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"The Growth Strategist" is a peer-to-peer show featuring lively interviews with the top executives of successful mid-sized companies (typically between $20 and $200 million/year) sharing advice and recent experience about the growth strategy of the week. Each program opens with some practical tips from the host, Aldonna R. Ambler, CMC, CSP.

"The Growth Strategist" is a peer-to-peer show featuring lively interviews with the top executives of successful mid-sized companies (typically between $20 and $200 million/year) sharing advice and recent experience about the growth strategy of the week. Each program opens with some practical tips from the host, Aldonna R. Ambler, CMC, CSP.


Hammonton, NJ




"The Growth Strategist" is a peer-to-peer show featuring lively interviews with the top executives of successful mid-sized companies (typically between $20 and $200 million/year) sharing advice and recent experience about the growth strategy of the week. Each program opens with some practical tips from the host, Aldonna R. Ambler, CMC, CSP.




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Special Encore Presentation: What are the Characteristics of Truly Innovative High Performing Companies? with Christopher Marlett, CEO, MDB Capital Group

Christopher Marlett and his partners recognized that companies with “real intellectual property” have higher profitability and embarked on an 18-month journey to identify the characteristics of innovative high performing companies. Find out what they learned and discover the traits of those high performing companies. Hear why it is important to be out in front of trends and what it takes to make your company “fund-worthy” in the eyes of an equity funding and capital formation firm.


Special Encore Presentation: “Practical Ideas to Help You Recover from the Recession” with guest Harry Griendling, CEO, DoubleStar

You are not alone in your company’s struggles during the recession. Even long-time recruitment and workforce analytics specialists took a hit in 2008 and 2009. Hear how DoubleStar has weathered the economic storm over the past few years. Discover ideas from what they are trying today. Learn from their perseverance, flexibility and tenacity.


Special Encore Presentation: WHEN YOUR PEOPLE GROW…SO DOES YOUR BUSINESS with guests Bhat Dittakavi and Venkat Yerubandi, co-CEOs, VEDICSOFT

Hear co-CEOs of VEDICSOFT, Bhat Dittakavi and Venkat Yerubandi, reveal how they have become teachers and mentors while their competitors in the IT arena continue talking about attracting and retaining top talent and investing in leadership development. Discover why this 11-year old company with 350 employees and $30 Mil/yr has won so many prestigious awards, including “Top 5 Best Places to Work in New Jersey” in 2010 and 2011.


How New Products are Being Successfully Launched These Days

Michael Clauss knows how to develop new products and get them into use. Hear what he has been doing since his first guest appearance on THE GROWTH STRATEGIST® in August 2008. Learn why he made 8 trips to CHINA in 2011 for his LP33ASIA project. Gain an updated perspective about how today’s new products are developed, shepherded, and funded. Listen to the logic Clauss uses to select business models for specific products.


What Leadership Category Best Fits You?

When you have an issue or opportunity, what is your first step to a solution? Listen to Aldonna’s review of The Growth Strategist Show’s seven years on air. After 300 interviews with company leaders, Aldonna reveals the six categories of executives based on the method with which they tend to lead. Using examples, she will help you discover what type of leader you are. With that information, you can then go back and listen to shows with those who share your leadership type. Perhaps you can...


If You are Wondering if Licensing Would Cannibalize Your Sales…Wonder if it Could also Fuel Your Growth Through Acquisition

Learn how Robert Digby, CEO of PAY CHOICE, uses a combination of strategies - strategic alliances to feed service sales, licensing to feed product sales and acquisitions to feed geographic expansion and staffing. Hear how the value proposition of this INC 5000 company has helped them compete against major corporations like ADP to pass the $40 Mil/yr mark in 4 years.


The Logic Behind Organic Growth versus Acquisition

President, Tom Isenberg shares lessons learned while growing Western Extralite, Inc to over $100 Mil/yr across 17 locations in Midwest (USA) through a combination of acquisitions and start-from-scratch launches. Learn practical tips about valuation, timing, projections, integration, and cutting losses. Hear how a well established distribution company like Western Extralite has adapted since 2008 and a drop in construction-related revenue.


Special Encore Presentation: “Attract and Retain Top Talent” with guest Marilyn Arnold, NYLife

Still having trouble building a winning team…especially in your sales department? Arnold, who has built one of the most successful insurance teams in the USA, will share her secrets to attracting and retaining top talent.


Special Encore Presentation: “Accelerating Growth Through Excellence in Customer Service” with guest Ray David, Point Bank

Aldonna shares some tips about capitalizing on the unique growth opportunities available during a recession. As a timely reminder that growth can happen even in the financial services sector, her expert guest is Ray David, the President of Point Bank. David shares why and how their 9 branch community bank in Denton County, Texas has repeatedly won prestigious customer service awards and their growth is accelerating while competitors have needed government bailouts, mergers, layoffs, or...


Special Encore Presentation: “Still struggling with product development and pricing during this lingering recession?” with guest Lisa Weber, President, Timeless, Inc.

