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036 How Self-Awareness Can Guide Us Through Turmoil – Lindsay Ibis

Lindsay Ibis is a fitness and nutrition coach who trains her clients under the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. Lindsay made her way into personal fitness coaching after nearly a decade working for Target’s corporate division and a brief stint as an assistant preschool director. A self-described “recovering perfectionist,” she holds her work and productivity to only the highest of standards. In this episode, Lindsay discusses her struggles in the corporate world, how she felt balancing a...


035 Are You the Thermometer or the Thermostat – Nick J Murphy

Nick’s had a very busy week, having been in Nashville since Sunday. While the experience has been exciting, it’s also left him feeling exhausted, seeing as how he’s had to balance the trip with family life and setting up plans for next year. It’s a stressful time, to say the least. In this week’s minisode, Nick discusses the personal realization that he’s come to over the last few days, why stress never just “happens,” and how you can take a stand against life’s stressors rather than let...


034 Why Embracing Failure Is the Key to Your Success – David Schwendiman

David Schwendiman is an international business coach who works with both organizations and individuals, helping to empower them and build the careers that they previously only dreamed of. He knows that there are right and wrong ways to pursue a side-hustle and is happy to dispense with some tips so you can take up your passion even if corporate life still calls to you. In this episode, David relates his own experiences with failure and what he learned from it, explaining how embracing your...


033 YOU Are the Variable – Nick J Murphy

They say that victory lies in preparation, be it planning, acquiring the necessary skills and connections, or having the right resources. But even the most methodical planners might lack the certainty that they can accomplish what they’ve set out to do. This confidence may be the surest sign that everything is in its right place for your plans to take root and grow. In this week’s minisode, Nick reflects on his own apprehensions during the earlier stages of his career, what it feels like to...


032 How to Find Your Passion – Laura Rupp

Laura Rupp is a career advisor based in Cincinnati who runs a consulting firm aimed at high school students and recent graduates. A former philosophy major and lifelong seeker of answers, she believes everyone has a chance at success as long as they understand themselves and know what they want to achieve. She knows that it’s never too early to believe in yourself. While most of our listeners likely aren’t about to graduate high school, they will still hear some solid career guidance advice...


031 The Success Wheel – Nick J Murphy

Nick was approaching the end of the writing process for his upcoming book, Unboxed, when sickness walloped his family. In his struggle to balance writing, his company and this podcast with tending to his family's needs, he realized the measures you'll need to keep on track if life throws you a curveball when you least need it to. In this week’s minisode, Nick lays out his tried and true four-stage “success wheel” process to help you when you find life piling on unexpected challenges. THE...


030 How to Spark Personal Transformation – Josh McLean

Josh McLean is a financial analyst and continual learner who lives with his family in Portland, OR and finds energy and drive through self-improvement. Success and stability have not always been a staple of Josh’s life, having struggled with anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency, and even a brain injury in the previous two decades. But thanks to personal transformation, he’s since worked as a finance manager with Nike and KinderCare Education, and recently published his first book, Catalyst:...


029 – We Have a Lot to Be Thankful For – Nick J. Murphy

We have a lot to be thankful for. If you’re going to step back and take stock of what you have in life and how you can make the most of it, there isn’t a better time of year to do it than today, Thanksgiving! Before you dig into what is hopefully a splendid feast, take just a few minutes to check out this week’s Transform U minisode. In this special minisode, Nick breaks down five aspects of his life he’s most thankful for and how you can use them to find perspective on your own. THE FINER...


028 The 4 Simple Steps to Building Your Digital Brand – Ryan Rhoten

Ryan Rhoten uses digital marketing strategies to help business professionals develop their own brands. He is the author of CareerKred: 4 Simple Steps to Build Your Digital Brand and Boost Credibility in Your Career, as well as the host of the BRAND New You and CareerTech podcasts, the latter of which explores how technology is changing the career landscape. In this episode, Ryan lays out his four-step process for building a Kredible brand, why you should secure your personal brand before you...


027 Our Relationship with Time – Nick J. Murphy

Time is a tricky thing. We know time is always passing and that we only have so much of it, yet society, culture and even our media tell us that we need to wait for JUST the right time for the big changes and turning points in our lives. But this way of thinking leads us to put off the necessary steps until next week, or next month, or next year... and then when look back and realize our dreams never came true. In this minisode, Nick wants you to rethink your concept of time and why you need...


