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An archive of each full weekday episode of the award-winning program presented by Bruce Whitfield.

An archive of each full weekday episode of the award-winning program presented by Bruce Whitfield.


Cape Town, South Africa




An archive of each full weekday episode of the award-winning program presented by Bruce Whitfield.




Post Net on SAPO wanting to exclusively have rights to deliver small parcels. For our Friday File, we spoke to people at Cape Island

Anton Roets, lawyer and director at Nortons Incorporated, elaborated on why the South African Post Office (Sapo) wants to monopolise the delivery of small parcels - and why Post Net is against this move. Kim Silberman, fixed income and currency analyst at Rand Merchant Bank explained what we can expect from Moody's credit rating review on South Africa, expected on Friday night . Then Bruce Whitfield, spoke to Karin Wood, co-founder and financial director at Cape Island - which produces...


US waivers intellectual property on vaccines. What to consider if you want to leave money to your children

The US temporarily lifted patent protections for coronavirus vaccines, but drug manufacturers argue it will not have the desired effect. Salome Meyer, project manager at the Cancer Alliance, unpacked this issue for us. Entrepreneur & blogger at Missing Link, Rich Mulholland, speaks to Bruce Whitfield about how to deliver elevator pitches. For our personal finance feature, Warren Ingram, executive director at Galileo Capital, speaks about what parents need to consider when they want to leave...


SARS targets wealthy taxpayers. Apple and its court case against Epic Games

Edward Kieswetter, commissioner at the South African Revenue Services speaks about the revenue's plans to put more effort in taxing the wealthy and other taxpayers. Colin Cullis, product owner at Primedia Broadcasting explains the court case between Apple and Epic Games. For our shapeshifter, we speak to Rudi van Schoor, GM of KFC South Africa, about his business acumen and the brand representation of KFC. See for privacy information.


The complexity of a divorce process of the rich. Pandora launches a lab-created diamond collection.

Bill and Melinda Gates have announced their divorce after 27-years of marriage. Prof Billy Gundlefinger, specialist divorce and criminal defence attorney joins Bruce Whitfield to discuss the complexities that could emerge around their divorce settlement. Jewellery giant Pandora launches its first lab-created diamond collection. On our Investment School, investment manager and co-founder at Luthuli capital, answers the question, Is there a fair value when investing? See...


Over R178 billion dodgy tenders awarded by Eskom to companies and multinational corporations. We speak to author of 'Fortunes - The Rise And Rise Of Afrikaner Tycoons' Ebbe Dommisse

Kyle Cowan, Investigative reporter at News24, explains how over R178 billion dubious contracts were awarded by Eskom to various companies over the past decade. Ebbe Dommisse, author of 'Fortunes: The Rise and Rise of Afrikaner Tycoons', gives us insights into how a handful of Afrikaners have risen to the very top of the business world in South Africa in the past three decades.Then for Other People's money, Dr Ralph Mathekga, Political Analyst, talks about his relationship with money See...


Association of Southern African Travel Agents left in limbo by SAA? For our Friday File, we spoke to the founder of Blankets from Africa

SAA's business rescue plan has been concluded. But where does it leave the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA), which is waiting on a R3 billion refund from the airline. Otto de Vries, CEO at ASATA gave us an update on the matter. Mike Atter, co- founder at Atter Pathology Services discusses their partnership with the International Air Transport Association. Then for our Friday File, we speak to Roslyn Bechet, founder at Blankets from Africa. See for...


Emerging markets' monetary policy normalises , while the US's GDP for the first quarter of 2021 grows by 6.4%. How should you treat Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?

Isaah Mhlanga, chief economist at Alexander Forbes explains how global emerging markets' monetary policy is normalising while the US's GDP for the first quarter of 2020 grows by 6.4%. Ferial Haffajee, associate editor at Daily Maverick analysis President Cyril Ramaphosa's second testimony at the State Capture Commission. Then for our personal finance feature, personal financial advisor and executive director at Galileo Capital, Warren Ingram discusses how you should treat Bitcoin and other...


Former Democratic Alliance leader, Tony Leon reflects on President Cyril Ramaphosa's first testimony at the Zondo Commission. Salaries and wages return to pre-Covid-19 levels.

Former DA leader and author of the 'Future Tense: Reflections on my Troubled Land ", Tony Leon, sieves through president Cyril Ramaphosa's testimony at the Zondo Commission with Bruce Whitfield. Mike Schusslers, chief economist at explains why relaxed lockdown measures are having a positive effect on salaries and wages in the private sector. Then for our Shapeshift feature, Fundi Tshazibana, deputy governor of the South African Reserve Bank joins us. See...


The booming second-hand clothing market. Investment School: How to grow your money babies, dividends

Aune Aunapuu, Founder of Yaga discusses the growth of second hand on digital platforms. Chantal Marx , Head of Equity Research at FNB Wealth and Investment shares tips on how to grow money-babies (dividends). Michael Fridjhon, International Wine Expert with Wine Wizard discusses The bizarre case of wine prices and the point at which it makes no sense See for privacy information.


Mergers & Acquisitions activity slowly trending up. Business Book feature: 'Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom: Lessons from 100 000 years of human history' by Johan Fourie.

