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The Property Podcast is the podcast for all property investors new or experienced. Rob Bence and Rob Dix discuss a different property topic and property news item each week, passing on their knowledge and experience to the listeners. They both invest in UK Property so they practise what they preach. No hard sell, no bull just straight talking property investment advice!

The Property Podcast is the podcast for all property investors new or experienced. Rob Bence and Rob Dix discuss a different property topic and property news item each week, passing on their knowledge and experience to the listeners. They both invest in UK Property so they practise what they preach. No hard sell, no bull just straight talking property investment advice!
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The Property Podcast is the podcast for all property investors new or experienced. Rob Bence and Rob Dix discuss a different property topic and property news item each week, passing on their knowledge and experience to the listeners. They both invest in UK Property so they practise what they preach. No hard sell, no bull just straight talking property investment advice!




TPP297: Things That Have Gone Wrong For Us In 2018

We’re a very positive bunch here at The Property Hub, however we know that not everything always goes to plan - particularly when investing in property. So on this week’s Property Podcast, Rob & Rob are giving us an insight into what’s gone wrong for them in the world of property investment and development this year. Before we delve into the podcast, check out the news story of the week - click here. There’s some quite shocking numbers here, one being that a whopping 35% of deals fall...


Ask 163: My property's been down-valued! Did I do the wrong thing? PLUS: How do I get a job in property?

Here we are with another Ask Rob & Rob - your weekly source of property investment information. This week we have Greg, an avid Property Podcast and Ask Rob & Rob listener who is keen to start his own buy to let property investment journey. He’s made a great start by purchasing his first buy to let property in Manchester. He bought this at an auction house and the solicitors have already set the wheels in motion. Greg was told he needed a survey on advice from his mortgage broker to...


TPP296: Listener Deals 2018: Pt 2

We’re back for another jam-packed Property Podcast with Rob & Rob and more importantly, we’re reviewing listener property investment deals… again! Before we dive in, we have this week’s news story which is complete with fancy graphs, courtesy of the BBC. This shows the cost of renting in the UK in seven charts. While most of the charts state the obvious, there are some interesting findings which buy to let property investors will find particularly useful, and of course Rob & Rob delve into...


ASK162: Should I pull out of this deal? PLUS: Is it a good idea to wait for the Brexit dip?

We’re back with two property investment related questions from our wonderful Hubbers this week, after deep-delving into the one (but very detailed) question relating to off-plan investments last week. If you missed it, you can catch it here. On this week’s Ask Rob & Rob, James tells us how he inherited a property which was then sold to buy his residential property. He had a sum left over to invest in a 3-bedroom, end-of-terrace property in Northampton where he’s been stuck in the...


TPP295: The Future of UK Property with Property Legend, Tom Bloxham

Last week we learnt how to build a £100 million property development company with none other than the legendary Tom Bloxham MBE, co-founder and Chairman of Urban Splash. This week we’re back with Tom to discuss the future of the UK property market. But as always, first we have our news story of the week which you can find by clicking here. It’s a report undertaken by Generation Rent - a non-profit organisation that campaigns for private renters. Over the last few years since the tax...


ASK161: I have an off-plan investment property that’s gone wrong. How can this be fixed? Can I get my deposit back?

In a bold move this week, we only have one property investment related question on Ask Rob & Rob. No, that’s not us being lazy. That’s just us wanting to dedicate time to expand on this one, off-plan buy to let investment question with the level of detail that’s needed. We get many questions relating to off-plan investment property each and every week, but none as frustrating as this. So hit the play button to hear Trevor’s story and listen to what Rob & Rob would do in this...


TPP294: How To Build A £100 Million Property Development Company: The Urban Splash Story

You’re in for a treat this week, as we learn how to build a £100 million property development company. And we learn from the best in the business - Tom Bloxham MBE, chairman and co-founder of multi-award-winning property development company, Urban Splash. But first, we have our news story of the week which you can find by clicking here. You may remember our landlord survey a while back - the results were interesting and we’re pleased that the findings have hit the property press hard and...


ASK160: What does the 2018 budget have in store for property investors?

Today we’re breaking away from the traditional Ask Rob & Rob to bring you a 2018 budget special. Did the Chancellor have any nasty surprises for property investors? Are the Robs likely to have a wobble at what else Philip Hammond is throwing at the sector? There’s no doubt that property investors have taken a hammering over the past few years so understandably, there was every reason to be a tad nervous as the 2018 budget aired across the UK. Even if you listened to the 2018 budget live...


TPP293: Is It Time To Be Buying In London?

London’s calling in this week’s property podcast. Is is game over for the London property market? Or is it a property investment opportunity that you need to grab with both hands? As always, we’re starting this week’s property podcast with a news story that caught our attention. Here’s the link that prompted some colourful language off-air from Rob & Rob this week. The chancellor is apparently weighing up a tax break for landlords who sell their investment properties to long-term tenants...


ASK159: Will this tax loophole be closed? PLUS: How much value will planning permission add?

