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She is a sought after business advisor and dynamic speaker known for her “consistently fresh thinking,” captivating sense of humor and her extraordinary Rolodex of relationships in a myriad of industries


Greenwich, CT




She is a sought after business advisor and dynamic speaker known for her “consistently fresh thinking,” captivating sense of humor and her extraordinary Rolodex of relationships in a myriad of industries






Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting

Dave Jackson is the founder of the School of Podcasting (2005). His podcast about podcasting has over 1.2 million downloads. He is the the author of the book More Podcast Money. He served as the Director of Podcasting for the New Media Expo. Recently he joined the rank of the largest podcast media hosting company (established in 2004). Dave will provide support while he still continues to build the School of Podcasting (currently closed for "renovations" opening in March 2005)....


Cake Wars $10,000 WINNER!

Cake Wars $10,000 WINNER! You may have seen Norwalk, CT Resident and Stratford, CT Based Business Owner Renata Papadopoulos 'take the cake' on the Feb. 8th Food Network Episode of “Cake Wars”. Renata who was originally going to be a pilot, is the Owner + Cake designer at her company Lovely Cakes. Lovely Cakes is a custom cake studio that specializes in Wedding cakes, Groom's cakes, Bar and Bat Mitzvah cakes, and Celebration cakes for all special events. She serves Connecticut, Westchester...


The Other F Word

Award-Winning Filmmaker Catha Jentis Is Producing An Edgy New Digital Series About a Group of Women on Their Midlife Journey. “The Other F Word” will start production in early March. This edgy dramatic comedy follows the exploits of a group of women friends, who are discovering that the angst of raising kids may be nothing, compared to the angst of starting a new chapter of their lives after the kids are grown. Jentis, the writer/director and executive producer on this project, says "Up...


HomeMade Food App - Bucket List Items

HomeMade App Sell Your Homemade Food Get Your Own Custom Color The Warmup Guy Guitar Made For Women


SALT is what's shaking on the show today

SALT is what's shaking on the show today! Did you know the word 'salary' came from 'salt'. Throughout history, salt—called sodium chloride by chemists—has been such an important element of life that it has been the subject of many stories, fables, folktales and fairy tales. It served as money at various times and places, and it has been the cause of bitter warfare. Offering bread and salt to visitors, in many cultures, is traditional etiquette. I wonder is making your own salt like...


How Architecture Effects How We Shop With Carolina Neubern Fonseca

If you've been to Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC then you've been exposed to the genius of Carolina Neubern Fonseca, a seasoned architect and interior designer, specializing in practical and creative commercial and retail spaces. Carolina has done a LOT of research on human behavior, how we shop, how we sell and how Interior Architecture effectively planned can change your business! She's worked at some of the leading firms in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in New York, and has been involved in well over...


Sell more copies of your self-published book

If you've ever wondered or worried about how you can sell more copies of your self-published book, you'll want to pay attention to Book writing and publishing coach Donna Kozik (my regular contributor). She found an amazing author who has sold more than 80,000 copies of her self-published books, and this gal is so free-flowing with the information about how she did it, she knew she felt she had to introduce her to more people. Donna is having a phone interview on Thursday morning, and...


The Essential Book Of Presidential Trivia

Pulled The Essential Book Of Presidential Trivia Off My Bookshelf For Today's Show. Noah McCullough was 10 when he wrote it! Aamzing read! Did you know George Washington banned curse words from the army? Did you know he was the largest distiller of alcohol in the state of Virginia? Or that Washington had to borrow money to get to his own inauguration? Did you know that Abraham Lincoln had probably the best sense of humor of any President in history? or that Lincoln stowed documents and...


2016 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall

Random Run In! In a parking garage in NYC I ran into Gregory Netland from Boston in town to watch his twin 17 year old girls perform at Carnegie Hall. (No small potatoes). Cady and Sarah Netland, both residents of Boxford. Mass., and Juniors at The Pingree school in South Hamilton, were selected for the 2016 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall! Participation in the Honors Ensembles is limited to the highest-rated high school performers from across the world. According to...


Dawn Reshen-Doty, President, Benay Enterprises

Dawn Reshen-Doty, President, Benay Enterprises, Inc. grew up working with her Dad Neil Reshen who handled business management for names like Waylen Jennings, Willie Nelson, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and more. Ran into Dawn at a buddy's holiday party and she's now running that same company celebrating their 30th Anniversary! Benay was also voted CT Law Tribune's "Best General and Administrative Outsourcing" for 2015. you. "The...