Ian Jacobsberg, director at Andersen, dissects the business mergers and acquisitions that took place in South Africa recently. For our business book feature, we speak to the author of 'Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom: Lessons from 100 000 years of human history' Johan Fourie. On Other People’s Money, constitutional law scholar and Claude Leon Foundation Chair in Constitutional Governance at University of Cape Town, Pierre de Vos spoke about the money mistakes he has made. See...


Clicks Group earmarks R500 million in capital expenditure. On our personal finance feature, we discuss your retirement annuity

CEO of Clicks, Vikesh Ramsunder talks to Bruce Whitfield about its earnings, which jumped 7.6% to R18.1 billion in 2021 and the company closing its Musica stores. We speak to former SARB official Unathi Kamlana, who has now been named the new commissioner of market regulator, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). For our Personal Finance Feature, executive director at Galileo Capital Warren Ingram, discusses if you should invest in your retirement annuity or something else. See...


Pick n Pay loses billions in its annual sales. For our Shapeshifter, we are joined by Andre Hugo, CEO ofSpot Money.

Mike Lambert, founder and CEO at Invictus Education Group talks about his company being purchased by Swiss based hospitality education provider Sommet. For our Shapeshifter, CEO of Spot Money, Andre Hugo joined us. See for privacy information.


Daniel Mminele steps down as Absa's CEO after only being at the helm for 15 months. On our investment school feature, we look at investing in non-fungible tokens.

Wendy Lucas-Bull chairperson of Absa group talks to Bruce Whitfield about the bank's CEO, Daniel Mminele, who stepped down from his position after being on the helm for 15 months. Mosilo Mothepu, former CEO of Trillian and author of ''Uncaptured: The True Account of the Nenegate/Trillian Whistleblower'' speaks about her book. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have taken the art world by storm, in our investing school, we scrutinise them. Should you invest in them or not? Portfolio manager at Rand...


The National Treasury and Sarb says ANC veteran and businessman Tokyo Sexwale could have been scammed. On Other People's Money, we spoke to former Judge Dennis Davis.

Deputy director-general for tax and financial sector policy at the National Treasury Ismail Momoniat says they could not find evidence of funds businessman Tokyo Sexwale claims exist. Sexwale claimed that billions of rands meant for the "Heritage Fund" and channelled through the Sarb have been looted.Rowland Ramalingam, head of non-motor claims at Santam unpacked how your insurance can help you if you experience a fire. Former Judge Dennis Davis joined Bruce Whitfield on Other People's money...


How should unions negotiate wage increases with government? For our Friday File feature, we have Sally Williams Fine Foods.

George Oupa Mthethwa, negotiations educator & facilitator at Labour Research Council discusses labour wage negotiation tactics in an ailing South African economy. For our Friday feature, we speak to the manager director at Sally Williams Fine Foods. See for privacy information.


South Africa's currency strengthens by 2,2% against major currencies. Personal financial advisor, Warren Ingram discusses how to save for your children's education

South Africa's rand has strengthened to pre-pandemic levels as the US Federal Reserve chair, Jerome Powell said that the bank will not change its accommodative stance anytime soon. John Cairns, strategist at Rand Merchant Bank joined Bruce Whitfield to discuss its performance. Razia Khan, chief economist for Africa and Middle East at Standard Chartered Bank discusses Sub-Saharan Africa's projected weak growth of 3.4% as compared to other regions. Education is one of the best ways parents can...


Ponzi scheme mastermind, Bernie Madoff, dies at 82. EOH's half-year revenue fell 29%

Ponzi scheme mastermind, Bernie Madoff, dies at 82, Michael Treherne, portfolio manager at Vestact Asset Management discusses his life with Bruce Whitfield. EOH's chief executive officer, Stephen van Coller talks about his company's finances and the company's turnaround strategy. For our Shapeshifter feature, we have Mike Sharman, co-founder of retroviral and See for privacy information.


SA suspends the use of the J&J vaccine. Cryptocurrencies, are they a bubble or a good investment option?

Stavros Nicolaou, Member of the Business for SA Steering Committee and Prof. Helen Rees Chair at South African Health Products Regulatory Authority discusses pausing the J&J vaccine. Veldskoen is the official off-field shoe of South African Olympians, for this year’s games in Tokyo, CEO and co-founder Nick Dreyer talks to Bruce Whitfield about it. In our investment School, we discuss cryptocurrencies with Hywel George , director of investments at Old Mutual Investment Group See...


What does the closure of Absa money market fund mean for the industry? Former Springbok loosehead prop Tendai "Beast" Mtawarira joined us on Other People’s Money.

Kokkie Kooyman, portfolio manager at Denker Capital discusses whether Absa's closure of its money market fund will offset a trend throughout the banking industry. In our Business Book Feature, we reviewed entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Daniel Strauss' book, 'The Billionaire Mindset' . Tendai "Beast" Mtawarira, former Springbok's loosehead prop joined Bruce Whitfield to talk about his relationship with money. See for privacy information.


Lender and Government in talks to restructure the R200-bn Covid relief program. Why Is Cape Brewing Company craft beer brewed in Sweden?

Lender and government are in talks about restructuring the R200 billion Covid-19 relief programme, however, banks are rejecting to turn it into a grant, Ismail Momoniat Deputy Director General tax and financial sector policy at National Treasury talks to Bruce. Ross Young, regional director Africa at Cape Brewing Company, explains why some of their beer is brewed in Sweden. For Friday file, we speak to Sinekhaya Manciya, founder of Snezar Timepiece. See for privacy...