026 Overcoming Hardship to Create a Fulfilling Life – Alicia Johnson

Alicia Johnson should have a PhD in creating fulfillment from hardship! Today, she is a counselor working with those who want to conquer their greatest fears and take charge of the purpose laid out before them. Having faced immense hardship throughout her life, Alicia and her husband Steve now helps others understand and move beyond their own pain at Longevity Relationship Consulting. She firmly believes that we all have the ability to improve our lives as long as we are willing to take the...


025 How to Reverse Engineer a Life on Your Terms – Shinjini Das

If you've ever wanted to learn how to reverse engineer a life on your terms, you'll be thrilled to meet Shinjini Das, the founder and CEO of The Das Media Group, where she aims to close the gap between intellect and pop culture in the media by empowering others who want to grab the brass ring. A Georgia Tech engineering alumnus, Shinjini is a go-getter in spirit and in name—seriously, she’s known as the Go-Getter Girl. In this episode, Shinjini discusses how she’s made use of her engineering...


024 Welcome to Transform U – Nick J Murphy

If you’ve been missing The Job Lab, then we have some good news for you: it’s back! Though not quite as you remembered it. Nick has made more than a few changes in the meantime to ensure that you get the ideas, inspiration and tips to transform your life and your career to take back control and begin living life on your terms again. In this special minisode, Nick explains the reason for his sabbatical, what listeners can expect from the show going forward, and how the podcast’s newest...


023 Why its Never Too Late to Start Over – Goli Kalkhoran

You earned a degree, checked off the internship box, found a good job in your new field and are busy living life in your career when suddenly it hits you! "This isn't at all what I want to be doing for the rest of my career!" In today's episode we discuss the sunken cost fallacy and why it's never too late to start over. Goli Kalkhoran attended Berkeley Law in hopes of advancing social change as a federal public defender. It wasn't too long after realizing her lofty goal and earning her...


022 Expert Tips to Crush Your Next Job Interview – Kim Haught

It’s the moment you most dread during a job interview: the key question you realize on the spot that you don’t have the answer to. Or maybe it’s an innocent but embarrassing faux pas made during small talk. How do you keep a job interview from stopping dead in its tracks and build a strong connection with the person who might get you your dream job? Kim Haught (pronounced H-O-T) is an HR industry expert, acting as the global talent acquisition manager for software solutions company CSG. As...


021 Making a Successful Military to Civilian Transition – Patrick Jump

Making a successful military to civilian transition is no simple task. Military service is a much more jack-of-all-trades affair than its various specializations may imply. So how do veterans navigate the unfamiliar waters of civilian work, and how can civilian employers help? This episode’s guest is uniquely qualified to answer this question. Patrick Jump is the National Business Development Executive for Humareso, a human resources outsourcing firm. A former U.S. Marine who served in in...


020 Network Beyond Bias to Create a Competitive Advantage – Amy Waninger

Bias is a natural human condition, but we can learn to stretch our comfort zone and Network Beyond Bias to create a competitive advantage in our careers. Has a coworker or boss ever just rubbed you the wrong way, and you can’t figure out why? You’d be surprised at how easily one can be biased against another person, and it might be due to something as simple and unconscious as the sound of their voice or even their height relative to your own. So how do we fight back against these unfair,...


019 How to Build a Successful Side Hustle – Tony Whatley

What if I could teach you how to build a successful side hustle? You'd probably have a few questions. How should I craft my side hustle idea into a workable business plan and tailor it to my personal goals? Luckily, today's guest and I have answers to many of your most pressing questions. Tony Whatley is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and startup mentor. The co-founder of automotive website, author of SideHustle Millionaire, and a car fanatic himself, Tony has grown...


018 Leveraging Conflict to Your Advantage – Stacie Speaker

Stressful situations at work elicit conflict, but what would happen if you could learn to leverage conflict to your advantage? Sometimes even the slightest glance or cold shoulder can be perceived as an attack that drive wedges between colleagues. If a business is to thrive, however, conflict needs to be mitigated and pushed in a positive direction. Stacie Speaker is a Hollywood communications specialist-turned-personal communications coach. She worked on numerous high-profile productions...


017 Overcoming The 4 Major Fear Blockers – Jacqueline T.D. Huynh

You can have an impressive background and finely honed skills, but all the experience in the world might not be enough to overcome the 4 major fear blockers preventing you from taking the next big step in your career. What are the biggest roadblocks to overcoming fear and how do we drive around them, or straight through them, on the road to success? Jacqueline T.D. Huynh arrived in the United States in 1975 as a Vietnamese refugee, her family carrying only the clothes on their back and the...