Hear how Weber’s approach to identifying possible products, testing receptivity, and pricing has driven the growth of a remotely-located framing and décor business from $750,000 in 1999 to over $24 Mil in 2010. INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, Retail, Business Services CORE STRATEGY: New Products and Services


Special Encore Presentation: “Turnaround” with guest Cheri Beranek, CEO of Clearfield, Inc.

If you continue to face losses each quarter, hear how Cheri Beranek converted a $400,000/loss/month into breakeven performance within six months and +40% gross profit in the 2nd year of her leadership. Learn how Beranek turned the company around during the telecommunications market freefall and how tough decisions about legacy, products, branding, and niche markets were made.


Special Encore Presentation: “ENGAGEMENT as a Growth Strategy” with guest Roz Alford, CEO, ASAP Solutions Group

If you are convinced that being a strategic partner (not just a vendor) with your corporate clients is an important strategy for your company, hear what the ASAP Solutions Group does to make the strategic partner strategy a reality within an industry (IT staffing) where it seems like every company is promising the same thing. Alford, shares how ASAP has grown to $75 Mil/yr, 750 employees/250 subcontractors serving Fortune 50 global corporations in the telecom, hospitality, professional...


Special Encore Presentation: Stop Avoiding Strategic Planning

Learn from Aldonna Ambler the compelling reasons why you should stop avoiding your strategic planning. Hear ways to make sure that your strategic planning makes you money right away and listen to examples of three different approaches to strategic thinking. Get your company moving no matter how much the lingering recession has impacted you!


Special Encore Presentation: “The View from the Other Side” with guest Anthony Lopez, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of CareFusion Respiratory Systems.

Lopez leads Respiratory Systems, formally known as Viasys, a company acquired by Cardinal Health and later spun-off as CareFusion. Viasys was a combination of 8 mid-sized companies comprising nearly $750M in world-wide annual sales. As the General Manager, Lopez is responsible for both the regular operations of the enterprise and for leading the post-acquisition integration process of the company. Learn what major corporations are looking for, what is involved with integration, and what...


Special Encore Presentation: Practicality as a Growth Strategy with guest Frank Venegas, CEO of Ideal Group

Practical Products, Practical Partnerships, Practical People. Learn from Venegas’s practical approach about how to create products, earn patents, increase on line sales, and not let limitations stunt your growth. Venegas is the winner of a dozen prestigious awards, including “National Minority Supplier of the Year” and General Motors’ “Supplier of the Year”.


Should You Invest in Employees or Rely on Subcontractors and Offshoring? with guests Ben and David Grossman, co-presidents of Grossman Marketing Group.

Ben and David Grossman are co-presidents of the 101-year-old, Massachusetts-based Grossman Marketing Group. With over 100 employees and $30 Mil/yr gross revenue, their 4th generation family-owned business has evolved over the years from an envelope business to a full-service marketing company providing graphic design, websites, printing, promotional items, and fulfillment. The Grossmans discuss how their customer retention and growth is due to retaining control over quality and having highly...


Special Encore Presentation: Operational Excellence with guest Kanchana Raman, CEO, Avion Systems, Inc.

Wonder if operational excellence can be a growth strategy for your mid-sized business? Raman shares how a commitment to operational excellence has helped Avion Systems grow to its diverse group of 850 employees representing 19 different nationalities serving an impressive client list that includes ATandT, SPRINT NEXTEL, Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Accenture, and UPS. Hear how they maintain their commitment to “hit the ground running” every day in the ever-changing...


Special Encore Presentation: Advice About Innovation During Tough Economic Times

The show features major points raised during Ambler’s recent presentation at the 2010 INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM sponsored by Rutgers University’s School of Business. Learn why “new for the sake of new” gets companies in trouble. Learn from past innovations and how to finance today’s innovations. Hear why most successful innovations combine two disparate things to solve a problem. Hear which mental exercises can strengthen your process of innovation. Hear examples of how perception plays a key...


Special Encore Presentation: DIFFERENTIATION guests Phil Jones, founder of Presidential Inner Circles and Karen Kaufman

How can you truly differentiate your approach in an already crowded market segment? Hear from Phil Jones why over 1000 entrepreneurs have joined Presidential Inner Circles to hear ideas from Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, and other luminaries; and why and how over 60% of Jones’ business can be traced to Facebook and their targeted data base. Hear from Karen Kaufman and why she is an excellent example of Blue Ocean Strategy (W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne) and A Category of One (Joe Calloway).


“What Can a President of a Midsized Business Learn from an Executive of a Nonprofit Entity?” with guest Dave Clements, Executive Director, LaCrosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

You might be surprised to learn that nonprofit executives have to be very entrepreneurial and creative these days. Clements will reveal how LaCrosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau survives despite competing against well-financed local competitors like Wisconsin Dells. Hear when and how they have executed mini-joint ventures and strategic alliances to stay current and keep advancing despite tight budgets. See how they attract and retain talented people and fund great ideas despite the...