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7: Hiring & Building Up the Initial Team!

Now that you have money in the bank, it’s time to execute on the plan you have been talking about for months! And the first step is usually hiring the initial team that will help you materialize your vision and grow the product’s potential.


6: Lessons Learnt Seed Funding our Startup

This week we are talking about Seed Funding Your Startup. Now that you have built your MVP and have gone live with as many customers or users as possible, it's time to think about the next steps! This is what we are talking about in this episode: What are the questions you should ask before deciding to raise your seed round? Our own store of seed funding at Knowledge Officer. The lessons we learn during the fundraising journey.


5: What the heck is an MVP or Traction!

This is the 6th episode of Startup Insiders where we share the experiences and challenges we face while building Knowledge Officer. Hope you find these lessons interesting and useful for YOUR journey. This week we are talking about the MVP stage. Now you have done your research and talked to as many of your target audiences as possible. It might be the right time to start building an MVP to test those hypotheses that you have in mind and see if your intended results can become realized in...


4: Real Entrepreneurs Sharing their Pre-MVP Stories

In this episode, we invited the founders of Brimore, Magalix and Stacks to tell us about their pre-MVP stories. We highly recommend listening to their stories and learning from their experience. Hope you like this episode and stay tuned to more episodes of "Startup Insiders" delivered by Knowledge Officer


3: What should you do in the pre-MVP stage?

Three activities you should be doing before taking the serious steps and building an MVP for your solution: 1- Go through the Ideation and Problem Validation phases and ensure you are working on the right problem. 2- Ensure Problem-Founder Fit and that your team has the right edge for this specific problem 3- Do an initial Market Research to assess the opportunity and the risk Listen to the full episode and share your feedback


2: Can you build a startup while having a full-time job?

Can you build a startup while having a full-time job? I have been in dozens of situations where people have been sharing their thoughts about this topic. For the most part, people were mostly against it. Their viewpoint was that building a startup needs focus and dedication which makes it very hard to progress in your startup even at an early stage while having another full-time commitment. The only problem I have with this argument is that it’s making the barrier to entry so high and...


1: Behind the scenes of building a startup

The web is full of advice about building startups, yet we struggled to understand why hasn’t anyone thought of sharing his experience live at each stage. We are not just talking about reflections. We are talking about sharing every step and every learning week by week. And that's what we plan to do! In Startup Insiders, We will be telling you about our activities, how we plan and execute, how we prioritize and what we really care about. We will also be having some of our advisors and...