Super Bowl Pre-Party for The Tiny Miracles Foundation

Super Bowl Pre-Party in the studio and great party tips from a gal who's chaired 7 Galas for The Tiny Miracles Foundation ( ). PJ Marcella (2nd from left below) is a fabulous fun force who loves football and knows how to throw a great party! Besides Chairing Galas, she's the event coordinator for the “All Out For Autism” run/ walk each year...a fundraiser for The Special Needs Community, and she hosts a monthly Women's Networking Group. Ms. Marcella is one of the founding families...


Money Laundering 101?

Money Laundering 101? Don't know much about money laundering myself and surprisingly neither do some bankers according to Greenwich Ct. banker turned author David Scott Moore. Moore, who wrote "Monkey Man: a crime story," a novel that's centered on the crime of money laundering and takes place in the Greenwich/Stamford area said, "The more I worked in banking, the more fascinated I became in financial crimes, especially money laundering,” “I didn’t even really understand what that was...


Caucus. Caucus. Caucus

Caucus. Caucus. Caucus. What the heck really goes on at the Iowa Caucus? Live from Cedar Falls, Iowa today, my gal pal Jennifer Laughlin Stevenson will spill the beans. (What you didn't think I knew anyone in Iowa?) Here she is posing at the caucus in the picture below with Kerry Sanders of NBC. Tune in 10:20am eastern. What does the word caucus mean? Full Definition of caucus1. : a closed meeting of a group of persons belonging to the same political party or faction usually to select...


Celebrating Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year a little early in studio today with guests in from China ! It's a perfect time to announce the launch of a new weekly radio show I helped put together. Host Jeffrey Bingham Mead has a tons to share in his new show launching this weekend; 'Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim '! He's in studio today along with our visitors from China , Beijing AmBridge International Culture Development Ltd (AmBridge), a public relations and communications company based...


Signs Your Aging Parent Can' Live Alone?

Signs Your Aging Parent Can' Live Alone? Hurts to watch but you need to pay attention because strangely you've become the responsible adult here. Jim Stankiewicz, GM of Healthcare News and Boomers & Beyond features a key story this month by Patricia Coffie RN MFA and the 8 signs you should look for! Here's 4. Tune in for MORE on the show today at 10:20am eastern . 1) Mom or Dad has always been a great housekeeper, but the house just doesn't look like it used to. 2) The checking account...


Sports Secrets Guys Don't Share

Kate Delaney is the author of the new book "Invade the Man Cave: Sports Secrets Guys Don't Share". Kate Delaney is an award winning broadcast personality who has interviewed over 12,000 people in 20 years in her radio and television career. She has also covered 15 Super Bowls, 10 U.S. Opens, 15 Final Fours, and a plethora of sporting events. Today we will talk a little football and man cave stuff. Ha! "The Debbie Nigro Show" - 'The Elite To The Street A Fun Ride!'Weekdays 10-11am


College Rejection Letters

Your Teenager Gets A College Rejection Letter. This Hurts. Now What? Opening the mailbox and finding the dreaded “thin envelope” instead of the “big envelope” from a college of choice can be a major blow. Aaron Krasner, MD, Adolescent Transitional Living Service Chief at Silver Hill Hospital, says it’s important not to let this disappointment become overwhelming. It’s a family project to manage disappointment and mindfully move on. Dr. Krasner is fabulous and offers these tips for parents to...


What Did You Want To be When You Grew Up?

Taking a Flash 'DebPoll' For the radio show today. When You Were A Kid - What Did You Want To be When You Grew Up? What Did You End Up Being ? I wanted to be either a Professional Figure Skater or an Interpreter for The UN. I can neither skate or speak anything besides English (embarrassing) but I do speak a load of English! LOL


Learn Something New

Get Off The Couch and Go Learn Something New! Loved 31 Ways To Learn Something New in 2016 below! "Learn to Read Tarot Cards With Lisa Salvatore" was one suggestion. She’s been reading them for 15 years, and she’ll teach you to do the same in a three-hour workshop at The Temperance Center in Eastchester, NY. Lisa runs one class per month there, capped at 10 people and since I had a 'Random Run In' with her yesterday she's on the show today! 10:40am Eastern Today "The...


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