Welcome to another Ask Rob & Rob - that time of the week where you send in your property investment questions and the Robs give you the answers. First up we have Adam from London. He already has a 2-bedroom buy to let investment property in Cheltenham which is performing well. He’s looking at purchasing a second buy to let property and wants to know if the current loophole on the restriction of mortgage interest relief for limited companies is likely to close any time soon. Naturally Adam...


TPP292: Listener Deals 2018: Pt 1

We’ve got a treat for you on this week’s property podcast. Back by popular demand, we have a whole podcast featuring our listener deals - so tune in to hear Rob & Rob reviewing three property investment deals which were sent in to us. But first, we’re talking about a property headline that’s grabbed our attention (and wound Rob B up!): Where does rent hit young people the hardest? There’s no surprise that the answer is London. And there’s also no surprise that people in their 20s who...


ASK158 When will prices go up in the North East? PLUS: Am I going to get taxed twice?

We have another two cracking property questions this week on Ask Rob & Rob. The first comes from PJ who wants to know about the ripple effect of northern cities. With property prices in the South East still way below their 2007 figures, PJ wants to know when the likes of Newcastle and Middlesbrough will see any capital growth after the mid-cycle wobble. As you know, Rob & Rob have form for accurate property predictions, so listen to Ask Rob & Rob this week to discover how they think these...


TPP291: Expert’s Guide to Commercial Property

Following on from last week’s property podcast, this week we have super landlord, Phil Stewardson, helping us deliver the expert’s guide to commercial property. Before we dig in, we’re covering this week’s news story which is about house price growth. Property prices rose the fastest in the North West, with London suffering the biggest fall of 0.7% year-on-year. Take a look at the links which give you a further analysis, and listen to the property podcast to hear what Rob & Rob have to...


ASK157: How can I sell this property? PLUS: Should I learn these skills myself?

Welcome to this week’s Ask Rob & Rob. First up with a property question is Mark. He has a HMO in Southampton which is mortgage free and has been self managed for over 20 years. Mark has now moved north but finds the travelling and cost of upkeep is just too much. He wants to sell the property and reinvest the funds somewhere closer to home, however he’s hit a few snags. He’s failed at getting planning permission to alter the property in the hope it would add value, and he’s also...


TPP290: Beginners Guide to Commercial Property: Part 1

Welcome to this week’s property podcast which is a beginners guide to commercial property. But before we dive in, we’re discussing the new stamp duty tax announcement which the government announced at this week’s Conservative party conference. The Tories now want to tax overseas property investors between one and three percent on top of the existing stamp duty charges. And in a potential political-winning move, they want the additional funds to go to the homeless. Now, details are pretty...


ASK156 - Should I take a risk on this location? Plus: Where should I be setting money aside?

Welcome to this week’s Ask Rob & Rob. Liam starts things off by asking about Crewe. By using the 18 year property cycle he can see that at this point in the cycle last time Crewe enjoyed explosive growth. Should Liam take the risk or should he play it safe in Manchester or Liverpool? Rob and Rob are happy to help - especially when they get to chat about property cycles. This is something many of us will be wondering as we enter this phase of the cycle. Manchester and Liverpool are...


TPP289: Rob B’s First Investment

This week Rob B is taking a look at his first and slightly unexpected property investment of the year. But first, we start with a quick rundown of the latest property news, which is a report on the private rental sector done by university academics. Whilst many results were what we would have expected, there were some interesting findings, particularly around the arguments property investors and landlords have been making for quite some time. Were they in favour of banning Section 21? And...


ASK155: Can I release equity to invest in property? PLUS: My solicitors are ignoring me, what can I do?

Welcome to this week’s Ask Rob & Rob. Daniel kicks us off today by asking us about his options for releasing equity on his family home. He’s lucky enough to own it outright and wants to start purchasing buy to let investment properties. He’s contacting mortgage brokers but isn’t sure whether he should be looking at one property in London or a few properties in Manchester. Luckily Rob & Rob are on-hand to give Daniel some pointers on getting his first investment property wrapped up. Should...


TPP288: What has Brexit done to the UK property market?

That’s right, Brexit discussions have become the nation's new favourite way to fall out with your friends and family. It’s not just a hot topic around dinner tables, it’s got the conversation flowing across our Hub members and on our social channels. Let’s take a look at what Brexit has done to the UK property market and what’s going to happen in the event of a deal, no deal, some other deal or another referendum. But first, we kick this week’s podcast off with some news stories. The main...


ASK154: How can I use my pension to invest in property? PLUS: How much do I need to earn from property to leave my job?

Pete Matthew from the Meaningful Money Podcast joins Rob & Rob again this week as we delve into some personal finance questions relating to property investment. Penny from Orpington wants to know how she can use her pension to buy property. It’s a question that crops up many times and this week, Pete shares his wisdom on whether this is possible or not. Can she invest in residential property or should Penny consider putting her money into commercial property? Also, Pete shares some advice...