 53 of the RevThinking podcast, Tim Thompson is the guest on A Fresh Agenda, the podcast from Christina Mendonsa. The two discuss Tim’s Four Stages of the Creative Career: how it works, why its relevant, and what you should be doing about it if you are a creative entrepreneur navigating your way...


Ep 052 Everyone Has A Sales Problem

“'If we could just do a great project like that then clients would want to hand us more great projects... because great work begets great work. Doesn’t it?’ Well, not really...” - Joel Pilger Episode 52 of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger tackles a repeating theme that we hear again and again talking with studio owners ‘We have a sales problem.’ Regardless of specialty, revenue, or even profitability, every owner thinks he/she has a sales problem. But upon unpacking the problem, poor...


Ep 051 Neil Berkeley - How I Moved Into Content

“When I made my first documentary I didn’t know I was making content… I just wanted to make it.” - Neil Berkley In episode 51 of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger talks with Neil Berkeley at Future You Media about the transition creative entrepreneurs dream about: moving into content production. If you run a studio, agency, or production company, you probably desire to produce long-form stories, films, and the like. You are not alone. There’s just something about the heart of the creative...


Ep 021 Patrick Jager - Reverse Engineering Content

Patrick Jager is a content consultant at RevThink and Core. In this episode, Joel Pilger interviews Patrick on the topic of how content is changing… and where the opportunities can be found for content creators. * These days more and more about “content studios” being built inside major corporations. But what is a “content studio”? * You’ve heard it said that “content is king” but Patrick argues that’s actually wrong. Instead he believes “content is currency.” * This leads into a discussion...


Ep 020 Alex Poythress - Scaling Up Cold Conversations

Alex Poythress runs OnRamp, an email outreach solution from Reveil Marketing. In this episode, Joel Pilger interviews Alex on the topic of “Cold Calling Using Email Automation.” OnRamp is a marketing and sales tool that Alex developed to solve a particularly frustrating problem in our industry: that to be great at sales, you have to be great at marketing... and great marketing means you have to be doing outreach consistently, personally… at scale. But as a busy owner, salesperson or EP, who...


Ep 019 Robert Blatchford - Business Development

Robert Blatchford is a brand strategist and management consultant at Makebrave. In this episode, Joel Pilger and Tim Thompson interview Robert to get a peek inside the mind of this business development innovator. Having led business development at notable creative agencies Troika and LoyalKaspar, Robert offers us a rare and valuable perspective. In this episode, RevThink's Joel Pilger and Tim Thompson interview him to discuss the evolving – an increasingly critical – role of business...


Ep 018 Joel Pilger - Announcing Creative Studio Jumpstart

Joel Pilger is a consultant and industry influencer at RevThink. In this episode, Tim Thompson interviews Joel as together they announce Creative Studio Jumpstart, an accelerator program focused on helping the next generation of small, up-and-coming studios.


Ep 017 Tim Thompson - The 6 Reports - #1: Sales

Tim Thompson is the founder and Chief Revolution Thinker at RevThink. In this episode, Joel Pilger interviews Tim to discuss how the 6 Reports help studios large and small solve issues proactively. Listen in to discover how to create tools that are so easy, that you always have accurate information thereby providing you with time to implement solutions before problems get out of control.