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E20 – Network Beyond Bias to Create a Competitive Advantage – Amy Waninger

Bias is a natural human condition, but we can learn to stretch our comfort zone and Network Beyond Bias to create a competitive advantage in our careers. Has a coworker or boss ever just rubbed you the wrong way, and you can’t figure out why? You’d be surprised at how easily one can be biased against another person, and it might be due to something as simple and unconscious as the sound of their voice or even their height relative to your own. So how do we fight back against these unfair,...


019 How to Build a Successful Side Hustle – Tony Whatley

What if I could teach you how to build a successful side hustle? You'd probably have a few questions. How should I craft my side hustle idea into a workable business plan and tailor it to my personal goals? Luckily, today's guest and I have answers to many of your most pressing questions. Tony Whatley is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and startup mentor. The co-founder of automotive website, author of SideHustle Millionaire, and a car fanatic himself, Tony has grown...


018 Stacie Speaker – Leveraging Conflict to Your Advantage

Stressful situations at work elicit conflict, but what would happen if you could learn to leverage conflict to your advantage? Sometimes even the slightest glance or cold shoulder can be perceived as an attack that drive wedges between colleagues. If a business is to thrive, however, conflict needs to be mitigated and pushed in a positive direction. Stacie Speaker is a Hollywood communications specialist-turned-personal communications coach. She worked on numerous high-profile productions...


017 Jacqueline T.D. Huynh – Overcoming The 4 Major Fear Blockers

You can have an impressive background and finely honed skills, but all the experience in the world might not be enough to overcome the 4 major fear blockers preventing you from taking the next big step in your career. What are the biggest roadblocks to overcoming fear and how do we drive around them, or straight through them, on the road to success? Jacqueline T.D. Huynh arrived in the United States in 1975 as a Vietnamese refugee, her family carrying only the clothes on their back and the...


016 Jenni Pfaff – Overcoming Gaps in Your Resume, #MeToo, and More

Employers tend not to look too kindly on lengthy gaps in your resume, which are oftentimes common for parents who have gone on extended parental leave. How can women, or any primary parent, continue to stay marketable, keep up with industry trends and even grow their professional skill set all while working inside the home doing the most important job on earth? Jenni Pfaff is an accomplished human capital advisor and executive coach with more than 17 years of experience. Her thoughtful and...


015 Martin Brooks – How to Create More Impact

Impact. It's what makes the best communicators and executives so effective. Is it possible for you and I to learn the same skills that allow world leaders, politicians and business moguls to win over hearts and minds in order to advance our careers, scale our businesses or close that next big deal? It is entirely possible, and these skills can be learned and put to use by even the shyest employee. Martin Brooks has over three decades of experience working in every aspect of sales and has...


014 Christopher J. Wirth – The Significance of Accountability at Work and in Life

When profits dip or a project fails, we all tend to want to pass the buck and avoid taking the blame. But failing to shoulder our individual and collective responsibilities might only make a professional environment more toxic. Where does responsibility begin at work and how do we go about creating accountability? Christopher J. Wirth is the president and founder of No Quit Living, where he works with everyone from families and individuals to organizations to improve accountability,...


013 Janet Murray – PR Hacks to Set Your Personal Brand on Fire

What if you could borrow the same secrets that the world's elite publicists use to create media and buzz for their clients but use them to set your personal brand on fire? You'd be unstoppable! Today's guest can help get you there. Janet Murray is a highly sought-after speaker and coach, assisting brands and business owners to promote their messages more effectively. She is also the host of the Soulful PR Podcast, where she helps people earn greater attention for the things that they’re...


012 Nick Murphy – Q&A from Listeners

In this special Q&A episode of The Job Lab, host Nick Murphy answers questions sent in by listeners who want to get more out of their careers and want to learn how to better challenge themselves when they're too comfortable. While Nick impresses that he isn’t a professional career coach, his years of corproate and entrepreneurial experience, coupled with his access to talent acquisition leaders and hiring managers gives him plenty to draw on as he provides advice and answers your concerns....


011 Dr. Pam Schwalb – How to Re-Career and Find Your Passion

How do you re-career when you’ve found your priorities and philosophy have changed? What do you do when the job you’ve worked hard to earn isn’t as satisfying as you once thought? This week’s guest, Dr. Pam Schwalb, has both experience and advice on the subject. Dr. Pam Schwalb is SVP (Finance and Administration) at United Way of the Midlands, where she drives operational efficiency and excellence while overseeing good stewardship of donor contributions. She also supports fundraising and...


010 John Lee Dumas – Why Productivity, Discipline and Focus Guarantee Your Success

John Lee Dumas (JLD) is an entrepreneur and host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast with more than 2,000 episodes spent interviewing successful business leaders. On today's episode, JLD shares his key takeaways from those conversations and what he's learned from his own personal experiences that can help you advance your career. In our discussion John shares his story. From transitioning into civilian life after his time in the U.S. military, to his experiences in corporate...


009 Grant Baldwin – Balancing Work and Family While Excelling in Your Career

If you want to learn the secrets to balancing work and family while excelling in your career, then you need to meet Grant Baldwin! The former Bible College graduate and youth pastor, Grant is now an accomplished speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur and "just a guy trying to make a dent in the world." Most importantly, he is the father of three lovely daughters and husband to a woman he respects more than anyone else on Earth. In this episode, Grant discusses why he rolled the dice on a new...


008 Mark Asher – Reinventing Your Career After an Unexpected Layoff

In this week's episode, Mark shares the keys to reinventing your career after an unexpected layoff. The reality is that sometimes things just don’t work out. Whether due to layoffs, restructuring or even an injury, a well-planned and fulfilling career can come to an end in an instant. How do we recover from these shake-ups and take a much-needed turn when a brick wall is thrown in our path? Mark Asher was once the co-host of Gambo and Ash, the longest-running sports talk radio show in the...


007 Amy Slater – Use M.A.G.I.C. to Create a Personal Brand that Pops

Crafting a compelling and powerful personal brand is critical to manifesting professional success. While a well-crafted resume is good at listing your experience and qualifications that tell employers the story of your work history, there's a limit as to how well it can communicate the story of who are and what you can bring to the workplace. Amy Slater is a VP of Inside Sales for cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks, with over 25 years of leadership and local sales experience and a...


006 Morgan Field – The 3 Keys to Corporate (and Life) Success

In this week's episode, Morgan Field shares the 3 keys to corporate (and life) success. In our conversation we uncover why focus, curiosity and authenticity are some of the critical traits shared by people who are succeeding in their careers and lives. Through the stories that Morgan shares about her early years as a professional, her climb up the corporate ladder and her eventual decision to walk away from a lucrative career, we learn some great lessons that we can apply to our careers in...


E005 – Elly Johnson – Truth, Lies, and Deception in the Workplace

This week’s show is all about Truth, Lies, and Deception in the Workplace. Sounds dramatic, I know. But when we stop to think about it, every career decision we make is based on what we believe to be true about our company, our career path, our skill set, our growth potential, our compensation, our boss… the list goes on. When all of the critical decisions we make in our jobs are based on our perception, what happens when people start telling lies? White lies, half truths, blatant...


E004 Julie Bauke – Three Keys to a Successful Job Search

These days it's pretty easy to apply to jobs, but not nearly as simple to land the job you want most. As today's guest explains, there are three keys to a successful job search. Let's say you're looking to change your career. Maybe you're thinking of quitting, perhaps you've been laid off, or you've just decided that eventually you need to move on and find your passion. When the time comes to get serious about finding something new, you'll probably be tempted to take the shotgun approach:...


E003 Melissa Hereford – How to Ask For, and Get, What You Want at Work - The Job Lab Podcast

Negotiation is a critical skill. We all know it, and many of the most powerful people in the world have mastered this art. However, the fear of rejection can be a powerful deterrent that holds us back from asking for what we want in our careers. But what if there was a way to break down that anxiety bit by bit until we have the confidence to take that necessary risk? Today’s guest has a solution. Melissa Hereford has more than 22 years experience teaching people how to become better...


E002 John Staup – How to Spot Red Flags Before Accepting a Job - The Job Lab Podcast

Which red flags should you look out for before you accept your next job? What responsibilities do companies bear in keeping their employees engaged at work? What perspective and attitude should young professionals have when entering the workforce or joining a new company? This second episode of The Job Lab Podcast takes a closer look at ways we can improve our careers from both sides of the employment coin. John Staup is a talent acquisition leader with more than a decade of experience...


E001 Chris Dorris- Turning your passion into a lucrative career - The Job Lab Podcast

Wouldn't it be great if we could turn our passion into a lucrative career? How great would it be to make the one thing that we're naturally the best at and interested in the vehicle we use to make money and live life on our terms? Well, we can, and that’s what E001 is all about. We all start off with lofty dreams of how we want to spend our life and how we want our career to be, but society's expectations and our own conditioning can often compel us to settle for less. The first major step...